Innovation in the Automotive Sector Courtesy of Honda

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Honda is the leading production of automobiles which is recognized for its newest innovative ideas in the modeling of technical excellence in the automotive sector. What was taking pictures is the world leader overall and become the best car manufacturer in the world. This exploration goal to provide an overview of different applications, strategies, technology and innovation that is received from Honda to work with your company. In the past when looked regarding the automobile industry of Honda, a famous person named Soichiro Honda established the Honda industry. Soichiro regularly worked in a car shed in the school day where he made himself qualified in the automobile region and also thought about the machine working process. Soichiro in the age of 30 possessed workshop successfully which provides piston rings in Japan to Toyota Corporation. Soichiro from the workshop of interest developed in the automotive industry and subsequently urbanized a two-wheeler industry of vehicle. In World War II period, Japan was in laciness economy and source. At that period, Honda has contributed to the country and provides bicycle for the army, to end this model bicycle has been replaced for motor cycle. From that time own motor cycles was made by Soichiro. With help in some form of debt financing by banks "Honda Motor Company" in 1948 was established by Soichiro. In a few years, Soichiro pioneered many motorcycles in the market, which was very popular during this period. After the successful organization of the entity Soichiro fuelled by the export and marketing of cars. In 1959, Honda was the most popular car in the world. In 1963, Honda entered the market for vehicles with four-wheel drive model with T360 and S500 mini-sports car. Soichiro always think of technical support and new confront for new modernization. The preliminary 4-wheel drive S-500, presented by Honda illustrated in the following image.

Following the successful launch of the Honda S-500 model every time it has presented numerous contemporary models as the years passed. The whole life of Soichiro was dedicated to bring their business to the world topmost. Soichiro drove each model of car, produced by Honda up to 1965. After he has left this world in 1991, the company has entered into new epoch. Soichiro death is a major loss for automotive technology. Later Soichiro Honda died the company has hired Nobuihiko Kawamoto as organization CEO (Eric M.olson, Orville C. Walker and Robert W. Rukert, 1995).


To develop the automotive industry with new products is an essential task and material interest in business success. Honda needs to innovative contemporary products so it can put on the list of competitors. All deposits to the marketing success Freed framework should be paid "consider Honda Short pay medical factors on customer needs reconstruction and the satisfaction of this factor to maximize its locked clients and the strategy. Honda could obtain help in relation for best results, technological innovations; the notion Latest Who needs the customer for long. Pour technological innovations with new car sales Honda, Honda products for electronics products and other things that can increase the profitability of the company stimulating. competitive position in combination in the world, most car manufacturers such as Honda willing to try new to pay for products innovations to overcome the pressure of the competitors meeting. Maximize customer and the need to limit your departure. These charges show limits of their market position and companies. The Marketing strategy in Ontario is an important role in product development and design, making Organization congener's profits. As director of the rapid development of new products at Honda should be in FAR to establish a plan similar to Labor Resource Efficient built to facilitate mobility within the organization. Various sizes are to make the examination of the development of the new products with the car. Honda customer's aware individual's means of development before she's up to introduce new products on the market.

Objectives of the new product

Honda customers have different objectives and ways to meet customer needs, below is a project implemented in the organization's objectives,

If a product is introduced on the roads, the main markets of the destination host.

Overcoming the share of foreign competition on the market.

To eliminate and prevent damage compared to other competitors.

Efficient use of production facilities.

Take advantage of new technology to get rid of old technology.

The objective is to develop new products involves many aspects, and also has many functions. Management objectives and the decision to involve money so keep a good product on the market for all members of the team responsible for strategy development.

If you're ready to see the different versions of Honda vehicles in the Asian market, innovative vehicle called the version of the Honda City series was presented. Honda City is very well built with all its luxury clothes. Honda City is a model of the luxury car of Honda engines for the existence of the Asian market in 1981 produced. Honda City is a specialized version of the Honda Fit Aria, which was prepared 2002nd this is a small car with five doors coincidences and jazz. On the other hand Honda City has been the Asian market with high expectations for affected producers. The latest version of the Honda City 1.5 I-VTEC engine has been pre-ordered is manually and automatically. Vetco has other I-Honda-mounted energy production in the city at 6000 rpm and maximum torque at about 4700rpm. What is the size of the new Honda City is suffering from the unbelievable length of 4420 mm and 1695mm width is the distance from an area of about 15 mm. Honda City engine power is about 1497 cc fuel-efficiency of 42 liters. The latest version of the Honda City is, in a voice that reaches the wireless USB connection. It also offers the latest devices like the iPod in the car audio system, benefits, travel, said with joy. The latest mobile audio system is also a sense of ease. All new Honda City is fully automatic functions such as automatic headlights, power windows, airbags, anti-lock brakes, breaking the high turnout and a great body of the latest technology on the G-Con constructed. In front of the car is built, what it can to ensure the safety of pedestrians can be easily traced back to the car in front. Honda City is available on the market for six characters of the Black Pearl Metallic Crystal Pearl Habenero Polished Red, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Bold Beige white satin and metallic colors. Today, an engine, Honda has launched a new version of the Honda City market in the name of VTEC City ZX (Auto News, 2008).

