Leadership And Change At XYZ Store

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Xyz store is located in the centre of the London (oxford street). It is well known for its range of collection in all departments like men's wear, women's wear, kids wear, foot wear and accessories for unisex. The average sales of the store in weekdays are £ 21400 and the weekend are £ 36700 in this the contribution of the individual department are 45% for the women's wear and 15% for kid's wear and 35% for men's wear and 10% for foot wear. The XYZ store is well known for its latest and new trends of fashion wearing for the men and women. The total area of the store covered for its great shopping experience is1, 50,000 sft and the actual retail carpet area was spread over 1, 20,000 sft.XYZstore is well planned and located in an exact spot and perfect catchment it is located where the huge flow of tourist and shopping preferred people can reach their easily the store is located in centre of the London (Oxford street).

The Xyz store is well planned with its store plannogram the ground floor is dedicated to category for women's wear, cosmetics and jewellery. The 1st floor is full

y for the amazing apparels for kid's like toys, play stations, kid's garments an

d many more exciting things which pull kid's as well their parents to purchase something from there. The 2nd floor is well planned to make a whole in the pockets of male walking customer the floor is full with men's fashion apparels with good collection of different categories. The 3rd floor is cover of latest trend foot wear for both women's and men's. The 4th floor is well planned with exotic flavours of coffee and ice creams in short it can be said that the 4th floor is meant for the youth customer to hang out after the completing the great shopping excitement.

XYZ store is situated in heart of the London where the scope of the expansion is

very high. Due to some of the obligation and complication with the some department the stores way of expansion path is not on the track and it is losing its genuine customers entering into the store. The new CEO who appointed recently into

the organization recommended some strategies to implement in the organization t

he Strategy is purely based on focusing customers.

The senior management and focused group who are specially appointed from the Head Quarters (Cardiff) will plan to introduce customer focused culture in the organization instant of present overly relaxed, sloppy and traditional culture.

Conflict arise in an organization due to the following parameters -

Misunderstanding - Due to the sudden change process in Xyz store the communication and information of change process does not flow to overall departments and to each and every employee due to this misunderstanding between the employees prevails.

Difference of values - Due to the change process in Xyz store the employees might think that the store may bad condition and it will to jobless to them. The values of an individual create differences between themselves.

Difference of viewpoint - Change process in Xyz store makes difference between the viewpoints. The employees may take the change process into different views with this they may not be able to resist the change.

Difference in interest - The interest of each individual in the store will make a difference if the change process not communicated them in proper way.

Interpersonal difference - If the change process not communicated properly it will lead to difference between behaviour aspect and this may again lead to clashes between the employees.

Changes required to overcoming conflict in the organization:-

XYZ store need to identify the basic need of change to create the customer focused environment in an organization. The below mentioned department need to focus in order to implement the change process.

1. Human Resource Department:-

Recruitment of most professional employees.

Giving training to existing and new entrant employees in order to cope with the change process.

Need to implement the development process within the employees.

2. Information Technology:-

New ERP implementation.

Infrastructure development

Training about the new technology implementation for front end team.

3. Involvement of senior management:-

Focusing on new SOP implementation in different departments.

Training and development classes for middle level management.

Implementation of Do's and Don'ts to front end team.

4. Involvement of Marketing Department:-

Targeting new foot falls.

Identifying market needs.

Capturing new catchment.

Implementing customer loyalty programs.

5. Shaping Merchandise department:-

Implementing new visual merchandising technology.

Innovating new ideas that capture customer attention.

Implementing new merchandise staging ratio techniques to full fill the need of the customer.

6. Accelerating logistic department:-

Focusing speedy supply.

Full filling the Distribution Centre requirement which indirectly leads

to customer requirement.

Evaluating resistance to change in organization.

Resistance to change is the action taken by individuals and groups when they perceive that a change that is occurring as a threat to them.

Key words here are perceive and threat. The threat need not be real or large

for resistance to occur.

In its usual description it refers to change within organizations, although it also is found elsewhere in other forms. Resistance is the equivalent of objections in sales and disagreement in general discussions.

Resistance may take many forms, including active or passive, overt or covert, individual or organized, aggressive or timid. (www.changingminds.org)

Resistance occurs in organization due to the following:-

Limited perspective.

Lack of understanding.

Threats to power and influence.

Beliefs that cost (of change) outweigh benefits.

Fear of failure; inadequacy; loss of job.

Strategies to overcome resistance in xyz store:-

Education and persuasion -

Local self - interest; introduce excitement and buzz, not just rational

persuasion and reasoned argument.

Time consuming.

Decisions may be compromising thus sub-optimal

Facilitation and support -

Emotional and practical.

Training and counselling.

Not guaranteed work.

Negotiation and agreement -

Reward and change.

May be impractical every time change required.

