International Business And Operation Manager Business Essay

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Our company Elite Logistics was established in 1988. Our headquarter is located in Mumbai, India. Our company is India's most reputed public limited company. We are one of the India's most prestigious logistics and supply chain management partner, offering distinct facility across industries with integration of highly experienced people, process and advanced technology. We Elite Logistics empower our customer business by coordinating the operational and strategic prospective.

Elite Logistics have vast knowledge of supply chain management which includes many operations like planning, controlling, organizing and directing a good range of critical tasks achieved by persons in different provinces and culture and with multi language capabilities.

We are aware about coordinating different events like time, place and people which are essential for supply chain management. We have been continuously making institutions of highly talented specialists which are specially focusing on operating models that compound the clients business.

Our consulting and operation clients advancement team hand over logistics, operation strategy, procurement and sourcing planning, customer full service and service after sales.

Our portfolio speaks at our best experience, evolution and expertise. Elite Logistics works for various industries like pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, retail, telecom and most importantly consumer durable industry.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the ultimate Logistics and supply Chain Company which accomplishes offering accommodated services through confidence innovation with Excellency in services.

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve our customer business by offering them superior solutions while making a value which exceeds stakeholders' expectations.

Our Core Values

Trustworthiness: This is towards our customers, our work and our human resources. We try to build trust with every client and our employees. It is the fundamental key for our organization.

Respect: Our customers are treated with respect and with great honor as per their expectations. We give maximum receptiveness, respect and consideration for employees and other shareholders.

Distinctions: Distinctions and continuous innovations in our operations are the one which helps in measuring good growth and achievement. It will enhance learning expertise for our employees and value added to our clients.

Team work: our each and every team members and our partners have the ability to work in team with other workers, they are self-motivated people. Team work is the important factor for any venture to get succeed in market.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Our corporate social responsibility towards the society is to return back the equal amount what we get from the society we were operating in.

Industries we serve




Sports and Events



Our facilities

Global Logistics:

Elite Logistics Company provides the service of delivering the final consignment from one place to final destination through broad international network. Our company has skilled, experienced and specialized staff to manage the logistics requirement with global movements.


Our company provides faithful and warranted warehousing solutions which is an integral part of our customer supply chain. Elite Logistics is dedicated to multi distribution centers and has well equipped warehouse system and operations that assure the clients to get optimum level of operation efficiency.

Transportation and Distribution:

Elite Logistics works with the industries which have the best work practices like coding integrated delivery management systems. Our latest technological software ensures availability of information and connecting towards distribution.

Management and Human Resources

International Business and Operation Manager

Dhavalkumar patel is well organized person to suit this position. He has worked as a supply chain operation manager at ATLAS logistics for 10 years which is India's largest logistics company. He was responsible for organize, direct, manage, evaluate and are responsible for the operations and budget of warehouse facilities, including the identification of opportunities for warehousing operation improvements. Dhaval has good education background, he did his master's in business administration and he's working with us since last one year.

Dhaval consists of strong analytical skills, problem solving skills, and has good communication power which makes him good representative and coordinator for the international expansion of ELITE logistics and supply chain business. His previous experience make him strong employee as a project coordinator which will be beneficial to our organization.

Finance Operator

Mayank Maisuriya who is best in the field of financing has work experience for 5 years in DHL Ltd as a Finance operator in finance department. Mayank has done massive contribution for the success of an organisation by applying his knowledge and skills of his financing concepts and budgeting skills. He was the backbone of the DHL Company as he possess a good knowledge about the finance department which one of the essential department of the organisation and his decisions affects the whole organisation.

Mayank Maisuriya has a good academic background; he has completed his Master's in Business Administration major in finance and Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He has strong analytical skills with a good forecasting ability, computation skills with good interpersonal skills. All this skills and qualifications lead him to become part of the growth of ELITE Logistics. The adding value to the organisation is his finance management skills and communication skills.

Human Resource Manager

Hardik amreliya is well experienced person to be on this position. He has work experience of 5 years at reliance industries as a recruitment and personnel manager. He had a responsibility for recruiting new staff and improving performance by giving them training. He has a good knowledge about the human resource management as hardik has a degree of MHRD (ministry of human resource development).

Hardik is a goal oriented person and active team player with different skills. He has a good recruitment skill and good communication power that will help us in our project to recruit new employee. As a recruiter in reliance industries, he did many international projects which results good knowledge about the international culture. As per the experience and knowledge he will become good employee to help us in this project.

Marketing and Public Relations Officer:

Rahul Chavda who has achieved great heights in the field of marketing possesses good academic qualifications and experience to get selected for this reputed position. He has a very good experience for four years in ESSAR Steel ltd. He worked as a Marketing Manager in this well-known company, Firstly, he was selected as an assistant to marketing manager but because of his dedication and zeal in making good marketing decisions he was promoted to the marketing manager post.

Rahul Chavda holds a strong convincing power, good presentation skills and a communication power that helps him to achieve the trust of the target customers. Another very essential skill that he has is the interpersonal skills by which he can achieve the concept called customer relationship management. He has a good knowledge of multiple languages to create customer awareness which made him a good marketing manager at an international level.