Information Technology As The Foundation Of Modern Firms

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Information technology is foundation of conducting business today. In many industries, survival and even existence is difficult without extensive use of information technology. Information technology has become essential for helping the organizations operate in a global economy. Organizations are trying to become more competitive and efficient by transforming themselves into digital firms where nearly all core business processes and relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled. Business today use information systems to achieve six major objectives like operations, new products, services and business models, customers, suppliers, improved decision making, competitive advantage and day to day long survival (Liebrecht and Don, 2007). Today the world is very competitive and bringing so much innovation with it. This has made it tough for the companies to survive and they really need this information technology to get out of this problem.

E-commerce is one of the concepts that have leaded the business to a new way of conducting business. E-business involves digitally enabled commercially transactions between and among organizations and individuals. There are seven unique features of the e-business it is a ubiquitous, meaning that is it available just above everywhere a computer can connect to the internet. It has global reach, permitting commercial transactions to cross cultural and national boundaries far more conveniently and cost effectively than it is true in traditional commerce. It operates according to universal standards shared by the all nations around the world, where as most traditional commerce technologies differ from one nation to another. It provides information reach ness, enabling an online merchant to deliver to an audience of millions complex and rich marketing messages with text, video, and audio in way not possible with traditional commerce technologies, such as radio, televisions, or magazines. It is interactive, .meaning it allows for two way communication between merchant and consumer and enables the merchant to engage a consumer in ways similar to a face to face experience but on much more massive, global scale. It increases information density and quality of information available to all market participants. It permits personalization and customization .merchants can target the marketing messages to specific individuals by adjusting the message to a person's name, interests and past purchases. Thus e-business has got much importance in the recent times and is very much popular in this competitive world (Poltrock and Engelbeck, 2007).


Amity University is the most popular university in India. It is a private university which has got multi campus in India and abroad as in London, Singapore, Mauritius .it was founded by Mr. Ashok Chauhan which is guided by Ritnand- Balved Education Foundation.

Amity is the one of most popular university in the India. It has got more than 50,000 thousands students and which is spread over 700 acres of high tech campus. The university is recognized by the university grant commission (ugc) through the act of state legislature. Amity University has got more than 3000 teachers to mange the huge number of students. Amity institutions are ranked among top institutions and even Amity University has been ranked no.1 university by Education times. Amity Business school has been ranked 7 amongst all business schools by the business today. Amity University has got more than 130programme running like law, journalism, bachelor of business administration, master of business administration, telecom biotechnology and etc. Amity University has got access to various electronic libraries like Cambridge University and other reputed universities. The students can access to the various online databases, case studies, journals, research materials etc. some of the popular online resources accessible is EBSCO, OXFORD JOURNALS, TAYLOR AND FRANCIS etc.

Amity University is very high tech and got many technologies involved in it. The university has got many accessible libraries of many big colleges which a student can get by paying per download. This makes the students to reach to the so many libraries and collect information from the online libraries. Amity university really earns a big profit from this facility provides the 50,000 students of amity. Amity University has got its campus in London and Singapore also. The students can access to the recorded class rooms of those campuses bur it is also on the basis of pay per class. It makes the students to get the class from abroad as well. The students can buy the application form online and can fill it there only and the mode of payment is through the credit cards. This makes it easy for the students to fill the form at home and makes the m not to visit the campus and get the work done easily. Amity university also provides e-learning classrooms for the students which is accessible by all students can they can download the classes by paying per classes.

Amity University conducts its business in good manner and really earns huge profits from it. The university has really worked hard to get this competitive advantage over its competitors and really attracting many students towards it.

Part-3 Branding

Branding is one of the most important for the company or the organization o get the better image in the minds of the customers. An organization needs to position their brands clearly in target customer's minds. Amity University has really worked hard on branding. It has got very popular in recent times. This is all due to the efforts made by the organization to spend a huge amount of money on branding. It has made the company to earn a good profits and a good brand name as well.

Brand awareness- The Amity University has incurred a huge amount of money on the brand awareness. The university has really focused on huge advertisements to make the people about the university. Amity has got a great success .the amity university did lot of advertisements in the Indian premier league which made the university to get and catch a huge numbers of students. There are so many students and youth that love cricket and it was a good chance for the amity to go for its brand awareness programmed. Amity University got a great success on this campaign and really got success in their campaign. Amity incurs a huge amount of money on its web advertisement. The internet user can easily find the advertisements o the many popular websites like goggles, orkut, facebook and other websites. This has helped the university to have a good brand aware ness of the university.

Perceived quality-Amity University has not only incurred on advertisements but it has also given the quality education to many students. The campus is high -tech and there are more than 300 teachers which are expertise in their work .Many of the alumni of Amity has become now the CEO of many companies and have made a good career. Thus Amity is providing the education that is required for the developments of the student.

Brand essence- the amity university has managed to get the good brand essence in the market. It has really fetched so many students in the recent times just because of its brand essence. Amity University provides scholarships of around 1 million to the students and even runs so many corporate social responsibility .This has made the Amity to get the brand image and brand essence in the market.

Even the Amity University's logo is simple and a symbol of peace .the flame shows the symbol pf peace and simplicity thus working as an important factor for the branding of the Amity University.

