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Pet Gardein is one of the leading UK companies which provide specialized pet tracking systems. It came into existence in 2008 as “PetTrak” y which assembles various components into tracking device attached to pet collars. The main focus of company was at pet market as UK is known as Pet loving nation. Main aim of management is to provide mid-price high value product to its clients. Pet Gardien mission:

“We at Pet Gardien respect our customer relationships with their pets and aims to work harder towards building a strong bonding between them. We believe in delivering high value tracking products and services to our potential clients.”

In UK, it is forecasted that pet market will have annual value of 295million pounds by 2013. This attracts Pet Gardien to explore the opportunities of this market segment. Owners spend heavily on their pets; they place greater value in the companionship and relationship with their pets. "The role of dog ownership is physical, biological, imaginary and human" (Tony Ellson). And here our organization plays a pivotal role in building this mutual bond very strong by connecting owners to their pets when they are away. We focus on all group of socio-economic class who owns and are very concern about their pets.

No matter how much technology advances, tracking methods used in military, spying and police activities which involves using dogs is never going to change and this sector of market help us focusing over large potential customers. We humans have urge to understand our relations deeply, using this device our clients can know daily routines and activities of their pets better. Our products have multiple usage, they can now also be used for tracking cars, electronic products, keys, or small children. Integrating all of them give our potential customer base. At present, this is an emerging market where there is limited interaction between consumers and companies, which provides an excellent time to enter the market with leading advance market technologies.

Our company objectives are to develop “Pet Gradien” as prestigious brand in tracking devices market. We aim to increase our brand awareness among people and develop a positive image of brand in the market. Our major tactics will be to raise capital for expansion in next two years and seek for new markets to become global player. We further plan to increase our affiliates overseas as this would help us to integrate in global economies. We planned to use effective marketing and distribution practices to make customer aware of our brand and increase sales. We believe in maintain highly skilled workforce since their knowledge and capabilities will help in producing high quality products.

Pet Gradien products are built by assembling products which are built-in the firm as well outsource from different firms distributed around the globe. With the help of our excellent Engineering team lead by Sue Roberts, recently we have re-designed our product to add more value and technological capabilities to it. We have also improved our casing design; it's now in-built in collar and more firm to withstand high pressure.

Also now we use SiRF technology in our products which incorporates functionality of gps which then can be used for specific applications. It helps in increasing battery life of product which was a major issue in earlier product design as well add value to the device. It now has text messaging facility with map link as well it can now be easily accessible via mobile phones. As well we have now made a product line to suit different pets according to their size available in different color variants. New design now has more interactive added functionalities which make it a unique in the market. The new SiRF technologies and casing provides us biggest competitive advantages as they help in screening radio frequency in more efficient way. All these efforts have helped us in adding value to our product and gaining a niche position in global market. We use hemp fibres to build collars which brings sustain advantages to our products and help us in supporting “Go Green” mission.

Pet Gradien is now has become a flexible production firm. It can now reconfigure its production line to make new and different products. This helps company to develop new innovative products in various colour and sizes. This increases our market share, benefit from economies of scales and provide competitive advantage. Company has also now adopted Supply and demand approach. A new manager has been internally recruited in sales department who looks over purchase and finish stock, this help us in avoiding over production in near future. Company now look forward for outsourcing resources as it helps in making standard product available at lower prices than competitors.

Firm has gone under Organizational innovation process and now focuses on building better customer relationships, promotes knowledge and better employee management system. Apart from this Pet Gradien now focus on lean technology in order to eliminate wasteful steps. As well has adopted Total quality management practices which help in focusing quality of product, encourage proper climate and empower employees thus building it as reputable and reliable brand globally. By developing technological advance innovative products using waste reduction techniques we aim to develop products which add value and help us in moving up the value chain. This helps us to attain a global position in the market.

Executive Summary

Pet Gardein is one of the leading UK companies which provide specialized pet tracking systems. The main focus of company was at pet market as UK is known as Pet loving nation. Main aim of management is to provide mid-price high value product to its clients.

Our Mission

[“We at Pet Gardien respect our customer relation with their pets and aim to work harder towards building a strong bonding between them. We deliver high value tracking products and services to our potential clients.”]

Our Vision

Our vision is to become market leader in Europe and promotes high range technological tracking devices to customers around the globe because we believe in “Find before you lose them“

Target Market

We would be targeting the British market, specifically speaking large group of people who own pets. Also large customers like big security firms, spying firms and military.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Major issues that causes fall of PetTrack were : Production cost were not falling, while sales volume were falling at higher rate. PetTrak was earning lower margins and significant working capital of the company was tied due to unsold finished goods and stock. Highly potential staffs were leaving and there was no strong sales manager.

To overcome this new Pet Gradien has decided to work on supply and demand basis. It has re-design device into a more efficient product. Now this product has better life, more efficient screening radio waves and use high end technology. It also has appointed a sales manager and recruited more staff. For improving sales they have plan for celebrity endorsement which will help customers to recognize our products with celebrities. And last but not the least putting more efforts towards customer satisfaction and better customer services after sales.