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Human resource management is the function inside the business environment or in the organization that focuses on the people who work for the company and recruitment of management. Human resource management deals with several issues like organization development, wellness, employee motivation and training, benefits. Effective management enables to contribute proficient and productively and moving towards the organizational goals achievement. Human resource manager playing very important role in the organization to maintaining the profitability and productive thorough worker to settle down the right person on the right place. [1]

Leadership has been describe a process of social influence in which one person moving towards the goal by the helping of other working partner which beneficial for the organization to achieving the target and in other way leadership entirely different a person giving the extra ordinary way to organization to achieving the target against oriented goals by the helping hand of other work force. [2]

Leadership Qualities in Human Resource Management

A leader has a clear vision and picture where to go and how grip the situation towards success. As a leader is not enough to know but just to share and act upon the vision and complete it successfully. Vision of the leader must be clear because follower are following so must have to communicate properly with the passion of doing task we can do it. A leader must be in discipline with the followers and to its vision. A leader does not paralysis by some or analysis by some leader should be doing something towards the target and inspire other to do same exercise. [3]


A leader should be the same on the inside and on the outside as integrity. Leader should be a trustable person and loyal to followers and must have trust on the followers by showing integrity.


Leader must have dedication to wok its necessary to complete the task at leader end. Leader should is an example of dedication towards its approach. Whatever the time is to work what will be the next step towards the goal. Leader shows the follower there is time to come to company there is not time to go back home when task is not complete there is only with which to do its only one task to complete by some great efforts.


It means that where credit is due leader should have to give credit to team worker on successful competition on task. As good leader should take the failure responsibility it's for other to come closer and feel good about them.


Openness is good for a leader it helps to create a good vision about the goals. A good leader always wait and listen other before judgment and accept new thinking if it's good for the target. Openness builds the trust and respect between the follower and the leader.


Dealing with other justly. A leader check all figure before giving any judgment and avoid overleaping incomplete evidence. It's a reward for the leader known as loyal and dedicate to its profession.


A leader must ability to have a creative mind which other doesn't seen always think out of the box and make a clear view to its followers.


A leader should have assertiveness it's not like aggressive just to clarify what are the real aspect. A leader must assertive to its goal and assertiveness comes with responsibility.

Approaches to leadership

A leader is a person who put the organization at their higher level where it's wanted to be by fulfilling performance. There are some approaches for the leader ship. [4]

Great Man Approach

This approach is depending upon the history leadership theory which highlighted and focuses on the great man approach. This tactics based on the assumption but great leader showing their own temperament to resolve the problem some people are projecting in this position.

Trait Approach

This approaches based on the leadership and link with qualities not with the separable. This tactics related with operative leadership which contain the ability to build a team and to listen. How to retain people with you and base on the capability to make right decision.

Attitudinal approach

This attitudinal approach is define as just to defining the task , creation group how it has to be done and giving the limit to complete the task and preserve the quality of work and major the responsibility and instructive the role.

5. How to Become a Successful Leader?

A. Human resource management fulfilling the needs of organization in different situation recruiting, training and development of new employees this is very important factor to train new member of the organization to level of organization which is very helpful in future.

Human resource management is maintaining the high quality of performance of their employees and deals with routine issues. Human resource management practices various kind of police should be effected and managing task. [5]

Leader should define the limitations of his relationship with his managers.

Paying attention to your concern task and allow feedback and comments in which areas need to improve or work more to complete task.

Maintain 360 degree feedback to increase capabilities of your manager and operation to plans.

Promote the success of each professional employee in the company as good leader.

Must listen new ideas and thought of workers to improve your vision towards destination.

Tell about the performance of the employee and give a feedback to your colleague what they deserve.

Implementation of improvement frequently.

Human resource management is key of success for the company. Management plays several role training and staffing and giving good education to the leader who leads the company to higher achievement.

Blake and Mouton Leadership Grid

Leadership behavior is described in two extremes according to BLAKE AND MOUTON LEADER GIRD. [6]


Leader for the concern people leader look after the needs of the team and the personal development and deciding how to complete the task successfully.

Concern for Production

In this leader behavior only concern about the productivity and efficiency of the organization how to get high productivity and how to get target successfully.

Black Mouton describes the five style of leadership.

6.1. Country club leadership

This style of leader ship is known as high people and low production. All the concern is about the team members. In this leader think that as long the people are working together and will happy then they will their best. Environment is relaxed that's why the production is slow.

6.2. Perish leadership

This leadership is known as the high production and the low people. In this leadership employees are totally working like a machine and worker think that they only come to work and just to produce production on time. Worker are comes on the secondary and the productivity comes on the first number. In this leaders are maintaining high kind of policies which is in the favor of the company.

