Managing Worldwide Context On The Global Market Business Essay

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Most business enterprises now operate from the global context. It has become compulsory to have management skills and techniques that can enable one to manage a business entity on a worldwide context. One such management course that has come up with provisions of managing a business in the global context is Business 811, managing world wide context. I have applied for this course because of the benefits its going to bring into my professional life. I have examined the course, and I have seen that it is going to provide me with invaluable techniques of conducting business in the ever changing global arena.

One of the lessons and techniques this course is going to impact me with, is the ability to develop an understanding of global business management. It is going to equip me with the skills and business principles that drive businesses within the contemporary business organizations in the international and domestic settings. This is quite important for me as a professional and potential business owner. I have come to learn of late that some of the reasons that make people run away from the home front can be quite disadvantageous in the long run. For example, most businesses run away because they want to evade excessive taxes in the home countries. Of late, I have come to the realization that most of these businesses encounter more oppressive tax laws in their countries of refuge. I want to pursue this course because I know that it will hone my business acumen. Learning the stated course will open my eyes to the operation of business at the international level. This will enable me to make informed business decisions, for myself and my employers.

Learning this course will enable me to recognize the basis for mixed economic systems, and also capitalist systems. It will enable me to realize how the economic system of a country affects government policy and the business world in that country. This is because, if I learn such systems, I will be able to understand the regulatory environment for business operations. This will give an advantage when applying for a job. This is because most employers today seek for people who understand the international business scene, especially the regulatory environment for most businesses. This is because the regulatory environment can make or destroy a business entity. Most businesses have encountered massive losses because they failed to investigate the laws of business in that country in which they want to investigate. The course will open my eyes to be on the look out for laws that can hinder business operation on the international market. This will auger well either for me, or for my employers.

This course is remarkably important to my life, both professionally and businesswise, as it will enable me to identify the main legislations and statutory bodies in my country, and how they impact organizational and managerial practice. There are so many statutory bodies and a lot of legislation affecting business being passed daily. It is imperative for any professional in the business world to identify the key bodies and laws that affect entrepreneurship in the home front. This is because it is comparatively easy to do business in the home country than abroad. Doing business has become remarkably difficult if one does not understand the operating legislation. I believe that this course will enable me familiarize myself with the home front legislation in preparation for doing business.

The course is going to enable me to interpret the economic, social and ethical impacts of transnational and multinational organizations with respect to the sustainability of business practices. In the past, most companies and business professional have ignored the highlighted implications. The result has been that some businesses have failed to capture some markets because of this ignorance. Other businesses have spent considerable time catching up in some markets, when an understanding of the economic and ethical practices would have saved them considerable time and resources. If I can interpret the stated impacts, then I can know in advance whether to advance with my business plans or not. This is true whether I am going to be working for my self, or for another person. No country will allow a business that has negative impacts into their soil. This course is going to equip me with skills to know in advance acceptable businesses, and non acceptable businesses.

I believe that this course is going to equip me with techniques and skills for understanding the role of financial markets. I am convinced that the course is going to make me understand the impacts and connections of global and domestic economic forces. This will enable me to make prudent business decisions in my capacity as either an employee or an employer. I will be able to understand the markets to invest in, either for myself or for my employer. The knowledge of financial markets is quite important for any business person. This is because it prepares them for changes in the market. In this way, they can make a profit in whatever capacity they are acting. This course is going to enable me to correlate the economic forces operating in the global markets to the economic forces in force at the domestic front. This way, I will be prepared for any eventualities, and will be able to make something of my life. I believe that the business knowledge that I will get in this course will open great doors for in the near future.

Technology has changed the business world at a remarkably fast rate. Technology continues to do so even today. This is especially so with the development of information and computer technology. This course is going to equip me with appropriate skills for incorporating technology in the business context. This course is going to allow me to consider, and also analyze the impacts and nature of technology to the business world. This course is also going to endow me with knowledge on business operations within the global arena. This means that I will be prepared to handle technology as it emerges in relation to business operations. This will give me an advantage over my competitors in the business world. It will also give me an advantage over fellow employees in the work place. In this way, I will be able to advance remarkably quickly in the ladder of success.

The course is quite important because it will enable me to develop managerial capabilities especially in dealing with business decisions. It will also empower me make informed managerial decisions in the international business market with its differing entrepreneurial practices. The international market is remarkably challenging place. Managerial decision on this stage requires juggling act techniques. These techniques can only be acquired through this course. These techniques will make me sufficient in the international scene. This will increase my demand as an employee, or if I venture into own business, as a business operator.

This course will give me an opportunity to understand the cultures of the different races in the global context. Of course the course can not give all the details concerning the different cultures I will encounter, but it will teach me to appreciate the different cultures. It is imperative that anyone operating in the global context to know how to deal with different people. This can only be understood by knowing the culture of these people. In the past, most business courses focused on the technical subjects like accounting. What they failed to understand is that all business is conducted in a cultural context. For example, when one is doing business with Arabs, talking in loud voices is expected. If one does not realize this fact, business opportunities can be easily lost. Thus, this course is going to open my mind so that every time I am conducting a business in the international markets I can take time to learn the culture of my partners. This way, I will be able to do more business than my competitors.

I also believe that this course is going to enable me to identify the business implication of my country’s adherence to conventions and treaties in the global context. This will enable me to know how to maneuver business at the global market. If I go into business on my own, I will be able to know what business to engage in at any time. I will also know which countries to do business with because of the treaties at the international scene. Treaties and conventions imply what business can be done with some countries. This is because they imply legal restrictions.

The course is quite crucial in my life because it is going to enable me make appropriate considerations on the impacts of emerging international trends in global outsourcing, trade agreements, supply chain management on contemporary business management. The mentioned trends are quite sensitive in today’s business world. For example, the issue of outsourcing has become remarkably sensitive in our country. Most business entities are outsourcing entire accounting departments. The course will enable to make right judgments on the issue of outsourcing and other emerging international trends. This is especially so for a person like me who hopes to work with a large multinational before branching out on my own.

In conclusion, I know that this course is going to be one of the most important courses I will ever learn for my doctorate degree. This is because I know that it will open opportunities for me that will advance me beyond my wildest dreams. It will equip me with business skills in the contemporary global context that will forever expand my business and professional cycle. It is with this mentality that I embark on the course prepared to give it all my attention. I am prepared to do all what appertains to the achievement of the best grade in this course. This is because the course is a remarkably important course.