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        In the age of business ecosystem, the majority of companies become to more concern about their strategies than the previous centuries. Many organizations need and recruit only quality employee rather than quantity, especially in term of managerial positions who are demanded a high level of organization, leadership and any skills that the company would expect from these people coming and helping figure out the problems and solve them for suit with the present situation in the company.

        One of the aim of this report is to define a Mission and Vision statement which is a fundamental and acceptable program. What are Mission and Vision statements and how different between them? Who are these statements concerned? They might be And illustrate how to use a Mission and Vision statement effectively in the changing world. Consequence with explaining the result of having a suitable Mission and Vision statement in constant transformation of our global.

Define a mission and vision statement as well as company values.

        In the most of successful organizations they would have their own strategies but one of the strategies that every organization should have is a Mission and Vision statement for establish and define what do they need actually or where do they need to go and what do they have to do within organization to achieve the need that they wish. In fact, Mission and Vision statements are important to have on a personal but in the areas of business, it is unavoidable. However, it is not enough if there are many good ideas but is not written down or published.

        First of all, If you have read the definition of mission and vision statement of any organizations from any different professionals or any different well-known consultants of the successful companies, you would certainly get all different answers to just what the different is. Of course, because of the different of the purpose of any organizations and so coming with the different of both Mission and Vision statements.

        However, in general, to distinguish Mission and Vision statements in my own work is an instrument as basically strategy that every most enormous companies or even individual business owners use for their achievements by determine the purpose and method of processing to the goal successfully. What does it mean by the word as the following.

" Vision statement "

  • Define the preferred position of the unit in the future.
  • The outline what the organization what to be or want the world know what the organization is.
  • It is organization's goal in the future whether in a short-term or a long-term.

" Mission statement "

  • How the organization approach the measurable goal in appropriate way.
  • For keeping organization's focused.
  • It is an instrument to motivate employees.
  • It can be used as a starting point of coperate planning.

        Both of these statements, Mostly, has been written down in concise and precise words.Some statements do not mean like what they say because it could be analogy for make the words more vivid.

        To combine each other together, it become to the strategy that argument of purpose, target and value of organization.

        In other words, analogy with a journey, Vision statement is the destination of the journey. Where exactly would you like to go? And Mission statement is the map and any equipments that have been used for lead to the destination as you plan to go, and for make sure that you keep going in the direct way.

        Processess starts with defining either a Mission statement or a Vision statement, it depend on the situation of the organization that which one should probably settle first and set the second statement by analyze from the first one that has been settled. If you will have an organization restructured your current business, then the vision would guide the mission statement and other strategies respectively. Conversely, if you establish new business then the mission should be created first. Remember whether either way is set up first the important thing is your organization's purpose. For example,

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'Our goal is to be a "good corporate citizen," constantly winning the trust and respect of the international community. Continuing in the 21st century, we aim for stable long-term growth, while striving for harmony with people, society and the environment.'

        According to the vision statement of one of the most successful companies in the world, they then analyze how to get the goal as they expect. In this case, for being a good corporate citizen they have to engage in social contribution activities concerning about globally environment, education, culture etc. Which are important issues for future society.

        Nevertheless,Mission and Vision statements would mean nothing if it is neglected or used not properly by lack of skill leader. So, it could be an effectively statement or not depend on how it is used. We are going to find out how to use and get the beneficial result of using Mission and Vision statements.

        As a previous state, Mission and Vision statements are important in the areas of business. There are some tips to make the mission and vision statements more effectively as the following.

