Mcdonald's was the first restaurant opened in New Zealand

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McDonald's is the first restaurant which is opened in New Zealand in 1976. It has 152 McDonald's restaurants across New Zealand. 80 percent of McDonald's restaurants are franchised by local businessmen and women. Its success is built on a foundation of integrity. One million people visiting at McDonald's restaurants every week. Many people trust on McDonald's brand and it provides outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value.

Executive summary of the business: - McDonald's Corporation is the world's leading food service organization. The corporation started out as a small drive-through in 1948 by two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald. Raymond Albert Kroc, a salesman, saw a great opportunity in this market and advised Dick and Mac to expand their operation and open new restaurants. In 1961 Kroc bought out the McDonald brothers. By 1967 McDonalds expanded its operations to countries outside the U.S.A. This unyielding expansion led the Corporation to open 23,000 McDonald's restaurants in 110 countries in 1994, producing $3.4 billion in annual revenues. From the study it has been found out that, McDonald's opens a new restaurant every three hours. Also, McDonald's has twice the market share of its closest U.S. competitor, Burger King, representing 7% of total U.S. eating-out sales. Similarly, McDonald's serves about 1% of the world's population on any given day through its 23,000 restaurants internationally.

entify a business problem

I selected this business because I go there to eat burgers sometimes and some of my friends are working there. So I clearly indentifying the business problems.

List of problems:

1) Culture

2) Waste

3) Motivation

4) Less staff in busy shifts.

This business is relevant for the duration of course because this business is always ready to solve the problems. Because this business has good reputation in market as it has market value and financial status and McDonald's success is built on a foundation of integrity.

Business problems identification with others

Culture- The main problem is that the staff knows different language, their first language is not English. They are facing problems in communication with each other's and the staffs do not have good work ethics.


Wastage- It works very hard to minimise the amount of food waste in all its restaurants, but there is no system for handling the waste. They put the rubbish bins for the waste food.

Less staff in busy shifts- Managers has the responsibility to rotate the shifts in busy hours. They might have the knowledge of the shifts, how to rotate the shifts between different employees and how to set roaster. Sometimes there is less staff in busy shifts, so managers have to give proper training regarding the shifts.

These are the problems which are relevant to my study of applied management and these are the main and practical problems, which every organisation faced.

Yes, these are the business problems which are related to current affairs of an organisation.

The clear statements of objectives are:-


To solve the problem

To do research and analyze the problem.


We are doing research to solve the problems and to let the business grow:-

Other problems with rationale:-

Culture: - Culture is comprised of the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs (artefacts') of organization members and their behaviours. In an organisation, everyone belongs from different country and culture. So they face different problems during the work time. This leads to problem between managers and staff members.

Motivation: - Motivation is the driving force which help causes us to achieve goals. Managers do not appreciate their employees if they are doing work well and give a good customer service.

Waste: - Waste is an unwanted and useless material. Employees are using same rubbish bin for waste and card boxes. They do not separate the rubbish and that cannot be recycled.

Less staff in busy shifts: - The organisation has always less staff in busy shifts; it is just because of their poor organisation structure. The staff is not well organised in proper manner.

Putting pressure: - When the restaurant is busy, the staffs have put more pressure for work.

As I will discuss the problem solving model so that will list all the drawbacks and benefits of this business.

The limitations in this business are management do not support the staff to research on the problems of their organisation.

2 Research methods and process

I have list all the solutions with valid reasoning.

A clear and brief recommendation of my research is to analyze the problems

It finds the solution to solve the problems.

Possible solution to the problems

Culture: - The culture of the organisation is that firstly they hire the people of their country. After than they hire the staffs that have good communication skills, work experience in the same field and they should have the ability to understand the people language. McDonalds give the training to their staff on the starting of the job of employees and time to time.

Wastage: - In New Zealand, there are so many McDonalds. They should have the machines to handle the wastage of food. They have to put different rubbish bins for different types of foods like boxes and cans of drinks, so that they can be easily be recycled. Every employee has to follow the rules like they have to put the rubbish in the right rubbish bin.

Motivation: - When the employees are doing work well, they should not appreciate by their managers. Managers have to give incentives to their staff, so the competition must be increased between the employees. And the employees should get a good position on their job.

Less staff in busy shifts: - A manager knows when the restaurant is got busy, so a manager has to set a roaster like this that the staff should not be less in busy shifts.

Research instruments:-


Group discussions


Content issues

Administrative issues

3 A project plans is including scope, resources and problem solving model to be used.

Scope: - Scope of the project is staff, management, culture, motivation, training to staff and less wastage. There are lots of tasks which need to be done which are listed in task list.

Resources: - Following are the two types of resources which will be used to perform these tasks in the business:-

Internal resources:- Managers, assistant managers, training managers, staff

External resources:- Maintenance, stock, customers and advertisements.

Tasks list:-

Roaster training for managers

Introduce 60 sec. Challenge

Training for staff

Announce employee of the month

Submit monthly reports

Monthly bonus for one employee

Hire a crew trainer

Hard rules about wastage

Problem solving model

Swot Analysis


An internationally well known brand attracting demographic customer groups

Largest fast food hamburger restaurant in the world

International distribution


Relies heavily on franchisees to execute its brand promise & it doesn't have enough corporately owned stores

Limited consumer appeal

Branding weaker than competitors

Unhealthy menu


New product development, particularly around breakfast

Keep building its brand through advertisement campaign, such as the Whopper Virgin's

Expansion into emerging markets.


Changing consumer habits towards healthier food choices

Away-from home consumption declines due to recession

Intense competition from Burger King, other restaurants and even retailers

Increasing labour costs putting pressure on bottom line margins.