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Human resource management is define as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organisations most valued assets the people working there, who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives.

Important of human resource management

Human resource management is the purpose within a company that attention on how to do staffing, about management and show the path to the workers who working in the organisation.

HRM is the logistic function that contracts with issues related to people such as payment, management performance, organisation, communicating, and motivation.

Who is responsible for human resource management?

The Managers

The managers responsibilities include basically are keeping up and grow HR policies, to keeping up HR policies, employment and selecting of staffing policies and corporations and confirm that communication process within the employees.

The employees

Employees are taking important role with in HRM, there career, measuring their own needs and wants and designing their own jobs.

Human resource management function and activities



Evaluating and benefit the organisation

Training and developing

Improving and analysing

Human resource management involves of three phases.

Pre selection



Planning for HRM

There are two main activities in planning and forecasting the organisation short-term and long-term human requirement and analysing the jobs in the organisation and determining the skills and abilities that are needs.

Human Resources Planning activities

We are planning to open new hotel in west end in London. West end is busiest city in United Kingdom as we discussed with management we plan to open hotel with 100 rooms with full facilities, will have coffee shop for internal and external customers.

Human resource management are first worried about the proper staff and they are able to fulfil their needs. Managers are designing st-Patrick’s hotel structure and identify what type of staff will work in the hotel and then required and develop the jobs .HRM managers tried to market the jobs to only the best talented employees are hire to the objectives such as profitability so we decide give half selection work to the agency, they select the employees via online exam. Other selection method is paper advertisement, this responsibility with the HRM management.

Once they selected their employees, managers have to ensure their employees are well trained and are they perform their jobs very well. If they not play their roles well they can’t go to the targets. Training is very important to go to the targets, take full advantage of hard work and focus attention.

Human resource management play an important role in make sure the member of staff health and safety, as they know the workplace, the workers and their job stress. While human resource management are not accepted to know the technical sides of workplace health and safety, they should know how to use health and safety equipment as an example in a hotel they must keep the fire alarms, fire exits doors, ladders to reach high levels, trolley to carries heavy things.

One of another important role of HRM is preparing wages/salary accurately, issuing staff discounts, bonuses and other benefits such as pensions and providing staff facilities like accommodation, food allowances, drinking water and transport.


When people working together, there will naturally can be one is perfect. Employee relatives must be familiar with laws according to the organization agreement. This is where the workers discipline and relation come into effect, if look at the relationship between employers and employees war, employee to managers war, managers to employees war, management to management war. These are the discipline of being elegant with humans in the st-patricks hotel organisation treat each other.

Employee Relations managers must do their job in compliance with federal laws, and the rules of Equal employment opportunity commission(EEOC) that reign over their discipline. Labour Relations builds trust between employees and protects from lawsuits that might come from something like not being aware of an employee’s disability and getting the company in some kind of trouble, when all you had to do was talk to the employee and ask if there was anything he needed, or if they could think of any ways to make the job easier.

As you can see, there does not need to be an entire business department dedicated to employee relations. But it is absolutely necessary for the manager to know about relating to the people they are charged with guiding. Keeping things simple, you can sum up the discipline of employee relations by asking yourself how well you know the people you work with.

The object of this series is to explain Strategic Human Resource Management as well as Strategic Human Resource Planning in an easy to follow way. You can become familiar with reading Strategic Human Resources Management Disciplines Overview. If you are a manager or want to be a good manager, then you should be familiar with each of these disciplines: Benefits; Business Leadership; Compensation; Consulting; Diversity; Employee Relations; Ethics & Sustainability; Global HR; Labour Relations; Organizational & Employee Development; Safety & Security; Staffing Management; and Technology. Then everything is put together in the final conclusion, where you are shown how to use Strategic Management Skills in order to put it all together and become a successful manager for any business.

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