Action Auto industry includes a variety of tools to analyze marketing strategy. The SWOT analysis is a perfect tool for the risks to the strengths, weaknesses, analyze, and all other factors are involved in this business plan. This type of risk analysis on a different destination which is used to determine the factors that contributes to identify the implementation of internal and external. SWOT analysis is always about internal and external factors as well groups of all data, two strategies, namely

Internal factors are the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. External factors included, the sector the opportunities and dangers in the outside world.

SWOT analysis is a process of classification and weaknesses. Internal factors are the views of the business objectives and external factors are based economic issues, legislation and changes in social culture (Dublin, 2010)

To develop the product generated by the tourism industry is a big task. The majorities of executives of car manufacturers plan to work are aware and adopt mechanisms for monitoring work and to develop its products. Objectives for the automotive industry is divided into four groups, such as developing the concept of motor development, technology centers, and classified in different automotive products. Development theory includes a discussion of the various intrigues of various goods and targets. Discover the new and revolutionary ideas will help maintain its market position. The theory seems concept car is displayed. Another theory of evolution is an entirely new design principle. The main purpose machines to learn the information on existing buildings in the concept of the machine. This strategy includes the development of various manufacturing processes and machine assembly. Honda engineers have a particular focus on the production style of specialty automotive and different tasks, such as funds, a frame body, and engineering the right engine. The last step in the process of management planning, treatment of the production process of this activity is also known as a genius. All automakers Honda and needs of the operational area of the business are identified by its engineers and a new and more specialized. Most Honda engineers working on different products and complete the objective of the organization. These books are managed by the administrator to ensure that work. Honda engineers are convinced that consistency is the only way to build the perfect vehicle (Kim B. Clark, Steven C. Wheelwright, 1993).

Task 2

How to start a company in the industry, all with capital is to develop its products primarily to the property manager for the organization through five successful start-ups. You can write to the establishment of the company may be able to work with all dedication to the commitment of the company. Most businesses were operating without the knowledge society.

 This will help the organizational structure of the company. A person, who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of the company's unwavering commitment to the organization. Much of the organization begins to understand their business without regard to enterprise development. The new business organization can identify the skills and from business. If an organization is not aware of this work, you can enjoy a recruiter. Business knowledge is important and plays a key role in the functioning of the organization. Funds and money from the company to begin is for finding adequate resources for the company. A result of the money is for business, because without hoping of returns in the early days of the business is essential. If the company does not collect money by themselves, they can borrow fifty percent of the money from financial institutions. A company can borrow 12% of funding for private loans, three percent of independents. Most companies use the cards to finance your business. Assets such as savings, real estate, credit cards, and donors may start new business efforts. A thriving business based on the home page of Barbara and James, money can be friends to start a family, and even fifty percent of the company to strengthen the organization. Although all the above discussion is very useful for business development this work will also help companies create and manage information for the implementation of the new company (Susan Ward, 2010).

Limousines capacity can be achieved in two ways. The first approach to the selection of cars features that customers want and the feeling that some luxury cars. This method allows users who want to be liked the car for best performance and quality. The main feature is a selection of car safety using this product. Although the owner of a new car buyer is aware of its internal devices, such as Chester, this method helps the individual to increase the body into a broad framework to be some interruptions, which are always carried out. Later this technique was replaced by a 1900 four-wheel drive and brake system provides incentives to increase safety. At work, you can also see different approaches to customers' selection of new vehicles for their needs. The entire world is a judge owns a small car. Although the purchase of new cars has been included in the customer's point is also involved in many issues such as accessibility, complexity, durability and safety, prices and insurance premiums. Customers also feel that the best mileage you need before making a purchase. If the institution can then customers should be able to satisfy the customer offer, their needs, guiding non-profit organization. There are several methods that are based on the market that supports the discussion on the above subject. Some of these methods PEST analysis SWOT analysis and financial analysis is commonly used in different institutions to determine their status and the ability of other companies. This type of technology enables the organization to fully understand the basic of individuals to win, and this method is also a detailed overview of new methods of analysis of various themes.