Manipulation and co option -

Co - option the more vociferous and anti change agent.

Covert manipulation.

Direction on reliance on explicit and implicit coercion.

Forcing new attitude and behaviour.

Granting or with drawing privilege

Implementation of change in organization:


After overcoming resistance of change Xyz store need to implement the change process so as to change the old and relaxed culture into customer focused one.

For success full long term implementation of change in an organization Xyz need

to focus its main departments such as.

Human Resources Department:-It HRD need to focus on main aspect that influence the change process in an organization.

Recruitment - The department of Xyz store implemented full fill the requirement

of employees in front end by taking the employee deficiency report from the respective operation department managers.

HR managers recruit the employees who can be able to resist the on going process

of change in an organization. The new entrant should more flexible in shifts, enough talented to handle the critical situations which may occur in the future while handling customer quarries.

Training and development schedule - HR training department implemented a perfect

schedule for training and development for existing employees who are competent

enough to resist the change. Implemented reward and award strategy to motivate the employees in order to avoid resistance and conflict in Xyz store.

Information and technology department -IT department implemented new ERP (Employee resource planning) software that help the front end team to handle customers easily whenever there busy situation in the store.

IT department changed and replaced the old machinery infrastructure into new and

hassle free handling of machineries.

IT department also implemented a machinery and soft wear that can help customers

to select and know the availability of their requirement.

Involvement of top management -Top management such as General Manager, Operation Head and other Area managers implemented a new SOP (standard operating producers) for various departments in Xyz store so that the duties of each and every individual should follow that in order for smooth functioning of operational and customer oriented jobs.

Top management implemented a training schedule for the managers such as Floor managers, Department managers, Supervisors and Team leaders. The training is related to customer service management and store operational parameters. The following points gives the clear picture of customer oriented training for the middle level and end level employees.

Alteration desk: - There should be separate alteration desk with separate

alteration executive.

 Alteration service should be free of cost for customers.

 Staff grooming and discipline:-All the staff should be neatly dressed with their uniforms with neatly shaved and neatly polished shoes so that the they can attract the customers.

Customer service and amenities:-There should be a hosting system in front of the store entry during the peak hours.

Cashier duties:-Cashier should greet the customers who comes for billing

and should issue the member ship cards after ending the transaction.

Customer baggage counter:-Implemented the customer service baggage counter so as to serve the customer who comes into the store with their baggage.

Store music system:-Implemented the music with in store to entertain the

customer who shops.

In store announcement:-Implemented in store announcement system who announces the offers and discounts running in the store.

Xyz store implemented the Do's and Don'ts for the front end team.


Staff should wish the customer who approaches towards you.

Staff should not irritate the customers who need not seek help from you.

Should assist the customer with shopping basket.


Should not allow more than suggested items to trial

Staff do not miss guide the customer with wrong information about the discounts and offers.

Involvement of marketing department:-Marketing department implemented the ne ideas to increase the foot falls of new customer with the following strategies.

Marketing strategies:-

Implemented Club card for their new and old potential customers.

Implemented ATL(Above the line) and BTL(Below the line) marketing strategy for the advertisement of Xyz store.

Implemented in store customer gaming and entertainment plan.

Shaping merchandise department:-

Implemented merchandising with colour blocking the merchandise.

Implementing colour/theme from wall to floor.

The garments on the displays and mannequins nearby for easy accessibility

to the customers.

Visual merchandising department implemented new size wise staging technique like 1:2:2:1 which means the in each department whether it may woman's wear men's wear the size Small should me 1 piece, size Medium should be 2 pieces, Large should be 2 pieces and Extra Large should be 1 piece per shelf.

Accelerating logistic department:-

Logistic department implemented new techniques that help store stock availability. They implemented the C&F agent that carries the stocks supply every week according to the need and requirement of the store.

Critically evaluating conflict during the change process:-

•It is a process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected something that the first party cares about (Robbins 1996).lecture notes.

•Behaviour intend to obstruct the achievement of some other person's goals(Mullins 1996). lecture notes.

•Conflict can be a disagreement, the presence of tension, or some other difficulty between two or more parties.....Conflict is often related to interference or opposition between the parties involved.

(Tozi, Rizo and carroll 1994). lecture notes.

Guidelines to overcome conflict in XYZ store -

The famous technique used by XYZ store to overcome conflict in organisation

with the famous technique to overcome conflict the XYZ store approved change agents identified three perfect steps to implement it in the change process.

Collaborating - XYZ store change an agent used the tool to overcome conflict by collaborating the different teams or groups the conflict between them will be solved.

Competing - change agents used the tools of competing strategy between the groups, with this tool the competition between the groups about the change process will increase and the resistance to change will decrease and conflict solves.

