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I am Amrish patel studying in Post Graduation in diploma business management. This course will help me in future in management skills. With the help of this study I can develop my own business in future, and I can manage it very well. While studying in PGDBM it helps me in organization where I work like how to manage better, how to work in teamwork, how to develop communication skills, how to motivate the subordinates, how to perform leader ships and presentation skills towards superiors and commercial awareness. Now days in competitive world every person need better communication skills, presentation skills, Team working skills, and leadership skills, These plays very important role in an organizations. These skills would be very effective and it's directly effects on the business. Really these all theories are very helpful in the organization where I work today in LSG Sky Chef. I am working with the LSG Sky Chef as a Flights packing.

LSG Sky Chef is one of the biggest airlines catering company in Europe which makes it an internationally recognised airline catering provider with the head office located in Germany. It serves over 400 million meals annually to over 300 airlines partners in over 50 countries through the world which gives it a 30% global share. It provides food in flight for all classes. It provides different kind of services like Airline Catering, in –flight Equipment and In-flight Management and Logistics. LSG Sky Chef is leading Experts in Complete In-flight services and Excellent service Quality in Airline Catering.


While working in LSG Sky Chef I found that it helpful such a skills in routine work place in an organization. Some very important skills mention bellow:-

1. Presentation Skills

2. Communication Skills

3. Commercial Awareness

4. Team working Skills

5. Leadership Skills

I learn all these skills during my Academic year in PGDBM. Out of these above skills main skill is Presentation skills. It plays most important role in any organization.


I also have seen these skills in my organization LSG Sky Chef. Either it may in communication or else where. This is one of the communication skills but in this person has to come face to face with each other. By this Presentation skills person can understand well and lots more things can explain in short so time not consume more. There was a presentation a part of study while my academic year in PGDBM. It was somehow nervous for me but after all I get full confidence after presentation. Because in presentation I have to face to all students and have to establish eye contacts it was very difficult for me at that time. This skill helps to define organization's financial report in very easiest way with help of Bar chart. This theory helps me in LSG Sky Chef right now because I have to submit this kind of report to my shift supervisor. so I go throw presentation skill I prepared Flights by Flights and its available figure respectively, I mention in it how much dead head is available in each Flights like in Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, etc. so I make this kind of report with the help of presentation slides in computer weekly. So I can be to understand my supervisor in very easily way and I can also judge the facial expression of my supervisor that I can know at least 75% that either he/she satisfied from my job. So what ever I learn during my academic year due to presentation skills my confidence level increased and it helps me right now in LSG Sky Chef at work place.


we can't imagine world without communications. Communication is nothing but it is the process in which a message transfers from one place to another place. This process done throw different medium either It would be Telephonic, face to face, radio and many more electronics equipments. Now a days due to communication world be come very closer. I learn communication skills in different way like in written communication and verbal communication. My written skills develops while academic year. I am not sounder in written and critical thinking and write it on the paper. I didn't have a full command on good descriptive writing on any topics and matters before studying in PGDBM, but now I develop written skills and satisfactory critical writing on topics or matters during academic year. What ever I learn about communication skills in PGDBM it helps now me in LSG Sky Chef at work place. Generally there are two type of communication verbal and non-verbal communication.

In verbal communication sender wants to send a source to receiver throw different communication medium like Phone, face to face communication. In this verbal communication there is no any evidence of communication, in this cases there is possibility of fraud. There is no any proof of communication between two parties or persons. While in non-verbal communication throw writing, agreements, and on paper communication done so that there are evidence of that communication so its very safe communication in an organization. I learn during academic year that written communication is the best communication in organization. So I always use written communication in LSG Sky Chef. Due to this skills I can boost my confidence level now at the work place. Communication would be in bi-directional. And I never afraid to communicate with the managerial levels. These theories really help me in my practical life now.


This is also important skills in an organization. Commercial awareness means what you understand about the organization?

While my study I learn about commercial awareness. I learn how to increase the practical knowledge in real life. I learn in PGDBM course about organization policies and how to helps to the particular organizations or industries. What are the basic aspects to develop the organization or industries? That I learn while studying in PGDBM. This commercial awareness skill helps me in practical life at work today.

I found in LSG Sky Chef with the help of commercial awareness that LSG Sky Chef getting more business in year by year. Company has make contracts with more than 50 airlines catering Business. Behind this success of the company I found that its happen only due to Globalization. Company has adopted the globalization scenario so that LSG Sky Chef Grab the golden opportunity in the catering Business. With help of Globalization LSG Sky Chef has expanded its catering business. It do business in different countries, region, economy, societies and culture. There are different effects of Globalization on the organization like Industrial, financial, Economic, Health policy, Political, Informational, Competition, Ecological, Technical and International Trade. What ever these concept learn during my study I seen in the practical life at the work place in LSG Sky Chef now. These all aspects plays important role in the practically so that the company get more airline catering business which they expect.