Otto production companies such as Honda, the company is able to continue their efforts in providing basic resources needed to support present in the process of production and innovation of new services and systems to customers. Honda is an expert in customer advantage of the latest trends in technology development in a very short time to finish. Application of new technology must be considered a huge increase in production of products. Resources used in the production,


the automotive industry, is primarily virgin steel and plastics based on petroleum products and base year vinyl for modelling the raw material. Most companies use light to reduce their investments.


Most of the industry, the automotive industry manufactures its products in the industry, rather than other sources. Some parts are not held in the truck or rail industrial systems business, and make the most of these pieces is a start.

The term is defined at the beginning of the body on the ground. This platform includes a base on which the whole body and all other parts of the car and installed. First the conditions across the way and recognized in the society. Subsequently, this framework to the section in which everything is put in the work was done the transfer. It is the inside of the work would be for components such as gas tanks, barrels, wheels, suspension and brakes, etc. This representation is much more powerful Honda understanding and modelling of a new product.

Most of the automotive industry in using robots instead of humans for the production of products at different stages, at first automobile, the parts of the ground to be attached to the robot at the beginning of the spring body. The working document at this point to the radiators and bolts of the manufactured product is connected. As a major component of joint become spam bots weighted effective are the safest way to work.

Manufacturing Council

Plan is the organ in which all the keys and the plates are bolted together to strengthen it. When the solid body moves downward combined with fasteners located in the vehicle tank. It's the same formula as the roof and all other parties to meet. The robot can seek employment in the automotive industry with a load of 200 pounds of the exact location. Manufacturing plant should be considered separately. Several modules of welding robots are hosted by a zigzag for effective welding. Completed in the system design is then fed into the process of body painting.

Painting Structure

Before painting the process, a series of inspections shall be made only with the body. Then that body by the white point, which is destroyed, the whip of tire materials that are immersed in oil controls. Once this is complete, the body is moved to the cleanup. In this segment of the structure is clean electrostatic painting and paint. This process is called E-Coat. If the e-process is final, and exchange controls are in place on the body.

Both modern automobile has reached the highest peak of the market. Many studies and discussions were held to determine the ability and drive to the user, while the globalization has received in this area on increased investment in growth. Asian countries like India, the impact of globalization on a complete change in the reform of the car. Most companies with new products on the market, the adaptability of the struggle for the test purchasing customers. Numerous studies have shown that most customers are always taken into account as a new car that is integrated into a variety of luxury features the latest trends in technology. Extensive excavations carried out, using new methods and strategies for the development of the car on the Asian market. Customer feedback shows that most new buyers of hybrid cars and biofuels are concerned, with many features. In India, cars on the market demand for hybrid cars in high demand, so these types of jobs. Today, the automotive industry has increased the leadership efforts bile. Many pieces are imported rather than home. Companies such as Honda became the world leader in the automotive industry. Many companies offer e-commerce customers. In addition, organizations such as Autobytel provide a financing plan for customers who make a purchase on sedans. These services are offered good security management. Some reference to the customer that the car top view of the discussion on the support of features is,

The current trend in market research and marketing. Aspect of the globalization of industry and tourism

Automotive strategy.

Politics and business. Car dealership.

Manufacturer's replacement parts.

Impact on the industry on electronic commerce.

Telemetry and construction of the car.

The latest features and energy efficiency of cars.

This type of organization for the prediction of different methods of choosing the perfect car all properties, car manufacturers must also take into account the basic strategy of valuable prize,

The plant to reduce emissions and fuel consumption is a key factor in maintaining standards.

Consider hybrid cars to market.

The application of the latest trend in technology for electric cars. A slow vehicle departure.

Driving vehicles with gas.

A strong institution security and interior design.

The presentation is very predictable for the selection of a new car with the desired in modern times (Dublin, 2010)

The analysis of different structures can be predicted using SWOT analysis technique that helps to assess the value of the infrastructure. This method of analysis is the history, structure and infrastructure to study economics. This work cannot say Honda is a leading automaker in the world. Honda operates worldwide, but it is in Japan. SWOT analysis determines is of general interest for Honda Corporation in 2009, approximately 100,112.4 million, said in its annual report. These statistics are somewhat when he discovered the 2008 annual report. This decrease was the exchange rate and a reduction in the translation of net sales. The first victory in 2009 was approximately $ 1.869.4 80% drop in sales when he studied in the 2008 report. Operating income in 2009 was approximately U.S. $ 1,370.1 million, a decrease of 77.2% in 2008. This method of analysis is very important for the company to examine the internal and external factors. The company's sales and marketing can use this method of analysis can be predicted. Implementation so that this types of technology from a company a lot of regular contact with customers so far are the above figures (Moniter data, 2010).

