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Corporate responsibility for managing an organization which is a term that describes how companies perform in society, particularly as regards the company and how it should work (Mullins, 2005), but the second different idea. On the other hand, the code of business ethics ", written materials, employees and the nature of the conduct or ethical standards to guide"(father and Van Gils, 2003), as defined.

Responsibility for managing the company and the keynote speaker ideas for Mullin business ethics, and attitudes of the father and van Gils supplements as described above.

Business decision that makes it is one of the problems lasting social and ecological interests in the financial and economic considerations. Accordingly, the work ethic of business conferences and corporate social responsibility are for the management of claims against the controls and business ethics and social responsibility policies to promote diversity in the workplace in the case this time.

[task1-a] Explain the effects of globalisation on national economies

The current trend of globalisation underscores the critical role of industrial development in minimising the level of marginalisation associated with the prance of globalisation. The process of globalisation has given rise to greater competition towards markets and investments. Changes that are sweeping rapidly across the business world have forced businesses and nations to adapt by striving to change old economic behaviours and traditions. Industrial development has become an imperative recourse for underdeveloped economies, in that it must be seen as a key component of their development process. The role of the industrial sector in the newly industrialising countries has further intensified the appeal and the compelling urge for industrialisation for the third world countries. Considering that economic growth is a regeneration process which implies that lack of economic growth can regenerate itself, is it possible for underdeveloped economies to transform into vibrant economies for growth and development? Given the competitive edge developed economies have over underdeveloped economies and the tacit support for developed economies by such international global institutions as WTO, World Bank and the IMF, the task of articulating and implementing policies and strategies that could create a basis and sustain economic growth and development of underdeveloped economies have become very arduous. In recent times, the impact of globalisation on the development process of emerging economies have aroused closer and more critical examination of the vestiges of globalisation as a result of the persistent failures of such economies. The economic situation of most less developed economies have continued to degenerate and often afflicted by poverty, squalor, deprivation, frustration and insecurity among their citizenry, all of which culminates to political instability. This paper attempts to examine the effects of globalisation on underdeveloped economies and provide a framework for underdeveloped countries to circumvent the overbearing effect of globalisation in their efforts towards industrialisation, economic growth and development. The paper is organised into five sections: section one is introduction; two is a cursory analysis of the essence and imperatives of economic development; three dwells on the concept, implications and effects of globalisation on underdeveloped economies; four entails propositions on policies and strategies that could be useful to underdeveloped economies in mitigating the detrimental effects of globalisation to enhance their chances of economic growth and development and section five is concluding remarks.

[task1-b] Discuss the influence of international institutions on organisations

An international institution is a process; international institutions are representative aspects of the phase of that process which has been reached at a given time. Based primarily upon an analysis of the organizational efforts in which governments participate as the official agencies of states.

Inevitable growth and strengthening of influence of international institutions is in global activity of international corporations, in considerably widening of size of the communicational and informational resources via Internet. (Barnet, 123)

Yash Tandon has identified three perspectives influence on international organizations Â-

1. There is that of the bourgeois of petty nationalist, who are in power in most states and who are progressive in terms of anti imperialism. This group uses international organization to put pressure on imperialist states.

2. Really backward regimes of the third world for whom international organizations are of marginal significance, for they deal with imperialism directly.

3. The masses of the third world of which international organizations are peripheral for as long as they continue to reflect the existing balance of class forces in favour of imperialism.

[task1-c] Explain the role and responsibility of European Union membership on the workplace

The E.U. currently includes15 countries and has 11 official languages, and many more internal ones. E.U. has noted , however, that the current eleven official working languages will be unworkable; an expansion to sixteen or more will be impossible.

The responsibility of the European Union's policy in the workplace is to promote employment, the improvement of living and working conditions, an appropriate level of social protection, dialogue with the social partners, development of human resources so as to ensure a high and sustainable employment level, and measures to combat exclusion" (Europa). This shows the importance that social policy has, it preserves the employees rights inside the member states. According to the Europa site, in order to achieve their duties, social policy had created its own agenda which includes "a social Europe in the global workplace: jobs and opportunities for all". The Agenda had two important roles: to make stronger residents' confidence and to specify significant measures such as "employment and equal opportunities and inclusion".

The European Union set the role in the workplace of the organization for the countries that have decided to co-operate on a great number of areas, ranging from a single market economy, foreign policy's, same sets of environmental laws, mutual recognition of school diplomas, to exchange of criminal records are among the few (The E.U. is roughly similar in working to the United States of America. The states being Countries and the U.S. the E.U.)

EU Membership put some responsibilities on price levels in the workplace of the organization. The Average price level in one country and the comparison between countries can be used to compute price competitiveness of the country in the world market. Price levels have been always an important indicator to determine a country's economic condition.

