Implementing Expansion And Change In Top Gear Business Essay

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Top Gear as a car manufacturing organisation which is actually Leeds based working approximately with 200 employees. For the purpose of selling there cars, the organisations have 2 operational show rooms Bradford and Leeds.

Implementing expansion and change:

As a matter of expansion Top Gear wants to add few more cars on there account and to market there product, new show rooms will be taken consideration to open by having services of additional staff.

Key issues:

As expansion of business there are several key issues like:

Fighting of staff within business premises.

A complaint has been lodged by a female staff member as sex discrimination.

Recruitment must be made in order to accomplish sales targets by efficient and effected members of staff.

Selection is to made under specific criteria in order to get experienced staff.


HR planning and strategic objectives:

In order to move business towards better position the management decided to add more cars to there portfolio and therefore it is realistically important to open some new showrooms to market those cars. It is being decided to appoint me as new HR manager for the company not only for the sake of taking towards competitive edge but also to take high quality employees within organisational work force. As a matter of expansion, Top Gear must be looking forward for some effective and efficient work force to take charge as a new comer. As an HR manager I personally think that this is the right time to show my competency towards management. If proper implementation of strategies will be executed strictly, the results would be entirely in favour of organisation. At this stage, I think I would gather all my abilities and put into operation towards:

Proper use of work force.

Get feedback and give rewards those who deserve it.

Motivate and train staff in order to get maximum performance.

Skill development activities and enhancing creativity will automatically take organisation towards competitive edge.

Efficient management of staff and communication.

Human resource planning towards organisational strategic objectives are to select and employee those members of staff which are comparatively high demanding and can make effect for organisational profitability. There are some more ad-hoc issues for HR manager to implement such strategies that flows the entire organisational system evenly and smooth. As a HR manager I personally think to establish such friendly environment in which employees linked up with each other in such a way that they train there weak link themselves. This is also my basic job responsibilities to measure such strategies within the premises to eliminate racism, sex discrimination and favouritism. My main focus as a HR manager will be to minimise the risk of having any kind of conflict within the business premises. Conflict may be of many kinds such as gossiping, lynching, law intervention and fighting. Managing conflict to a HR manager is considered to be most important job role that includes identifying and tackling any kind of conflict in an efficient manner.

As HR manager, I think competencies and resources of strategic human resource in somehow directly or inversely related to organisational resource strategies. Therefore this is not wrong to say that professional individuals hired from the qualified HR department, dedicate there skills and competencies in order to attain corporate success. There are several short and long term feature of TOP GEAR in which it looks into:

Selection and recruitment of new staff.

Get them trained according to there skills and job requirements.

Staff goals and there strategies.

Redundancies and terminations.

Skills building.

Creating potential for long term organisational needs.

These are the areas where HR manager should look to attain focused results in achieving organisational goals and objectives. In some cases, long term Features of HR is comparatively more important. Organisational Strategy making which refers to the company towards better position is another way of understanding long term HR features which identifies the task and responsibilities for long periods and not for a month or so.

Being a manager of HR I think that HR planning must include competitive organisational strategy of the firm, that dig out professional recruitments to meet organisational objectives.

A complex but a famous Hr planning mostly used within the organisations includes key stages and factors of human resource planning. As a matter of fact, HR is considered to be the most important and feature for investment purposes and taking use of it. Therefore, it can be considered to be the key role player in Top Gear in change management. Process of change must required a huge amount of funds to create strategies and then to implement it but there could be massive outcomes company can enjoy in form of trained staff retained over long period.

Demand forcasting:

Demand forecasting in general words to have people who are required for any process and howto utilize it. As by the term shows demand forecast, in Top gear as they are planning to open two more showroom to market there product. Keeping in mind that there are already 200 employees associated with the company however, there will be another 200 employees will be in demand as on opening of 2 more showrooms. There must be a proper planning involved in order to supply appropriate and specific work force, likewise, how many sales administrators, engineers, marketing staff, receptionist and management staff required. This demand forecasting also allows the manger to select people according to organisational budget requirements.

Supply Forecasting:

Under any circumstances the supply of staff must always be competent and efficient. Method of supply forecasting always provide such manpower that not only increase organisational productivity but also accurate and cost effective too. The basic requirement of being a HR manager is to understand the needs of job role and allow capable and competent person accordingly.

There are many more forecasting methods for organisational growth, used by the HR manager for forecasting future time periods.

A common ratio analysis is used by the organisations by past experiences for understanding and calculating future requirements.

Trend analysis is the most efficient way to calculate future predictions of staffing methods by analysing past staffing needs.

Ratios between one or more business feature and the staffing stage as well as well as different staff class in the current year , to forecast future needs is known as ratio analysis.

