Introduction To Biotechnology Business Essay


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In its purest form, the term "Biotechnology" refers to the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine and other fileds that help improve human health and human environment. Biotechnology has applications in four major industrials areas, including food science, medicine, the environment and agriculture. Research is rapidly expanding the possibilities of where it will be used next. Let look at how the advanced biotechnology and biotechnology-based research assist human lives and environment to solve today's most compromising problems in the world.

For human health/ medical:

Biotechnology tools and techniques open new research avenues for discovering how healthy bodies work and what goes wrong when problems arise. Countless breakthroughs in biotechnology, such as vaccines, medications and diagnostic testing, have revolutionized health care and changed the way we think about and treat disease.

Disease Treatment - The biotech companies are studying and using the skills to discover and develop new biotech therapies.

Chronic Disease - Chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes are ongoing, generally incurable illnesses. Biotech scientists are developing improved methods for diagnosing, treating and preventing chronic disease.

Global Health - Infectious diseases are the second leading cause of death worldwide each year. By isolating antigens and producing them in the laboratory, biotech researchers are developing innovative vaccines against infectious diseases. Through close collaboration with governments and non-governmental organizations, there is hope that biotech companies may develop better treatments for neglected diseases such as Chagas, Dengue, African Sleeping Sickness, and Leishmaniasis.

For the fuel/energy:

Industrial biotechnology is reducing waste and improving industrial processes and fuels. These measures are helping conserve energy, stabilize the climate and clean up the environment. For the U.S., industrial biotechnology presents a solution to key national imperatives: economic development and energy independence.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases - Biotechnology scientists are successfully producing fuels, chemicals, materials and other products in ways that greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biotech tools and technologies decrease the production of carbon dioxide in industrial manufacturing so much so that for every 16.5 tons of carbon dioxide emitted by traditional industrial processes, a biotech industrial process emits only one. Biodegradable non-pollutants fuel most biotech industrial processes. As a result, the byproducts of these processes are also generally biodegradable non-pollutants.

For the food and agricultural:

With the advanced agricultural biotechnology, it able helps provide for seven billions people by generationg higher crop yields and improved animals genetics, developing biotech crops that better resist threats with fewer pesticide applications, and enchancing the nutrition profile of crops and animals. Biotechnology is allowing societies to do all of these things in an envirnonmentally sustainable way, while also fueling the economy.

Food Security - With rising incomes, associated food demands, the global population increasing rapidly and the vast majority of arable land already in production, the future of humankind depends on increasing agricultural yields. Agricultural biotechnology helps provide enough food to meet global demands by increasing crop yields, productivity and improving animal health and quality.

Nutrition, Value & Choice - Research in agricultural biotechnology has helped produce more nutritious and healthful foods. Biotech experts develop crops with enhanced nutrition profiles that address vitamin and nutrient deficiencies and improve food and crop oil content, which can aid in cardiovascular health.

Agricultural Sustainability - The expanding global population is placing ever-increasing demands on land, water, energy and natural resources, and the use and consumption of these resources have an impact on the global environment. Biotechnology promises global agriculture and forestry that is both more productive and environmentally sustainable.

Key Player in biotechnology

Amgen Inc. (Amgen) is an independent biotechnology medicines company. The company focusing on discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing medicines for grievous illnesses. It focuses on human therapeutics and concentrates on medicines based on advances in cellular and molecular biology. The company markets therapeutic products in the field of supportive cancer care, nephrology and inflammation. The company focuses on research and development (R&D) activities to develop novel human therapeutics. Amgen is headquartered in California, the US. Agmen currently has about 17,000 staffs worldwide and the revenue of the company is keep increasing from years to years.

Monsanto Company is a multinational agricultural biotechnology coporation which headquatered in United States. The company was the world's leading producer for the genetically engineered seed. Monsanto is providing 90% technology of the world's genetically engineered seeds. Monsanto focusing on developing and marketing of genetically seed and bovine growth hormone. Besides that, the primary target of the Monsanto is to make the crops seed industry as the alter-globalization movement. The company has grown to more than 21,700 employees in locations spanning the globe and the revenue reached 11 billion USD on 2009.

Abengoa Bioenergy New Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in early 2003 to position Abengoa Bioenergy as the leading innovator in the Bioenergy industry. ABNT mission is to develop leading edge processing technology for ethanol production and co-products. Its growth strategy is based in improving cost-efficient manufacturing technologies, increasing production and euro market and developing advanced biomass-to-biofuels conversion technologies. R&D activities are devoted to produce bioethanol from cellulose biomass and the development of new bioethanol-based products. Abengoa is a technological company that applies innovative solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructures, environment and energy sectors.

Product and services

There are different products and service provided by agricultural, energy and medical fields. The most important service provided by biomedical is developing innovative vaccines against infectious diseases and pandemic that may affect millions around the world. For agricultural fields, experts can develop crops with enhanced nutrition profiles that address vitamin and improve food which can aid human health. Lastly, with plant-based biofules, it greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Example, first generation of biofules,corn ethanol able to produce 19 percent and 52 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline.

