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Creativity and innovation has the interrelated meaning where creativity is the "generation of ides" and Innovation is consisted in transforming these ideas (Gurteen: 1998). As far as I am concerned Creativity acts as input and Innovation is the output of the creative ideas as now we are using trimmers to trim the beard instead of using razor. Suppose we see a bird in the garden today and we are amazed to see it there but we can't see the bird every time we go there but instead we can capture that in a camera and have a look at it whenever we feel seeing it. But when we move on to the management perspective creativity and innovation is used in management problems where the management is lagged and what are the steps to take to work efficiently with avoiding problems in the management.

Now day's organizations are eager and interested in these two terms (the Creativity & Innovation) with response to increase in pressure with competition and increase in globalization trends, Economic factors, Technology changes etc. In the view of the organizations future response nearly all the management models today are stacked against innovation. Today the creativity exists in the management teams are emerged largely as results with the efforts of J.P.Guilford (1950) & E.Paul Torrance (1962, 1974). The contributions of these two people remain widely and used as assessments of creative talent. In most of the cases of the nature of creativity they were agreed than disagreements. They measured the creativity from a psychometric standpoint.


Does the company need to invest in new technologies?

To enable a real change in organization is the organization supporting every team ideas and setting the right work process and is the organization providing right tools?

Key Issues in perspective of CFM:

Does the workplace include only more creative people?

Does every individual acquire a skill set to be creative and innovative?

Is organizational culture encouraging the creative thinking which supports implementation of innovative results?

Application of Theories and Approaches and concepts in CFM: Numerous approaches are evolved in understanding creativity where Torrance preferred the psychometric approach where the other approaches are the confluence approach of creativity. As per Weisberg (2006) the theoretical approaches in stimulating the creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation are Psychodynamic, Psychometric, Social-personality, and Pragmatic where the technique of structured problem solving is used to stimulate creative ideas. But the organizational climate depends on the climate of creativity and innovation. Some factors that enhance the organizational creativity are

Time: From the experiences of my friends who feel they don't find any space in their daily schedule to be creative. Pressure of work is a barrier for the creativity which is seen in most of the organizations today. Guilford (1967) says that distraction from work and time pressures may inhibit the creative process where due to these factors the CPS may take time. "Organizational Creativity Requires Time".

Competence of Staff: This is the second most factor in enhancing the organizational creativity while studying further having creative tools but without training cannot show or enhance creativity in this world ex. Brainstorming, deBonno's six hats need training to use these tools.

Space to pursue ideas: The priority of this is closely linked to time the physical space required to try new ideas and financial support to fund such as pursuit. The internal space within the business like the open plans v/s the separate offices and the responses mixed with the people of the positives and the negatives of both the spaces. However the agreeing to access of both the types of spaces is necessary to enhance the creativity. The below is stated by a friend in a general discussion about his role in the company "At my best I am a creative one where I can balance the need for access to people and resources with the time for me. I think the best when jogging in the morning but I need someone to test my ideas against which is hard sometimes."

Open communication and full information sharing: Number of my friends and colleagues say that lack of open communication and information is the major blocker in the organizations creativity. The open communication of organizational changes, the decisions, policies and opportunity of voice concerns, understanding and ideas and ideas being heard enhances the organizational creativity.

In a discussion a feeling felt in person by a friend at his workplace "If the boss takes the time to speak to staff in person it makes they feel more important. It's often not what they say but the fact that they have made the effort especially if I am able to respond and know I am going to be heard. I know that if I am feeling good about my boss and the information I am getting then I am likely to want to contribute more and the business certainly gets more from me."

Supportive Organizational culture: This factor came from combining a number of psychological and organizational factors from the list of enhancers and barriers. "The supportive environment where the problems are fixed without blaming or scope-gloating". Many people use "restrictive bureaucracy.

The people who are having the decentralized authority in loosely defined horizontal communication and having the greater individual authority and flexibility and adaptability are more in enhancing the organizational creativity. The same stated by King Anderson (1990) says "assert that one of the conditions for organizational creativity was a group structure that was organic than mechanistic".

Individual Empowerment: Respondents said that the personnel attention and authority is to initiate change. The empowerment fall into two categories the one who empowered themselves and the other who give to empower them or a group of people.

The two things that are considered when empowering are stress & anxiety which accompanies the empowerment all the times. An interesting situation that arose in discussing with some of the respondents, it is better to look at individual employee discretion rather than to look at the empowerment. The freedom an individual feels at work place. But the complex task is how things are done when freedom is given these contrasts with the adaptive behaviours and the place where the individuals will have the significant creative discretion the importance in adaptability stated by Basadur (1997) and Amabile (1998) discussed about in enhancing the organizational creativity. This states that the individual empowerment will result in increased involvement, enthusiasm, innovativeness & speed this supports the organization team empowerment.

Creative Leadership: Leadership a critical factor for the organizations to enhance the organizational creativity. As per my view without the supportive leadership none of the creative success factors can be sustained. In a workplace taking everything into consideration a soft management style i.e. loving the work with what they have given and allowing them to deeply engage in it and enthusiasm to work will come from the work which is valued and recognized.

Leadership or leader is not the only person in engaging the organization it is everyone's responsibility for their own ideas in their own areas but a leader has a big impact on the organization environment where the individuals are operating in. The frustrating thing is it is hard to someone to be inspired and creative when the leader is not supportive.

Motivation of Staff: A positive motive in person enhances organization creativity. Motivated staff is the essential part of organizational creativity The degree of fear, sadness the joy & happiness the feelings that we feel every day show impact on the work but the two feelings that helps in enhancing an individual work is joy and happiness and the feelings that have an opposite approach in enhancing the organizational creativity . The creative ideas are generated when an individual mind is fresh and happy and this gives out a positive outcome. An experience which I have felt is when I am excited about the work I am doing I was able to work overnight without knowing myself but when I am not interested in the work I felt sleepy during the working hours too. It says a day fresh idea and happiness shows impact on the next or other day creativeness.

