Masters of Business Administration

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MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is a graduate business program having a worldwide entry after pursuing it globally, MBA offers by many of the well known universities to the students with excellent background in their Under graduation degree. Now a day's each and every student are planning to get a Globalized MBA degree, with thorough knowledge in Leadership skills, Organising People, Project Management, Accounting, Research Methods, Profit Management, Strategy Mgmt, HRM, Ethics, Public Relations, Retailing and Recruitment and so on. MBA is a vast area, where you can learn and gain knowledge only through experience.

Few reasons to do an MBA are to have Global recognization, Authoritative skills and leading teams, Entry to real business field.

"I strongly believe that one cannot perform better in any other field than the field of his interest. I always knew my interest. I studied mathematics for two years in my 11th and 12th standard".

For my bachelors degree I went on to do in Hotel Management. In fact, 4 years in college I learned detailed about the Management in Hotel industry. My plan for doing MBA was developed during my college days but the real inclination towards this field developed when I once taught few subjects of Management, Leader ship, strategies. I have always enjoyed organizing Management events. It was a great experience as army of hundreds of young managements worked with me and undermines guidance for successful conduct.

I have always yearned to contribute an exemplary part towards the constructive developments of management, for the benefit of my society. I believe that only an intensive study and comprehensive research work in my field of interest would put me on the right track to achieve my goals. My Hotel Management degree provides me a good hold over Management skills that would definitely prove helpful for me when I pursue MBA.

For me, MBA is closest to what I want my career to be in future and I take it as an opportunity to fulfill my ambition in most promising way.

As for my family, my father runs a store and having other business includes Property consultation and as a distributor for Airtel (Tele communication services). My mother has been taking care of house. I have sibling, One year younger he is doing his career in IT as a topper in class.

As part of my whole education it passed by being in residential schools that are the toughest part of my life I can say, which made me to miss my family. I literally work in many academics and worked hard as hard as possible to get beneficial changes in my studies standing in first place till the end of the Seventh class, there after i can see a gradual decline due to concentration on sports and also changing of school, by the end of my Tenth class which is a key point where i secured B level. Now my turn is to do +2 (intermediate), this is the age where a student can shape or break his future, and I have joined in one of the good colleges with my friends as again in residential college. Within no time +2 has completed, now the time is to decide for my future that is doing my Under Graduation, this is the point where a student gets so many options and don't know which one to choose, so many options are around me and lot of doubts in my mind, thought of taking Engineering but not much interested in mathematics second thought of taking Fashion designing but no encouragement from friends and family, finally i have landed up in Hotel Management, it's not as easy as possible to find a right college for a right course, in search for college i have landed up in Bangalore and could find a better college which is out of my Province, so yet again i missed my family. My course is for 4 years, these Four years taught me diverse lesson about my future, taking challenges and how to face it in forthcoming days, how to achieve the challenges. Learned about facing problems and how to overcome those problems, the main leading responsibility in shaping my future is taken by my lecturers who helped all the students to shape their future, here i need to say about one person who made changes and improved the learner way of thinking and change in education system, he is none other than my Principal Mr. Anand Reddy a person with excellent principles, he comes up with creative and most talented ideas and he is the one who taught us to understand the subject in easy way and a student can remember throughout his life. He make an individual to understand rather than mugging up the subject, he is the one who taught us about Mind Map (brainstorming the ideas to remember the data) and 4+4+4(it is a practical way for a student to attend class for first 4 hours, for second four hours we need to do part-time and the rest four hours time for student to study which has taught in class) etc. and conducting TSDP (Total Student Development Program) sessions for a student to benefit through the general knowledge, in this sessions we had guest lectures by great professors in Bangalore, in those one lecture really inspired me and my friends, the topic is in relation to INDIA, "What made INDIA to be in this situation". This lecture was awesome and made everyone including me to think. Apart from education, I go along with my friends for part-time to make out some money and also for learning new things in and around industry, and as a part of my course i did my Industrial Training for Six months in a five star Hotel LE MERIDIEN which is one among the famous hotels in Bangalore. It is a real experience for me in knowing industry. My favourite subject in Hotel Management is Food & Beverage Service the same i specialized this subject is really interesting it includes flaring, mixing of alcohols and juggling. By the completion of this course i thought of doing Masters in the same field, and i am in search of colleges in INDIA, due to the guidance of my lecturers and family members i have took up MBA. Thought of doing it in my place and the suggestions has come up as do globalized MBA which helps n shapes your future. So in search of universities in UK i have come up to decision through enquiring about this university with my UK friends and also with students from this university.

