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Jaipur Rugs is one of the leading manufacturers of handmade carpets in India. We specialize in hand-knotted carpets and are known globally as a category leader. The artistic beauty of designs, tantalizing color combinations and the comfort feel of the texture are the ingredients of the Jaipur Rugs carpets. Over the years, we have continued to perfect techniques and to carry forward the rich heritage of designs into homes and businesses around the globe. Jaipur Rugs, the life song of thousands of weavers and artisans, has been constantly creating benchmarks for beauty and craft. Jaipur Rugs is on its way to create wonders by linking the grassroots to the most elite and luxurious icons of the world.


Jaipur Rugs is the result of hard work and commitment of one man who converted his dream to divert the abundant unutilized artistic hands to contribute in bringing India on the international platform. The history of the company traces back to 1978 when its founder, Mr. N. K. Chaudhary initiated his carpet business with just two looms. Over time, he moved to Gujrat. In Gujrat, he expanded his business operations in the tribal regions of the state. After spending 13 years there, he returned to Jaipur to launch his independent firm called Jaipur Carpets in 1999. He asserts that it was a process of "self-discovery".

In 2006, Jaipur Carpets was converted into Jaipur Rugs Company Private Limited. Since then, there has been no looking backwards. With a constant focus on improving the techniques of carpet weaving, we have been carrying the rich heritage forward into homes and businesses. Jaipur Rugs has learned about the market and strategies around the years of establishing itself in the domain.

In 2008-09, the Company achieved a turnover of over 14 million dollars and expects to achieve a higher turnover in the next fiscal year. Through persistent efforts, unrelenting determination and commitment, the Company has grown to beome one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of hand knotted rugs worldwide. We have also established ourselves internationally by setting up the Jaipur Rugs Inc in Atlanta, USA. Jaipur Rugs Inc currently looks after the distribution of handmade rugs in the Americas. Jaipur Rugs has been in the process of transforming the lifestyle of people around the globe through higher standards of creativity and passion.


We look upon business not merely as a source of income or profit, but as a way of life, as a medium for putting our talents to good use, while at the same time affording us an opportunity to be of service to the community. Profits will follow. Let us remember that profit is not just a set of figures, but of values.


"Service to the community" is our motto. Our company strives towards this focused direction to make the society grow hand in hand with our own growth and prosperity. We ensure that the need of our customers is matched by the skill of our weavers.

Production Areas in India

With over 40, 000 artisans and weavers being associated with Jaipur Rugs, we proudly undertake the responsibility of their social and economic development. Jaipur Rugs has engaged them in the employment of carpet weaving by installing looms at a common centre or simply in their courtyards. This has let stop migration of people from their villages to cities. Below are the 10 states that have over 22 branches:



Uttar Pradesh




West Bengal




The artistic beauty of designs, tantalizing color combinations and the comfort feel of the texture are the ingredients of the Jaipur Rugs carpets. Over the years, we have continued to perfect techniques and to carry forward the rich heritage of designs into homes and businesses in more than 30 countries around globe.

Departments in Jaipur Rugs Company

Jaipur Rugs' various departments strengthen its backbone. Further is the description about each important section doing its responsibilities.

Design & Development Department

Design and development department is where all visual as well as imaginative work is done which includes sketching, coloring of carpet and new development with new creative and innovative ideas. This department is also an originator and developer of maps. Maps are basic of real carpets. Map work as a guideline for weavers in simple way we can say that map is blue print for woven carpets.

Map Library is a collection of the maps in D&D department where all the maps which are already made are been arranged in a very particular way as design development is highly time-demanding and effort-orientated.

Map library main functions:

To maintain stock

To check availability of the map

Print Section

Master Copy Print

Master Copy Check

Print Challan

Plotter Print Out (MAP)

Cutting And Posting

Instruction Writing

Instruction Checking


Ladi Room (Attaching Threads)

100% Checking

Job Card Print

Card / Map Passing

Map And Its Card Passing

Design Section


Colour copy


Production Department

Production Department is a functional part responsible for processing inputs like requirements of new carpets to be produced, dispatching the raw materials and to acquire the finished goods according to the predecided delivery date. These processes are mainly called Production Processes.

