Motivation To Excel And Good Opportunity Business Essay

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The thing I always like to do, it not only give me the enjoying of sense also give me the energy to continue my life. I like to watching Korean program that is because when watching the Korea variety show such as Running Man will be relax because of the actor action and the speaking of actor are very funny. I like the main host of the show that is YU Jae-suk, without him the show will be dim, that is because every time is him to make the show to become funny. I also like to reading the world news from the internet that is because I able to get the information about the world actually happing and also make me feel I am closed with the world, something also can read the news relate to our state and we not able to see from local newspaper.

I like to reading book that is because I can able to improve my knowledge after I reading the book. This also will help me to become smart person; reading also can make people to reduces the stress. From the book, I also learn the lifestyle and principle. I like to sharing my knowledge to other people when I have learn new thing I write in the blog to sharing to other people, because sometimes we did not know I am wrong when other people see the blog will give the comment about the post, so that I can be improve when reading other people comment. I believe that every times I write the blog, my own knowledge also will be improved. Cooking also is one of my favors thing I like to do, that is because cooking not just only can enjoy the process also give us satiety, by eating the food.

The thing always make me feel leakage is writing assignment, that is because I need find the resource from reference book and internet, it will cost me a lot of time. For example some of the subject are not IT relate subject I need to do many reading before I write the assignment such as business relate subject. I don't like to write assignment that is because some times are very time consuming, I need to cut off my sleeping time for the assignment. I also don't like to have an exam that is because when the time before exam I need to memory a lot of point just for the exam.

I don't like go to school that is because we need a lot of the go to school. For example every I need to wait the bus coming to carry me to school and back home, every day need to spend at least one hours going to school and back home. I don't like to clean house, because that will cost me very mostly time. If not need to clean house I can use the time to do other thing. I also don't like people to have sleep, if we no need to sleep, we can do more thing in the day. The last thing I don't like to have too many home work because sometimes the home work is too many until cannot finish on time.

The rank items can give me energy from the most to the least is watching Korean program, reading web version world news, reading book, writing blogger, and cooking. The rank items away take me energy is going to school, exam, writing assignment, sleeping and too much home work.

In 20 to 30 years, I would like to have a home with the extensive gardens, a small cinema in my house. I will be work in international company, and to have ability to make decision in every project. In further I plan to open one franchise in Malaysia such as ChatTime ,Shihlin. I will be travel to foreign country in the coming 5 year. I plan to travel around the world in my life, so need to have highest income to support my action. In further I think I can have at least RM10000 income per-month, why I think I can make it on that day because I will have other investment, rather than just only doing a formal work.

I would like to start my own business someday because my ideal generation guide will help me to start first I will choose to have a software house, I like to develop software that is because when I see my final product I will fell very accomplishment. I like programming that is start from my secondary school, I fell very magical because software is just come with the source code and did not have any graphic and it can help people to solve many problem. In my secondly school life I learn the java programming by myself. The second choose is hardware shop, that is because I have been work at hardware shop before ,and I have learn the hardware knowledge, hardware shop will become my second choose because I know that hardware have very high profit, one hardware can have several times of earnings.

My third selection is catering industry because the starting fees for catering industry are lower compare to other and I also like to cooking food. Catering industry can very fast to get back the capital, and lower capital and also can get very high profit. Other choose will be computer shop, I like it is because I can get very lower price for computer product using by own and also can selling to other people to get profit.

Online shop is in my ideal generation guide because online shop can make people life to become easy, we no need to going out to the shop to buying some product, just need to sit in the chair beside computer and one click the transaction can be done and the product will be sent to consumer house, it will help people to save a lot of time. I also like to start the business with Website designer that is because the starting process is very easy by just only one set of computer. The capital is lower compare to other.

My seventh choose is system security protection, I have the knowledge how to protect computer did attack by virus, also know how to analysis the virus, and delete the virus. I can help other company to protect their company computer. Hairdresser's also is my choose that is because I have a hairdressers family many of my family member have learn before the technic of haircut, other two is Hand phone seller and hand phone equipment supporter.

The business I will never do is accounting because the business need to have profession skill like account knowledge, if having the AACA certificate will be even better, so are no suitable to doing this business . Secondly is architect, I have experiment to learn how to use AutoCAD to draw the graph. In my from four holiday I have work as trainee in my uncle office to learn how to draw the house graph, I fill that did not have the interest in the area. At that time I also know that my interest is only programming.

Game Design also not my favors business because I don't like to do very more calculation and having drawing when doing the project. I will not go into the barber area because it is not my interest, I don't like to have the business, which is only hire people to work and I did not have any knowledge about it. Store analysis also I don’t like because every day I will just only doing same work and did not have any challenge. If I choose to doing this business will make me work like robot only.

