Interchangability Of Creativity And Innovation Techniques

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'Often in common parlance the word creativity and innovation are used interchangeably. They shouldnt be, because while creativity implies coming up with ideas, its the bringing ideas to life that makes innovation the distinct undertaking it is (Davila et al,. 2006)

Keeping this statement in mind by Davila et al (2006), the researcher has gone through different text and papers, in order to find the difference or similarities in the two words, "Innovation" and "Creativity". It can be said that, innovation has different concept and on the other hand creativity is explained in different ways by the different scholars.

In order to evaluate the statement, firstly it is necessary to understand the both words and their meanings completely. This task would be done by understanding the terms, "Creativity" and "Innovation" by reviewing the literature of different authors for sake of finding different ideas. Secondly, a comparison is done after review, this part include the comparison, already done by few researcher and authors. Lastly, a critical review of the statement in the light of the literature mention in the document.


Creativity, it is words sounds like ability of being creative and its meanings could be, thinking of new ideas for the improvements of any individual or the organisation. Its been defined by different authors in the different aspects as per their knowledge and experience. Some of the definitions of the creativity to compare and understand it are given below,

According to Sloane P (2010), "Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual."

This definition emerge the idea of an ability of imagining something new, which could be original or it could be not-understandable.

Creativity gives concept that can be realized practically. We often collide words creativity because the majority of the companies is looked for also with assistance to creativity in the employees. Now great value for the organization to show the creative approach and should have creative workers for support in the modern competitive market. It is important, as creativity results in a brine of new production has great value.

Any organization today cannot survive in this competition in the world market if they still offer the same services and products for the clients. Creativity is not limited to manufacture of new types of production; creativity is maybe reflected on quality of services, servicing or any other type of services. Creativity is not limited specific area, in all areas of creativity can bring the best results.

"Creativity: the generation of new ideas by approaching problems or existing practices in innovative or imaginative ways… Creativity is linked to innovation, which is the process of taking a new idea and turning it into a market offering."

(Business: The Ultimate Resource, Bloomsbury, 2002)

"Psychological definitions of creativity generally contain two separate components. In the first place, creativity requires that we make or think something new, or a new combination of existing elements. This is the element of novelty or innovation… However, mere novelty is not enough. To be creative, the idea must also be useful, or valuable."

(Chris Bilton, 2007;3)

"'Creativity' is not the miraculous road to business growth and affluence that is so abundantly claimed these days… Those who extol the liberating virtues of corporate creativity… tend to confuse the getting of ideas with their implementation - that is, confuse creativity in the abstract with practical innovation."

(Theodore Levitt, 2006;172)

Creativity is very important today for the organizations. It is possible to consider it one of the basic company assets. Creativity comes from people, and people are most active for any business. Somewhat, all of us creative; When there is a problem, we find new decisions, thus, we became creative. If to take an example of people which for the first time have created search on the Internet, it is possible to consider as creativity of art work.

Today, almost all from us use e-mail. The first tool, e-mail which is developed it was possible to consider creative creativity. Other tools, such as e-mail with similar functionality can be added or be considered as a part of innovations.

Briefly, if we shall look around of our house, we will find that how we are a part of creativity. Is so a lot of prophetic around of us which form a part of creativity. All of us are creative or otherwise. For example, if we shall come around of any situation which requires the decision, we start to think about new ideas for the decision of a situation; we use our creative capacities. Many people do not know about when they use creativity.

The ideas on creativity, people have limited their creativity to the field of architecture only. However, it not likes that. Each field requires creativity in all areas; there are those who very creative when business reach electronic industry, the industries of the software, the industrial equipment, automobile, telecommunication


According to Luecke and Katz (2003 cited by Cascini G 2008), "Innovation . . . is generally understood as the successful introduction of a new thing or method . . . Innovation is the embodiment, combination, or synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant, valued new products, processes, or services."

The term, innovation is as important, as creativity. Some people think, conditions creativity and innovations are identical. However, they are not. There will be many distinctions between these two terms it to give out in the end of section. Briefly, creativity is thought out with new ideas and innovations about realization of these ideas. There is one more concept of innovative activity which as a whole are comprehensible.

Creativity is to think up a new product while innovations of improvements with this product. In other words, the innovation comes with products which already exist, however, with additional functions. Innovations very much key role in world affairs. The companies look for innovations as they cannot survive without innovations. In an innovation, it is very important, that innovative people.

According to Hakim L and Jin C (2010), "For innovation to occur, something more than the generation of a creative idea or insight is required: the insight must be put into action to make a genuine difference, resulting for example in new or altered business processes within the organisation, or changes in the products and services provided."

