Motivation and employee reward within a company

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In nowadays, many business company not only having a strong competition between company, and also need complete many work task in order to run their company. Due to that reason, the staff in that organization may facing with stress and might not have desire to finish their work. So, in order to let the staff in the organization have the motive to do their work, the company needs to provide the employee with some material or resources, and that is call motivation. Motivation can be define as to give reason, incentive, enthusiasm, or interest that causes a specific action or certain behavior. In the other hand, motivation can be say as encouraging a person by giving something to let him or her to be motivated. Mostly, motivation are related to the staff individual needs, and it is encouraged that the managerial level help to motivate their employee in order to let their staff to have desire to help the organization achieving the goals. Besides that, there are a number of motivation theories that are well known such as Maslow��s hierarchy of need theory, Herzberg��s two-factor theory, McClelland��s manifest needs theory, and so on. All of these different theories are apply to different level such as individual, group or organization. For example, Maslow��s hierarchy of need theory is applied to individual level. Apart from that, there are few ways that the company can use to motivate their staff to have desire to work.

2.2 How organization motivate their employees

In an organization, it is important that the organization motivate their employee. This is because by motivating those employees, they will have the desire to work hard and that will help to reach the organization goal. If the employee in the organization is not motivated, it might affect the performance of the employees, causing the performance of the organization also decrease. By that, there is few way that the organization can do to motivate their employees to increase their performance.

a) Appreciation from the organization

Nowadays, many business organizations doesn't know that what the employees require when the employees had finish their task, and the employees just get more and more work to do after that. This will lead to the problem of the employees lost of desire to work more for the organization. So, in order to let the employees to have desire again to work, appreciate from the organization to the employees is very important. This is because the employees will felt that they are important in the journey of finishing the goal of the organization. For example, the organization can praise the employee whom had made a great work in finishing the task by encouraging them to continue the performance. The activity of praising employees is might be the most simplest and powerful method in motivating employee to work hard. The organization also can encourage their staff that had done well to repeat their performance again when doing other task given by the organization. Besides that, the organization can tell the employee what he or she has done well.

b) Promotion or growth in the organization

In an organization, there is a large competition between employees in order to climb up to the higher level. So, it is very hard for an employee to get to a higher position, and it will lead to the employee lost of motive to compete with other staff. In order to make the employee have motive to compete with each other again, the organization can offer a position to those employee by seeing them how they perform. If the employee had made a great effort in achieving the organization goal, the organization can try to motivate the employee by promoting him or her into a higher post. From that, the employee will work harder in order to climb up to the higher post.

c) Training provided by the organization

Beside from giving appreciation and promotion to the employee, providing training to them is also a way to motivate them. The meaning of training can be said as a process that enhancing the skill or ability of a person. So, it is necessary that the organization sent their employees to do some training about some new concept that can be use in the organization. This not only helps in motivating the organization��s employees, but also can help to improve the operation in the organization. Apart from that, providing training for the employee can also help in less supervise of that employee. This is because after they are provide with training, the employee will more knowledgeable with the work task and will decrease the mistake made. Moreover, after provide training to the employees, it will help in increasing the productivity of the organization as the efficiency of the employee had increased.

d) Reward given by the organization

Apart from that, the organization is also encouraged to give reward to their employees. Giving these rewards such as bonus, voucher, vacation ticket and increment in the employee��s salary, extra holiday and so on will help to motivate those employees after they had been work hard. For example, the organization can increase their employee salary when there is a successful project that has done to motivate them to work more hard. Not only that, the organization also can hold an annual dinner for the employees to let them relax. Besides that, the organization also can give their employees some vacation ticket for them to go for a vacation with their family. By that, those employees will felt that they are worth able for working in the organization and will try their best to work hard for the organization.

e) Job enrichment

In this point, it is also encourage the organization to enrich their employee��s jobs. The meaning of job enrichment is to expand the job area of the employee, and making the job more interesting and challenging. By giving the employee enriched job, it will allow the employee to complete the task given, and also increase the employee independent. Besides that, job enrichment also will help to increase the responsibility of the employee, on the other way will also decrease the mistake made by the employee. According to the Ohio State University Extension Job Enrichment Survey Result, some of the advantage of job enrichment is it can reduce the work boredom of the employees when they are working.

2.3 Conclusion

In conclusion, motivation is a very important method when there is need to increase the employee performance. This is because when the employee are motivated, they will have desire to work more hard for the organization. Besides that, by having those employee motivated by the organization, it will increase the performance of the operation of the organization. Apart from that, motivation also will help in building self-esteem and also capability of the employees. Although motivation might a bit costly, but it is worth that the employee will feel satisfied and will put in more effort in finishing the goal of the organization. Motivation is usually related to the employee individual need, and the organization can motivate them by seeing what the employee wants. Not only that, business organization also can refer the motivation theory to motivate their employee such as Maslow��s hierarchy of needs theory, Equity theory and so on.