Honda could be a form of structural and functional aspects of the improved performance. Innovation can be seen with new ideas or products that are the perfect company to help the user. In modern times, new and innovative divided into five segments. The new category includes the use of cars to their customers. Customers receive the products you want internal and external. External marketing includes a variety of services in the organization by other companies. Internal product development will be created and sent to the company. The internal work carries much greater risk because the amount of combined income than the product of the company. Strategic partnerships, collaboration, licensing and joint ventures may, sources and if the company has made more than two associated with product development. New ideas from different customers are also useful for product development. Most new ideas are to create a successful presence on the market, which in turn leads to the development. A detailed view of product development is shown in Fig.

Fig: New Product Development Process Factors, Strategies

Find another form of identification has better ideas, suitable for further action. The third step in the review and evaluation of policy research to marketing strategy. Ideas for new products are tested and re-invoicing. Internet is a source would be better to collect data and are used on the client the next step in business analysis stage. In this method, ideas for new products based on market price and categorized. Upon completion of all activities that are considered to be the perfect idea and write an appropriate action. And the idea is the role of collection agent necessary is the final step in the development of the prototype. In this method, the idea became a product development. Commercialization all products and are of high risk. There are many sources of information when looking after the successful launch is to take, product adoption calendar, promotion, acceptance, the timing of the start, to promote the product in a variety of, media and publishing marketing strategy.

Task 3

Of the new products in the market is a daunting task for the automotive industry. Before the innovation of new products, Honda could not afford to collect information on the marketing strategy for the Asian market. Honda has used the model of 4c and PEST Analysis is a thorough understanding of market strategy. 4P model is one of the best ways to get the different options in the product on the market. 4P model was first described in 1960 by EJ McCarthy. 4P abbreviated as follows;





These are the variables that help administrators to manage and objectives of the market. The marketing strategy 4c theoretical model, a detailed example of the marketing mix, service providers Honda is common,


Cars are

The city of Honda Jazz 2008 Honda Civic and 2008 Honda Accord Hybrid Honda Civic Honda CR-V


Design and Imaging

External views Honda car manufacturing incredible design, built great for its competitors.


multidimensional adaptation of internal controls is excellent; sound is based on process, sound system with your iPhone or iPod touch seat comfort and safety equipment such as airbags.

Performance, the engine and gearbox

Honda produces cars in the, I-VTEC engine with a wide gear ratios, gear,, cursor control independent front suspension built to ABS, EBD, and most of the equipment of the vehicle.


Honda cars more expensive to produce compared to other vehicle components. Honda is aiming at people seems to be a very good range of automotive design and innovation. Here are some of the price list, Honda has done.


Honda has launched the latest version of the Honda City 1997, loved by its customers into life and is a technology miracle. The company is still able to produce 100 million vehicles a year.


Honda has a factory in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Plant and others due to open in Rajasthan, with a capacity of 1000000 units / year


Honda is known for its innovation and brand known. The company did not happen, as we encourage aggression, but the quest for quality and brand to customers. Each car produced in sales of the Honda car company in the upper reaches of the city. Inform the Honda is always ready to extend the brand, the new technologies to concentrate. Honda is also planning television advertising as a champion of the brand. Honda is not much interest in the promotion of hybrid vehicles, the release of the product. Honda is promoting in particular, to their products in most magazines and newspapers (Marketing Mix 2010)

Another strategy for marketing purposes is the PEST analysis of a new product. This analysis is used to analyze the impact of external factors such as political, economic, social and technological. These factors can act a threat to the Companies. Instead, a change in external quality also creates the possibility that most of these factors. Most external factors are in each country, and this analysis is used to perform a variety of interests. Consider the following examples of factors, PEST analysis.

Political Analysis

Political stability.

The risk of military action.

Enforce legal work.

Protection of assets.

Fair Trade.

Trading partners.

Competition Law.

Price regulation.

Types of tax incentives.

Minimum and maximum salary.

The poor performance of labor productivity.

The interests of workers are needed.

Health and safety.

Labeling regulations.

Economic analysis

different models of economic activity

State support for assistance.

Case of the country.

Funding for the stability of the institution of the country.

