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Ralph: He is the CEO of Micro-Ware Ltd. Software Company and around 40 years old. He has been with the company for more than ten years. His personal agenda is based on more of his own benefits rather the company's interests. Though he also has company's interests on his priority list but that is second to his personal benefits. He is very ambitious, self-centred and ethically unfair towards interests of the company. Regarding his influence on company's growth and efficiency, he is a big hand to make the company more profitable with his ideas but still he can never negotiate or compromise his own interests and bonuses for company.

Jeff: Jeff is a young marketing graduate and leads the Marketing department who takes over the General Manager's position after Manu quits his job all of the sudden without any prior notice. His agenda and motto is based on improvising and amending the database sheet of the company's infrastructure and to use the effective marketing skills for enhancing the company's effective output. All his ideas and proposals are geared towards his speciality of Marketing and its associated areas.

His major influence on the company is the promotion of wonderful and innovative ideas which are the source of attraction for not only Ralph , CEO of the company but apparently for the high budget clients too. His young blood is definitely an addition to the modern think tanks in the company.

Sally: Sally is in her 30's and leads the Administration team. She maintains the communication between the staff members of the company by using different communication methods. She has the great influence on the company's administrative matters and her minor mistake may result in chaos among the staff of the company.

The business demographics of the three key teams are listed below:

Marketing Team: The Marketing Team is led by Jeff who is the General Manager of the company now. Marketing team members use electronic methods and social networks for communication within their groups. All of the members of this department are very social people.

Administration Team: Sally leads the Administration Team. Most of the staff members of this team are with the company for more than eight (8) years and are older women except one old man. As they all old, therefore the prefer way of communication is face to face and over the phone. They don't like to use the electronic methods or social networks.

Production Team: There is no particular team member for this team, however, the staff members interact with each other by using electronic communication and social networks.

The business demographics of Jeff, Ralph and Sally are as following:

Jeff: Jeff is a young marketing graduate and becomes General Manager of the company. He impresses the CEO with his new and effective ideas to attract the clients to buy their soft wares. He prefers face to face communication with regular staff meeting.

Ralph: Ralph is in his 40's and holds the position of CEO. He has been with the company for more than 10 years and relies on the General Manager and the team leaders for most of his work. He likes to communicate with only the team members rather than calling for staff meetings. He focuses on his performance bonus more than solving the current crisis the staff and the company is going through.

Sally: She is a young lady around 30 and leads the Administration team. She is the one who is responsible for the communication between the staff members by using various kinds of communication methods and becomes the reason to spread out the current issue because of her irresponsible way of maintaining the confidential information about the company.

c) Four Part Procedure for Organising and Managing meetings:

Aim and Purpose of the meeting has to be considered:

The goal of the meeting should be crystal clear with proper ideas in mind so that every body knows what meeting is being called for , this is the prime ingredient towards a successful meeting.

Selection of Appropriate time is critical in the success of meeting:

The time is really crucial as it should be arranged according to the availabity of everyone.

Gather Agenda and Preparation in proper order and format in accordance with need of meeting: The agenda of the meeting should be very clear and it should be spread in a priority wise to achieve the prime goals.

Every member and attendee of meeting knows what to achieve at the end of the meeting:

Before meeting a small orientation should be given to attendees so that they know what's going to happen and the purpose of the meeting. This is a very vital step in the success of the meeting.

d) Six (6) ways in which group dynamics could be used to help solve the problem

Establish your own belief in value of group work :

Before implementing the group dynamics in an organisation, one should himself believe in a team work itself and start it applying in his daily life.

Set clear goals for organisation's needs:

Team work is always harmonious when there is a clear goal for every team member.

Create an avenue for constructive and productive communication:

There should be a platform for effective communication among the staff members.

Equalise the power and responsibility:

The entire staff member should equally consider the equal responsibility in a group. This would make a team work at its optimum efficient level.

Encourage every member's contribution to the organisation:

Proper incentives is the key to encourage all the members to effectively knit in a team work .

Minimise the perception of differences among members of organisation:

Effective communication is necessary to avoid the misunderstandings and minimise them to least to get a smooth journey as a team.

e) 3 ways a comprehensive intranet could improve internal communication at the software company.

Immediate updates of an organisation

Enhance Collaboration among staff members

Promote common corporate culture


Lack of Communication Standards: Lack or absence of communication standards is the main factor which may lead to company's deflection from a success ladder . Communication is the biggest element and key ingredient in marketing field and without it , the company can not survive for long.

Mingling work with personal communications: Professional and personal boundaries should well be maintained while at work. Personal communication can greatly ruin the impact of the company in their business circle .Further , it may result in the moral harassment which can strongly be a stigma to a company's name.

Misinterpretations and Assumptions: Inadequate and improper communication can lead to misunderstanding in minds of other colleagues and can lead to chaotic situation in the company which obviously can defame the company's image and its performance.

Poor listening skills: Active listening is an integral part of the company's marketing and sales for its products, which is an equally important part as speaking. If one is really missing on this strong aspect of communication, then this can lead to the inefficient output for profit results and can begin a decline for company.

Lack of disperse communications: Dispersing communication is also a vital element to keep the harmony and integration among employees and this reflects the trust and confidence in them. Lack of this sort of communication can really break the chain of team.

Negative Attitude: This is a form of communication which has many aspects , one such aspect is negativity among employees for each other . This can result in ineffective communication and can harm the company's profile in terms of its progress.

Part B of 2 :

Type of Communication Chosen: Jeff has a favouritism towards calling meetings for different issues which is a big turn off for the employees, and this results in wasting of time and may be a major source to stop employees to focus more on their work and may result in decreased performance of the company.

