An analysis of Management and Leadership within the IMAX corporation

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The abstract of this paper is mainly about how IMAX has fixed particular set of goals for their employees and how managers and leaders in the organization take care of their responsibilities and duties for forming a healthy organization. Then it reports on how company developed from small to massive industry through the ways of leadership and management in motivating their employees to perform at their best in work place. It also tells the various ways how the leaders have motivated their employees to perform their work at high levels, also about few strategies that managers and leaders use for making the organization reputation and functioning reach their standards.


IMAX Corporation is the world's leading entertainment technology company. IMAX theatre was opened in 1970 from then more than two billion people have had IMAX Experience. Its theatre is specialized in immersive motion picture technology. The IMAX brand is world famous and stands for the highest-quality, most immersive motion picture entertainment. IMAX theatre network is among the most significant and effective theatrical distribution platforms for major events in Hollywood films around the world. IMAX theatre network comprises of more than 438 theatres in 47 countries, where in 316 theatres are for commercial purpose located in commercial multiplexes destination entertainment centers and 122 theatres for prestigious educational institutions. IMAX Corp. environment is active, exciting and encouraging. This makes the place people come to meet, socialize, and relax. Company provides opportunities to all personalities, of different ages and backgrounds in their organization. Company also gives wide range of works to employees, which gives them better scope in building their career. Even company ensures that trainee receives proper training to increase his skills and take career to next level. IMAX is rapidly expanding its commercial theatre network; it has forged strategic alliances, relationships and joint ventures with some of the most prominent exhibitors in the world. (

Roles and Responsibilities of managers and leaders at IMAX Corporation

Managers and leaders in IMAX maintain the theater's business plan. They work together to maintain a healthy relation between staff to achieve the team projects easily without any differences between employees. They also take the responsibility of involving in recruitment, induction, job training, coaching and developing new employees. Both of them make sure to satisfy employees through performance appraisals and promotion. They need to identify new ideas and implement for increasing revenues to the company. They encourage employees to achieve the organizational goals and show innovations in their work to achieve the targets. Managers in IMAX ensures the quality of films being screened and also check the experiences of the guest and works hard with the marketing staff to ensure the publicity of products are done correctly and achieve the targets. IMAX wants their employees to achieve full potential through inspiring, expressive and satisfying work to promote their growth with valuable opportunities for continuing education. (

Leaders are one of them who motivate their employees and stand as testimonials for the expansion of the organization growth. But the task to motivate employees is arguably the most difficult part in a leader's career, as motivation is such a complex issue, because motivation is a myth, people cannot be motivated by others, they are motivated from within. This is when leaders come into picture, their job is to create an environment in such a way that the employees are able to motivate themselves. For few cases leader's also use various theories like Maslow's hierarchy of needs to motivate the employees. IMAX Corporations in global market offers a dynamic, challenging and flexible work environment, which enables employees to excel in their work. IMAX Corp. provides its employees a delight atmosphere to work enthusiastically. Leaders at IMAX take care of the employees to achieve their full potential through inspiring, expressive and gratifying work.

Leaders use mission, vision and values of their organization as the guiding principles to inspire them and also involving them towards setting benchmarks and goals. Leaders emphasize employee's performance to mutual benefits as focusing on individual goals rather than focusing on organizational goals so that they can understand the negative impacts too at the time of loses.

They create the We-Can-Do attitude in the employees to mature that positive energy which will result in team spirit, increased productivity. Also leaders need to understand the various mentalities of employees to motivate them like few are motivated with money, time off from work, recognition, praising, promotions or socializing. So the leaders at IMAX identify which employee falls under which category and then they proceed accordingly.

Managers and Leaders have to develop decent environment around the employees for a healthy organization. I would like to give couple of strategies with adding my personal experience to it as well. Whenever an employee reaches some personal milestones which include his birthday or job anniversary, celebrate such occasions with everyone in the organization to keep a good rapport between all the employees and managers or leaders. By celebrating such way the employee not only get over whelmed but also get motivated to put more efforts and other employees also feel secured with good amount of job satisfaction which puts the organization in better standards with their hard work. Another important strategy which is important in making a healthier organization is to give credits whenever they are due.

When an employee suggests some idea, look for the qualities which deserve a compliment rather than criticizing, also keeping a side about putting that idea it into work, leader has to appreciate such hard work with sufficient amount of credits. Doing that way not only makes the employee feel respected and valued, also motivates him to come out with more and more innovative concepts. Applause is also one of the modest and grateful ways of treating a person's hard work which makes him proud of himself and inspires him in many other ways. Whenever things are not going in their path, let even the employees know that and have meetings at regular intervals which will make them more comfortable and feel that they are also given equal amount of importance.

Difference in the Duties of both Managers and Leaders at IMAX Corporation

Main difference between manger and leader is, leader takes crucial decisions, innovations, explore new frontiers, he takes the team with him/her. A manager works for a set target with fixed achievement, works on laid down guidelines. Leader wants achievement and managers look for results. Main focus of a leader is to lead people and managers is to manage work. Managers have sub-ordinates whereas leaders have followers. Managers in IMAX Corp. have an excellent leadership and training skills in motivating their employees. They also strive to be a leader and set the standard of professionalism to the organization and also deal with third parties for making profit deals to company. They maintain excellent public and professional relations with employees. They are enormously personable and professional in their working style and have good customer satisfying skills and also good knowledge in technical aspects of the product. Managers in IMAX understand pulse of the people all around the world and takes decisions according to the background of their countries, which enables them in critical thinking.

IMAX Corporation Leaders try to keep team bonding, harmonization and collaboration in the organization, which makes easier group process. They also take action, beyond what is required to reach targets and carries out the task in collaborative approach. Leaders in IMAX try to give systematic ideas to their employees when it is needed and they are aware of the valuable participation of others in company. Leaders start with action and keeps on making effective efforts to attain personal or team goal. At IMAX leaders take ideas of individuals at frequent times and makes sure that the employees are listing to instructions actively.


For any organization "Management" and "Leadership" both are key path for accomplishing the goals and especially in IMAX Corporation the success is through their administration and setting goals. IMAX Corporation also gives various suggestions to their employees in developing new ideas. IMAX is also striving for more success in future through setting up long-term goals by inventing new technologies in entertainment industry. It maintains a healthy organizational culture with all the employees. Management and leaders in IMAX are efficient enough to make the company number one in all the entertainment fields other than displaying films. Their innovations are 3D IMAX Solido, IMAX stimulator rides and IMAX magic carpet which will make the people more interested towards straining their eyes for the new technology.