1. Industrial:-

Movements of goods and services with in National and International boundaries. Globalization gives the birth to markets based on industrial productions across the world wide.

2. Financial:-

The growth of international financial markets and bigger and convenient access to borrowers as well as investors. LSG Sky Chef established their catering business in the fast growing and developing countries in European countries as well as Asian countries.

3. Economic:-

Growth of Economics in the world for example the fastest growing economy is china and its main reason is globally exports all over the world wide. So LSG should exports maximum as they can.

a) Goods and services which are exports and imports as a proportional to the national income or population.

b) Labour are very cheap and manpower can easily available.

c) International research and development flows.

d) Capital inward and outward direct investments.

4. Health policy:-

Health policy initiated by the United Nations of Global health standard. According to foreign policy the issue of security and the protection of national interest are considered. National or international organization should follow up on the regulation and rules of global health standard. Which I found in LSG Sky Chef too.

5. Political:-

Depending upon the size of the economy a country can have a significant influence over the other. If organization invest in another country so it might have some influence on trades and taxation process. There are different trade policies in different countries. So sometimes organization become in profit or loss it depends on that countries taxations policies. To compete, countries and regional political districts sometimes offer incentives to multinational companies such as taxation reduction or break assistance or improved infrastructure and labour standards enforcement. Sometimes political issues occurred and it might be effects on the business especially on globalization business.

6. Informational:-

now a days there is big invention in the information technology like satellite and fibre optics cables. If the organization is globalize than this helps too much for the fastest communications. I seen that in LSG with the help of latest communication equipments.

7. Competition:-

it is a contest between individuals, groups, nations, international Markets. Different countries can make a tax competition between them and government a profit or investors become in good profit. I found in LSG that they concentrate on price, promotion, product, people and Quality so they can achieve their goal in short term.

8. Ecological:-

Global environment policies for climate changes, air pollution, restriction on fishing and cutting down on carbon emissions. These policies are equal for each and every organization in all over the world. That theories are applied by LSG now a days.

9. Technical:-

Technical is one of the most important things in the globalization. Due to development of global information and telecommunication systems such as wireless network, Mobile phones, and video conference in the world wide. I found in LSG Sky Chef I found this kind of technical equipments and systems developed for multinational users like SAP as a global ERP systems.

10. International Trade:-

It is the exchange of goods, capital and services across international boundaries. It effects to export and import of foreign based buyers and sellers. Without international trade nation would be limited to their own goods and services only. LSG Sky Chef using International trade policies. And International Trade is a major source of economic revenue for growth for any country.

These all theories I learn while studying in PGDBM. And these all I found malfunction in LSG Sky Chef at work place.

4. Team working Skills:-

This skill plays most important role in the any organization. Without team any organization can't perform well. During my academic year I learn more about on team work and I had performed also in team as well. Because in group and in team there are different opinions, thoughts, Ideas and views we can get more options, so we can apply in the organization and practical life at work place as well. In team work I often get the help from my co-worker at my work place LSG Sky Chef. In team working there are different responsibilities and all these are distributed in between the team members. So it would be benefit for organization's performance as well as Team members of organizations.

5. Leadership skill:-

In any organization either it may be a large or small there is a leader for any kind of operations. Leadership is nothing but it is inspire a vision and directing towards optimum performance of organization. During my academic year I study on leadership concept and I understand that Manager is not a leader but manager can be a good leader. This concept I seen at work place LSG Sky Chef. There are many more operations performs so there are different leaders for different operations. So I found that their skills that how they performs and get the optimum result at the end of operations. They have the skills that how they can get the work from the subordinates or team of that particular operations. Leader always motivates the team or members of the teams of those operations. Leader also encourage to us for the work and style of our work, so we trying to achieve that goal which kept by the leader to us with optimum result. So these kinds of Leadership skills I understand while I studying in PGDBM and I have seen in practically at LSG Sky Chef work place.

Conclusion:- As per above discussion I concluded that during my academic year in PGDBM what ever I studied all these theories, how it is helpful in practically at work place in organization. I learn lot more things on all these different skills.

Reflective log:-

1. Action:- To compete the other competitors LSG has to adopt these kinds of skills and apply them to in their different operations.

2. Objective:- A main objective of LSG Sky Chef is to increase the revenue Generate.

3. Outcomes:-If LSG maintains these all skills in their operations than it can compete with other competitors and can increase huge profits in its airline catering business.

4. Opportunity:- LSG having good opportunity to beat its competitors with the help of all these theories.

5. Constraints:- LSG having limited scope to running its business with in airline catering, not in public catering business.

6. Future Action:- In future LSG might be maintains to all these concepts with in their different operations to compete the different airline catering competitors as well.