Below are some points that could be easier to understand about the department. They do the following activities with different reports that are as follows:

Order Management report

Consumption report

Production report

RM Inventory report

Prodcution issue planning

RM issued to weavers

CR Inspection report

Pendency report

RM Positive Negative adjustments

Loom Inspection report

Daily report

Accounts Department

Accounts Department is the one that prepares Financial and Management Accounting Reports for the company. Financial Management Reports are prepared for external users like creditors, shareholders while Management Accounting Reports are prepared for internal users like management, employee that is inside the organization for taking required action on it.

The various functions of the department are as follows:

Finance & Account

Monitoring day to day accounting

Debtor MIS, classification control over realization

Creditors Control with reference to payment plans, credit periods, comparative charts

Reconciliation of major suppliers' accounts

Preparations of quarterly Balance Sheet, P&L

Co-ordination for statutory audit

Ascertainment of working capital requirement & arrangements thereon

Inventory Management & stock valuation

Conducting Internal Audit & their consequences & Compliance Taxation

Corporate & personal taxation

Assessment proceeding of company/corporate

TDS under various provision of income tax act 1961

Filling of annual return of income & TDS return

Assurance of TDS Certificate

Assessment of Income

Calculation & deposit of Advance Income Tax

Personal taxation of employees

Service Tax

Preparation of Service Tax Payable, Refundable & Exempted and file return


Filing of return, annual assessment

Issuance of and submission of declaration forms under CST and VAT Act

Day to day compliance with rules, Act and notification

Administration Department

It is for the Administration Department to coordinate and supervise safe, secure, and environmentally sound operations and maintenance of these assets in a cost effective manner. These are aimed at long-term preservation of the asset value, and other janitorial duties such as making sure the surroundings are clean and tidy. They are sanitized for its tenants. The satisfactory delivery of facility-related services to these people will be an important consideration too; hence, the term "end-user satisfaction" is often used as both a goal and a measure of performance.

The various functions of the department are as follows:

Security Management


Fire drills & emergency evacuation

Lost and found

Movement management

Environmental Health and Safety

House keeping

Drinking water

First aid

Mechanical & Power System


Preventive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Elevator maintenance

Power systems


ERP Department

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software system that is used company-wide to run and organize all the information, resources, and tasks of a business from shared data stores. This helps in supporting the complete business process with an integrated software infrastructure system. ERP submits to a company's picture with its all parts connected in a wholesome manner rather than mini archives of activities.

Jaipur Rugs' ERP Department handles the significant function of synchronising the Supply Chain Management activities with ERP. The functions are as follows:

Handling ERP in the Company

Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd

Jaipur Rugs Inc

Bhoomika Wool

Identifying and providing Solution for the Problems in ERP

Creating the Masters and Setup in Navision

Managing and Monitoring the Sql Server

Providing training to the End Users

Creating Various Reports and Views on Sql Server and Navision

Responsible for Techno up gradation

New Developments in Organization to be implemented in ERP

Implementation of Business Intelligence tool in Organization

Handling the projects of JRINFOCOM

Managing and defining the permissions of users in Navision

Creation of Management Dashboards

Technical customization for mapping the new changes in the Physical system into ERP


Making the Organization Hi Tech using various softwares in all the Functional areas.

Show Organization's KPI through various Analysis Reports and BI.

Export Department

The Export Department has the following roles and responsibilities:

Invoice /Packing List/Shipping Instruction/ Related All Annexure

E-mail to Buyers after Shipment Dispatch/ after Custom Clearance Buyer, agent and USA Office

E-mail to Buyers after Shipment Payment Due to Buyer and Agent.

