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Employees are given the freedom to set objectives, allot the required resources and perform. Execution and strategy formulation is left to the discretion of employees due to the result-orientation of the employees, which results in superlative performance. A large amount of emphasis is placed on the training of resources. ITC provides further impetus to the result-orientation of the employees by giving middle and senior-level managers ESOPs, which is performance-linked. Therefore, ITC provides a healthy workplace environment which fosters creativity and initiative with performance and accountability.

iITC believes in the equality of all individuals and the basic right of employees to lead a life of dignity, both social and economic, irrespective of nationality, race, gender, religion or economic status. Therefore, ITC places a strong emphasis on the upholding of human rights as codified by the Universal Declaration and the Fundamental Human Rights Conventions of the ILO.

ITC's HR policy strongly conforms to international human rights standards, is completely against human rights abuses, and creates and nurtures a working environment where human rights are respected without prejudice.

Knowledge - ITC has a pool of highly qualified HR managers, who are recruited from India's best business schools. These managers are well-versed in dealing with all employee-related grievances and contingencies and ensure a highly-motivated and dedicated workforce.

Trust - ITC maintains absolute neutrality in dealing with people's grievances. The cornerstone of its policy is ensuring natural justice in the firm's interaction with its people and confidential handling of employees' grievances. Compliance with statutes and corporate policies is regularly monitored by the Corporate Internal Audit function, external statutory auditors and relevant statutory authorities, who are responsible for ensuring the framing, implementation and monitoring of these statutes.

Managerial capabilities - Management programs are present in order to develop managerial talent in-house. Identified managers are trained in various aspects of business administration in conjunction with various business schools. It also ensures that the employees and managers are up-to-date on skill levels with global contemporaries.

Organizational routines - The assessment procedures for different constituents of the Human Rights Policy are well-defined, hence there is clarity and trust regarding the operations of the HR department. Employees trust in the assessment and judgement policy followed by ITC, as it conducts its disciplinary procedures in strict conformity with the principles of natural justice and in accordance with the Company's Standing Orders and Standing Instructions at each business location.

There are well-designed policies in place for the implementation of the Human Rights Policy. The policy is implemented at all locations of ITC through a set of separate policies and procedures covering each of the main constituents of human rights applicable at the workplaces.


The working environment of the organization is excellent: this is the reason why employees are doing their work there and they are stable there.

Generally organization appointed the employees through the recommendations that is references even though other sources are there.

The employees are satisfied with the recruitment process of the organization.

Most of the employees consider that the salary increment policy is good.

Generally, ranking method is used in the organization for the performance appraisal system and with the promotion activities.

As they accept that the working environment is really good, this shows they are satisfied and the satisfaction of the employees of the organization is very necessary.

Lastly, the satisfied employees contribute more to the organization and this is the reason behind the continued growth of ITC.

Recommendations and suggestions:

The organization should keep an eye on the recruitment process they should recruit the employees from outside as well means from where they get the employees they should recruit them.

As the organization is growing faster, they should emphasize on the training programs even though their training programs are quite good.

Organization should regularly give the increment on the salary so that who are not satisfied they would become satisfied also.

Organization should analyze the training methods and should adopt those methods which are good for the employees and promotion activities should be good so that employees are satisfied as we know this is the basic requirement of the success. (Singh, 2009) [ii] 

Innovation resources

ITC's commitment to innovation and subsequent development of resources can be summarized by the words of Yogi Deveshwar, ITC Chairman:

"I have always believed that innovation is the elixir of growth in a competitive global business environment; more so in an emerging economy like India, as new opportunities emerge from a host of growth drivers.

ITC has pursued a 360-degree approach to encourage and enable innovation in the company. We recognize that cutting-edge R&D can foster breakthrough innovation and create powerful sources of sustainable competitive advantage. This vision has led to the establishment of a state-of-the-art R&D center at Bangalore. The unique construct of ITC in terms of its strong presence in agriculture, food and personal care businesses is enabling a convergence of R&D capabilities that is being leveraged to deliver future products aimed at nutrition, health and well-being" [iii] 

Ideas - ITC is committed to delivering world-class products and services. This requires a clear focus on continuously striving to create a higher value to customers by achieving excellence in all Company's operations. Business excellence calls for a passionate focus on technology, products, services, processes and an operating environment firmly anchored to an impregnable foundation of Quality.

ITC firmly believes that quality is not a specifically assignable task. It needs to be firmly rooted and institutionalized in the culture and value system of the Company. ITC nurtures a culture of striving for continuous improvement in quality, be it in products, services, systems or performance. The Company is committed to the establishment of systems and processes to promote organizational creativity and innovation. [iv] 

Scientific capabilities - The Company's R&D team collaborates with other centres of excellence, and leverages expertise from several leading institutes including the University of Agricultural Science, Bengaluru; Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru; CSIOR, Australia and CSIR, South Africa.

At ITC's Research & Development Centres at Bengaluru, Bhadrachalam and Rajahmundry, the Company has assembled a pool of world-class scientists focused on providing the requisite R&D support to its established and new businesses enabling the Company to consistently attain internationally benchmarked quality standards and constantly offer product innovations.

Capacity to innovate - A unique internal contest, 'Think Next' was launched on the occasion of ITC's centenary. This enterprise-wide competition is aimed at fostering innovation as a key driver for growth and a differentiator to remain competitively superior in the global marketplace. The contest would unfold over  the  following  months  and  reward the most innovative   ideas  from  among  ITC's  employees, touching  upon diverse areas like systems, product development,  knowledge  management  and other key processes.

Reputational resources

Reputation with customers - ITC has built its reputation on a commitment of providing quality products and value-added services while rapidly responding to domestic and international needs for high- performance products - helping customers to increase productivity and profitability. A primary strategy is enhanced customer intimacy. ITC constantly analyzes the needs of key customer segments around the world to develop a wide range of products for business, industry and educational uses. [v] 

Brand name - ITC enjoys a dominant position in several market segments spread across several products. As one of India's oldest brands, and one of the most respected, it has consistently put the nation ahead of narrow economic gains. Therefore, it has managed to achieve a synergy with the market which is indubitably one of the strongest in India.

Perceptions of product quality, durability and reliability - ITC's products are seen to be of the highest quality. This has been fostered by several years of strict compliance to standards and effective customer service. The quality standards of ITC's products are very high due to the following factors:

High level automation for defect-free products

Competent and trained manpower resources with global exposure

High degree of sensitivity to customer requirements and customer satisfaction


ITC has effectively used the resources at its disposal to create a veritable treasure trove of capabilities, which it has used to develop core competencies in various fields. Apart from existing capabilities, it has invested regularly in developing new capabilities that would help it to withstand competitive pressure, develop sustainable competitive advantages and increase growth and profitability.

Functional Areas



Extensive FMCG distribution network

Fast and effective sales ordering processes

Human Resources

Fostering innovation and result-orientation

Building in-house managerial talent

Ensuring employee satisfaction

Encouraging performance and accountability


Brand-building capability

Leveraging strong brand image to effectively promote products

Successfully manage high customer-service expectations


Excellence in corporate governance

Effective organizational structure

Ability to envision long-term plans

Capacity to aggressively pursue diversification strategies

Drive to pursue world-class competitiveness in all businesses

Ability to sustain multiple drivers of growth

Competent and trained workforce with global exposure


Strict compliance standards

High level of automation to reduce defects

Research & Development

World-class state-of-the-art technology

Constant innovation-focus