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Life in Pakistan: Careers

Career Crossroads...

Today's world offers way more variety than what the previous generations had. Take coffee for example, there are so many types of coffee to choose according to your taste and preference. Ice cream, which was available in maximum ten flavors a few years ago, comes in hundreds of different flavors and combinations now. New models of cellphones keep popping into the market everyday, giving us a greater variety to choose from. From lawn prints to cars, laptops or anything you can think of the variety is just growing giving us an astounding amount of choices today!

It goes the same for career! Gone are the days when medical and engineering were the two only options and the rest of the community was getting a simple honors degree just for the sake of an education! Today, there are courses, which you could never think of! The other day I was looking at the paper and saw an undergraduate course in gems and jewellery! WOW! Now that sounds exciting! But the variety doesn't end here... there's a long list ahead! From political science, to anthropology, gender studies, media, photography, journalism, auctorial sciences, hotel management, geology, zoology and the list never stops!

Fortunately a lot of these courses are being offered here in Pakistan too, which gives us all a chance to study the subjects we always wanted too. Even though true liberal art education is still not quite common in Pakistan, it is available at some places like BNU. Degrees in social sciences are now being offered everywhere giving you the ease to study social science without leaving your city!

However, with such great variety in education, choosing your career is always a problem! And you never actually realize it until you have to fill up your college applications, which is a bad time to choose your career. You need to start planning way before that! Planning ahead of time helps you sift through all the confusion and the conflicting choices. This makes it easier for you to choose the career that you will excel at! But how do you reach to the most suitable career for yourself because choosing is a tough task when the variety is greater! Here are some things you need to consider before career planning:

Know yourself!

The first step to choosing the best career for yourself is knowing yourself well. You might know that you know yourself best, but there is a chance that you just think you know yourself well. So before anything make a list of your likings, interests, habits, behavior and what kind of a person you are generally! Before embarking on a career it is very important to have a very good idea as to what your strengths and weaknesses are. Once you have an idea you can start short listing different careers.

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Family preferences.

No matter how much you say you don't care about others and its your life; the ultimate truth is that you have to care about your family and those connected to you and therefore planning a career is not an individual's decision. Or lets put it this way, it is your decision but you will have to know your family's concerns and preferences. If they aren't allowing something you want to do, then try to convince them about your interests. Tell them about why you want to join that particular career and how it can be good for you.

How much time can you give to your career.

Life keeps changing and we go through different phases of life, which bring along a unique set of priorities and responsibilities. A young graduate maybe ready to work from 9 to 5 but a mother with a young child cannot devote so much of her time to work for she has a baby to care for! Hence while you plan a career keep in mind of the different phases that are yet to come in your life. I am not saying to stay away from strenuous careers like doctors, but make sure that your job is flexible if you have heavy responsibilities on you! Also, for that you will have to be adaptive and flexible to the changes that come your way. I have seen women who are MBA and work in the corporate sector but when their responsibilities increase they take up lighter jobs like teaching at business or accounting at a high school. This way they keep working, earning a good amount of money yet fulfilling their responsibilities at home without any problem! Striking a balance is highly important!

Research your career choice!

Before you hop into college for a degree in that particular field, make sure you research well about it. Surf on the Internet, go through the newspaper and get to know as much as you can about that career and the flexibilities it offers. Written material might not be so effective, so ask people you know who are in that field. Ask them about how their work is, how life has changed after they jumped in this specific career and whether they love the work they do because if you love your job you tend to spend a happy life and everything becomes easy! Try to learn from other people's experiences and use this learning for your better.

Scope Vs Interest.

This is a major problem people often choose careers because of scope and not interest! Now the problem with this is that they don't like their careers and are just working because of the fat pay cheques they get. This is too less a motivation for a career, which you are supposed to pursue for a lifetime! Think of it this way, what will happen when you don't need money anymore and are done with all your needs? How will you work at that point in time? Furthermore, if today computer related careers are in demand chances are that so many people go into this field that some may be redundant. So never choose scope over your personal interests because if you follow your interests you will end up doing a better job and will excel at it! And there's always scope for excelling people.

Monetary Vs Mentally rewarding careers.

Different people work for different reasons! Some do it for money, some do it for mental and self-satisfaction, others do it for passion and so on! So make sure you know your reason behind choosing a career. If you just want to mint money, you can open up a general store and sell all kinds of consumer goods, if you want to show your creativity there are tons of fields for you including, interior/fashion designing, journalism, photography, film-making etc. If you want to do something for the natural join an NGO that works for the environment, if you feel strong about women there are many NGO's out there working for poor women and children in our country. So today's society is offering something for everyone! But before you choose your career you should know what you want from that career - money or satisfaction?

Match your personality to your job!

A boring person would never be perfect for a gossip magazine. Likewise, an easy going and hilarious person wouldn't seem good as a doctor at least while he/she is at work! So make sure your personality matches with the type of career you want to pursue. Chances are if your personality matches with your career, you will end up doing a great job and will also love the tasks you are supposed to do! If you love music and know a lot about it then join a music magazine and work for them! If you have a passion for truth and justice you should be a lawyer! So basically a career according to your personality and interests will work best for you.