International business operation

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Proposed title

What type of international business operation and expansion strategies use to expand business. A case study of “magical homes Dubai”.


Term business can be defined as “ exchanging goods and services for the motive of profit”, and when we defined the business on internationally then it could be defined as “The economic system of exchanging good and services, conducted between individuals and businesses in multiple countries”. it can also be defined as “The specific entities, such as multinational corporations (MNCs) and international business companies (IBCs), which engage in business between multiple countries”.

As my proposed title shows my focus is on expansion operations and strategies, adopted by any business organisation to expand or enhance their business globally and to discover the new markets. It include the all cross border business operation like legal framework of international business transactions, decision making procedures and any other issues faced in real business practices.

In terms of expansion, there are several strategies are used accordingly as,

  • Develop a New Market Segment or Move into New Geography

  • Start a Chain

  • Franchise or License

  • Join Forces / Strategic Alliance

  • Go Global

So property and housing industry cover a huge market of surplus. Despite of recent worst recession there is healthy market of property still exist. People still hoping for big business in this market as recession cut it back and global business of property open new era of investment.

Review Of Literature

As the title suggest that the focus point is the international strategies, which plays the key role in the growth and expansion of business on the international level. According to porter (1986) there are two types of strategies, ”international market entry strategy” and “international business strategy”.

International Market Entry Strategy

The pursuit of internationalisation process can be based different motivations, general objectives might be (robock/simmonds1989:55. Ghauri 2001:30):

Aims and Objectives

I am interested in getting information that raise the issues of expansion of business across the border and which business operation and strategies can be used to manage and enhanced the business globally. The factors which are directly influenced the business when expand globally.

It help create the new ways of

Research Methodologies

Problem Formulation

By conducting this research I want to know the following main things

  1. What positive impact expansion work brings to the organization?

  2. What factors can become the source of creativity when knowledge comes from different cultures?

  3. What are the problems and issues in a multicultural working environment?

  4. How can new strategies create?

  5. How can build up new expansion strategies accordingly?

  6. What type of operations should be adopt in new working environment effectively?

Type Of Study

This research is explanatory in which the phenomenon is described as it exists. The qualitative research is concerned with collecting observations. The participants of the study would be the manager middle managers or shift managers and all the workers working in the multicultural work environment. it involves the case study of the TESCO which is a retail joint and wide range of people from different cultural background are working in the TESCO all over the United Kingdom.

Research Instrument

The basic instruments to analyse my studies would be in the shape of the questionnaire. There would be three different types of the questionnaire required to be filled by the respondents one from the director second would be the managers and thirdly the workers of magical homes dubai.

Source Of Data

There are two sources of the data I will use for that the primary and the secondary. For the secondary data I will use journals, newspapers, books and internet and for the primary data I will use the questionnaire, interviews from the “magical homes dubai” employees and managers.

Sampling Plan

Three types of respondent will fill the questionnaires. Those respondents will be taken from the “magical homes dubai”.

Sampling Method

Each respondent will have equal choice of the selection thus Convenient Sampling Method will be selected. Kalton(1983)


I can use three types of questionnaires one for staff members one for directors. The way the questionnaire is designed effects the response , reliability and validity of the data. The interviewers can enhance the way by following ways:

a) Design the Individual questions carefully.

b) Proper layout of the questionnaire form.

c) And the clear explanation of the questionnaire.

Belson W.A (1983)

Questions will be the closed questions in the research proposal. These types of questions provide the alternative answer the respondent may be able to reply.