6.3. Impoverished leadership

This kind of leadership is known as the low production with low people. In this there is no concern about the production and no concern about the people and as a result there is no satisfactory task complete and team worker are demotivated.

6.4. Middle of the Road leadership

This kind of leadership is known as the medium production with the medium people. In this leadership it's like a comprise between the production and people. When you comprise you will have to give a bit too each concern. All the performance is settled to on average level the last which everyone can expect.

6.5. Team leadership

This kind of leadership is known as high production with high people. According BLAKE MOUTON in this style leader concern about the high production and highly needs of the people what they want. This kind of leadership create the best environment in the organization and trust and the needs of the production and the people, which create they high level of satisfaction in people and which result as high level of production.


In simple wording management is all about getting things done its they way to how to achieve the target or things done. Today management is playing very important role in organization through effective management companies developing their business and making policies to maximize the profit by delivering the good service and product. Management give the employees motivation and planning and organize all the thing and looked for to adopt the new changes occurs and thinking new ideas and it's all about the focus on the growth. Management is looking forward to initial point and till end point to be successful. [7]

There are five key elements of management. [8]

7.1. Classify and Target

In this management playing important first they need to know what to do and how to do and classifying the role of every person in the project and give the information about the project and keeping all team members focused and working towards the goals.

7.2. Prioritize

The entire member understands importance of task and things should be prioritize. There is no need properly understanding of task what to do first.

7.3. Collaborate

Give the task to right person to make sure about the ownership and responsible. Equal distribution of task if some wants help then it gets help from the other team members.

7.4. Check status

Track all the task which are completed its easy to check how far away from the target and what are basic issues which are facing and how to tackle problem before it occurs.

7.5. Track compliance

It's good to know about task history its helps to focus what are issues remain same. It's a better way to understand which issues remain left.

8. Leadership in Organization

Managers are not necessarily a successful leader. Supervisors and administrator and senior executive performing their task without being a great leaders. This position is for the leaders to lead effectively and set the goal for the organization.

Management is dealing with the current issues is like week to week or day to day or hours to hours of the organization. Management requires to plan and leading the direction thinking new ways and monitoring other activities it's all possible with concern people but the leader beyond this functions. Good leader always focused on the organization and people working in the organization and they admire people by their behavior and activities towards successful completing task and looking forward for the new goals and motivating people. Organization be fail or successful not because of the bad planning it's because of the whole team. It's like people are not followers not following the leader. The effective leadership tells people how to follow and how to complete their task. Leadership is like you running the organization by yourself as leader it's possible if you are good leader. As the charts leadership start from the initial stage after leading people towards the destination and after leading managers by the experience know what to do at this moment. Leader current looking after all the thinks which is going on in the organization after reaching the target leader lead the organization by their behavior.

9. Leadership Development

Understanding the good leadership is easier than practicing. Good leader have qualities so see beyond the vision that other could not see. In the leader approach most of the common think is to understanding needs of the employees and care about the aim of organization. Leadership not required the technical capacity. In modern age leadership require the attitude and behavior towards the employee which attract people. Leader requires the reflection needs of the people. Leadership is conceptual and learning how to what to its like I will do it, its passion I'm the person who will do it because if didn't think outside the box u will not a good leader every time leader should have to cope the situation. Several think which leader learn when moving towards the target most of the people are experience they start from the initial stage and after that they will reach to know how to tackle the problem. Management and leader are looks like same but they are not in real life. Leader is making decision and implication on the behalf of the organization. Leadership is all about skills and behavior. Good leadership is like very honest to their responsibilities if there is any person who capable for the leader just led the person to do task and give the career growth to right person. Employee motivation is just come through if you are given the chance to person who is responsible and understand the job responsibility target oriented. If employees are doing good job so organization have to give them rewards and get motivated and loyal to organization. [10]

10. Conclusion

Successful organization belief in the employees motivation rather than demotivated the employee. HRM understand the needs of the organization and people needs. Leadership is to be build up through the experience and employee should be good leader or a good managers its depend on how people are responsible to their responsibilities. All Leader are not be born but leadership needs effort to get success. Leadership is reflection of the behavior and people needs and the organization goals. Leader has to be target oriented and effective leadership. According to BLAKE MOUTON its concern about the people and concern about the production is good to make effective team for the organization. If leader is looking forward the target is effective for the organization but the people who are working to achieve the target they are also important for the organization. Employee's motivation is a way to give rewards to people who deserve it.