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Golden state Manufacturers ltd is a large textile manufacturing -company and in the business for over 30 years located in Australia and which is among the top five manufacturing organizations in the country and employing over 1700 employees the purpose and reason of this establishment is to be in the business and retain the place it has gained over the years and to maintain the quality and in fact climb the ladder to the better position and while giving opportunity to so many people to meet their needs and to make themselves eligible in the society for educating and socially fit into the society.

B. Identify three other types of organizations:

The Auckland hospital differs from Golden state manufacturers because they provide the whole treatments and services for most people, to make sure the environment is safe, tidy and comfortable, and meet every client needs, as they spend their life in hospital while the Golden state manufacturers produce a high quality of products and in order to increase money to satisfy customer requirement.

The Nursing Council of New Zealand are the professional body responsible for the registration of nurses in New Zealand ,and offers a high qualified nurses that can take care of the client and assist people in New Zealand Medication Services.

Auckland Goldstar Institute aims to offer the high- quality education to the student, which is a private organization. It is the stage of communication information between the leaner and tutor.

AGI is different from Goldenstate Manufacturers because they provide different service in each part. AGI aims at education while Goldenstate Manufacturers offer goods. Although both of organisations aim on high-quality of services, AGI support on tutelage, but Goldenstate Manufacturers increase on money. Two organizations are similar like as same as the mainly menu, but achieves the goals from the opposite way.

1.2. Identify two main roles/ functions:

Mark (CEO)

Mark aims at optimizing the production and improved the quality of the finished garments to the required level within 6months

The CEO is responsible for the success or failure of the company. Operations, marketing, strategy, financing, creation of company culture, human resources, hiring, firing, compliance with safety regulations, sales, PR, etc.-it all falls on the CEO's shoulders.

He sets a direction, ensures that this goal will be achieved about the further steps of the company, and motivates his people to move into the direction of the goals. He identifies problems and makes solutions to make sure the cooperation and management of the company.

Carl (Operations Manager)

The role of an operations manager find effective and efficient methods to run the company makes it more productive.

He is responsible for operational strategizing and budget management that is to make sure the machinery and equipment are sufficient and reliable. Also, Carl is avoiding the conflicts and desired outcomes.

Quality Control Manager

The quality control manager makes sure that the products of Goldenstate Manufacturers meet their clients 'requirement. As quality control manager should make sure that the quality of the products produced is high standards through inspection, testing, controlling and suggestion to meet the textile industry production goals.

Research and Development Manager

- selects and chooses the good quality materials to create and develop the new produce can improve the quality and creativity of the products. Also to ensure satisfy a product in accordance to the demands in market and consumers.

1.3 A) Explain how effective you feel Goldenstate Manufacturer is in meeting its purpose

-Goldenstate manufacturers are not currently effective in achieving their goals. The company's production has decreased by 20% over the past 18 months. There are also an increased number of complaints from their customers because the quality of the finished products they have produced is not satisfied and don't meet the demand of the consumers, therefore I think the company should find ways to manage their staff effectively, it can contribute to meet goals for goldenstate manufactured.

B).Four main management skills

1. Good communication skills

2. Conceptual skills

3. Motivation of employees

4. Effectiveness skills

B. Explain why you feel each of the four skills are important

1. Good communication skills are one of the most important skills that in order to communicate effectively with colleagues, peers, and subordinates in the company such as make decision, cooperation with staffs' relationship, carry out objectives in the meeting. Finally, let staffs know about the goals and direction of company.

2. Conceptual skills - it means that the staff requires understanding the company's goals and knowing the resources to recognize problems and take actions to these problems such as update the technology and machine, improve the quality of goods requirement in order to meet the demands of customers.

3. Motivation of Employees is consist of two parts including the spiritual and material effects which make staffs get more confidence to work harder and harder to create much more values under the company management.

4. Effectiveness skills, means that being able to perform your roles and responsibilities

both internally and externally. It involved time management, negotiation, and project management in order to set priorities and maintain standard in the organization. Also, it includes achieving the goals and meeting the demands of customers.

Question 2

2.1 A. Ron the Finishing Manager is based on Leadership Theory (He believes of not allowing his staff to take liberty of doing anything without his knowledge). Ron's leadership behavior focused on two parts such as activities functions which must be done by the managers and task related function focuses on the team worker wellbeing. Ron as the Finishing manager attempts to use his own way or method to lead the staff under his behaviors. Moreover, it showed that Ron doesn't want the staff to interfere his decision without his knowledge or consent.

B.1. Adam, the Knitting Manager, and Believes that everything or every decision should be made by him as evidenced by the philosophy "My way or no way". He doesn't listen the feedback and suggestions from the staff. Adam adapted an autocratic type of leadership, means he has right, power, control and superior in Golden state Manufacturer

B.2 James, the Dyeing Manager, he does not take much notice if workers do their job, and does not take any actions which might upset or turn against him.

James is Laizzes-Faire style of leadership which means he is relaxing, flexible and layback, shared his obligation to the all. Also, He has good interpersonal relationship and nice teamwork. James does not take notice if his staff does their responsibilities and not work properly. Now, the department is overstaffed, but even if there are so many employees, still the output is poor.