Delhi and Mumbai all Agents our Shipments Custom Clearance Follow Up

After Custom Clearance, Original Shipment Documents Follow-up

After Custom Clearance Org Docs Recd All Type Bank Documentation

Pending Outstanding Payment Follow Up Weekly To Director

Buying Agent Comm. Payment

Export Sales Register

Draw Back Correspondence Matter

ERP Software Entry Export / Invoice, Packing List , Shipping Instruction

Air /Sea Shipments Software Checking Packing List & Other Work

Human Resource Department

An up to date Human Resource Department is dedicated to provide procedures, efficient policies, and public-friendly support and guidance within companies. Additionally, the human resource function provides to make certain that the company vision, mission, guiding values or principles, and the dynamics that keep the corporation directed toward progress are maintained.

The Human Resource Department has the following roles and responsibilities:

Talent Acquisition



On Boarding


Talent Development

Performance Appraisal

Career Path

Reward & Recognition

Employee Engagement

Employee Relations

Legal & Statutory Compliances

Disciplinary Process

Labor Acts

HR Audits

Personal File Audit

ESS Survey

Talent Management

HR Systems

Internet Marketing Department

Internet Marketing Department undertakes various web related activities, for instance, Website Designing, Development, and Promotion, targeting the right audience directly or indirectly.

Functional areas of Internet Marketing are as below:

Development & Maintenance of Websites

Graphics Designing

Content Optimization

Online publicity and promotion

Online/Print newsletters, press releases, reports and other documentation

Screening and analysis of the page rankings of the company's websites

Brochures, Leaflet design, posters

E-mail Marketing

Developing and designing enquiry forms for the customers

Data Management : Customer feedback and comments

Managing other B2B portals

Internet Marketing Tools:

Website Designing & Development

Graphics Designing

Company News, Article, Comments, Video collection: Online/ Offline

Display Advertising

Email Marketing

Interactive Advertising

Social Media Optimization

Web Analytics

Search Engine Optimization / Marketing

B2B Portals

Content Development

ISO & Systems Department

ISO & Systems Department takes care of the successful implementation and monitoring of the ISO guidelines provided by it. This is a majorly responsible unit in a cmpany smooth functioning in respect of Quality Management. Quality Management involves domains such as cost effectiveness, higher productivity, and profits, clearer traceability followed by client satisfaction. Detailed functions are given below in points:

Implementation of ISO 9001:2008 through out the Supply Chain

Implementation of ISO 14000:2004 in Head Office

Implementation of SA 8000:2008 thought the Supply Chain

Implementation of ISO 9001:2008 in Jaipur Rugs Foundation

Customer Compliance Audits

Identify Gaps throughout the business processes

Process study for identified gaps and documentation

Automation of identified gaps in ERP

Implementation and maintain payroll software and provide support

Lead QIP initiative in coordination & consultation with team members (HO/ Branches)

The various Quality Audits are as follows:

Social Accountability - SA8001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 9001:2008

Customer Compliance Audits:

Quality Audit

Social Audit

CTPAT (Security Audit)

IT Department

Information Technology in Jaipur Rugs is recognized as providing leading edge technology solutions, services, and high customer satisfaction to all company constituents.

Functional areas of Information Technology Department are as follows:

Deployment & Maintenance of Servers and Computers

Deployment & Maintenance of network equipments & resources

Deployment & Maintenance of software applications

Deployment & Maintenance of printers, plotters, scanners and faxes

Data Management on Servers

Taking daily, weekly and offside Backup

Roles and Responsibilities are as follows:

The physical security of all network equipment and data communications

The integrity of all software running on backbone network equipment, including network control servers, communication servers, bridges, and routers

Software and files security of department-specific information

Maintaining the security and protection of information

Making every reasonable effort to interpret protected information in an accurate and professional manner

Ensures availability of information technology systems and operations, including IT contingency planning, to support the Department's diplomatic, consular, and management operations

Reports directly to the CMD & Directors on all matters pertaining to IT security

We ensure that user must not download, install, or use software on any department computer without prior approval from the IT

Jaipur Rugs Foundation

Through development and training of weavers, Jaipur Rugs Foundation is transforming villages in India to develop greater efficiency, higher income and economic prosperity for weavers and their community. There are 2.5 million carpet artisans in India. Most of them live in rural areas earning less than $2 per day. They are unorganized, work under difficult conditions and are exploited by contractors.

