Improvement in Personality

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Title: Improvement in personality


The basic aim of writing this report is to elaborate and discuss different perspectives in my personality. I will start with an introduction that will give some details of my basic information i.e. my birth date, birth place , my area, my family background, my educational background and some specifications of my basic information. Then I will discuss some characteristics of my personality i.e. about my appearance, my attitude, my ethics and my code of conduct with other members of society. Then after that I will mention some comments and perception of my family members, my relatives and my friends about me as well as I will also mention about my own perception about myself , my dressing , appearance, my attitude and behavior etc.

Then I will move to the discussion of my future career that I wish for and aim for. I will also discuss my fears, hopes, dreams, and aspirations that I take into my knowledge while planning about my future career and lifestyle. I will also discuss about my aims for achieving some challenging goals with the passage of time. I will also mention different favorable and unfavorable characters of my personality and how will I be able to overcome my weaknesses and to improve my good qualities as well to be competent enough to achieve some challenges in my life. As there should always be some improvements in our personality and ways of dealings so I will also mention some solutions and recommendations to improve and groom my personality and in the end of this report I will attach some attachments to support my report in a positive way.


The basic purpose of this report is to introduce myself and my personality to others. In this report I basically in this report is how I am. Personality makes a person differ from another in a sense of behavior, attitude and how I react to others.

Back Ground:

My name is Rafaqat Ali s/o Muhammad Ameer. I have five siblings, two elder brothers and three elder sisters. I was born in Mona Syedan tehsil Malakwal district Mandi Bahaudin on 2nd of Feb. 1994. It is a small village located in the most fertile area of Pakistan that is famous for the best production of Citrus fruits i.e. Kino, oranges etc.

As my family work is related to agriculture so my father is also associated with this profession. My father is basically an agricultural and he is really very hard working in his profession. We have a large number of acres of land in our inheritance so my father has chosen this profession as a business .Our main source of income is also from this professional job and I really have deep love for my forefather’s inherited assets and the spirit of my father for our forefather’s profession. I must have been an agriculturist by profession if I had not chosen education as my profession.

I was brought up in my hometown. I got my primary education from Malakwal & then I moved to Bhalwal for my higher school education. I passed my matriculation from Zia Public High School Bhalwal and then I got admission in Superior College Sargodha and from that well reputed college I passed my intermediate exams. Then I went to Lahore for my higher education. I got admission in the most popular college of accountancy in Lahore i.e. SKANS School of Accountancy .I passed foundations in accountancy (F.I.A) from there in December 2013.

After passing F.I.A. from SKANS my teacher recommended me to go for B.B.A. (hons). So I chose National College of Business & Economics and I am now studying 3rd semester of B.B.A. from the above mentioned College.


Current Personality:

No one is perfect in this world. Everyone has some good qualities as well as some weaknesses. Everyone in this world should improve their qualities and should also overcome their weaknesses to the maximum extent they can. I always wish to get myself well fashioned and attractive and I do keep my attention on my dressing whenever I go out for hiking with my friends and family. I have a bit eye sight problem so I need to wear eye glasses whenever I have to attend a class or any seminar etc. but wearing glasses makes personality more attractive and innocent .Many of my friends, relatives and family members adores me most of the time that I better take care of my dressing and look . But I just want to focus on this because it’s a presentation of some one’s professionalism, and I better acknowledge this as Sunnah because a Muslim is always taught to be well dressed and look good and healthy.

How my fellows perceive me? And how I perceive myself?

The basic characteristic in my personality is that I m very kind, co-operative, helpful, and loving person. I just mentioned these qualified because I m known by these qualities in my friends and family. But the basic thing that I feel is that I really wish to be loved, helped, and co-operated by others, may be this is the reason that GOD has gifted me with such qualities in my behavior, and I m really very grateful to ALMIGHTY ALLAH for blessing me such positive characteristics and I wish to improve myself continuously in the future.

I am shy guy .That’s why I don’t speak much and on certain events I need to be a bit worried about myself. I try to overcome this problem.


