Issues faced with departmentalization of firms

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Business Glossary (2007) states, "Departmentalization is the process of forming employees into groups to accomplish specific organizational goals. Departments can be organized according to functions workers perform, as in accounting and human resource departments." In the organization, Loud & Clear, they have three departments altogether which are Content Department, Marketing Department, and Sales and Distribution Department.

Content Department

The Content Department deals with all the material that the magazine has each month. They decide on which articles to include, which pictures to have and the designing of the magazine each month.

Marketing Department

At Loud & Clear, high-quality marketing is crucial. This is because most of their profit is relied on their clients, the advertisements they receive. Their responsibilities are recruiting organizations and attaining as much clients, following up on their thoughts and keeping them as satisfied traders.

Sales and Distribution Department

In the Sales and Distribution, they deal with allotment and the delivering of Loud & Clear monthly magazines. Additionally, their responsibilities also include the subscribers and the supplying to their doorsteps.

Roles of the workers

Editor in Chief

Editors must have complete authority for determining the perspective content of the journal (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, 2008). The Editor in Chief at Loud & Clear is in charge of taking decisions on which content the monthly magazine will have and monitoring the work of middle managers.

Executive Writer

In the Content Department, there are two junior writers, an executive writer and a photographer employed. In the corporate world, writing involves far more than getting ideas on paper, it involves negotiating the movement of those specific ideas through the association so that people will act on them (Poor, 1994). The responsibility of an Executive Writer involves completing the articles by dividing the work between all the writers. Furthermore, it includes reporting to the Editor in Chief about progress in work and workers development.

Junior Writer

The duty of Junior Writers is to complete the given work by deadlines and to research topics on which to write about for upcoming issues and they answer to the Executive Writer.


The obligation of the photographer in the Content Department is to analyze and determine which pictures should be in which article. Most pictures are taken through the internet, but imperative pictures such as the cover pages are shot by the photographer.

Senior Marketing Executive

As Marketing (2010) suggests, one of the main objectives of Marketing is to encourage usage in an increasingly aggressive marketplace and assist to escalate impact factor. The duties of the Senior Marketing Executive at Loud and Clear consist of researching the market for possible clients on a daily basis. In addition, they are in charge of assigning tasks to Junior Marketing Executives and together, get clients who would advertise in the monthly magazine. Moreover, it includes reporting to the Editor in Chief about improvement in work and the Marketing staff's progress.

Junior Marketing Executive

The Junior Marketing Executives have to research and meet with potential clients. Furthermore, once Loud & Clear attains customers, following up on them is their responsibility.

Senior Sales and Distribution Executive

In the Sales and Distribution Department, the Senior Sales and Distribution Executive is in charge of overlooking the rest of the Sales and Distribution Executives. The allotment of tasks between the department employees is compulsory as well so that the work gets completed.

Sales and Distribution Executive

The Sales and Distribution Executive needs to ensure that the copy of each month gets distributed to the crucial locations such as clients and subscribers.


Free Essays (2004) states "Communication throughout history progresses from face-to-face to smoke signals, to the Pony Express to Canada Post, to the telephone to telex machines to modems." Loud & Clear communicates within their clients through mails and through face to face meetings. Face to face communication is the most effective and helps business to promote and succeed the organization (Vishau, 2011). The two types of communication are internal communication and external communication.

Internal Communication

Internal Communication refers to the exchange of information within an organization. Communication within the organization is carried out efficiently through written communication by in-house bulletins, electronic mail.

External Communication

External Communication network links the organization with the outside world of customers, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders (Computing, Communication, 2011). External Communication is carried out effectively through oral communication such as the use of telephone, meetings, presentations, and teleconferencing. Additionally, written communication such as electronic mail, correspondence through fax, letters, and company manuals. Moreover, effectual communication drives Loud & Clear to compete with their rivals i.e. Passion Magazine, OG, etc

Customer Service at L & C

According to Computing, Managing Customer Service (2011) approaches to maintaining customer relationships are to building customer loyalty, creating an affirmative business environment, establishing a marketable company image, handling complaints instantaneously, making management available for denigration, and providing extras that impress clients. Loud & Clear delivers through these by:

Maintaining customer relationships are to building customer loyalty

Vishau (2011) believes that Loud & Clear has gained clients and customer's allegiance by being the first Maldivian monthly magazine to succeed in the market for as long as it has which is more than two years. Additionally, Loud & Clear has remained to it's originality which is traditional and innovative.

Creating an affirmative business environment

The office at Loud & Clear is very organized and impressive, creating an assenting corporate environment for employees and clients who come for meetings.

Establishing a marketable company image

Husham (2011) agrees that Loud & Clear has established a good company image by surviving in the Maldivian Market and rising above competition.

Handling complaints instantaneously

The complaints from readers and clients are handled extremely professionally. Readers can mail or write on the Loud & Clear Facebook page any of their thoughts or questions and the team at L & C replies and takes the account to debating over. Also, the Marketing Department follows up on clients sporadically.

Making management available for denigration

Managing Loud & Clear can prove to be hard and all employees are challenged with a lot of work so that employees learn and grow from it.

Providing extras that impress clients

At Loud & Clear, the extras that are provided that the clients are followed up occasionally and a Facebook page is provided.

Office Equipments

Comparing earlier to how it has revolutionized to this day, technology has brought many wonders to the world. The evolution of technology has a major affect on the corporate world from the machineries used in colossal factories to equipments used in the office on a daily basis. The printing of the magazine is completed from an international company situated in Sri Lanka where machineries are used. Other office equipment used at Loud & Clear are jotted below.



Fax Machines




Stationary (staplers, punchers, etc)


Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety is an area apprehensive with protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of people engaged in work or employment. It is important because employees need to be protected and employers should be obliged to protect them. At Loud & Clear the following hazards are engaged.

Electrical Hazards

There are a lot of electric equipment inside the office. Therefore, there are many sockets and wires involved where any danger may occur. Fortunately, the office is extremely secured.

Physical Hazards

These hazards are air quality and ventilation. It is crucial to maintain a good environment with a good temperature and comfortable office furniture.

Ergonomic Hazards

Ergonomic hazards are about the lighting, postures, chairs, tables, repetitive work, etc. At Loud & Clear, they give great importance to it by having appropriate furniture, the right lighting, good ventilation and creative, innovative work to encourage employees.


Loud & Clear needs to diversify to include all age groups such as including articles about adult life stories, pages for children, education, etc. Additionally, it might be more profitable to sell the monthly magazines because the magazine is already having subscribers. Therefore, it means that there is a good demand and will be able to put it on market. Also, we would advise to transform the office to a bigger space where innovation and creativity can be sparked. Moreover, the physical setting needs to be more safer without wires and any hazards.


Loud & Clear, the monthly magazine has been the only consecutive magazine in the Maldivian economy for more than two years and have been successful immensely. Following a flat, matrix structure as an organization, Loud & Clear has three departments which the responsibility falls on the senior executives followed by junior executives. The departments are Content Department where all the material that the magazine publishes each month. Marketing Department where the recruiting organizations, attaining clients, following up on their thoughts and keeping them satisfied take place. The responsibilities of the Sales and Distribution Department deal with allotment and the delivering of Loud & Clear monthly magazines to clients and subscribers. Following the written communication within the organization and oral and written communication externally, Vishahu (2011) believes that excellent communication is key to a successful organization.