C. Ron's type of leadership is not appropriate to current situation in the company because the staff or workers are difficulty to make decisions, feedback, and also limited behaviors. He never gives the chance to hear or voice out the staff what they are suggestion and thinking for the company. The staff cannot develop their talent and skills because of Ron leadership as well.

Adam's leadership style is power centralism, it also does not benefit for the company because the staff has negative emotion to do their work and they cannot show their idea and talent in the workplace. Without the knowledge, getting feedback and listening to the workers or staff, he leads indirectly to decrease and low development of company in the further steps.

James leadership style is Laizzes-faire which does not also conform to the present development situation and prospect because he never really cares about a company's various problems and the corresponding solutions. A sentence is said 'fish begins to stink at the head'. The styles of leadership makes the staff shield and relax, they do not try my best to improve production quality and efficiency that the future of the company is not optimistic.

2.2 A. Motivational theory

-The theory can be used by the organization to set the goals that are accepted, and will cause a higher performance to reach common goals. The advantage set goals theory increases the staff to accept it easily, and also get feedback from staffs. This Theory is more flexible, measurable, reliable, attainable, limited time finishing order to be competitive with company.

-Mark used this theory to motivate Carl to build his own group in order to make products regulatory and production quality problem. In addition, Carl has a good team to assist him to organize and manage the issue in the company. Carl also has the chance and known each other in case the potential problems growth and development. Mark apply this theory to allow Carl(General Operations Managers) to set objectives, goals, encouraging to take personal responsibility and contribute to build the good relationship in the company.

B. Four Ways Adam can motivate his staff to remain in the company.

1. Give initiatives and rewards

-The first of all, He can give those rewards or promote the staff position to build his own leadership theory.

-According to the different conditions and the manifestation of employee's appropriate personal treatment, to have faulted staffs give appropriate punishment and warning so as to enhance the team cohesion.

2. Identify talent and ascend

- He must be in the work give employees fully play and development to find suitable for the development of the company and the available talent to meet the company's long-term goal.

-He might in the course of work give subordinate in dealing with each case problems guidance and help to improve the product quality and efficiency in the company. In the meantime, he can better to obtain employee suggestion and opinion in the future in order to facilitate the work of self-improvement and the realization of the work schedule.

3. Provide Team building, seminars, and leisure time.

- He must organize a team building among officers of Golden state Manufacturers, so that they can better know each other and have the chance to work together easily. He has to have a seminars or conference to increase communication especially the new technology.

-He might do it, making plan and full use of resources. Adam should increase and improve the company's relationship in order to produce quality products, and also meet the demands of the customers. After one big case, he can make a party to relax the pressure in work with his staffs.

4. Sales service and discussed.

-Every staff should know their obligation and responsibility. Adam must communicate with his staff in order to build a good cooperation relationship.

-He might be absorbed in personal status and rights that ignore this way for him to bring the influence; he must set up a good communication platform for more people for his ideas. Thus for the company's sales service and product development lay a foundation.

2.3 a. Benefits of Delegation

1. Managing time-delegation is good for improving employees work efficiently and helps manager control process easily because it will save time and motivate people. Between the employees to increase competitiveness so as to improve product quality and efficiency.

2. Delegation is very useful for setting the goals, making plan, individual development and team promotion. According to the experience of different people skills and practical abilities to give certain access to fully tap their potential for the company's further development lay a good foundation.

3. Motivates the employees to get their needs. Motivating the employees boost their self -esteem and confidence. For instance, Ron delegates the mission to the staff, and they have the opportunity to perform their ability to deal with the task. Thus, the staff can improve the ability and meet the standard of company.

b. 5 Steps for Effective Delegation

Define the task, is explaining the goals clearly and directly to the staffs using the SMART method (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bounded).

The task that should be delegated is suitable and sensitive in order to make employees know how and when to finish the mission to achieve goals of Goldenstate manufacturers.

Select the appropriate individual by assessing his/her abilities -Ron should look for a suitable person to complete the mission. The staff that is able to deal with some specific task and has good enough experience to contribute to enhance work efficiency, and also they can be trained skill and knowledge in the company.

3. Explain reasons for delegating -Ron should give the reasons why he choose the person, why he need delegate the task, why the task is essential, and the details of the task. Ron should provide clearly instruction to the person who is delegated the task in Goldenstate manufacturer. E.g. the task is delegated should be specific and focus on the capable staff.

4. Agree task- The manager consider the resources such as people, location, equipment, money, materials and other related activities. It should also agree on an achievement date or deadline, what the priority is, when the review dates are, and how the actions might be checked and controlled. Ron should discuss when the expected results will be seen, how to determine if it is achieved successfully. E.g. the staff has to know what kind of the task is and when the task will be finished, and the resources should be available enough.

5. Support and communicate and providing feedback-supervise the staff should be informed and communication established with the necessary people. It is important to make the staff know how to do their job, therefore feedback is very important to effect on the outcomes whether plans are failure or success. E.g. Ron provides trainings, conference to get a feedback which is able to help him to identify and solve the accident issues conveniently.