  • Since some companies publish their mission and vision statements as publicity tools. All level of employees can obtain and understand what their organization's prospect. Whereas others publish in an annual report aim to be acknowledged only the high position staffs and their client. Anyway, whoever is this strategies concerned should understand what their organization's statements are. So, the statements should be created in clarity for make sure that everyone in unit will not doubt.
  • In practically, we might not be able to follow the mission statement if the situation of the organization is changed. So, the mission statement should be settle in flexibility and can be changed for more suitable with that particular situation by still based on the purpose of vision statement.
  • One of the most important thing in every organizations is communication whether in the same level, different levels and also different departments. It could make any problems if they lack of communicating skills in particular as managerial position. Remember that in some businesses especially in service businesses most of low level staffs have to deal with the customers. If they misunderstand the purpose of their tasks, perspective of the business might be changed.
    • For example, as a Mcdonald's vision is to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience. suppose the staff spend too much time to take care every each customers, servicing them as in the luxury restaurant or taking them to the seat. Imagine what the overall image of Mcdonalds would be. The best quick service could disappear.
      So, the way to communicate in each level is important and also capability skill of leader is necessary in a great extent. There are many factors regarding to the communication.
    • Channels; face-to-face , email, internet, memos, formal reports, bulletins etc.
  • To achieve the goal, employees should follow the instruction that relate on the Mission statements. So the leader should monitor and control them to do in the right way. But sometime that as above stated that most low level employees have a deal with customers. They would probably know the facing problem rather than manager or owner. This information would be a great value for making the decision how the strategy of the organization in next year would be. However, the relationship between manager and employee could be effect with the information. Suppose manager does not believe his employees, he would not send or transfer the information to above. In contrast, if employees do not trust or respect their manager. They would not tell any information or any problem to the manager.

        Without efficient usability, the Mission statement could only be a normal word. That would not lead to the Vision statement. And the organization then do not successful as a plan.

        Mission and Vision statements are important in any stituation of business environment even if it stable or unstable. In this case, in term of benifits of having these tools in constant change. They would provide the such things as following.

  • Discover a creative way to deal with that particular situation.
  • Keeping any details to develop strategy for competitive advantage.
  • Specific what exactly the organization need.
  • Remind status what you need and who you are to the world

        One of the most useful strategies for encounter with the unstable transformation is a PEST analysis which is an instrument for examine which any factors from outside that effect to your business. PEST is abbreviated from as followed:

  • P : Political changes
  • E : Economic changes
  • S : Social changes
  • T : Technology changes

        In this report we will not concentrate at this strategy. Just want the reader know that there is another function get involved with the businesses in changing world.

        In the last few decade, information technology have an influent with any part of businesses. Many organizations have forced to concern about information in term of technology and restructure the processess according to the situation. They need to find out a creative solution for cope with a communicably world. One of the successful enormous company which is the best in the areas of electronic commerce is Amazon. mission statement Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

        In 1994, the early days of using internet. Amazon was establish as a online book store by Jeff Bezos who was a investment banker. Amazon use the benefit of cyber world to let people could add their opinion and book review in its website for other customers can make decision and have more choice before buying. This could make Amazon look more trustable and more fair for customers. After a few years in business, Amazon still had got benefit and invested more product categories in its website. For serve the desire of customer and according to the Amazon's mission that people can find anything they want to buy in Amazon. It grew up at dramatical speed untill Time Magazine named him ''Person of the Year'', ''king of Cybercommerce'' is called.One month later Amazon had to face with unexpectedly. It because of changing of economy or because of changing of strategy that fired a great amount of employees. It lost as a report said at $322 million in a year and more in the next reported. Untill in early 2001, it lost $1.4 billion.For keeping the goal of organization. It then restructure by reducing the expenses, decreased employees about 15 percent of its work force, closed two wareshouses and coustomer-service centre. Stop selling the things that did not give it profit. It become to like a middleman by selling the products that belong to it but would get an advantage from like a adminsion charge for recovered itself. So far, Amazon is one of the best successful enormous company in the world in areas of electronic commercial businesses. Vision statement is the best one of its strategies that have lead it to stand in the front line of business.


        In the areas of businesses, mission and vision statements are the vital parts of fundamental strategies that will make the organization achieve in long-term and short-term. It let the world know what you are and where you are going. Whenever that the company is established or re-engineered they have to have a look and concern about mission and vision statements. The company which has a bad vision it might fail as at start. The company which has a good vision but do not have a good mission might probably fail in some day. Even if the company which has both good vision and mission still have a chance to fail if they do not keep adjusting their strategies of company to suit with that current situation. To make sure that the mission and vision have used in effectively by monitor and control the employee. Consequently, if your organization is too big to keep looking, you will need a capability of managerial staff, manager who could communicate with the employee in his line. So, one of the most concerned is communication between people in organization. Lack of communication could definitely cause lack of information. Lack of information could bring the company to the depletion.

The mission and vision statements would be a great instrument to lead the company to the target or not, it depend on how to use it properly and effectively. However even if it is important for start a new business but there are also other strategies that you would like to learn apart from mission and vision statements.