A further description of innovation can be as an management or organisational process. For example, Davila et al (2006 cited by Cascini G 2008), explained as, "Innovation, like many business functions, is a management process that requires specific tools, rules, and discipline."

"All innovation begins with creative ideas . . . We define innovation as the successful implementation of creative ideas within an organization" (Amabile et al,. 1996 cited by Fillis I 2005)

Such as creativity and innovation is also very important for today's organizations. Organisations cannot survive without innovation today. Most of the new companies are scared new things or innovative because it is often been resisted by the employees. However, it is worth the risk, when it comes to creativity and innovation.

If we consider the field of mobile phones will give us the best example of innovation. In few years time, mobile phone has become too small in size, it was room size in earlier days and now you can't find it in your pocket sometime.

Moreover, mobiles have now different facilities of different things. Most importantly, you can use internet on the mobile phone, it will connect you to the whole world in every aspects of life. All these happened, because of the creative thinking and innovation.

There are many competitors in the market of mobile phone, trying to introduce more facilities and many functions. Over here, it is better to mention about computers. Just imagine about the first computer and its size. Now you have almost all operation of computer in mobile phone. But still there is an example of IPAD. It is the most compact version of the computers. It is all describing about the innovations. It concludes the importance and the definition of innovation as well.

Creativity and Innovation:

"Innovation typically involves creativity, but is not identical to it: innovation involves acting on the creative ideas to make some specific and tangible difference in the domain in which the innovation occurs." (Amabile et al., 1996 cited by Hakim and Jin, 2010)

"Creativity is typically seen as the basis for innovation, and innovation as the successful implementation of creative ideas within an organization" (Amabile et al,. 1996 cited by Cooper C, 1998). In this view though creativity lies in individual but innovation is efforts of organisation.

Some people thought wrongly that the innovation and the creativity are the same, and these conditions or terms can be use alternatively, but the fact is, this is not true. These two concepts have many but entirely different attributes. Although some concepts are that they are similar, because they are very important for the organizations, because its result is a new thing etc. But, the innovation and the creativity are the different concepts, should not use alternately. The people have the different angle and approach about the innovation and the creativity.

Some people believed that the innovation is the creativity, the creativity which leads to starts a new mentality. Also some person of who believe that just like the title suggests that the creativity and the innovation are nearly same. Some people thought that the creativity is for a new idea and the innovation, is idea which implements and realizes earnestly. Regarding today's organization, the creativity and the innovation are the similarly important each part in its operation flow.

There is one kind of misunderstanding, the creativity and the innovation is the same. This fact is not true. One related view use innovation and creation terminology. Most people think that, the creativity is the advancement brings the new mentality regardless of the domain in which the idea can be made fit. That is the reason organisations seeks for candidate who has proven the skill creativity now. However, this is not unnecessary to have the creativity, because it can only provide the mentality, breeds these ideas is through actual execution anything is the known fact, the innovation. The innovation and the creativity are the different concepts, but similarly, they are also important.

There are few points, can be raised to review the statement critically,

Creativity is mostly intangible ideas but on other hand innovation is bringing ideas to life and making them tangible at some extent.

It is said that an idea or product created at first time is creativity and rest is innovation.

(McDonals D, 2007)

Innovation, is improving the products or services, which already exist in the organisation, but on the other hand creativity is introducing something new, which never exist.

Innovation can be monitored or testing of the product; however, since creativity is just an idea, it can't be measured unless the idea comes into being. (McGuinness, 2009)


After reviewing the statement in the divided part it is finalized that, Innovation and creativity are both the separate terms, some people born with the creative mind, some have the so much talent to do innovation, they use their creativity and talent in their business and make it successful, but when we talk about creativity and Innovation they are highly risk in business, very good example of Innovation is Apple I-Phone, when it was introduced, there was a high risk also that people might not use it, but when it was launched the result was different, People was accepting that new Innovation, and now company start making I-Pad, recently they launched the Ipad-2. In end we can say that creativity and Innovation is good for business, but there are highly risk and if company cope up the risk, the might go long way.

It is concluded that the creativity and innovation are two different words. They can't be used in the same meaning for the same purpose. Though they have a huge link in between, as creativity is the first step and then it is moved to the innovation. Innovation is lead by the creativity. Creativity is about an idea or the first thing but the innovation is completing that idea and to get the benefit from that creativity. Which could be a product or services for the organisation.

An Organisation needs to be creative or need creative employees in order to sustain in the business market, it is really very important of being creative in this competitive world. Creativity is not definitely a product only, it can be services.


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