Clear organizational Goals: I treat the Target and goal as same an example explains this better a shooter don't know where to shoot if he don't have a target and there will be a wastage of bullets if he keeps on firing without the target the same linked with the organization the organization goal should be clear and should be stated to the employees if they lack in this possibly there is a chance of misunderstanding in the work and the employee will not have a clear idea of what he is approaching or targeting.

The clear aim of organizational goals a personal goal to every individual is raised.

Most of the authors stated the same the intension of work (Nonaka), the alignment (Robinson & stern1998), or the shared vision (Senge, 1990) is a major importance in the organizational creativity. But the intension stated to be clear towards organizational goal not diverged from the organizational goal. Clear organization goal then clear short term goals and the target of the every employee will be clear and their path or approach will be clear to that goal.

(Senge 1990)The Vision of the person makes him creative. However the vision is to be a company provided ones. Some of the respondents say that if a person feels excitement is the opportunity to hard work because we don't feel it hard when we are excited.

Being act rapidly in seeking new business opportunities may inculcate in creating new work and knowledge for the need. But the important thing is being focused and travelling in the same direction.

Appropriate Reward: When I asked my friends who are working is money which gives enthusiasm to work or the appropriate reward they said that money is one we get for the work and the reward is an indirect view of appreciation of the work done so it is the appropriate reward which gives the energy and the enthusiasm to work with that organization.

A reward should not be in terms of bonuses as it is based on the everyday move and its performance and reward is something should be given for the something done differently on that day in the support of creativity, progress & valued. The projects assigned no in the organization or the experience of the candidate but on the interest of the individual. People show special interest if they get what they want and the care they show on that is incomparable and their skills will be stretched as he will be eager in knowing new things in fulfilling the work assigned this states that thriving for the accomplishment of the short term goal.

The CoInnovateco a Multinational group identifying the problems arising in the management perspective in terms of expansion and company diversification like banking, insurance, construction, mutual funds, leisure resorts etc. after two years of research introduced a comprehensive innovation program in targeting their company's vision.

The comprehensive innovation Programme which created the culture attitude and innovation across the company's sub-businesses and 14,000 employees includes:

Training is given to creativity champions in group facilitation using structured techniques & then they were responsible for the group facilitation in idea generation process.

Company provided a place to come up with fresh ideas and approaches in fulfilling their daily tasks or in solving the problems.

The team level innovative management is given the responsibility to actively disseminate innovation through the company and its thousands of employees which help in achieving the innovation success of specific teams by establishing the process that ideas generated are evaluated and implemented.

The support of creativity and innovation for all process are self-sustaining. As they are dedicated and have utilized the existing company structure it is easier and more natural to implement the new innovation process within the organization.

Overall for the company most of the new products are released so they are in need of a new business model and the work process and they are successful in implementing it. They are also success in cost saving and efficiency like introducing the new industrial machinery and leasing a company created new market. All of those innovation champions are trained to lead the coinnovateco's systematic innovation inside the organization. With the creative innovation program almost 2000 employees developed. As result there is in need of someone to supervise this group so assessing this company has recruited two directors with a responsibility of overseeing the innovation process and 20 innovative managers are selected to engage cross organization innovative activities not only this these people hold the responsibility of providing innovation tools and workshop scripts useful in their work.

They updated their communication mechanisms in overall the organization on the innovation activities and achievements this created a buzz and got everyone onboard which directly shows the management support and their commitment to the process. As a part of their creative process they have introduced regular updating of quarterly booklets stating the new products and services and changes in the management innovation process and the corporate DVD's showing the accomplishments and` innovation of the day ` emails as well as sending the information about new tools in the innovation process.

After analyzing the case study it shows clearly that the CoInnovateco purely the componential model (Amabile, 1983). They are clear in their process structure

They identified the problem in introducing new products and services and they understood the need of expansion.

They expanded the organization and understood the need of creativity and innovation in the organization so they built a store of relevant information and response.

In response Generation launched the Comprehensive innovation Programme and created a culture and attitude of innovation across the company during the period.

Changes in the management i.e. assigning the directors to validate the communications and innovation activities and responses and overseeing all the process made the response validation and these directors are responsible for the cross organization innovation between 20 innovative managers and the management teams creative ideas.

With this process they were successful and the company individuals are creative in giving better performance, work has been due to work process in rolling out the decisions. A real change and supportive culture has been developed in implementing real changes in almost every team in the company.

Suggestions in support to development of Coinnovateco's aspirations to creativity and innovation:

Almost CoInnovateco is success in managing and creating in generation of creativity and innovation but as I have previously stated the team is successful in following factors


Competence of staff

Space to pursue ideas.

Information sharing

Supportive organization culture

Individual empowerment

Creative leadership

Motivation of staff

Clear organization goals.

Seeing the psychological factor of every employee may be a lower grade or a higher grade it would be better if they can target on individual empowerment and appropriate reward as there is no sign of rewarding for the successful ideas in the case study. A reward in terms of appraisal or a gift would be more helpful in developing the organization and this directly empowers the individual and makes him feel more responsible to the work assigned to him. This gives him to produce some special interest on the work and makes him work smart rather than to work hard "the work successfully finishes when it is done on our own interest not for someone else" if the work is felt hard there may be some sign of doing mistake this reduces the accuracy of the work and increases pressure on the individual mind. At some parts they were lagging in motivating the staff they are targeting in creating new innovative ideas in day to day what if an employee feels uncomfortable with the modification in the process or the final decision so the response of every individual should be taken into consideration and the uncomfortable staff should be motivated.