Learning from Part Time Work: Job Description for Sales Advisor Role

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Account of attitude, skills, knowledge and emotions required

As a sales advisor, you are responsible for customer's service in retail outlets of all kinds. This involves everything from dealing with customers and selling goods and making sure that the goods are attractively displayed. The main task will be to help customers find the products they want. You will also offer advice and answer questions, not just about the store's products and prices but also issues like stock availability or any special promotions that may be running. At times assistants may also arrange ordering and delivery.

In the area of attitude, it plays a very important role when working as a sale advisor; this is because it involves interacting with people from multicultural backgrounds. Good attitudes will enable the customers to feel free to approach you. Showing a positive attitude to the customers would help the customers' shopping experience to be easier as well as enjoyable. Another element is the willingness to go the extra mile to make the customers feel very comfortable and satisfied with the product they have purchased or are about to purchase, having the customers seeing a positive attitude from the sale advisor would make them want to come back to purchase more items from that store on another occasion.

Also as a sale adviser you are required to have a lot of skills that would help both the store as well as the customers. These would be skills that you would have to have on a everyday basic as a sale adviser.

Be attentive to customers' needs.

Give information about the features, quality and availability of different products.

Help customers find products they are looking for in the shop.

When necessary, be able to give in-depth technical advice about products.

Handle the payment for any purchases.

Arrange orders and deliveries of stock for customers.

Advise the customers of information relating to their purchase, such as its warranty or how to look after it.

Make the customers aware of any special offers.

Make sure that all stock is on display.

Be aware of what all the customers in the shop are doing, to guard against shoplifting.

Another important factor for a sale advisor as well is for you to have good knowledge of where the individual stocks are supposed to be kept. Also understanding and having the knowledge of the different types of fashion is important as well because it shows just how much the sales advisor knows about the products that the store is selling, they should also be up to date when it concerns the latest fashion trend, not having the knowledge would make it very difficult for you as the sale advisor to show the customers or help the customers if they are not able to find what they are looking for.

On the approach of a customer's asking you for assistance you as the sales advisor would feel comfortable enough to be of assistance as you are able to direct them to what they are requesting about. Having a positive attitude and being able to managing your time is also very important, as you as a sales advisor would have more than one customers to deal with at a time, this would mean that you would have to manage your time with each customers well by helping them as quickly as possible, the only time when you are allowed to spend more time with an individual costumers is if he or she is incapable.

Communication is another key element that you should have as a sales advisor, this would enable you to interact with the costumers both verbally and psychically, having a good communication skill would make the costumers see that you are interested in what they have to say, this would not just give you a good feedback from the costumer but also you would attract more customers as they would be happy to come and buy knowing that there is someone that they can come to if they are unable to find a product. A good work ethic is also an important factor as it shows persistence and the ability to achieve quality, being able to forces focus and stay on course is also important as it would help the worker reach the goal they have aimed for themselves.

Being friendly as well as having a friendly character would also play a very important role, this is good on several different levels, for example, it enables you to welcome the customers, being able to socialize and respond to customers' needs in a cheerful and lively manner.

The ability to work within a team is very important when you're a sale adviser as you would have to know how to communicate well with your team mates, this would show if the sale adviser is able to cope under pressure when it comes to keeping up with customers constant demand for assistance. When it comes to dealing with cash you as a sale advisor have to make sure that customers pay the correct amount as well as give back the correct change. You also have to have good knowledge about health and safety in a work place, knowing the simplest things as where the fire extinguisher, first aid kit and exit door are located are of great importance.

Emotions play a large role as well when it comes to a sale adviser, as it would allow the customers to see another side of the sale adviser. Consequences of emotional states in the workplace, both behavioral and attitudinal, have substantial significance for a sale adviser, having a positive emotions in the workplace help employees obtain favorable outcomes including achievement, job enrichment and higher quality social context.

Whereas negative emotions such as fear, anger, stress, hostility, sadness, and guilt would make your work very difficult as it would not enable you to interact well with the costumers. Positive emotion on the other hand would consist of, friendliness, showing respect to the customers. Having a positive emotion is not easy especially when you have to deal with customers that are very abusive. For you as a sale adviser staying positive at all times, this would help you keep a positive attitude throughout the day.

Job description and person specification for my Job

Job description

My client based in Brent Cross is looking for a bright, active individual who are looking for a sales advisor orientated role. You will be working in one of the UK's most recognized stores, tasked in with delivering good customers service and be part of a great team.

