Example Essay On Improving Human Resource Development

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Human Resources Department is responsible for all employees in the organizational structure and content management, including the rules and regulations of the development, implementation and supervision, recognition and corporate culture construction. But the majority of human resources departments are often only a staff role, responsibilities and recommendations for planning, power of decision making is controlled by other managers. Due to managers and human resources for organization development and emphasis is difference.

1.2 Cannot bring direct profits

Most of the company's most important department is the sales department, because it can bring direct profits for the company. Human Resources cannot bring benefits for company therefore human resource is often ignored. All managers have a common problem that is too much emphasis on money and interest and neglect on human resources department. They do not know exactly qualified staff are making profits for the company and human resources department is the person hire a qualified staff. In addition, there are a lot competition among company, the product is one of the competition, core competence is the corporate culture, thus if the companies want to get long term development and dominant in the market, they need to get assist by human resources.

1.3 The positioning was wrong

Lots of managers believe that human resources are services for employees. In fact, the human resources departments not only has to take care of employee, but also have to planning a strategy, do internal consultants, including the development of human resources planning and solutions. The reason why human resource is putting on wrong position is because the managers were misunderstanding of human resource and human resource lack of professional.

2.0 Important

Human Resource department is one of the most important departments of an organization. It is responsible for the Planning, Organization, Leading, controlling and staffing of the Human Resource function. This department is important because it helps in selection and recruitment of employees for the company. Moreover, human resource helps to put the right person to the right position so that employees can have better performance. A part from that, human resource makes a job description for each position and recruit according the job description. So they match the right people to the right jobs. On top of that, human resource is also responsible for training and development for employees. The business plan and idea will be failing without good employees to accomplish it.

2.1 Training and Development

To become a company resource multiplier is train the managers to become better managers, this might help to avoid or remove distractions for your employees. Employees do not leave those bad companies but they leave is because of bad bosses. Good managers are important to an effective organization but they still have to learn how to be effective and efficiency. The role of human resource in a company is to help train and develop   managers to do the best performance for the job. Human resources have a lot of experience in working with employees in all kinds of situations. Human resource's role is to recommend and support management on how to manage employees and how to face and solve with difficult situations. The reason why human resource is important in helping managers is because if they are able to manage effectively, problems that happen will not affect the employees' job performance.

2.2 Focus on do their job

Human resource is important for managers are because they can focus on doing their job. There are lots of new regulations that might come out and it will affect the companies. One role of human resource in a company is to overcome the complex employment regulations using their knowledge and to recommend management about how they will be affect the companies. Human resource also helps to updates the business practices so the company is running smooth.

2.3 Hire strategically and hire right person

Human resource is important for a manager is it can help with strategic hires. Recruiting right person is the best way for human resource to influence the organization. Hiring right helps to reduced turnover rate and increased maintenance. It is finding the high potential employees who can performance as much as the standard employee and then being able to influence them to work for the company. Moreover, hiring right can focus on growing the company with not dealing with any problem of employees. Human resource should have a systematic interview process that investigates for work ethic, attitude and motivation. Besides, human resource helps to determine whether the candidates have the right skills for the job or not.

2.4 Fair and equitable for employees

Human resource is a supporter for employees. The function of human resource is to make sure all employees are treating fairly and equitably. Employees get benefit when managers are having a good training and know how to be good managers. Employees also get benefit when the company hires the right because it means they have less issue for them. Employees do not have to take extra work while others are poor performance and getting layoff. Besides, they do not have to train the new person again. Employees can stay focused on their job.

3.0 Improvement for Human Resource

3.1 Training and Internships

Candidate who did well in the recruitment exercise is not guarantee that he will do the best in performing an organization. New employees are need orientation into the company and improve some inefficiency that new employees may have in relation to their skills. This is the reason why placing new employees on the internships. Training is necessary for employees who have been working long time for the organization. Training need not be limited to improvement of skills, it can involve improvement of attitudes. Training also increases motivation of employees and gives them that extra energy to have good performance in their jobs. Human resource is the one that will decide when the training is need, who needs the training, where to train and train by whom.

3.2 Making Better Use of Time

Human resource is responsibility of ensuring that all employees have a good performance. It can improve this by facilitating better use of time in all departments within the organization. Time is one of the most important assets of the company. The proper use of the time could get maximize production and achievement of organizational goals. Human resource can make schedules for the few activities that have to be done in the organization therefore facilitate can have better flow of information. A part from that, the company can make sure all employees are responsible for not performing their task. On top of that, human resource will be ensuring that employees do not simply report their work and time spent on work is directly affecting the output.

3.3 Improve the Organizational Culture

Human resource can try to improve organizational culture observation.  Human resource should be very concentrated on the organizational needs. Human resource should realize that personal fulfillment works better and therefore should try to make sure that the change is relevant to every employee. Moreover, they have to try to explain to all employee or stakeholder the advantage of changing the culture in the organization. This must be clear so that all can see the advantages at the individual's view and not simply at the organizational view.

After that human resource should try to remove all inhibitions in employees' minds. They will claim that they tried two or more strategies before and it did not succeed.  Therefore, human resource should try their best to explain to employees the need of changing the culture of the organization.

Then collect the data that need in making certain that culture changes. This involves checking out the success features or the factors that can facilitate its success. Staff members should try to understand that there are no wonderful situations for implementation of changes. The analysis is involved evaluate whether the information is reasonable or not. Whether data collected will be helpful or not and if it is too less or too much. Employees will be asking for data that will help change the culture. There will be perceived benefits when trying to bring in change of human resource department, a deadline for completing and also the realized gains in relation to the change in culture.

At last, there should be having a check which should be done frequently. There will also be continuous incorporation. Human resource department will be able to change the culture in the organization and add value to it through using this method.