HR planning must be considered to be the most important factor towards organisational productivity due to the reason of because each and every decision is based on how employees has been selected within the organisation. Organisational needs and quality is totally comprised of having trained and quality staff. In recent situation Top gear is undergoing a change process therefore; human resource manager must fulfil all organisational strategies as a part of it.


Planning a recruitment and selection process:


Job description:

A financial manager is responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions. Specific settings vary enormously and include both public and private sector organisations, such as multinational corporations, retailers, financial institutions, charities, small manufacturing companies and universities.

Person specification:

Two to four years of experience in a similar position.

MBA finance preferred.

Strong experience in income statement analysis.

Self motivated to learn new concepts and participate in new projects.

Strong organisational, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Salary and reward package:


We offer a competitive salary and these are reviewed annually according to the market rates and company's growth. Our current salaries are:

First year : £20,000

Second year : £27,000

Third year : 40,000

Reward packages:

We also offer a good reward packages to encourage employees as we want our employees to work hard for the company but without stress. Our current reward packages are:

Company will provide £3,000 interest free loan on joining.

31 days of holidays every year.

Some additional holidays can be given in an emergency situation.

Strategic HR planning:

A £500 worth ticket to travel any part of the world to spend holidays.

Coffee and soft drinks during all the working days.

Membership of any sport club.

Pension can be taken at any time after the ago of 50.

Life insurance will be provided after six month of service.

Private medical insurance, after six months of service.

Enhanced maternity package after one year of continuous service.

Time frame of recruitment:

The first recruitment found for this job starts on 20th December 2009 and closes on 20th of Jan 2010. the second round starts on 15th of February 2010 and closes on 15th April 2010. The applicants who are wishing to apply for this post can apply with by visiting our website and filling online application form or by telephoning 0845 978670.


Telephone line are open, 09.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday and 10.00 to 16.00 on Saturday.


The best resource foe advertising a job is internet because millions of people use internet these days very regularly. So advertising on internet can attract more applicants which can give us a variety of more capable and experience people. This is the most popular way to advertise a job as 70 to 80 percent people look for a job via internet.

Advertising on internet cost less then any other advertising methods. Its easier for the advertiser because it takes very less time and its also very quick way to find and apply fir a job online.

Selection method:

Selection interview:

The objective of the selection interview is to predict the candidates probable behaviour in a particular job situation. Meeting someone face to face gives guide to the sort of person and his personality. In selection interviews recruiter can assess whether candidate is suitable for the advertised post or not. Recruiter can give detailed information about the company to the candidate and he can present his company in a good way to the applicants. The candidate can also learn more about the job and the company.

Limitations when interviewing:

During the interview the interviewer should keep some points in his mind.

There should be no barrier or obstruction between the interviewer and the candidate whilst interviewing. If interview is taken ina friendly and quite environment it could be more effective for both, the recruiter and candidate.

Interviewer should only ask post related questions not about the candidates personal life, e.g, he/she married or he/she has got children or not.

General questions which can be asked during interview

What is goodwill? How does it affect net income?

What is working capital?

What are deferred taxes?

How do you take challenges?

Are you willing to work in shifts?

How do you value a company?

Who is a more senior creditor, a stockholder or a bond holder?

What is the difference between accounts and finance?

Describe the most difficult situation you have faced in your career and how you managed it?

Describe some problems you encountered in your most recent position and how you resolved them?

How can you creates budgets for daily pods?

What is interest on capital?

What does success mean to you ?

How do you define failure?

Where is the market going?

Induction programme:

An induction programme is the process used within an organisation to welcome new employees to the company and prepare them for the new role.

The purpose of induction programme is to enable staff to be effective as soon as possible whether there are people new to the organisation or existing staff moving to a new job or role within the organisation. Successful induction benefits both the individual and the company. In induction program new employees are informed about there roles e.g,

What they will do;

Who they will be working for;

Who their burry/guide will be;








Welcome office tea

Introduction with all employees

Lunch break

Introduction with different offices and there locations

Introduction with different offices and there locations


Welcome office tea

Self assessment, meeting and welcoming different people

Lunch break

Discussing company policies with head of company

Learning about health and safety and hygienic rules


Welcome office tea

Working with buddy

Lunch break

Working with cash flow and deposit

Working with cash flow and deposit


Welcome office tea

Working with person related to finance department

Lunch break

Group discussion of all new employee

Going out on trip with the head of department


Welcome office tea

Making budgets for coming year

Lunch break

Analysing income statement

Analysing the ex income and saving

Job description:

Job title


Responsible for


Experience education and competency

3 years experience as a finance manager, MBA in finance, ability to write and implement policies , good communication skills and presentation skills, very honest and confident.

Purpose and function

Providing and interpreting financial information.

Monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends.

Formulating strategic and long term business plan.

Finding and report the factors which can influence the business performance.

Analysing competitors and market trend.

Developing financial management mechanisms that minimise financial risk.

Reviewing the policies and evaluating them for the betterment of the company.

Managing and monitoring the reporting systems to the company.

Developing external relationship with appropriates.

Producing financial reports.

Searching new sources of finance for company.


Environment of organisation and its impact on employee

It is highly acknowledged that organisation and its culture makes an impact over employee to stay in company for short or longer period. In recent era of globalisation, culture and organisation are the hottest issues. It develops a bonding a never ending and long lasting bonding between organisation and its employee. People enjoy to work in organisations, in which internal system and programmes are comparatively easier then any other organisations. It is a two way process at the stage where organisation has to create bonding with customers as well as there employees to involve in organisational issues. Internal environment appeared to be like a unique culture in which there experiences and observations are to be shared and acknowledged. The organisations that shelter there employees are more likely to retain there employees in a way they get appreciated with the leaders and not disgraced, the rules and regulations that are on favour of employees. According to the author, the leader plays a vital role in retaining the employees by creating a social bonding and knowing them personally for long times as an experience member of staff. Experienced staff is not only considered to be an asset of the company but they also tends to train the new comers according to organisational needs and requirements.

For the sake of managing strong relationships within the environment, that tends the organisational towards competitive edge, all members of staff must have there files with there portfolios in order to maintain there performances. As a member of staff and stake-holder of the company, it is the main task of HR manager to keep records of each and every individuals behaviour, attitude, skills, medical information and performances for future decisions and updates. To some authors organisational culture or environment is described as, the psychology, attitudes, beliefs, norms and beliefs of an organisation.

Organisations stood out of the crowd that takes extra care of there employees. The most important and highly raised topic as an employee is working hour flexibility. The pro rota system or working hours should always suits the background and there own environment, if there is a personal or a crucial problem with someone working in nights can be moved to either days or be replaced from someone else for the time he/she wants it. Such kind of corporate decisions lead the employee to think positively. Systems must not be to train organisational discipline but to get them ease of work. There is a very thin line in between organisational discipline and strictness, whereas, it is the main task of HR management to individually differentiate between both.

In both grievance case of Top Gear also, the member of staff reported to be fighting in the canteen and the one having complain of sex decimation, there is always a sign of human focus, whatever the decision should me made but everybody must be expecting positive reply and if they get it after some little penalty they will try not to do it again.


Grievance, discipline and dismissal process:

Problems and hurdles happen within the organisations but as a matter of fact, there is solution for it as well. The basic job role for a HR manager is to resolve any complaints systematically and within time constraint. There are contingency and alteration plans in order to resolve any grievance within any member of staff. As a case of Mary Jones in Top Gear, I personally think that this is case of sex discrimination imposed over her whether directly or indirectly. The Hr manager must obtain conventional principles over employee and details of right of responsibilities on behalf of organisation. In this case there is a very little to be done from HR manager to take all there details experiences records and there statement over this issue and raised in front of higher authority which then decide what to do keeping view over her records and experiences.

Whereas, if we deeply into the problem of fighting of two emplpoyees within the canteen it seems to be of many reasons, likewise, anger, gossips, anxiety, background, frustration etc. but however, it is more important how organisation look into this matter. There are far more options to say good bye to those who fights but in order to maintain there Top Gear discipline. The management should listen to what there views regarding fight may be then decide after viewing some evidences who is responsible. Sometimes it is enough for someone to issue a disciplinary notice in a written or a verbal form. After close consideration on view of proofs, it may be dealt informally but if there is something serious there will be following procedures apply:

Verbal warning

Written warning

Another written warning


Dismissal is a basic right of any organisation to deal with some extreme situations, however, if employee found to be unfair dismissal he/she can appeal against the decision of the company. It may be because of favouritism, personal disliking and any in-appropriate reason that employee think of being over reacted. Organisation have to provide full proof of evidence in order to issue a dismissal notice otherwise the employee have full right to seek civil court assistance.

Role of ACAS:

ACAS stand for advisory, conciliation and arbitration service is it also defines as

"Acas, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, is an independent, statutory body which is made up of employers and trade union representatives under an independent chairman."

ACAS is a mediatory service provider which initiates as a third party between between the parties gets disputed. ACAS was being established nearly 100 years ago for the purpose of having centre person of organisational unions and employees. Now they operate with 900 employees and having 11 offices in the world. The role of ACAS is actually to eliminate any dispute formed within two parties. However, in Mary Jones sex discrimination and canteen fight between two members of staff case, there is no need to involve people like ACAS. This was being established for acceptance and negotiation between big organisations unions and employees under one roof.