Avoiding - change agents sometimes may use the other tool to resolve the conflict between the individuals or groups, sometimes the leaders of Xyz store may use the tool of conflict solving, and they may sometime avoid the conflict between the employees.

Communicating the change process in the organization:-

Communication plays a major role in XYZ store to implement the customer focused

culture. Communication may be of many types it can be said informative, directive and expressive.

When there is a plan of change in organization the information flow should be from both sides (i.e.) from upstream to downstream and downstream to upstream. It means the information about the change should flow from top level to bottom level and bottom level to top level.

Communication is also important in Xyz store change process because the better communication within the organization leads to non- conflict situation, resistance free process, knowledge sharing, creativity between the employees, competition between the employees. This may directly ends with good implementation of customer focused change process.

XYZ store implemented the communication tool to inform the change within the store.

Meetings - taking the meeting to all the employees and discussing the change process to them.

Team briefing - leaders of respective department taking the briefing and

explaining the change process to their employees.

Conferences - the top official communicated the change process to their managers by taking conferences and discussing with the them and sharing the ideas with them.

E - Mails - XYZ store also used e- mails to communicate the change process to their employees.

Appraising Leadership qualities in order to achieve maximum outcome of change implementation:-

•Process by which an agent induces a subordinates to behave in a desired

manner (Bennis, 1959)

•Process of influencing the activities of an organisation group in its efforts towards goal - setting and goal - achievement (stogdill, 1959)

•Process whereby people influenced effectively and motivated to accomplish a goal (Douglass, 1996)

There are many Leadership styles that help the organization to grow and reach performance heights but, XYZ store need to choose only most effective Leadership style that supports the change process.

Democratic Leadership style.

Bureaucratic Leadership.

Participative Leadership.

Behavioural Leadership.

The above mentioned leadership styles are mostly used but, for XYZ store has to

choose only the best leadership style.

The management has chosen the Participative and Democratic Leadership which helps the organization to cope and adjust the change process.

Democratic leadership - a leadership style that assumes individual are motivated by internal forces. The leader uses participation and majority rule to get work done.

Participative leadership - participative leadership style is one that takes input of other into account. This leader encourage participation and contributions from group members and help group members fell more relevant and committed to the decision making process.

The idea to adopt the democratic leadership style in XYZ store are the leaders are more related to the human relation and team work , the leaders in Xyz store need to be more democratic toward their staff so as to achieve the change process successfully for this the leaders in this style should foster the communication that should be two - way.

The second most effective tool that Xyz store used is participative leadership style; in this style the leaders are more participative with their team such as to achieve the change process goal. The leaders in this style participate with the employees in a situation where the employees seek assistance in order to understand the change process.

Concluding the outcomes of Customer focused change implementation in Xyz store:-

Xyz store strategy for customers focused change has given a good outcome

with the following changes in all departments.

In store customers services strategy - by giving customers good service in the store like greeting the customers in entrance of the store, greetings given by the employees who are standing in their sections, assisting the customer by giving shopping baskets for the customers who are shopping in the store, helping customers by giving them and suggesting them with exact size and fits of their r own.

Infra structure which was placed by the IT department for assisting the customers who are confused about the availability of stock are feeling happy that now they can easily know the availability of stock of the choice, by implementing the new ERP soft ware for billing now the till cashier can make the billing fast and accurately with this change the customers are feeding back the service of the Xyz store is excellent service provider,.

By implementation of new SOP's for the front end team now they can easily know their job and they are accurately following the time management in their shifts, by implementing the Do's and Don'ts cards in the employee pockets now they can easily and professionally attend the customers.

Visual merchandise played a excellent role for success of customer focused change implementation, by displaying good window display inside and outside the store are catching the attention of the customers who are shopping in the store and customers who are browsing outside the store, the window displays are attracting customers to purchase something form the store which in return increasing the sales of the store and spreading word of mouth of good customer service given by Xyz store.

Logistic department also contributed well in achieving the success of change implementation, logistic department has supported the store inventory holding by giving them a required stock on time.

Human resource department supported well in achieving the change process by recruiting and training them about the change process which is ongoing process on that time, It also supported and trained the existing employees who are not able to resist the change process and due to this they are facing conflict situations in themselves, by suggesting, assisting and giving the knowledge of change process they human resource department maintained the level of barring and accepting capacity in the employees which in turn helped the overall change process success.

Marketing department supported a lot in increasing the new foot falls from the acquiring the new catchment areas. This department gained the confidence of the old and genuine customers who are also know as potential customer.

For xyz store form many years and they are those who are spreading the word of mouth activity in the market. Marketing department introduced the new membership cards known as CLUB XYZ card for the old and new customers with this customer can avail many offers and discounts and holiday trips on their purchase. Marketing department has come up with the questioners for the customers to give their valid feedback about the change in Xyz store.