[task2-a] Explain the importance of responsible corporate governance in organisations:

Good corporate governance has miscellaneous matter. Importance of corporate governance mechanisms is to reduce or principal - agent problem to try to resolve the liability of the organization to ensure some people. A thread related but distinct economic efficiency of corporate governance to be discussed with a strong emphasis on shareholder interests, with an emphasis on. There are no other players can see the theme of corporate governance and corporate governance models worldwide, these functions.

Governance principles and codes developed by different organizations and exhibitions, holding companies, institutional investors or organization with the support of managers and supervisors published by the association (institution). Normally, no bill is in accordance with the rules even if the registration requirements of the code affect aggressive.

Examples of training companies listed on the London Stock Exchange is following the recommendations of their national codes is no longer necessary. However, they indicate whether they follow the recommendations in this document, and not where they should explain the different methods offer. To meet the reporting requirements is of such a significant pressure on listed companies.

[task2-b] Analyse the regulatory requirements that shape corporate governance

Need law, laws and regulations affecting corporate governance practices in the area, transparent and conducted in accordance with the rules. Economic context of corporate governance is in large corporations in active form, for example, macroeconomic policies and the degree of competition in product markets and the fact that some of the corporate governance framework of environmental laws and institutions based on corporate governance depends. Professional ethics and the environment and the communities where they works as well as the reputation and welfare-term are to success in their awareness of the influence.

Have some power of responsibilities among different authorities to clearly convey that the public interest to safeguard. Companies must report their corporate governance practices and the application of the rule of law firms have CEOs and shareholders to assess as an officer.

The main shareholder of nomination and election of board members decided to participate in corporate governance, and members of the Board and Chief Executive to consider wage policy can provide. If provisions for indemnification of directors and employees of the party should be approved by shareholders' equity.

[task2-c] Evaluate the impact of regulatory requirements on corporate stakeholders' interests in an organisation

A corporate stakeholder is a party that affects or can be affected by the actions of the business as a whole by the regulatory requirement. Corporate stakeholders can also refer to those groups without whose support the organization would cease to exist.

Participation of stakeholders in corporate governance systems also influence the relationship between the majority shareholder of the Population, Family, blocks of the Alliance, or simply stabbing shareholders to influence corporate behavior can As owners of capital, there are several institutional investors demand a voice in corporate governance, but you get the correct treatment of controlling shareholders, and can be managed.

Necessary regulatory stakeholders affected by the process used by the legislature in a legislative framework to promote conscious, as can be, both to the competitiveness of domestic industries or from abroad to improve to attract more businesses to give . National economic activity internationally mobile goods, services or because of factors affecting or expected set of national rules, different market opportunities can be a form of arbitrage by economic agents.

[task3-a] Discuss the economics of adopting a policy of environmental awareness in organisations

Adopt a policy of economic management and business development efforts for future work. This ensures that the organization continues to move in the right direction. The year 1950 had forced the organization to work for a business model with a strategic vision, not in terms of past or present an extension after a rapid change in the neighborhood. Estimated future instead of extrapolation, a company with a number of basic skills / special powers that can handle unexpected situations due to climate change needed to deliver. Changes in the environment of the company implemented cost-effective policies to adopt:

• Rapid technological change

• distribution of new products

• Accelerate the commercialization of new ideas and product patents

• changes in social policy

• The emergence of global markets

Climate change is the result of a business:

• Strategies to be cautious

• focus on the future

• Develop a capacity for rapid change in the assimilation

• According to generate sufficient funds to develop

•Technology, expertise in marketing systems and support Decision

[task3-b] Explain the actions that need to be taken by organisations to maintain the environment

The following individuals actions have taken into maintain the environments of organisation were found to be difficult. There were further contributions in studies like vertically structured groups, Interpersonal and organisational effectiveness, Human side enterprise, emphasis on intergroup and internal personal relations ,Conflict management etc.

The Survey Research and Feed back

Survey Research Centre of the organization worked on this system. The Director of this centre developed Technique for measurements of attitudes in which the widely used five point scale was used. They along with other scientists worked on the problem of how the company could best use data gathered from companywide survey of employee's perceptions, behaviour, reaction and attitudes.

The Socio-technical and Socio-clinical Stem

The fourth stem in the history of Organisational environment maintain is the evolution of socio-technical and socio-clinical approaches to the helping groups. Tavistock Clinic in England, which was founded in 1920,was providing an outpatient facility to provide psychotherapy based on Psychoanalytical theory and insights from the treatment of neurosis which was developed during World War I. The work was quite influenced by other theories as explained earlier. Major contributor was Eric Trist during study coal mines. This involved experiments in work design and use of semiautonomous work teams.

Action research

Action research, thus serves as a most powerful tool. It essentially involves collaborative efforts on part of all concerned. First, there is a collaboration between the members in the organization. Secondly, these members have a collaboration with other members who may not be part of a specific team. Thirdly, these members have a collaboration with outsiders -the system like change agents or researchers.