I will not choose to do the business with Investment adviser, I don't like to every day just see the number changing and need to be very careful about the money. Engineer also my like because I did not have very high level of the mathematic calculation. I also think that I will not to be lecture because I don't like to every day talk same topic so many times because lecture need to every day talk same thing to different people. Other two are medical and health care adviser and Airline business.

I think that the most problem of running the business is we must choose the business that are our interest , the area must be our familiar and we must own the knowledge of the business.

The Location of choosing must be correct , location will help the business a lot because you will give the convenient for people, so people will like to go for getting your service.

I thing that the commuting distance in one way which is important, I think that 30 minutes or less will be better.

The size for my size are less that $1 million sales or under 20 employees because I am first starting the business so the size of business growth in further. The rate of real growth are in the first will be very fast growth will over 25 % a year that it will be slow down a litter bit but still growth. My weekly workload will be over 70 hours so that I can do more that other people. I think I will not to marriage too fast, because I think that I cannot look after the two areas. I will travel from home less than 30 %, I will use more time on my business. I will go to become very rich in I will have very more capital gains to running different area of business.

I will fully utilize my skill and knowledge in my business, I plan to get workshop at least one times per year to improve my personal skill. I plan to contribution 10% of my profit to social every year that will also improve my position of social. We also need to take care of environment because we are only having one earth only.

I divide the $1000 into three part, the first part I will the one part to do the investment so I can get more money in facture. My second part of money will use for standard of living, the last part of money will use for deposit.

In my pass I have experience work in Mx x.x.x retail outlet as full time promoter, Mx x.x.x is a shop consisted wide range of product such as hardware, sports, household, bag, stationery, toy, gift, plastic ware and etc. I be select to work in the hardware department mainly is selling hardware product. At the last I have learn much knowledge there are different from the book, some time we need to learn from the buyer also, because only the user will know the product more than us.

I quit the job that because I need to continue my study life, I will join the company that is because my SPM result only will be release after 4 month of my exam, so I going to do job to get the money .I receive an offer letter from TAR college say that after I pay the fees will become Tarcian and the school will open at may, I have been start planning how to quit the job I follow the company rule to write a resignation letter to the company before one month I leave the company, so that it will have time to find new employee to take my place.

I will change jobs that are because the company did not provide any opportunities for me to get promotion and did not have any chance to make decision for the job. The company will only hire kindred to do the high positions job; other people will not have the chance to go higher.

I like Chinese chess because in the chess will make me feel that it is like a real battlefield, we need to think about what action will be taken by the rival on next step. When I was 10 years old and above, I was first try to playing the chess after that time I like it very more. When we was the player we need to know what is thinking of the people and what action will be taken by him, and only choose the step are more better for me, and also need to calculate the risk of the step.

If I worked for a larger company, the think I like most is it gives me better growth capacity and better to exert my skill. I did not like the work with larger company will have very more problem because larger company has very more people work together.

In my history I believe that entrepreneurial will have strength like below you can better to export your ideal not need to care about the money problem, and it also can easy to get money from many way. The weaknesses for entrepreneurial is it need to be careful about decide because more of the entrepreneurial like to take high risk project because this kind of project will be get more profit when it is success.

Steve Jobs is my business hero; I refer him as a source of inspiration in my life that is because he has been done a great job for the world. He is the smartphone begins in the world, our lifestyle have been change after Steve Job introducing the IPhone to the world. The first IPhone including touchscreen function and some of the computer function, after the first generation IPhone release Steve Job continue to improve function of the IPhone and release different version of IPhone such as IPhone 3G, IPhone 3GS, IPhone 4 and etc. We can see the have been integration into our every life ,in anywhere also can see people using apple product, such as restaurant, shopping mall, bas stop and etc.

Steve Jobs also is beginning of create the personal computer before the first personal computer have been introduce by Steve Jobs the computer only can be used by particular people that is because the size of computer is too big for people and the price also too high for normal people to buy It, so Steve Jobs say that in someday the computer will be common for people and all the people will have its own personal computer, after this Steve Jobs start to designs the personal computer for us. Steve Jobs also is the beginning of the mouse designer, before this all the people just using computer with keyboard that are difficult for people to using computer and very time consuming.

Steve Jobs is very perseverance people, and the never gives up when facing with the negative thing. In the past, Steve Jobs have facing many times of the life ebb, and he also able to can abandon the past and rise again. The first time was he be kind out by board of director from he own company Apple Inc., after the Steve Jobs left the Apple company he start to found a computer platform development company NeXT. When the Apple company fail to deliver the new Operating system and facing the financial crisis, Steve Jobs return to the Apple to help the company, after Steve Jobs have been return the new iPod, iMac and other come out. In the 2003 he was be detect have the pancreas neuroendocrine tumor, he also never give up and continue to design the drive.

