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Investment Banking Services For First Trade Global Holdings:-

Advisory Services:-

As clients' needs become increasingly complex and their investment aims worldwide, they can only use customized strategic advice along with access to a full range of investment banking services. We assist clients in achieving their objectives through M&A advice as well as providing debt, equity and other capital raising services. We combine our industry and country-specific groups' expertise together with the firm's product expertise to deliver efficient solutions to the ever-changing financial and personal needs of clients.

With our track record of product innovation, our sizeable portfolio of businesses, and our expanding global footprint and reach, the Investment Banking facilities offered by FTGH is well-positioned to address the varied and ever-changing needs of our investing and corporate clients. FTGH invests continuously in the development of effective solutions that are responsive to our clients' specialized needs.

The division is organized into a number of regional, industry and product groups. Industries covered include:

  • Healthcare

  • Media

  • Real Estate

  • Education

  • Technology

  • Communications

  • Financial Institutions

  • Financial Sponsors

Experience And Trusted Advice:-

We see many firm-wide transactions occur per year and have been involved in:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Divestitures

  • Equity block sales

  • Investment hedges

  • Deal negotiations

  • Risk reduction strategies for large capital flows

Mergers And Acquisitions:-

FTGH is a leading merger and acquisitions advisory firm today in Europe, along with operations in India and the Middle-East, giving it a global view of some of the hotspots in the global M&A industry. The firm's in-depth expertise extends to a wide range of strategic M&A transactions, including asset purchases and dispositions, restructurings and reorganizations, divestitures, joint ventures, recapitalizations, spin-offs, exchange offers, leveraged buyouts and takeover defenses as well as shareholder relations. FTGH's M&A department devises and executes innovative, customized solutions to our clients' most challenging issues.

The M&A business is a critical component underpinning the firm's global integrated model and leading financing franchise. FTGH applies its extensive experience with global industries, regions and banking products to meet our clients' short- and long-term strategic objectives.


Restructuring services offered by the firm includes core competencies to clients who are experiencing liquidity or operating problems. The firm seeks to assist clients in creating liquidity, providing financial stability for operations while a new financial structure is put in place, hence restoring confidence in the company, both internally and externally. FTGH can act as an agent on behalf of corporate clients to access the capital markets or provide financing and M&A restructuring advice to buyers of distressed companies and/or assets in a wide variety of markets, especially in our established markets of UK and Germany.

Equity Capital Markets:-

FTGH offers a large choice of customized outcomes to both our investor and issuer clients alike from IPOs to equity related products and services along with full trading capabilities. We regularly update and modify our product offerings to supply our clients, both existing and potential, innovative ideas, high quality trade execution and the latest top quality tools for today's varying markets.

We offer our clients the following products and services:

  • Trade execution services across a number of countries, particularly in the UK, where we are regulated by the FSA, and in Germany, with the same facilities offered in the Middle-East and India.

  • Provide corporate financial passporting facilities to clients in order to facilitate their transfer of funds across borders.

  • Conversion services across a wide range of asset classes.

  • Competitive pricing and structuring for new equity-linked issuances, innovative ways to increase conversion premiums for issuers.

  • Equity structuring and sales services in both the primary and secondary markets. We also handle follow-on offerings for our clients where desired or necessary.

Debt Capital Markets:-

FTGH's specialists are responsible for all fixed income capital raising activities undertaken for our clients internationally.

Credit Markets:-

Structured Credit:

Structured credit products are utilized by our customers to attain their financial goals.


Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) are specialized fixed income securities with cash flows linked to the achievements debt instruments at maturity. The Issuers of CDOs are many, but some are banks (both commercial and specialized), insurance companies and money market funds, who use the products to predominantly gain access to short term funds. CDOs are a promising new financial asset category that offers value to investors and are rated by the major rating agencies like Standard & Poor and Moody's.

Foreign Exchange Capital Markets:-

Responsible for helping our global clients to analyze and structure foreign exchange hedging solutions to avert risk arising from cross-border acquisitions, divestitures and capital raising activities.

Private Placement:-

FTGH has the personnel with the capabilities to deliver world-class private funding.

Our financial advisors provide our clients with contact to premium investors resulting in our clients' profiles being elevated within the investment field.

This widespread division of labor design leads to better pricing, rapid achievement of transactions and results in several of our clients using our expertise for follow-on financing or advisory work.

Private Investment Banking:-

Complex requirements can require innovative solutions. Our investment banking experts excel at coming up with answers to the most challenging questions.

For clients such as family offices and entrepreneurs, who often have highly complex financial affairs and very particular requirements, our integrated capabilities are a powerful advantage in pursuing individual goals.

We have a dedicated team of investment banking professionals that specializes in providing customized solutions to help protect and grow personal wealth and corporate assets. Common scenarios include:

  • Financing growth

  • Leveraging assets

  • Hedging to minimize risk

  • Creating tailor-made structures to achieve individual objectives

Whatever you want to achieve, our team will work with you and your Relationship Manager to create an individual solution that can address your immediate goals but also fit within your long-term strategy. We always look at the bigger picture.

Wealth Planning:-

By understanding your needs and drawing on experience, our personnel can advise you on how to keep your wealth safe for future generations.

Effective wealth planning comes from having genuine insight into your individual needs and circumstances, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the different legal vehicles available.