According to the Honey and Mumford Learning style questionnaire, i am a REFLECTOR, it refers to "TELL ME" learners and also reviewing the experiences, prefer to be thoroughly briefed before proceeding, i prefers to learn from activities that allows me to watch, think, and review what has happened. As it can be seen in the above two diagrams, one is the total scoring pattern and other is in the graph part, so myself as a reflector like to stand back to consider experiences and observe them from many different perspective. I enjoy observing people while they give a speech and tend to react and think out from that data and make my points. I like to think in all possible ways before implementing an idea. Before starting the task i would collect data at once rather collecting it in pieces but it takes more time for me to understand few topics such as, if the topic is new and irrelevant to my subject i check it with lots of people before implementing it, this would be time consuming in order to complete the task on time.


  • Thoughtful
  • Careful
  • Thorough and methodical
  • Good at listening to others and absorb information.
  • Rarely jump to conclusions.


  • Tendency to hold back from direct participation.
  • Slow to make up minds and reach a decision.
  • Tendency to be too cautious and not take enough risks.
  • Uncomfortable in unplanned situations.
  • Need information to work on.

To overcome the weaknesses as being as a reflector i need to work and put efforts on personal behaviour, need to participate while learning should be ready for unplanned situations and need to analyse the given information. Once analysing i should to implement the task, also should be spontaneous and i should be able to maintain it in theory.

Most of the points which has discussed by Honey and Mumford LSQ are similar to my learning style, i tend to be careful and observe many things from different perspectives, and even I would like to consider all possible angles and implications. I enjoy observing when other people are in action and learn from their mistakes.

As i scored low in being as Activist, this can be seen from the above graph. According to honey and Mumford's learning style, i need to engage myself fully and without feeling uncomfortable to the new experiences, and as they said activists want to try anything at once, but it may think it will lead to failure at times. Even as activists i like my days to be filled with lot of activities i strongly need to keep effort on this which i am very interested in being such category of person, but being as an activist one should tackle problems by brainstorming ideas.

To be a perfect Activist i need to be flexible and open minded, share the ideas and feel free to come together in a group, happy to have a go, rush in to action with sufficient information.

Kolb's learning style is the inspiration for large number of theorists, even Honey and Mumford is directly derived from Kolb's learning theory, Honey and Mumford theory is lengthy and allows a learner only on agree or disagree answer. Diagram below figures out about the Kolb's way of learning style, it resembles as Honey and Mumford Learning style.

I personally like to learn to perform tasks with no time to prepare, i think it pushes knowledge out from the brains and make to implement it faster and better rather making a learner not to perform task with no time to prepare and only by being rushed and pressured by deadlines rather pressurising with deadlines and i don't like.

Every one fits in either of the learning cycles, most of the people have a combination of two or more learning styles.

Career Objectives

My ultimate Career goal is to become a successful executive General manager (Leader) either in a leading five star hotel (as my background is related to Hospitality field) or in a international leading company (as it refers to MBA) in order to learn the strategies, desires and Wants for the company, measuring up performance of a company and an employee. Using question effectively, Providing Information and feedback, Applying transactional analysis concepts, Critical observation, Leading a discussions towards agreement, Providing recognition and evidence of support these are some of the skills of Effective Performer where i would like to be. Upon completion of my MBA I would like to join one of the leading companies to gain enough experience to step in to a real business world to face real challenges, "One must expect obstacles on their path to succeed". Gaining few years experience in the field, and top of that i prefer to do a further education with my own income in one of the reputed top university can boost up me in acquiring the more knowledge to gain the business.

Setting career goal is the one of the toughest issue and reaching that goal is another toughest issue, so while setting up the aims and goals one need to keep effort and have time to think about their future, so spending some time in Present, leads to saving of lot of time in Future. While preparing career goals one need think about few points, which include financial aid, family support, our own intention, cultural activities. Even though there are few reasons to go wrong the goals which we has setup, goals set may be unrealistically high, if goals are disorganized, due to ups and downs in the market, these kind of situations occurs, so before setting up the career goals one need to take advice from family or from own experiences.

As i mentioned my personal development plan and my position in next 5 years, if things go on all right as mentioned in the above table, i would become an Asst General Manager to one of the top leading companies. Next task after finishing my MBA is to take two months of time to read the business world in and around and give my personal objectives to companies by approaching them to know about myself for recruiting. As then i go through the recruiting process in the companies which i get an offer and by securing place in one of the leading companies. "A goal properly set is half way reached" and from this point of time my understanding need to be faster, to know about the competitor's and their Strengths and Weaknesses.