I like the most from Steve Jobs is he the never gives up, when happing any negative thing also never gives up and finally become a winner, that is because any problem also have the own solution. He also learns from mistake, growing from failure, so that he can learn more things.

I will never give out my life for example in my diploma life I have been fail more than 3 subject in my first semester, and I still continue my diploma life until I pass all the subject and finally graduate from diploma.

Part II

My entrepreneurial strength is I am discipline people and I like to persistence in solving problem because after I solve the problem I can learn more for that. I don't think that got person can every times be the willingness to sacrifice because that are no fair for other, I can be sometimes become the willingness to sacrifice. I like to have the knowledge of customer needs, but I will suggest new ideal to the customer, see whether the customer can accept my suggestion or not. I think I can bring market driven because I like to have a challenge, so I will always try to bring new product to the market. I will always to calculate risk taker before I go for investment, and I have are very clear of the goal and result orientation. I can be self-starter and having integrity and reliability.

My entrepreneurial weakness is I am no decisiveness people, so if I go for entrepreneurial will left very much of the opportunity for growth my business. I did not having a tolerance of uncertainty and lack of structure and tolerance of stress and conflict. I did have the experience of being team builder and hero maker, so I think I cannot be the hero maker.

I have a very strongest of the market research and evaluation skill and product pricing skill. I having the good customer skill and new product planning skill. I know how to do the inventory control and know how to do the quality control about the product in store. I have the cash flow management skill to control which my money need to be use. I have good in the problem solving because all the problem sure will have its own solution. I think I can do the personnel administration very well because I think I know how to choose right people for right job. I like to helping people when other people having problem.

In my "Do" List will include decisiveness, tenacity, discipline, having knowledge of customer needs, being driven, calculate risk taker, tolerance of uncertainty and lack of structure, lack of fear of failure, goal and results orientation, being self-starter, marker research and evaluation, product pricing, customer service, new product planning, inventory control, quantity control, cash flow management, problem solving and helping and coaching. Part IV

I have not go with entrepreneurial at this time because I think I did not have enough skill to become entrepreneurial by now, I must be train more so that I can become successful entrepreneurial. At this time I also did not have enough money to become the entrepreneurial, I think I must do a worker so that can improve my experience, at the last I will have enough experience to solve the entire problem.

The requirement of entrepreneurship like sacrifices, total immersion, heavy workload and long term commitment can fit into my own aims, value and motivations because I want to achieve my goals, so I must agree with the requirement of the entrepreneurship, it will not a problem anymore for me.

The conflicts between aims and value with the demands of entrepreneurship is because some time for entrepreneurship cannot be 100% ethics, so it will be little bit conflicts for me because I need to choose from ethics or business.

By know I did 100% fit with the entrepreneurial mind, but I will change my mind to fit with the entrepreneurial mind. If ahead 5 to 10 years, the "chunks" of experience and know-how I need to accumulate is rise once more from defeat, why it is important because if cannot face with failure , he will not be ssuccessful.

Part V

List, in Three Minutes, Your Goals to be Accomplished by the Time You Are 70.

a rich person

has own business

Travel around the world

List, in Three Minutes, Your Goals to be Accomplished Over the next Four Years.

has own business

Travel one country

List, in Three Minutes, the Goals You Would Like to Accomplish if You Have Exactly One Year From Today to Live.

has own business

become entrepreneurship

List, in Six Minutes, Your Real Goals and the Goals You Would Like to Accomplish Over Your Lifetime.

become the top ten rich people in Malaysia

When I discuss with other person, I get the answer is I only can become the rich people but not the top ten rich people.

By ranking my goals according to priority is travel one country, has own business, become rich person, become entrepreneurship, travel around the world.

The top three goals for me are has own business, become entrepreneurship and travel around the world.

A List of Problems, Obstacles, Inconsistencies and so Forth is:

no have enough money to growth the business

Government law has limited my business

My own skill did no enough for entrepreneurship

no enough experience

I am plan to have do small business first, to get more money and get more experience, I also will attend more on the entrepreneurship tanning camp to learn more skill about the entrepreneurship. I will do change to my business style so that will not be limited by government law.

For my three goals, action for the has own business open a shop with a business ,I measurement that it will be successful. For my second goal, become entrepreneurship are litter bit challenge because for this I need to pass through a big risk so that I can be successful become entrepreneurship I measurement that the result will be I successful to become entrepreneurship. My last goals is travel around the world, the main problem is need a lot of money, if I can successful become entrepreneurship money will not the problem anymore. I measurement I can successful go around oversee.

In my conclusion if I aim to become entrepreneurship need to train more so that I will have enough skill to become entrepreneurship because it must have commitment and determination, Creativity, self-Reliance and ability to adopt , leadership skill ,motivation to excel and good opportunity.