[task3-c] Describe the measures that exist to improve workplace health and safety practice:

Major problems have been rising for companies over the past couple of decades due to the workplace health and safety. Not having programs set in place have cost companies millions of dollars over the past and it has made it difficult for society to move forward due to that the cost is then passed to the companies, government, and taxpayer. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has determined that there is three major causes of workplace accidents that are identifiable are to be vehicles, equipment, and environmental conditions (Scherer, 1996).

The way for the measurement companies to improve on these workplace injuries or even prevent them is to have a good program in place. Companies or even military units should have in place these programs to help them assist to meet their future goals. Having a Prevention Program can take time to put in place but it has its rewards at the end, so setting goals should be the priority. Having a responsible person to run the program is a great start; the program should have in place what the companies' objectives are. For example, wanting to have fewer injuries the following year and improving it every year just making it realistic. Emphasis on your staff's safety, health responsibilities and recognize your supervisors and employees who were accountable for the objective being accomplished ("DOSH - Guide to Developing Your Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention," 2005). Advise your management staff that they will be held accountable for the safety record of the employees working under them, and then back it up with firm action ("DOSH - Guide to Developing Your Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention," 2005). Having frequent meeting with employees or soldiers to see if the program is working or what their suggestions are to improve it in the start up phase.

[task4-a] Analyse the responsibilities of organisations to improving workforce welfare

Responsibility for the theory of six units states that government or corporate entity is the person responsible for the public. The responsibility is "negative," a way to avoid this responsibility to act, or may be "positive", which means that the responsibility to act ( adding: 2006 / 26/06) .

         It also defines the responsibilities in the workplace decisions of the organization and the actions that the interests and welfare of employees will increase, and the organization takes. Social responsibility people, organization and are the left key.

         There are many important responsibilities for improving employees to support the cause. This is linked to moral responsibility and the difference is the level of responsibility, economic responsibility, legal, ethical and discretionary factors distinction. There are six key responsibilities, organization, personnel, finance, customer communities and the environment, the public and other organizations or groups.

          Benefits and the primary responsibility will be discussed here. Based on their views , the measures has taken by various organizations. The business partners responsibility for the organization, suppliers, customers and have more confidence in the organization. Thus, organizations, products and services are to improve and drive to maximize profits.

[task4-b] Compare approaches to the management of diversity in organisations

Among all team members are to improve their skills through a variety of skills. It is believed that the collective ability of different teams of people to help the team better than the same skills, Brakefield (1999).

The receiver can be made ​​possible thanks to the diversity management put in place the organizational costs, resource acquisition, marketing, creativity, problem solving and systems, including flexibility of six its catalog .

There may be various methods of comparism business performance in both directions to handle. But for many organizations and enterprises are engaged to employment, with employees of the organization uniting the different types of diversity. Only one or two dimensions can make a difference which can be solved. One thing is for sure not allow diversity. Perhaps the greatest achievement of a team is that the interests of all people should have collected.

Advocating of the value in diversity suggest that work team heterogeneity promotes creativity and innovation of the organization. Research tends to support this relationship. Kanter's study of innovation in organizations revealed that the most innovative companies deliberately establish heterogeneous teams to "create a marketplace of ideas, recognizing that a multiplicity of points of view needs to be brought to bear on a problem".

[task4-c] Compare organisational approaches to ensuring positive policies of workforce diversity

The policies of workforce diversity within the groups organisation prior to discussing the managerial functions of planning and controlling. Important functions regarding these will be explained and their application to the group will be analysed and evaluated resulting in appropriate recommendations to management to achieve workforce diversity through planning and controlling.

The policies of workforce diversity within the BMW Group

In January 2008 The BMW group initiated a survey which was distributed to all customers over a period of 3 months soliciting their response to specific questions in regards to sales and servicing. The survey indicated that a majority of customers deemed various customer service aspects less than satisfactory. This included the customer service representatives knowledge of vehicles, inefficient service provided during client contact times and representatives inability to communicate and identify with the customers.

A report showing that the corporate objectives are in order to finance 2011 to 2010 new cars quota outsourcing. An internal analysis shows that customer service and sales staff, mostly middle-aged man almost all descendants of the Anglo. Another social group or entity (Choy, 2007) makes a distinction between members as defined. Decisions and deal with a diverse client base because of limited opportunities to risk a challenge. An important result for the group to customer service and sales team to ensure that all problems in this approach is the diversity of their workforce to increase by application form.


Organization needs a good ideas and good product or good service .It also need a good strategic plan, but more then that it needs good people .who understand their duties and responsibilities. It is not difficult to make a good strategic plan, but it is easy for people of their duty as a good strategic plan, or it may be targeted accidentally, but by his negligence or use of your time to other staff title, and here we have questions of corporate governance, contrary to the interests of shareholders, for each activity to stop.

System of corporate governance of financial markets contributes to public and private development. A lack of effective business systems worldwide a major factor behind the volatility of financial markets is the richest of the financial management of enterprises and large enterprises to invest in the stock market both at risk and encourage investors to invest. The company is responsible for creating transparent to shareholders and business stakeholders.