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A critical analysis of the factors which are influencing consumer behaviour in the UKs fast food industry taking the example of McDonald's and how it is responding to this change and its consumer behaviour process.

Research Aim

The key aim of this research dissertation is to study the factors which are influential to the consumer decision making processes in the environment of the fast food industry of the United Kingdom. Moreover, it aims to examine how a company like McDonald's is responding this change in consumer behavior and environment. This is an exciting topic to investigate taking into consideration the high public and political debate about obesity in the UK and its after influencing especially in young children.

Research Objective

McDonald's has been a sufferer of majority of the market forces which are unconstructively influencing the consumer decision making process. These factors are influential to the consumer towards a negative attitude arc which are affecting the revenue production of McDonald. The objective of this dissertation research is to critically examine the various factors responsible for the depressing influence over the reliable consumer of McDonald's and propose recommendation for the case study about how it can overcome this challenge and raise its market share.

Research Questions

Our two-piece "A critical analysis of the factors which are influence consumer behaviour in the UK's fast food industry taking the example of McDonald's and how it is responding to this change and its consumer behaviour process" is further divided into three main areas of research in order to provide the targeted questions. The three main research areas are listed below for your kind perusal.

1. To recognize how our chosen organization (McDonald's) is evolving during the change in consumer decision making process:

A careful application of PESTEL Framework will be applied so as to identify the various major key change drivers that might have an impact on the future of the UK fast food industry. .

2. To understand and identify the important factors which are influencing consumer purchasing decisions in regards to the fast food products:

An examination of the Consumer Decision Making Process will be conducted, in particular in the psychological areas, primarily focusing on fast food consumer attitudes towards McDonald's products. Furthermore, the various socio-cultural environmental attributes will be observed that had an influence on consumer decision making process.

3. Corporate responses and strategy formulation in regards to the above changes:

Learning about how McDonald's is responding to these changes using its unique marketing mix and communication strategy. The researchers also seek to propose certain recommendations aiming at future marketing actions of McDonald's corporation.

Reason for Selecting McDonald's

McDonald's is a establish in the fast food industry and today world leader in the sector. The company has over 31,000 fast food restaurants in over 120 countries. The company operates primarily in the US and the UK. It is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois and employs 447,000 people all over the world. According to Datamonitor ( 2010) McDonalds currently operates in more than 1,316 restaurants throughout the UK. Its profits grew by 55% in 2010.

In 2003 the company was losing money for the fist time in its five-decade history, as it was serving mainly greasy food and therefore fuelling the obesity epidemic. Moreover the company was losing important consumers trust due to release of the documentary 'Super size me' and critical book "Fast Food Nation". According to Clark ( 2008) McDonalds introduced healthier menus and just recently in the Annual Financial Report in 2011 has announced that its sales had rocketed, sending its shares soaring to a six year high. British restaurants were singled out among the biggest improvers in performance

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour can be defined as the analysis of the functions/processes which are occupied when an individual or a collective set of individuals decides to choose, buy, use or give away products/services/ideas or their shopping experiences. According to Solomon ( 2006) The core focus of this behaviour pattern is based on various methods using which individual or a collective set of individuals take decision for spending their accessible funds on items related to consumption .According to Schiffman and Kanuk ( 2004) That includes what they buy, why they buy, when they buy, where they buy it, how often they buy it how often they use it, how they evaluate it after they purchase and the impact of such evaluations on future purchases, and how they dispose it

Fast Food

According to the website (2011), As per the definition offered by fast food is any food that is available at an inexpensive price in an easily accessible restaurant for eating or take away and which is being prepared in a bulk quantity using a standardized method and that can be easily dispensed.

According to the Food Survey report (2011) As per the junk food is the name given to a food product that is extremely low in nutritional value and which is usually highly greasy or highly processed and which is consumed instead of or along with a well balanced meal.

According to Bairs (2008) demonstrated in his research that the term which is commonly used to describe fast food is junk food and recently, there are furious debates over its usage for describing unhealthy food, whether it is justified or not. Many industry experts believe that the term junk food is used for selective description depending upon the location of the food outlet, as most of the food outlets in urban or suburban locations are termed junk food outlets whereas it is not used to describe posh locations. Therefore, it is being seen that the term junk food is used to disapprove a selective category of food products.

Obesity in UK

According to Boseley (2008) has demonstrated in his research that it is nowadays very common to be fat or obese in the UK; which is proven by the official statistics that shows that approximately two third of men and nearly 58 percent of women are extremely overweight in the UK. The research further reveals that the UK is the state which ranks number one for the highest number of obese or fat population across all the 27 states of Europe which was termed as grotesque by the UK health secretary.

UK Fast Food Industry

It is unexpected to hear that that even though there are various serious concern against fast food in the UK and for it being related with various issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart burning, food poisoning, scares and animal cruelty adverts, the UK fast food industry still remains the fastest growing industry during the last few years.

According to Euro Monitor( 2010 )In terms of per capita expenditure, between 2005 and 2010, the fast food outlets have been growing at the fastest pace within the consumer food service sector

Literature Review

The literature review offer readers with a environment for understanding current knowledge on a topic and clarify the implication of the new study. It will assist the reader to understand and identify research procedures and instruments that have been operated successfully in the past. Thereby, it recognize, does comparisons and contrasts views and theories of other writers in linked to the research topic. besides, it provides the contacts towards the research methodology chapter of this research work.