McDonald’s development in the United States and internationally

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From the beginning, the McDonald's development in the United States, then its spread in England, Australia and more recently India and China, the firm has been able to provide a variety of hamburgers and other foods to its consumers. McDonald's is one of most successful companies in the world today. With its rapid embracement of globalization, the firm has been able to expand and retain numerable growth; as well as continuing to explore with its growth potential in the coming years. On the other hand, as the company continues to settle into its new environments, it will slowly cater to the lower class, as can be seen in the United States. The strategies developed by its experts, thus allows for the company to raise in revenues, quality, and bring about consumer satisfaction. What does make McDonald so successful like that ? According Jim Skinner, Vice Chairman and CEO of McDonald (Annual report 2009), the success key of McDonald is having a correct human resource management strategy.

Study background:

With the aim to providing trained workforce needs of society, HRM programs helps students to quickly integrate and adapt to labor market training programs should be built close to reality, advanced and flexible operation. Human resource management (HRM) is answerable for the people aspect of an organization. It has a significant role to play in today's world in that it not only has to assist the organization in achieving its strategic direction, it also has to represent and advocate for the organization's employees. At its broadest level, HRM comprises the functions of staffing, motivation, development, and maintenance.

Most human resource managers understand that for the organization to meet its this goal, they must have employees who will be successful performers. Wherever these individuals are, they must be found. And finding the best candidates can be lengthy process, especially considering that skill shortages in some industries are widespread. In such situations, human resource managers need to get creative, and that's exactly what has happen in company such as McDonald.

Study area :

After organizations have established their strategic direction and developed a corresponding employment plan, the organization must turn its attention to getting the correct people. The job that have been identified and their related skills point to very specific types of employees that are necessary. But of course these employees don't just appear on the organization's door. Instead, the firm must embark on an employment process of finding and hiring qualified people. The successful human resource planning is considered to identify an organization' human resource needs. Therefore, recruitment and selection process are the most important statements of HRM plan.

Research structure :

This paper begin with researching about human resource management plan of McDonald, specially selection and recruitment process. Then it will determine the major factors effect directly to selection and recruitment process and how selection and recruitment process affect on company. Finally, this research will give some recommends to improve the selection and recruitment process.

Research Objective:

What are the recruitment and selection process ?

What are the factors that affect recruitment and selection process ?

How can recruitment and selection process affect to the company ?

Literature review :


The recruitment and selection is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and advantage for the organizations. This literature review is part of a evaluation the recruitment and selection process. This paper will help the company focus on the key research that provide the background for the evaluation.

What are the recruitment and selection process ?


Recruitment is the process by which organizations locate and attract individuals to fill job vacancies (Fisher,1999). According to Robbins, the recruitment is an act of seeking prospective new employees or members for an organization. Recruitment is a essential function for an organization to maintain its personnel. Recruitment originally meant reinforcement. The objective of the recruitment process is to achieve the number and quality of employees that can be selected to help the organization to reach to its goals and objectives. The key to success of recruitment is finding qualified individuals who have knowledge, skills and abilities to do a job. The effective recruiting will free managers to spend more time and effort on other management activities.

For the recruitment process to work effectively, the company have to use different recruiting methods for searching new employment. Following, the firm can generate candidates internally, from among its present employees who desire promotion or transfer, or externally, from the labor market.

Figure 1. Recruitment process

The internal recruitment will give opportunities for promotion to employees. Actually, internally recruitment is more faster and cheaper than externally recruitment. The employees already have knowledge and skills to do the job. Moreover, by internal recruitment the company can improve the loyalty of employees. According Beardwell, word of mouth is the simplest, but not always most effectives method. The other common formal method is job posting. The company can post the note on bulletin board, note in company newsletter, or company intranet.

Reasons for external recruitment is fast growth, expansion, repositioning, internationalization. It may need for resources is growing and changing rapidly. The development in the field requires new knowledge that can be acquired only outside the organization. The outside resource can complete organization's present know-how. By external recruitment they can improve the awareness and image of the company.

Selection process:

The selection process is a systematic process which results in an organization making a selection from a group of applicants. The group of applicants usually consists of persons who best meet the selection criteria for the position available. When selecting staff, employers will decide base on some factors such as qualifications, knowledge, experience and attitude. The performance of company is directly correlated to employees hired and the competencies they bring to the job. The employees who are not good fit tend to make mistake or leave, often resulting in lost customers and money.

According, selection process typically consist of seven steps (Figure 2) : (1) Application Verification, (2) Interview, (3) Skills Evaluation, (4) Application Rating or Employment Verification, (5) Skills Profile, (6) Decision, (7) Give the result to candidates.

Figure 2. Selection Process,

Following DeCenzo and Robbins, the selection process have eight steps: (1) initial screening interview, (2) Completed application, (3) Employment test, (4) Comprehensive interview, (5) Background investigation, (6) a Conditional job offer, (7) Medical or Physical test, (8) Permanent job offer.

Overview, those methods have different strategies to selecting employees. Obviously, the method of Decenzo and Robbins is more detail than the method from But they have same objective that is predict which job applicant will be successful if hired. During selection process, candidates are also informed about the job and organization.

Figure 3: Selection process, DeCenzo and Robbins.

What are the factors that affect recruitment and selection process ?