Status: Casual Part Time

Location: TopShop Brent Cross

Job Title: Sale Advisor

Responsible to: report to management on duty every shift before you start for a prep talk

Main Purpose of job:

Following changing up procedures

Participating in the day to day running of the shop

Keeping the shop and displays clean and tidy at all times

Operating the till and accurately handling cash and credit/debit cards

Ensuring all fire exits and escape routes are kept free from obstruction

Being vigilant at all times and to help minimize stock loss

Responsibilities/ Duties

Good communication,

time management an

Social skills. Similar experience preferable but not essential

Knowledge of fashion is useful but not necessary.

Control of accessories,

Stock and the ability to follow correct health and safety procedures to ensure welfare of both staff and customers,

to be fully aware of the content,

making sure you sign in,

Making sure you know the meeting point if you ever need to evacuate the building.

Making sure you clean up after customers coming for the changing rooms so that other customers can use the facilities.

Some of the above material belongs in the person specification - namely the communication and other skills,

The requirement for experience and knowledge of fashion.

Working conditions:

Working conditions are different in each store, but as a sale advisor you usually have to spend a lot of time on your feet, carry or push stock to different place around the shop. Part time opportunities to work different shifts each week are very common and a full time position could typically work between 35 to 40 hours a week.

A sale advisor you have to be helpful to customers even when you tired and the shop is very busy. If you as a sale advisor notice something going wrong, it is important that you tell a manager, so that things can keep on running smoothly and customers can make sure their purchases easily and quickly.

There is increasing number of male sale advisors, even though it has been a female dominated role in the past. There are no barriers to either men or women, but there still a few certain roles that are still gender specification in the interests of the customers, for example the most common female lingerie's.

Salary: Salaries are paid monthly by credit transfer into bank or building society account; you can also be paid weekly this would also be down by credit transfer.

Working hours: A general working hour for a sale advisor starts from 8:30 to 5:30; you normally expect to start working 8 hours per week. Respective Rota will be agreed in advance with you and your job share partner and approved manager. These hours will be rostered over a continuous seven day trading (Monday to Sunday). These hours exclude all meal and refreshment breaks which are not paid.

Additional Hours: Occasionally, you will be required to work additional hours.

Holiday Entitlement: The Company's holiday year runs from 1st April to 31st March. Your annual leave entitlement will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Sick Pay: There is no entitlement to company sick pay as part your contract. Eligibility for statutory sick pay will depend on your earnings, compliance with notification procedures and previous employment history.

Absence from work: If you are absent from work for any reason, you must report this to your line manager by telephone no later than one hour after starting business, on your first day of absence.

Pension: You are eligible to join the Arcadia Group stakeholder plan. Contact your HR Department for more information on how to join.

Problem Solving: Any problems related to your employment should be raised initially with your line manager. In the event of it not being resolved at this level, problems may be pursued through the established procedure.

Confidentiality: You must not, under any circumstance without authorization, disclose any confidential information relating to the company or its business either during or after your employment.

Conduct: The Company has established standards of conduct and performance, which must be observed in the interest of our customers and employees. You must familiarize yourself with these rules and the disciplinary and appeals procedure. Any breach of these standards may result in disciplinary action being taken.

Training: TopShop provides you with the appropriate training to help you meet your job responsibilities. You most attend the training course which may be held away from your normal working place.

Health: The company takes health and safety responsibilities very seriously and you must make sure that you work in such a way to protect yourself and others around you. They also have instructions on health and safety in the company handbook.

Person specification

Physical Abilities

Be a great team player,

Have a passion for delivering exemplary customers service possess a positive and hard working attitude

Have the ability to work well within a busy and often paced environment




Drayton Manor High school, 1998

Information Technology, 2002

You need to put what attainments are needed -

Not what attainments you have










The key skills and qualities include:

Good teamwork

Flexibility to do different tasks

Ability to be friendly and polite, even when tired, or under pressure

Ability to follow procedures correctly, such as using a till

Confidence in giving information

Having enough stamina to keep going.







Be Keen to learn and develop new skills

Have pleasant personality and commitment to friendly team

Be flexible

Be outgoing and have a pleasant manner







Tact and diplomacy for dealing with demanding customers

Ability to make good decisions under pressure

Ability to follow one's own initiative

Information About My Oganisation

The organization that I work for is located in Brent Cross shopping centre. The name of the store is TopShop, which was founded by in Peter Robinson basement in 1964. Which to me is a great achievement to accomplish a unique product which is now a huge success across the UK and overseas since they launched TopShop in 1964?