Part-4 Extent of the segmentation to meet the needs of the different customer groups

Being the educational institute the main target market of the Amity university is students .As India is ranked 2nd in terms of population in the world. Thus there is a wide market for the educational institute to make a big profit and eve to contribute to the development of the country. But Amity has still managed to get some more customers such as collaboration with the other institutes as well. The segmentation of the customers according to the needs of the customers is as following:

Students:-As mentioned earlier India has got big market for the educational institute thus it provides a big opportunity to earn the good profits Amity University focuses on this market. Amity provides more than 130 programs thus it attracts large number of students to the university. Amity University has recently opened its campuses in London and Singapore with the collaboration with other university, this made the Amity University to reach to the so many students and an opportunity to widen the scope and reach to the students beyond national boundaries. Amity University has got its campus in Noida ,Jaipur, Lucknow and planning to open some new campuses in few years. Thus Amity University is trying to as much as students of the country to make good profits. The university provides the facility of filling the application form online and to make the payments by credit card .Thus makes it easy for the students to get the work done easily. The students can access to the many online libraries of big colleges and universities and student has to pay per download which brings good business to the Amity University.

Other university: - Amity University has opened new campuses in London and Singapore and planning to open a new campus in Mauritius recent time with the collaboration of the other university. Thus Amity University has made this university as their customers and to reach as many students they can reach through this effort. The Amity University has really taken an effective step to increase the revenue through this effort. it has made the Amity to get the recognition world wide and to earn business with the collaboration with the other universities and making them the customers. The students in India can download the recorded class of the London and Singapore classes but the student need to pay the amount as per class downloaded. It makes the customer god insights to the concepts by attending the class online and very beneficial for the students. This facility has really contributed to the profits of Amity University as many of the student access to this facility.

Online magazines on Amity Intranet- Amity University have got its own intranet which is used by more than 50,000 thousands students of Amity University. There are online magazines that students can access easily. The business magazines like Business today, Education Times, 4P's and many more popular magazines (Beaufils and Philippe, 2008). The student can read this magazine by pay per downloaded page which brings good business to the amity university. Even the magazines also pay money to the Amity University for displaying the magazines on the Amity Intranet.

Many big corporate houses- Amity University has got many big corporate houses as their customers. Amity University provides a stall or place for the companied to display the products and to reach to the 50,000 students of the campus. Many big companies like Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Tata motors and other often display their products and try to catch the customers from the campus only. Thus these big companies are customers to the Amity University as the stall or the place provided by the Amity costs to the company and this is also the good source of income for the Amity University.

Part-5 Marketing Mix

Marketing mix consists of specially four things product, place, price, promotion.. Being in the education system Amity has managed to differentiate it with its customers by providing quality education. Amity University has got high tech campus. The whole campus has got internet connectivity and the infrastructure is world class as compared to its competitors. Amity University has managed to differentiate itself from others competitions and really earning a good profit. As far as pricing is considered as Amity university provides quality education with good infrastructure it has to get the investment back (Munro, 2007). Thus the fees of all the courses are kept much higher as compared to other popular universities .Amity University has always focused on the place as well. The all campus of the university is situated in such a place where it can get hold of many students. The campus is accessible by many students and the transport system is also good to reach to the college which makes works as an advantage for the Amity University and this bring students to the university. But the most important part is the promotion strategy of Amity university .It makes huge advertisements which make brand name in the minds of the people (Delmon, 2007). Indian premier league was one of the important platforms to reach millions of customers as the event was big and Indian is great fan of cricket. Amity university did lot of advertisement while this event and succeeded to create a brand name. Amity also spends a lot on the hoardings and advertisements can be seen on most popular social networking sites like orkut, facebook etc. Amity University also does the advertisement on the prime time shows and catches many customers. Amity goes for its corporate social responsibility which makes a good will for the university and it connects with the emotion of people as we. Amity donated 50 lakhs rupees when earthquake occurred in Gujarat, India. This thing really helped the Amity to get goodwill and even fulfill its social responsibility (Gould and Lawrence, 2008)

Part-6 Evidence of online relationship marketing approaches

Online marketing relationship has got much importance in the recent times and is very much beneficial for the E-business. Amity University has really worked hard to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Amity University has got its own amity intranet which is used by more than 50,000 thousands students. Amity University has really put some serious efforts to improve the quality of the intranet and it has resulted into the full flash community of more than 50,000 users. All of the students or users can give their feedback about the serviced provided by the Amity University and even can register their complaints and problems directly with the concerned authorities. Each and every student has got it different profile and having different username and passwords (MacLeod and Marcia, 2008). Any of the students can download the online magazines, notes, case studies, and application forms whenever they want irrespective of time and can make the payment any time with the help of credit cards provided by the amity university to all its students. All this help the Amity University to creative a rapport with the intranet users. The Amity intranet updates all the information regarding the notices, time table, seminars and events and other relevant information on the intranet (Liebrecht and Don, 2007). Amity University keeps a good command over its intranet which is used by both the students and teacher as well.


Amity University has got large number of students and many of the students are downloading so many notes, case studies, magazines and other journals which are of their use .so either the University should give some discounts or it should reduce the price of downloading the data.

Though the Amity University has put its best effort to make the website attractive but still it has some scope for more improvement. The university should make the websites more colorful with the use of some graphics and pictures make it attractive for the website users.

University is focusing more on the students and really it costs a lot for the student .so the university should divide its services into premium services and frees services. The services like accessing online libraries of big colleges can be taken in premium services and services like downloading case studies, and notes can be kept in free service as these services are mandatory for the students to get more insights about the topic.

Amity should do some awareness program for aids and other severe disease. This will help it to create a good will and a brand image in the society.

Due to the intense competitions Amity should make an effort to provide the opportunity for the students to get into the university easily and giving them chance to be the part of this university and making a good career from this University.

Amity University should invest more in advertisements as it has brought positive results in the recent times and it should be continued in the future.