I really feel nervous and depressed when I get myself alone. I really get feared and nervousness when I visit such places where there is darkness and silence.

Where you want to be in five years?

As this is 21st century and everyone is in a race to make other people defeated and get them self on the golden stairs of success so for this aim I wish to get a better and competitive education in the upcoming five years of my life and want to get some professional career making counseling for getting success.

Where u want to be in ten years?

In the next ten years I want to win such a stage of success that I make my family and friend to feel proud of me and I know I will only be possible with the grace of ALLAH , my mother’s prayers and my constant positive efforts. I just want to make an example of hard work so that people may adore my parents for my success and I may make a better status and repute in my career.

The features of my personality that I want to overcome:

I want to improve my punctuality and loyalty to others. I really feel nervous and depressed when I get myself alone. I really get feared and nervousness when I visit such places where there is darkness and silence. I want to improve these problems and weaknesses that I feel within myself.

Types if job which match my personality:

I didn’t like mostly office work as my profession. Because in this type of work we can’t groomed our personality and I think that after the work in an office I will not feel comfortable to spend time with my family members.



  • I am not very punctual most of the time
  • Some time when I am bored by the situation I usually get rude
  • I m a shy guy so usually I can’t build up my confidence in a crowd
  • I can’t compromise on certain things happening around me which I feel unfair


  • I am soft hearted and kind , and usually I show sympathy for the people I hate the most
  • I believe in positive trust winning attitudes, so I always prefer the loyal persons , and I always prefer to improve myself in the best of loyalty and trust worthiness
  • I believe that one should always speak the truth , no matter what ever the conditions may be , this attitude makes a person much bold
  • As my father belongs to a profession of agriculture so I am always taught to work hard if you want to get a fruit of your efforts , so it’s by nature in me that I always get motivated in myself for hard work
  • My parents always advised me to follow positive principles of life. So I strongly believe that one must respect his elders and love the young one’s


I want be more punctual and want to overcome my shyness and want to build my confidence. I want to improve my efficiency and effectiveness. I want to build up humbleness in my personality and want to make control my rudeness. I want to make my personality more helpful for others. Not a single person in this world is perfect but one can make improvements in his personality so I tried my best make improvements in my personality. I want to be more careful and loving personality to others who are not very good for me.


(It’s the result of personality test)

The personality test that you've just taken is based on the Five Factor Model of personality. Personality psychologists believe this is a pretty good description of the broad traits or general areas that go to make up a person's core personality. Personality isn't set in stone, however, so keep that in mind if you see anything you'd like to alter below. Teenagers and young adults should take the below results with a bit of caution, as their personalities are still under development (personality is generally pretty well formed by one's mid 20's).

What do each of the 5 traits mean?

  • Extraversion - Energy, enthusiasm, social able
  • Agreeableness - Altruism, helping others, affection, friendliness
  • Conscientiousness - Control, will, constraint, dependability
  • Neuroticism - Negative emotions, nervousness
  • Openness to Experience - Originality, culture, open-minded, intellect


ExtraversionThis trait reflects a person's preference for certain kinds of social situations, and how they like to behave in such situations. People high in extraversion are energetic and seek out the company of others. People low in extraversion -- what some might call introverts -- tend to be more quiet and reserve.


AltruismThis trait reflects how we tend to interact with others, especially in terms of our altruism and friendliness. People who score higher in agreeableness tend to be more trusting, friendly and cooperative than others. People who score lower tend to be more aggressive and less cooperative.


Well organizedThis trait reflects how organized and persistent a person is in pursuing their goals. People who score high on this trait tend to be more methodical, well-organized and dutiful than others. People who score lower tend to be less careful, less focused and more likely to be distracted from tasks.


StressedThis trait reflects the tendency for a person to experience negative thoughts and feelings. People who score high on this trait tend to be more prone to insecurity and emotional distress. People who score lower tend to be more relaxed, less emotional and less prone to distress.