Masters of Business (MBA) Innovative Management Assignments

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Although diversity in the work force is one of the central concerns in employment opportunities, managing diversity has been either neglected, poorly done or received little attention in some contemporary work organisations. To do workers some justice, many governments have tried legislating against various sorts of discrimination in the workplace. However, research has proved the incompetency and incompleteness of such legislation since it still allows for employers to use a discriminatory criterion in employee selection, recruitment and development providing it can be shown to be a valid qualification.

In the light of the above statement, critically evaluate and analyse the diversity legal framework in UK in relation to employment policy on equality issues and the practices associated with the effective management of diversity.

(100 marks)

Supply Chain Management


Electronic Commerce has revolutionised consumer's shopping behaviour as well as business models for firms and enterprises. Discuss the different forms of business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce and critically analyse its impacts on firm's logistics and supply chain strategies, focusing on a specific firm or industry.


1500 words maximum, approx. 5 pages exclusive of references

1.5 or double spacing, Times New Roman, 12

Titles in bold

References required, bibliography optional

Referencing system

Use the Harvard referencing system as recommended by BITE. For instance:

In text:

Bichou and Gray (2004), Bichou et al. (2002), Dunne et al. (2006)

In reference:

Bichou, K. and Gray, R., 2004, A logistics and supply chain management approach to port performance measurement, Maritime Policy and Management, 31 (1), 47-67

Bichou, K., Bell. G.H. and Evans, A. (2007), Risk Management in Port Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Security, Informa: London

Internet sources:

Dunne L., Williams R. and Martinez N., 2006, Small Networks but not Small Worlds: Unique Aspects of Food Web Structure,

Financial Reporting

(Group Presentation)

Presentation Question:

A leading multi-national company would like to appoint a group of financial experts. You have to show your ability by critically analysing the financial performance of a public limited company of your choice, by considering at least five years data followed by a group presentation. You have to exhibit your skills of horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, trend analysis and ratio analysis. Your study should be supported by the underpinning knowledge and end with major findings, conclusions and creative suggestions to improve the financial performance of the company. The presentation has to be made during the class time. Students can form their groups in consultation with their Module Leaders.

The presentation should include the following outcomes:

Underpinning knowledge with proper referencing

(20 marks)

Presentation of the financial performance of the selected company with the help of relevant data and tools of analysis

(20 marks)

Major findings and conclusions

(20 marks)

Suggestions to improve the financial performance of the company

(20 marks)

Group work, presentation, organisation and professional approach

(20 marks)

(Total 100 marks)

Assessment Criteria:

A five point scale will be applied with respect to each of the above points as follows:


Every group has to select a group name, other than alphabets and numbers.

Select one person as the group leader and another as the secretary.

The group leader has to chair the group meetings, involve every member of the group in decision making and manage the time properly.

The secretary has to inform all the members about the group meeting and keep the minutes of the meeting which should include-the date and venue of the meeting, members present and their signature.

Two copies of the presentation and the minutes should be submitted to the examiners before starting the presentation.

The time of presentation will be given during the class time by the module leader.

For further details please contact your module leader.

On the day of the presentation every student has to register their presence as follows:

Presentation - Group Name.........……........................................ Date......................

Marketing Communication

(Group Presentation)

Select an organisation and develop a marketing communication plan for a business area or market that the organisation competes in. You are presenting to the marketing manager of your company who is an experience marketer.

The presentation should cover the following areas and should last no longer than 30 minutes including the questions and answers session.

Suggested content and structure:

Introduction - scope of the presentation and market review of the organisation

Situational analysis - environmental analysis (including competitive analysis) with the emphasis on trends and issues

Consumer analysis - segmentation, target audience, positioning, marketing objectives (flow from situational analysis)

Marketing mix - promotional strategy (evaluative and not descriptive) and should cover creative strategy and media strategy

Implementation issues - budgetary, resources etc


All group members must participate in the presentation and contribute to the questions and answers session. The mark allocated is a group mark so failure by any member to contribute to the overall presentation will affect the group mark.


Students have to keep the minutes of their group work.

A hard copy of the presentation should be submitted to the examiners before starting the presentation.

The time of presentation will be given during the class time by the module leader.

For further details please contact your module leader.