Lack of factual Communication: Jeff's last email to Ralph was in fact a marvellous plan to attract the high budget clients but knowing that it was not a factual communication as it was a stolen idea frm some American based software company . This kind of communication can result in chaos in company and delay in tasks .

Q 2 Part C:

Implementing Team Building Skills: Team work is the foundation for success and progress of any company . For Jeff , he should focus his attention in team building skills and bring the employees to same thinking as his . There should be mutual harmonious relationship between team leaders and its co workers . In case its missing , the company faces failure which happened in case of Jeff. His idead were tempting but did not coincide with other employees thinking and though he needed a team force to implement those in reality . Therefore team building is the way to build company at its best , without this company works as an individual not as an organisation whose output is merely the collapse of company

Recognizing problems through Employees Feedback: The most important element in maintaining the company's profile to its maximum sustainability and efficiency can be achieved by the strong cooperation from the feedback of its employees and try to resolve them accordingly. Jeff had a good way of bringing the employees at one platform through meetings but the problem here is that the mode of communication was disliked by many of the employees and as a result employees feedback was mostly lacking as many employees were not bothered to attend the meetings, therefore it is better to choose a preferred way to recognise the problems from the employees through employees' choice of communication as it is the employees who make the organisation.


Q-3 - Part A ;

Lack of Team Bonding and Cohesiveness:

In Miro-ware Limited , there was a lack of team bonding that resulted in collision of the company and any organisation without team bonding can not survive in long run.

Poor Company's alignment towards goal achievement:

Most members in organisation preferred individual interests rather than the collective interests and this swayed the organisation working towards its goals.

Inefficient Level of Performance:

Inefficient level of performance by repeated meetings and shortage of time for tasks was a major stress and decreased output from the employees creating the benchmark for company's falling towards decline.

Unnecessary Meetings :

Jeff introduced a new culture in organisation by calling lots of meetings which was a major turn off for most of employees.

Low Employee Morale:

Low morale of the company's employees like Bob also resulted in disintegration and unrest in the company through his actions.

More traditional ways of Communication rather electronic tools :

This was also the culture of the administrative department to use more traditional ways of communication while the effective intranet was missing which put the company at a glitch to meet modern standards.

Q- 3 - Part B :

Breaching privacy is an immoral concern in any part of the world. When we look at the Microware Limited we find two important events where privacy was being breached.

The worst and foremost stuff of privacy breaching occurs when Bob steals the draft from Sally's computer to his flash drive after she is away from her computer. Stealing someone's property is a breach in privacy and is high on immoral standards.

The second situation is where Soma out of grudge with Margaret as she criticised her outfit once before , takes photo of her drinking with a male colleague and publicize it to all staff members as Margarets's new affair through the email .

Q- 3, Part C:

There are many ways privacy can be breached in an organisation but the two are described below.

Releasing company's information outside the employees to anyone without company's permission is a one example of breaching company's privacy

Leaking information to the staff about confidential meetings is another common example of the breach in privacy.

Q- 3, Part D:

The last few lines of the case study quite vividly explain the part where Jeff plagiarised the ideas of some famous software company to use it for Microware limited in his email to Ralph, which of course provided Ralph with an opportunity to use that enticing idea as a tool to distract the high officials regarding company's declined progress graph for a little while till he receives his bonus.

Q-3, Part E:

The possible implications for the company involved in copyrights infringements are criminal liabilities. Breaching or infringing the Copyright Law is considered a serious crime. Intellectual copyright Infringement called Piracy is a criminal conviction and offers the penalty to the one who did it.

Q- 4 , Part A :

Meetings with Team leader

Meetings with Staff



Social Networking

Q -4, Part B:

Meetings with Team leader :

The main purpose of this strategy is to discuss the main issues with team leader first before calling upon all the employees or staff . It saves time as only availability of Team Leader is kept in mind and concerns and reports about particular employee can be discussed with great confidentiality and free state of mind.

Meetings with Staff:

This is the form of communication that may be carried out to deliver information about certain information and to have the feedback on certain isssues. This consumes a great deal of time and planning.

Phone :

This is considered to be direct and immediate delivery of some information to another person or party.

Emails :

This is another form of communications being carried out and it gives the choice to the consumer to know it at their own choice . It is cost effective and widely used communication source.

Social Networking :

Some people like to chat and deliver information on the social networks and Facebook and twitter are on high use at present times.

Q-4, Part C:

Meetings with Team leader:

Ralph preferred this mode of communication and he always liked this mode of communication and preferred this over the staff meetings and wanted the team leader to deliver the agenda to go through the rest of the staff.

Meetings with Staff:

Jeff always liked to call lots of meetings and spent lots of time over meetings to go through his strategies and plans. The staff was really upset with his meetings as they considered it a waste of time.


Sally like this form of communication over meetings as it was an easy access for delivering the information.


Almost every member of staff is using this source of information as it's really common.

Social Networking:

Sally also used this for communication. Facebook and twitter being the most popular source of communication.

Q-4, Part D:

Following are the four emerging communication technologies that are described below.

Fax and fax modems

Fax is an immediate source of the vehicle for transferring information miles away . It is the modern gift of the information technology that has become commercialised as a general way of communication at the business horizon.


Internet is widely popular and important necessity for communication inside and outside the organisation . It is the heart and soul for the communication. Now a days Wireless Connections are considered the preferred mode of communication and are very much recognised as the easiest handling internet variety . They are very handy as this can be used over smart phones setting the globe over your finger tips.


The database of the company can be cruised at one platform by the staff members called as the intranet and is being the source of sharing information within the organisation.


With the use of this emerging technology the workers are able to access the information from their home .