However I've managed to find out that in February 2008, TopShop carried out a refurbishment in order to make the store look more appealing to customers, more easily accessible for disabled customers and free up space for a more movement of shoppers. Due to the size of TopShop in Brent Cross they are not equipped with earring device; this earring piece would help Sales advisors to communicate more efficient with customers who has an earring problem. Due to that some customers has an low earring frequency, this earring piece would give that customers the ability to shop, whiles earring what's going on around them, this can be collect at any till point. But they do have it in bigger store across the UK. TopShop is located in a pretty nice area which helps to attract customers due to its easy access to both public and private transportation.

TopShop is part of a the retail business which provides variety of funky, fashionable clothes, accessories, make up and shoes for girls and young women, such as, lingerie's, underwear's, bags, handbags and belts. In TopShop is located a section that's TOPMAN which offer a wide ranging menswear's collections, like smart, formal wear, casual wear, sports and much more.

TopShop in Brent Cross employs about 80 workers during the normal season, of which 60 are full time workers and the other 20 workers are part-time workers. During the peak season like Christmas, TopShop would employ around 120 employees working to meet the demand of the TopShop faithful customers.

My organisation's main competitors & how my organisation differ from these

TopShop has established with the intention to fill a gap in the market for high fashion clothing, for both female and males.

At the current moment affordable high street fashion has been an important factor which creates a competitive market; in which TopShop face a relative strong competitions. When TopShop first began in 1964, their main competitions were H&M, French Connection and Zara. Due to these three competitions TopShop was seen as unfashionable and had a limited range of merchandise, therefore preventing TopShop to be successful until its takeover in 1999.

Since the successful takeover TopShop were able to keep up with their competitors, they manage to sustain its reputation within an ever changing fashion market. By expanding and opening new ranges such as TOPMAN, Mini TopShop this allows TopShop to give men and kids the choice of fashionable, good quality clothing. Although TopShop has high competitors from other retails stores, it has managed to keep a high income.

To my own and my fellow colleagues working at TopShop, believe that H introduce their new range

Comment on how your organisation relates to the external environment

Here I would point out few key elements that an organisation, like mine is to uphold within the external environment of their employees and rule and regulation of the government

Universal rights: The introduction of Universal rights has been important for all organisations to comply to, has for my organisation TopShop they respect and promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour organisation. By them doing this should ensure those who suppliers their product should stick to these standards. Also making sure that trade products are been manufactured under decent working conditions.

Child Labour: Due to the type of industry my organisation is involve in it is important for them to keep an interest in child labour; therefore it is illegal to employ child under a particular age. TopShop does not employed under the age of 15 or under the age, they also establish, document, and maintain an effectively communicate to personnel and other interested parties policies and procedure for remediation of children found to be working in situations which are prohibited.

NON Discrimination: During my training for a job at TopShop they mentioned in the contract, that they do not engage in or support discrimination and women and men shall receive equal remuneration for work of equal value, equal evaluation of the quality of their work equal opportunities to fill all position. No behavior that is sexually coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative, including gestures, language and physical.

Health and Safety: TopShop provides a safe, hygienic and healthy working environment and they take adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, associated with occurring in the course of work, by minimizing the cause of hazard inherent in the working environment. When I first started working with TopShop all workers received regular and health and safety training, and this training will be repeated for new and reassigned workers. TopShop also have established systems to detect avoid or respond to potential threats to health and safety of all workers. They also provide all workers with access to potable water and clean toilet facilities, and, when necessary, suitable facilities for food storage.




Explanation of the Organisational structure of my company, and the advantages and distadvantages.

The importance of having a good organisation structure is that with this structure the organisation can arrange its lines of authority and communications, and allocates rights and duties. This structure would then determine the manner and extent to which roles, powers and responsibilities are delegated, controlled and coordinated, and how information flows between levels of management.

At TopShop branches mangers can enter without any qualification, but requires experience in management. For entry into the training programme, 2 A levels are required. The managers in each individual store are responsible for the smooth running and control of the shop. Store managers are responsible for each individual store and area managers control the work of each store managers in their area.

Chapter 14 the importance of good structure, think about the structure of my organisation and if it works?

Introduction about the importance of good structure including my own opinion

How good the communication flows.

How clean about whom they are to report to? In the other words are there clear lines of responsibility.