Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication

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Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication


The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how teambuilding, leadership, and communication have an effect on an organization. The organization that was studied for this essay is The College Board.

Theories of Leadership and forms of power

Leadership has a lot of diverse theories from the contemporary, traditional and to the emerging theory. “In organizations Leadership is the course of directing and guiding the conduct of people in the environment of work.” (Nelson and Quick p. 193) The behavioral theory is a conventional theory that identifies people with leadership styles. The three behavioral styles are democratic, autocratic, and laissaz-faire. Democratic leaders work together with employees and persuade employees to collaborate. The democratic leadership style lets followers to talk about any factors that will control positive decisions. Followers have an enhanced perceptive of how and why decisions are prepared. If devotees feel that their views matter then they are additional expected to commend to the concluding decision yet if they possibly will not concur with it. Autocratic style of leadership is when a manager has complete authority or power above their employees. The autocratic leader possibly will make use of intimidation or coercion to attain their goals. A number of military leaders may make use of the autocratic style of leadership. Laissez-faire leadership style is solitary that has no authentic authority in supervision of followers. Managers on the whole let employees do what they desire and this typically sources confusion in the workplace. The laissez-faire leader has no authentic control above what goes on about them. The contemporary theory employs the network of leadership to distinguish what sort of manager an individual is. It is basically has two surfaces to the network on one face it recognize the distress for people carrying the work and worry for results. The emerging leadership theories are the inspirational leadership and leader-member exchange (LMX). The LMX theory demonstrates two diverse groups that subsist in an organization the out-groups and the in-group. The out-groups are merely what it echoes like, they are the outsiders. The in-groups be inclined to recognize with the leader since they have comparable attributes as the leader. The in-group leaders are inclined to depart the people of the out-group out and support the people in-group. The followers In the Inspirational leadership are seeking out to the leader for inspiration in doing sound jobs.

There are five diverse structures of powers of interpersonal to scrutinize. The five diverse structures of power that are used by managers are coercive, reward, legitimate, expert and referent. Coercive power is employed as a means to penalize an employee consecutively to get the needed behavior. Employees typically do what is necessitated of them out of panic of what possibly will occur if they do not conform. Managers possibly will hold back promotions and pay raises or vocally abuse employees. Reward power is power that permits managers to recompense employees for definite desired behaviors. Managers make use of this form of power when they want to influence an employ to perform better. Legitimate power is the power that a leader has owing to their place in an organization. A leader is simply diverse from a follower since they have additional accountability then the follower. Expert power is when an individual is competent of controlling others in the organization by having a number of expert acquaintances in their field. These leaders are deemed subject matter experts and the followers esteem their recommendations and opinions. Referent power occurs when the followers seek out at the leader as somebody who has the traits that they admire and would akin to have.

Ideal leader Profile

The College Board ideal leader would be somebody who acquires a style of democratic leadership and has both expert and referent power. Companies with well-built brands of leadership generate profound pipelines of talented executives and managers and habitually benefit from a separate competitive edge.” (Ulrich and Smallwood (2009) p.32) The College Board has numerous diverse regions that they effort with and they require to be proficient to have that collaboration and open communication with their employees. Technology is cultivating at a fast pace and the College Board requires to have public that can have an skills and be familiar with that their ideas matter. The College Board is accountable for generating advance placement tests, the SATs, and college level tests [College Board Online (2008) As technology cultivates as a result will the means that they manage tests and score the tests. They require to have an unlock conversation with employees to integrate new ideas. The ideal leader as well requires having expert and referent power consecutively to be esteemed and taken as a leader seriously. The leader requires having the followers’ feel like their requirements are meeting. The leader as well requires to be seriously taken by being a specialist in that exact field. The followers will carry out what is anticipated of them if they recognize they can have belief the leader to advise them the right thing.