Efficiency of financial markets. The quality of infrastructure.

Registration of qualified workers.

The work. The business process.

Economic growth.

Disposable income.

The unemployment rate.



Social Analysis


Class Contract


Culture capitalist spirit

Health, environmental awareness


Technology Analysis

Recent developments in equipment

Impact tools product line

The impact on the cost of the Constitution

The impact of the value chain

Contributing to the dissemination of technology

In practice, the company will monitor and prioritize the factors mentioned above, the devices referred to in the future. Although companies complete this analysis, certain trends are the amount of detail in the economy. PEST analysis is an important element in the provision and use in areas such as the Honda (Net MBA, 2010).

Contact the appropriate basis for the development of products on the market when it is mandatory for all customers the automotive industry. These measures include the inspection of technical accuracy and delivery of products to customers, these assessment procedures, quality control and support settings in detail. In any case, the product life cycle disruptions to our client's customers are the company's creation of the product life cycle to follow. Whatever method is followed for the proper performance of products delivered to customers. Honda shows a successful product, the customer base stations to support their disabled care products. This will contribute to your customers, Honda updated. Honda work on several basic principles, such as the individual to meet, we are proud to create, buy and sell. This is the tenets of their faith and their work to explain to the individual. Honda has demonstrated the largest automobile manufacturer in the world's leading engine manufacturer with 390 children and 102 of the company capital. Companies benefit many segments of the industry producing organization, the car in the motorcycle industry, energy and financial services. The motorcycle business is a very large claim in Southeast Motor is an important means of transportation. In 2009, the annual demand for motorcycles by about 6% compared to last year, more or less close to 40.2 million units required by the customer. In October 2009, Honda launched a new plant in Thailand, which has developed class 125cc scooters through the main components. Honda sales market in Southeast Asia, the demand for 1.4% of 4.628 million units last year. This increase was due to more new and innovative designs in India and other countries, and turnover.

Sales in this segment, the chart below

This represents the total income of Honda motorcycle business is in the period 2006-2010. The table shows that in recent years, sales have declined. Honda has won in 2008 and an annual turnover of 1.6 billion yen is approximately 13.3% of total turnover has reached a commercial motorcycle.

Honda Motor important business, like most recipes with these cases and the reports of cars,

Main Source Honda has half the income in this part of the business base. Honda profit of 76.4% in 2009 and achieves a turnover of 950 billion yen in Asian trading. The car makes the most of their income from people around the world. The loss in this segment, position the company again. 2008, knows that the big winners, go with a turnover of 8.5 trillion yen for Honda. A Honda car sale in the squad is 3.392 percentage points to 3.6% over the previous year. In 2010, total units in Southeast Asia at a level of 19.8% over the previous year's figure of 950 000 units. This growth is strong in Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Revenue for the company across the globe throughout the

In addition, the Honda engine to produce electricity and other commercial activities. Income from the upper parts of southern Asia, income from the team structure is shown below,

Revenues in the segment, Honda is about 3.2% of annual turnover. Honda has lost approximately 15% of net sales in 2009 compared with the past two years. Although the sale of Honda power approximately 4.744 million per unit Asian courtiers sale will be recognized in 10.2% of the 1,069 million in sales of generators is small, because the economic downturn. Machines and water pumps are used to affect a price level lower turnover.

Expand its product transactions, support forces and credit and financial Honda customers to other customers. Income from services to clients compared to the economics of more than ¥ 606300000000 24p. Honda estimates the amount of about 71B yen the previous year. Business schemes for the Honda finally revealed the activities of financial institutions, for example, providing finance to the interests of customers. Income share of annual revenue is approximately 7.1% of all sales team is growing every year and keep the income 600billion 200 in 2010 (Annual report, 2010)


Aspects of research in marketing strategies and recommendations, Honda Corporation, part of the debate to help him. Important role in this area is based on the car offers a high level of economic production and vehicles for customers. Customers of the company are to coordinate raw materials and components for the efficient use of resources. Honda should be able to develop and produce equipment standards, and less plastic to produce vehicles. The company should always strive to reduce the profitability of new technologies. Develop systems at different levels and removing barriers in the car manufacturer efficient use of materials on their own objectives, such as the safety of spent fuel. This study supports the management of the automotive industry need to develop an understanding of secondary raw materials recycling, metal and rubber parts in general. This work is to monitor and identify barriers to social objectives through the management. Honda is one of the grants and guarantees the provision of vehicles for recycling, others discarded. This study helps to better understand the trade structure of the devices, which held most of the automotive industry, and generally looking for new markets.