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This report cover the motivational techniques used to motivate employees in an organization. The organization being used is Cool and Cool, and full analysis have been made in order to identify its motivational techniques used and the ongoing issues in the company. Helpful recommendations are also made by the group members.

Motivation techniques in the organization

One of solutions to high-quality management lies in the motivation given by the company to its employees in order to achieve its objectives.(French, 2011) Stated that "Motivation refers to the forces within an individual that account for the level, direction and persistence of effort expended at work" (p.158). Every company uses different ways to encourage its workers to keep them involved in the work they do. Employees are motivated by employers and every organization has its own way to encourage its staff with the help of motivational techniques. The ways to improve motivation may include introducing flexible working hours, promoting talent by given them proper appraisal when needed, give them a job-well done tap on the back and others.

Several theories have been formed by researchers for the purpose of motivating employees. Few of these theories include:

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

In this theory Maslow presents needs of workers into levels known as upper and lower order needs, these needs are presented in a hierarchy starting from physiological needs , safety needs , social needs, esteem needs and lastly self - actualization needs . As a person moves from down to up its level of needs keeps on changing from basic human needs, love and security to respect, prestige and recognition.

Alderfer's ERG Therory

This theory is also based on human needs where E represents existence needs, which are person's physiological and basic living need. R represents relatedness, which relates to one's internal satisfaction needs and G represents growth, which relates to the willingness to develop itself and move up the hierarchy. As these needs are fulfilled with time, motivation level of employees is fulfilled and they get more satisfied with their work, if they are stuck at one position in their work, they get dissatisfied.

McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y

This theory relates to the attributes of individual and how different personality people should be treated in an organization. Theory X managers feels that their employees are unwilling to change; they have different goals then what is required by the organization, they lack enthusiasm and always have to be pushed in doing any sort of work on time.

On the other hand Theory Y managers feels that their employees are confident in what they do, they have the ability to grasp work quickly, understands what is required of them and are self pushed towards completion of work, Thus, these type of workers have enthusiasm and are motivated enough to work for the benefit of the company

Motivation is the aspect of getting to know the employee and providing them with what they require to be complete satisfied for better performance. These requirements can be intrinsic or extrinsic; Means could be fulfilled through monetary needs or better performance levels. A close and a personal attention given to employees by getting to know their problems and needs and solving them help in influencing them to work harder and

Cool and Cool

About the company

Cool and cool is a United Kingdom (UK) based product which is licensed by ABC International Ltd. It is based internationally from 2000 and came to dubai since 2003 .Has acquired state of the art technology to manufacture the highest quality products in an environment friendly setup. It has particularly looked over gender segmentation and launched few skin care and personal hygiene products for men, for example, facial essence masks and refreshing body wipes. Moreover, it has launched a wide variety of convenient and personal care products for the beauty oriented females in addition to baby products suitable for their soft and gentle skins, which may be used wherever and whenever one wants to. The company's product catalog includes 170 International products and more than 90 products in Pakistan. The products are divided into 6 categories:

Hygiene ( sanitizing wipes, antigerm hand wash)20101213_496.jpg 26545_10150103967450562_10150095938640562_11334483_8184295_n.jpg

Mother and Baby products ( baby wipes, my baby tissues etc )


Paper products ( toilet rolls plain, luxury table napkins plain etc )

Convenient wipes ( refreshing wipes, travelling wipes etc )


Personal Care ( facial masks, nose strips etc)


Hair and bio skin care(reviving shampoos,conditioners ,age regenerating day and night creams)

Executive Report

Initially Cool & Cool categorizes its strategic and tactical goals which are planned hand in hand with its objectives(short, intermediate, long term) However the main aim of Cool & Cool is to perfectly cater the needs of customers and achieve considerable market share by being the top leader in the hygiene products. They efficiently use the MBO approach to enhance the productivity of every individual through goal integration along with programmed and non programmed decisions in a continuum between risk and complete uncertainty situation. Group decisions through brainstorming and little with Delphi technique are made along PERT method used for scheduling different tasks.

The organizing is done by dividing the tasks and allocating human and non-human resources in line with the goals. Cool & Cool is geographically departmentalized into five different regions namely Dubai, Pakistan, U.K, Oman and USA. Different regions are then divided into functional departments as accounting, finance, hr and research and development. Cool & Cool is therefore a decentralized company and delegation of work is highly significant. However self governed teams are used to accomplish tasks.

Influencing the subordinates is also a very important task for the manager. The employees are influenced through communication, leading, motivation, considering groups, encouraging creativity and understanding the people. The overall leadership style at Cool & Cool works in a democratic environment. Hence communication is an important medium used for motivating the employees along with a support of perks and monetary benefits. Several rules and regulations for check and balance are made to ensure a good corporate culture and that honest trade practices are followed.