Organizational stressors and work demands

The College Board has a lot of demands of work that comprise role, task, physical and interpersonal, demands. The College Board since is a worldwide company this can direct to numerous task demands. These task demands comprise adjusting to change and the pressure that approaches with it. As the organization grows so do the demands of works and for sometimes cut back occurs. This can direct to doing extra work with fewer people. A number of the means that can decrease the stress are prioritizing tasks, time management, and in addition management being engaged with aiding to administer the stress. The College Board in view of the fact that has positions that are merely temporary this can direct to certain role demands. They use people provisionally to sustain with the additional work that approaches all through the demanding school year. Temporary employees can incident ambiguity of role when they are merely employed for a small period of time. They possibly will not fully recognize what is anticipated of them or how to perform the job well since the learning curve has to be instant. The means to decrease the stress that approaches with ambiguity of role is to exactly outline what this individual requires to do on an every day basis. Include a checklist that the temporary employee can refer to if they get misplaced. There are constantly diverse interpersonal demands in the place of work. People require feeling like they can depend in the company on the leadership and have that belief be reciprocal. The College Board Since is a worldwide organisation this can direct to physical demands. The member of staffs could have to tour a lot and that places a lot of stress on the body. The College Board is as well accountable for the SAT and the keeping count of it. This can direct to public calling and protesting regarding any matters with the SAT or the scores they obtained which can source mental pressure on the employee. They can decrease the stress that travel places on employees by permitting times of rest in among traveling.

Critical elements in determining the steps for an effective group and work team performance

There are diverse critical elements in formatting the steps for an effectual group and performance of work team inside The College Board. The College Board is a worldwide organization and consequently they effort with a varied group of people. This can direct to effectual performance in the place of work since everybody fetches new ideas to the table. The varied group is in addition able to converse additional effectively by employing one individual for that place. They can work together on all the diverse tasks and fetch a broader viewpoint to the group. In view of the fact that they are so varied then they can have somebody who can participate the devil’s advocate and demonstrate the further side of ideas.

Potential conflicts and conflict management

The College Board in view of the fact that is such a varied organization this can in addition direct to a number of conflicts. Communication can be deemed a structure of conflict for this organization since of barriers of language. Cultural differences also may perhaps direct to a number of conflict since people may not have the same opinion on what is deemed ethical. This possibly will as well direct to people upsetting somebody even if they don’t mean to since somewhat may be nasty in their culture. There are five diverse styles of conflict management that can aid to deal with definite conflicts that take place. The five diverse styles are accommodating, avoiding, compromising, competing, and collaborating. The accommodating style is when one individual is typically distressed for the additional person achieving their objectives. This sort of person in actuality does not care regarding their individual goals. If one individual is wrong then the style of accommodating may work best to permit the other person to achieve their goals. The style of avoiding is merely like it sounds to shun the conflict and anticipate that it efforts itself out. For a whiles not getting engaged can aid to resolve a conflict since no one else is taking sides and creating the conflict worse. The compromising style is when the two parties approach to a joint agreement by giving up a bit. Both parties in these situations may approach to a temporary decision to congregate the on the whole goals. The competing style is one where a person is merely concerned with their individual wellbeing and goals. They endeavor to contend with other employees consecutively to establish and try who is superior at a task. This kind of style would be most excellent if employed in an emergency sort of situation. Leadership may require somebody who is competitive to construct rapid decisions. The collaborating style is when each person is engaged in determining the conflict by conversing it and approaching to a solution. This style is most excellent used when both parties can take a seat and coolly talk about the conflict and approach to a common solution. The styles that will work most excellent for The College Board are collaborating and accommodating. The collaborating style will work well since mutually parties can fetch a diverse solution to the table and come to a common agreement. The accommodating style would might work well in a number of circumstances where a individual might be offended by an additional since of cultural differences. The individual doing the affronting can accommodate the additional person since they recognize they are wrong.

Barriers of Communication and ways to avoid them

The communication potential barriers are language and cultural diversity. It might be harder for one person to be able to communicate with leadership because of cultural differences. One individual might speak somewhat to somebody who is acquainted with English other than their main home language is German and it might not get crossways in the similar way that it was proposed. In addition words do not for all time denote the similar thing to diverse people. One culture may discover that it is impolite to be in opposition to with the manager so they do not talk how they feel. In addition language can construct it hard to converse with further people. The means that managers can keep away from these prospective barriers is to have some training in position to aid everyone recognize how to communicate with public from diverse backgrounds. Teach civility to everybody in the workplace [Russell (2012)]. Tender training on good quality manners and ways to demonstrate admiration to colleagues. Have the leaders at the firm commencement the training to demonstrate their dedication to it.” It is as well significant for people to make use of simple and straight language to communicate with public who don’t talk English as a primary language. There in addition requires to be several sensitivity briefings on cultural disparities.


On the whole it is imperative for leaders to own the type of styles that try to be most excellent for their organization. They necessitate considering what kind of power is going to ensemble the company consecutively to establish a unified work environment. Managers require focusing on team building and focusing on diverse ways to determine conflicts that arise. It is as well important for managers to sever down the communication barriers that detach people and work to bring everybody together.


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