Part 2: Introduction of Human Resource

Human resource management is a core key to push up the business to success which can maximize return on investment and minimize the financial risk with good strategy. Their action and decision made can be direct impact on the workforce and bringing the motivation to achieve business objectives. Besides that, human resource requires to observe worker performance and ensure they are really doing their job and human resource also require motivating worker all the times. The responsibilities of human resource such as tracking numerous information data, point for each workers, recruitment, selection, worker performance control, keep track personal information which consists of history, personal skill, capabilities, payroll records and etc.

What different between HRMS and HRIS?



HRIS as a system used by human resources departments to track workers and information. A HRIS is often a database system or a series of inter-related databases.

HRMS is a software application that combines many human resources functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package.

Less comprehensive

more comprehensive than HRIS

Low cost


Why HSBC used HRMS instead of HRIS?

HRMS is a suit of package software application that including all the human resource functions, even though it is slightly expensive than HRIS, but HRMS is long term plan and strategy. HRMS is applied into large company because large company is difficult to embed a new system at another days, it is because due to the rule, law and policy issues and the new system must approval by layer by layer permission and cause delay at the end.

How do HSBC use HRMS to manage resources?

The large company used Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to solve the manual workload of human resource department and increase the effectiveness of the workload. HRMS help to increase higher administrative control and allow examining the worker performance where require HRMS to keep track the many information of workers, if there is no such system available in HSBC Human Resource Department, the workers workload will be increase very much and unable under manage the resources. HRMS can keep track and calculate the time of workers and generate paycheck and worker tax reports efficiency. Below are functions details that help to manage resource at HSBC.

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Functions

The payroll module effectively result in decrease workload of HR department which the payroll process might auto generate pay checks and keep track workers time and attendance to deliver the worker tax report on time without error occurs. Other than that, payroll module able to calculates payment, deductions and taxes. At the fundamental level, Data is actually written by human resources and time keeping modules from paper based time sheets. For next level, the time keeping is integrate with the clock system to get the international time and once the data is send to the payroll module, it will send the accounting information and gather worker related transactions as well as integrate with existing financial management systems to work on the tasks. For example, once payroll module completes calculated payment, it will pass the data to certain system to generate paycheck and worker tax reports.

Time and labor management module is a method to collect and analysis worker timekeeping information with time collection devices. It cost effectively for organization to gather information because it apply cost analysis and efficiency metrics as primary functions. The wide data collection approach can be demonstrated on advance modules. Thus, the data from the time keeping device can be used in calculate in payroll module. Therefore, this module is a main element because it can provide management with valuable data to perform cost accounting capability and task completed within the company.

Benefit administration module provide a system for company to easily administer with the service to monitoring the worker attendance or participation in benefit programs provided. Typically these programs are some or the health program such as healthcare provider, health insurance, insurance policy, compensation, profit sharing and retirement plan and etc. these program satisfy some older worker who may retire soon and to get the benefit from this benefit administration module.

HR management module is a module to provide effectively managing the human capital pool (HCP) available within the company. It purpose to use on training, position assign, skill management and etc. furthermore, it cover all other Human resource aspects from application to retirement. This HR management module can be record or keep track the number of worker within the company, address, selection, workers skill management, compensation planning record, training and development and so on. For the advance HR management module can involves the recruitment, placement, evaluation, compensation and management of worker within a company. For example, Human resource module can automate process the positioning assignment to applicant and retrieval and store all the aspect data to the database.

Human Resource Management System Supplier

There are some popular supplier for HR system such as SAP organization, Oracle Enterprise, PeopleSoft Company, Lawson and etc.

Part 3: Candidate Evaluation

Candidate A

Candidate A has a very good experience in project management. He has worked as an Assistant Project Manager before in a local company. He is able to cope with the changes within 1 month time according to his self-description. Other than that, we have prepared a short question to test the analytical skill. He corrects half of the questions within the given time frame. There are some questions related to the delegation of development tasks and design, however he only able to get half of the marks. In term of people skill, he admitted he has once quarreled with his subordinate because of the deadline issue. So from there, his aliasing skill with vendor and problem solving skills get very low marks. His total score is 59.5.

Candidate B

Candidate B is come from a multinational firm with 7 years working experience as the Project Manager. His analytical skill is very good as he has a very strong critical thinking, very well in tasks distribution, very sensitive in technology news, excellent people skill and has good relationship among the vendors. Anyway, his problem solving skill is moderated as he is not really creative in solving the various problems nowadays. His rich experience helped him a lot. His total score is 92.

Candidate C

Candidate C has 2 years working experience from a local software house. He has good experience in technical knowledge and development site. Anyway, he doesn't have any experience in managing a project. So, he only gets the average marks for all the criteria. His total score is 55.

Candidate D

Candidate D is the fresh graduate. It's not suitable for him to take up the Project Manager position as he is not really familiar with the department as well as the responsibilities of project manager. Anyway, he has good attitude and strong problem solving skills due to he is actively involved in co-curriculum in school and was holding some decision making position. His total score is 43.

As a conclusion, Candidate B is selected due to his highest score, 92% among the rest.



Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Candidate 3

Candidate 4

Has good project management experience






Has fast respond in the changing environment






Has strong analytical skill






Good in faciliate design and development work






Sensitive in latest technology used in IT






Has good people skill






Has strong alias skill with external vendors, providers that are part of the project






Has strong problem solving skills






 Weighted Project Scores






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