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This paper discusses about Improving the retention issues and recruitment of the employees at JC's Casino. It also identifies each issue and makes recommendations to JC's Casino and improves overall retention. This paper develops the strategy to improve productive employee behaviour and reduce counterproductive behavior of the employee. The Independent Consultant plays a main role for improving retention issues. It examines the occupational stressors and job satisfaction. The job satisfaction highly improves retentions issues.

Improving overall organization retention

JC's casino is a company experiencing retention issues concerning with the dealers and the housekeeping staff. With the several exit interviews, the dealers are leaving to work for less at other area casinos because the pit boss, Joe ,casino owner's step-son who has been identified by the employees as toxic, overbearing, evil, and incompetent. An excessive amount of absenteeism and high turnover of rooms has caused other departments to pull the employees to cover for housekeeping and the check in time has been changed along with hiring more staff for luggage needs of customers who arrives early.

An Independent consultant has been hired to improve the current situation taking place at JC's casino. The role of this consultant is to review the various issues occurring at JC's casino and the process use tools such as job analysis, performance appraisals and motivational theories to improve the retention and recruitment of the employees at JC's casino (Leiyu Shi,2010).Furthermore, this consultant also addresses occupational stresses, job satisfaction and counterproductive employee behavior as each may influence retention at the casino as well as providing recommendations for increasing the job satisfaction and retention of the casino's employees.

The consultant identifies the specific problems within an organization is to conduct a job analysis. Identifying and determining the particular job duties and requirements along with the relative importance of those duties for any given job is known as job analysis. The job analysis establishes and documents how well employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal relate to the nature of the job. With performance appraisals, a job analysis can be used to develop goals and objectives, performance standards, evaluation criteria, length of probationary periods and the duties to be evaluated.

Motivational theories

The JC's casino includes two work motivational theories such as Justice theory and Reinforcement theory. Justice theories identify the fair treatment of individuals within the JC's organization. This theory values fairness and motivates people to maintain the fairness between the organization and themselves (Leiyu Shi, 2010).The justice theory includes the equity theory that believes individuals strive hard to create and maintain conditions of equity and fairness between company and employees.

When an employee is dissatisfied with a work situation they will be motivated to find a way to reduce it. The dealers at JC Casino are finding the work atmosphere very dissatisfying because the pit boss, Joe creates a toxic environment for all the employees. When the employees compare the outcomes and the inputs they are not having the rewards match or exceed the inequity. The second work motivation theory is the Reinforcement Theory that helps JC's casino. The reinforcement theory is all about rewards and reinforcement and how they can affect an individual's behavior.

The reinforcement theory was proposed by B.F. Skinner and states that individual's behavior is a function of its consequences (J. C. Tregarthen, 1906).The reinforcement theory does not focus on internal states. According to this theory if behaviors are rewarded then the desired behaviors will repeat. The theory states a behavior's probability will increase if a reinforcement or reward follows it. This can be seen with the housekeepers at the casino. The job is getting worse for the housekeepers as well as other members of the hotel who are forced to do the housekeepers job. The number of housekeepers is decreasing and the number of rooms to be cleaned stays the same the result is more work for the housekeepers. This extra work is reinforcing the stress of the job without any extra benefit or reward (J. C. Tregarthen, 1906)

Occupational stress

  It is evident that there are a number of stress factors that negatively influence the performance of employees in their work.  Research on work stress has focused on occupations that implicitly involve high levels of stress, such as emergency service work. The stress associated with particular jobs and there are occupational stressors that are unique to job locations. Individual differences also cause work stress. If two people are doing the same job they can react in opposite ways to a shared occupational stressor. Interventions for work stress range from organizational to individual-based approaches. 

  In the absence of good communication system as in the JC's casino, fear takes over and this compromises with the job delivery. The lack of proper communication channel between Joe and Sneed promotes buildup of stress as Sneed is not in a position to address Joe's attitude towards the employees. Sneed need to approach Joe regarding his actions in order to fix these challenges and thereby making employees feel appreciated. With employees doing more work than expected, it is likely that this will lead to employees experiencing stress and fatigue. We can alleviate the stressors by decreasing the workload and by giving the proper duration hours (Robert H. Bruininks, 1998).

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is conducive to a positive work environment that will enable JC's Casino to meet current and future business needs. JC's casino should strive to improve the employee's job satisfaction and thereby promote job retention in the entity. JC casino should implement good working condition of workers, promote good communication between the management and the staff, initiate recognition and reward systems as well as promote good relation between the employees.

These strategies will help provide a suitable working environment that will heighten job satisfaction and reduce negative counterproductive employee behavior such as absenteeism. Human personnel play a crucial role in the attainment of organizational goals. The business entities like JC casino face high employee turnover rate due to prevalence of stress factors. Nevertheless, use of motivation strategies can promote job satisfaction and commitment. The people look for new jobs at two main reasons such as job satisfaction and trusting with the organization.

Job satisfaction differs from person to person. The HR Director, Tom Sneed, has to address with the casino's recent dilemma of several dealers leaving and going to work for a competitor as well as other organizational issues. Job satisfaction is the positive emotional state resulting from evaluation of the person job satisfaction this plays an important role in employee retention because a satisfied employee strives for efficiency, productivity, and never considers staff leaving the job.

The objective is to lower the retention by enforcing job satisfaction that consist of implementing the reward and compensation strategies for great performances (Robert H. Bruininks, 1998). The company needs to keep recognizing their employees and teams accomplishments, whereas management can also create a satisfied work environment where ideas are exchanged freely and feedbacks are provided. (Robert H. Bruininks, 1998)

Counterproductive and Productive behaviour of employee

Counterproductive employee behavior reduces efficiency in the workplace. Counterproductive employee behavior is mainly due to absenteeism, turnover, and lateness. This emotionally charged behaviour affects the company as whole or certain employees individually. The Employers must work to eliminate such behaviour.

The suggestion for reducing counterproductive behaviour and increasing productive behavior of the employee is given below. Production and counterproductive behaviour in the work place help to determine company's employee satisfaction and productivity. Behaviour is an important aspect of the enterprise can be produced or counterproductive. Many behavioural strategies to increase production and to reduce counterproductive behavior Additional staffs should be hired or possibly on call staff should an absence occur would be helpful so that the staff that is scheduled and there does not get overloaded.  

Having contaminated relationships at the work place can never be a positive thing.  Providing gatherings outside work could help employees get to know each other better.  Training for management can make the JC's Casino become a successful organization. This will increase the productive behavior of the employee (Robert H. Bruininks, 1998).


Improving retention and recruitment for the employees was discussed. The strategy for counterproductive behavior and productive behavior was developed. The job satisfaction na and the occupational stressors were detailed. After identifying all the issues related to the retention and recruitment process and after going over all the strategies that can help alleviated these issues, the industrial organization Independent Consultant identifies some of the stressors and counterproductive behaviours that cause a decrease and delay in the productivity of the organization. Therefore; after making recommendation by work motivation strategies this company, JC's casino should improve if they use this information correctly. Thus the improvement for retention and recruitment of the employees at JC's casino was concluded.