JRF's vision: To favorably impact 100,000 artisans and 500,000 family members directly. This would make 3.0 million villagers benefit indirectly over the next five years.

Our approach in simpler points below:

Community Mobilization


Assured Work

Ensure Higher Income

Improved Quality of Life

Jaipur Rugs Inc

Jaipur Rugs Inc (JRI) Back Office, as the name suggests, is the back office of Jaipur Rugs Inc. (USA). It is the backbone of JRI, which provides the support, and backup to the US based employees & customers.

At JRI, we provide on time, solutions to the front office in Atlanta, GA. We aim at providing them the best with our work. We judge success as an ongoing process of improvement.

Roles and Responsibilities are as follows:

Shipping Process

Order Process

Purchase Process

Sales Process

Inventory Planning

Market Planning

Accounting Process

Customer Calling

MIS & Reporting

ERP Implementation

REP Commission

Handling Online Customer Projects

Sales & Marketing Department

Marketing is the process by which we create customer interest in our carpets. By conducting marketing activities, we try to build strong customer relationships and create value for customers and for ourselves. Our philosophy is that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions for this we have to anticipate the needs/wants of consumers and satisfy these more effectively than competitors.

Sale is the pinnacle activity involved in the selling carpet in return for money. Marketing creates demand & sales fulfill the demand. However, marketing and sales differ greatly, but both have the same goal as marketing improves the selling environment and sales work to accomplish the goals of marketing. At sales, we ensure proper finishing, checking, labeling, and packaging of carpets for delivering customer satisfaction.

Functional Areas of Sales are below:

Existing Market Existing Customer

To handle customer enquires.

Sample planning and order processing.

Scheduling and arranging for customer / agents visits.

Updating showroom stock/inventory.

Shipment planning.

Pre shipment dispatch Process

Post shipment dispatch Process

Coordination with export agents

Follow-up with the concern person such as customer, export agents, government

Functional Areas of Marketing are below:

Existing Market New Customer & New Market New Customer

Scope of new marketing

New market research.

New customer queries handling.

Website management in co-ordination with IM team

Trade fair participation.

One to one customer visit

Market visit (Market Analysis)

Buying Agents visit

Marketing Strategies

Business promotional plans

Showroom Department

The Showroom Department coordinates with the problems in the physical nature of a carpet. The process of receiving the carpet from the looms and then reviewing the carpet and dealing with the defects in it is taken care of. The department also looks after the display of the finished product.

Functional areas of the department are as below:

Carpet Receiving

Finishing process





Customer Inspection

Final Inspection


Store Department

Jaipur Rugs' Store Department provides effective logistics support for conversion of raw material to finished product.

The other main functions are:

Facilitate Procurement & Processing of Raw Material(RM)

Planning, Coordination, Call ups to receive Undyed Yarn from Bikaner Purchase

Plan & Arrange Logistics for Yarn Dyeing

Plan & Arrange Logistics for Spooling

Collect Processed Yarn & Store for further Processes

RM Storage

RM Forwarding &Transportation to Production Locations

Receiving & Storage of Dyed Yarn

Planning Logistics to process production orders & Coordination with Production Centers

Forwarding/ Transportation RM to Production Centers

Collect FG from Production Centers and deliver the material to the Finishing Centre

Finished Goods (FG) Transportation to Finishing Centre

Stock control, Issue & Receipts

Data Analysis & Reporting for Operational Control & Improvements

Organisational Hierarchy