Controlling being the last step works simultaneously with the planning until the objectives have been achieved. The standards are maintained; performance is measured and evaluated; corrective actions are taken to remove any loopholes and troubleshoots are dealt with accordingly.

Mission statement

Cool and Cool is a dynamic, rapidly growing and leading edge company thoroughly dedicated to creating personal care products that are innovative, of high quality and enhance/beautify the lives of customers everywhere. It continuously strives to improve the minute details of life, making it stress free and enjoyable, and adding joy, pleasure and beauty in the to its customers lives. Since its establishment Cool and Cool has utilized the latest technology to meet the conditions set by their motto: "To produce the highest quality range of products in the in the personal hygiene, cosmetics, and health and beauty categories in an environmentally friendly manner"


Products of cool & cool contain 0% of alcohol. As it is also stated on each product so not to create any misconception.

Cool & Cool embossed wipes are made of special spun ace nonwoven cloth.

Contains natural ingredients like aloe extracts and also contains vitamins like E,C

Cool & cool lady care products are used for moisturizing, whitening, anti aging.

Makes ease in travelling and anywhere at schools, home or offices

Soft and Gentle: This ensures that the product is produced in a way which allows it to effectively clean baby skin, which may be sensitive to rashes.

Luxurious feel: the high quality and luxurious feel offered by the product may make customers ready to pay a higher price for the product

Targets every age bracket: ranging from baby products, to beauty oriented females as well as working males and females until the declining age groups.

The Organizational Chart of Cool and Cool


COOL & COOL Company is a decentralized company and every department of the company has a separate unit which is responsible for its own tasks. Every worker is responsible for his own work and is accountable to the concerned manager


Every manager controls only 3-5 employees at cool and cool to ensure the effectiveness of the task the span of control is narrowed down.

Human Resource Department

Questionnaire for the company on Motivational techniques

Q1 How do you describe motivation as an organization?

Q2 Is Cool and Cool management interested in motivating its workers?

Q3 Employee of the month is a good way to motivate staff in the organization?

Q4 Moral support creates high motivation for the workforce?

Q5 Hygiene factor is something employees need?

Q6 what is the kind of incentives used at Cool and Cool?

Q7 Do you think these benefits would will influence performance of the employees?

Q8 Do you think Competitive environment plays a vital role in motivating the employees?

Motivation at cool and cool

Personal development

Cool & Cool provides adequate amount of opportunities for personal growth and development. It has launched a few programs for the new entrants to the company.


The employees are given rewards on the basis of their performance which motivates them to work hard. Cool & Cool pays salary according to the industry averages which is also a motivation factor for employees.

Moral Support

Managers help employees to solve their problem and give moral as well as money related support.


The employees are advanced to upper position when they work efficiently and in full commitment with organization.

Hygiene factor

The hygiene at Cool & Cool is very up to the mark. No employee is allowed to wear the casual dresses but everyone is given same king of caps and t-shirts when they arrive at the company.

Employee of the month

Every month the picture of most successful employee is put in the office and is acknowledged and made familiar to everyone.

Competitive environment

The competition between the employees is also a factor of employ motivation. Employees are assigned various challenging tasks to accomplish and those who live up to the standards of organization are rewarded accordingly.


Cool and cool focuses on attracting and retaining good talent in their organization; they do that by providing good incentives to their workers such as pay and promotions, Medicare facilities, Security benefits , Life insurance, retirement plans and compensation for the time not worked by the employee like vacations and sick leave. There managers feel that their employees are Theory Y workers who know their job and are focused on the task at hand , they have targets and everyone is working to accomplish the provided goals for the organization.

They have referred that not everyone in their organization is motivated by money. The needs of women, disabled and others are not the same, thus flexibility is very important in deciding what techniques to use to motivate according to the needs of the employees. Flexibility in work designs, benefits provided, job sharing and leave possibilities allows them to attract and maintain their talent.

They believe that Motivating temporary workforce is also different, on the job and off the job training helps workers to feel more involved and a part of the organization, making them feel wanted effects their will to work harder which helps the organization as a whole.


By doing a survey on the motivation level of the organization, it seems that the workforce is motivated and the employers are doing a good job in providing them with flexible needs to fulfill their demands, while we would recommend them to involve few more programs for their employees which would help the overall performance of the workforce and the departments.

These employee involvement programmes may include;

Employee involvement teams

These teams are small groups of workers who work together to solve specific problems in the organization.

Participative management

This technique is a way where subordinates have a significant value in decision making, some power to effect decision makes them highly involved and their suggestions make a great impact on the overall performance.

Quality circles

These are group of workers working together and solving issues on specific tasks such as cost reduction, efficiency or even product designs.

Representative participation

Such participation involves work committees, who are group of workers elected who would represent the entire work force to discuss issues with the management to solve problems

Such involvement would mean more interaction by the employees, working hard as a team improving quality and productivity. While, the more these subordinates would get involved in the decision making the greater is the level of their motivation. (Aquinas, 2006)