Identifying the Perception of Human Resources as Unnecessary

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What are Human Resources?

This entry does not cite any references or sources. Human resources (referred to as: HR) is a business management function of the key sectors, focusing on helping enterprises solve the modern problem of the use of human capital. HR is characterized by timeliness, initiative, duality, intellectual resistance, regeneration, continuity, age, social, expendable. Strategic planning of human resources:

  • The recruitment screening
  • Compensation Management
  • Training and Development
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Incentive
  • Elite Talent Management
  • Leadership Development

Why might account for the perception?

Lack understanding of HR department

In the company today, the other top manager will think that HR department is not important compared with marketing, finance, production and engineering. In a company structure shown that HR department just is a supporting role and not a leading role because HR department is not important as them, they never know that if without HR department a company may bring a risk too. The other department will think that why HR department need to so important in a company structure. They don't know what the HR department tasks in a company are and why it was important in the company.

Realization of important of HR department

The top manager care little about HR department is because they may be no enough understanding about operation of the HR department, so they will neglect about it. They not so understand that HR department basically also is a important role in the company, HR department is control a lot of resources in the company. From the above point of view that HR department will help a company in recruitment the screening, compensation management, training and development, human resource planning, performance management, incentive, elite talent management talent management, and leadership development. Especially of the technical or engineering manager, they might think that HR department is no important at all because in a product if no engineering and the technical it can't be work perfectly. Their education and operation method is different with HR department, so they can't understand enough why HR department is play a main role in the company.

Strategic Planning

A perfectly and successfully company, a strategic planning is a main core. Without it, the marketing is can't be run smoothly. So, every department in a company also plays a important role because they are tie together in a company, without either one the marketing also can't be successful. There are marketing department, finance department, production department, engineering department and also HR department. How they making a main position in a company?

Marketing Department

Marketing department is playing an important role in a company. It's a process create a customer interest in goods or services. Marketing is generates the strategy that under the techniques, business communication, and business developments. It's an integrated process to a company to build strong customer relationships and creates value for their customers. The marketing department also is to achieving the goal depends on the needs and wants of target markets.

Comparing with HR department, it is only a department that controlling the tasks in their responsibilities. They would never to decide planning to create a awareness to the customers.

Finance Department

Finance is a department to control the cash flow of the income and outcome of a company. It's play a importance role in the company because as a company if the financial is getting problem or not stable, the company will getting a problem or a risk. Besides that, finance department also provided sufficient information to the organization and allow them to do the analysis and decision within any wrong mistake. In additional, finance department also can easily to provide the information with the shareholder.

Comparing with HR department, HR was doesn't know how to control the profit and loss in the finance, so it's couldn't help anything in finance when it's getting mistake. A capital flowing in a company will getting bigger and bigger if the company size is larger. So, finance department is getting their own tasks to do in an organization and not same with HR department.

Production Department

Production department is a processes and methods employed in transformation of tangible inputs and intangible inputs into goods or services. It is help the company to develop a new product or develop some new ideas or information to the organization.

As a HR department, it's won't provide any ideas or any goods to the organization. There are the different departments so the production department has their own task and responsibilities to do their job.

Engineering Department

Engineering always develop some high technology product to the organization. There are using their general knowledge of science, mathematics, logic, and appropriate experience to find the suitable solutions and solve it. Engineering is a important role in an organization because it help us to solve all the complex progress in the product. Besides that, they also need to keep the relationship with the other department whether the process of the product is within any mistake.

HR department is no related to the engineering department because the engineering department is concern with the outputs but HR departments is concern on input.

How to overall the problem and why HR department is important?

Hire strategically and hire right

Another method HR department is important for managers; it can be with strategic hires; by this mean of hiring right. So the organization believes recruiting is the number one way for HR department to make an impact on the organization. If HR department is no good in operation, it may bring out a lot of sequel at the future. So the main point is should hire strategically, hire right. It is because the organizations are no professional in hire a employees and make it lost the competitors at the market. Examples: a employee is expertise in the finance department but the organization is hire him work at the engineering department. It is cover the expertise of the employees. So HR department is responsibility to make sure the organization hiring the right employee and the positioning is suitable to the employee bases on their own specialty.


If the organization is not hiring the right employee and positioning it at well, it many lead the turnover in an organization getting higher. Hiring right is means to reduce the turnover and to increase the retention. It means finding a candidate who high potential and can do as much as the average employee, after that then he being able to convince them to work for the organization. Besides that, by hiring right the organization can focus on the growing the business and not dealing with problem employees. There should be is a systematic interview process that probes for work ethic, attitude, aptitude and motivation, in addition to determining if they have the right skills for the job. HR department can be an instrumental in the process.

Recruitment, compensation, performance management, training in the form of separate functions, while business leaders and other managers, and facing the need to address human resource issues are often beyond these functions, such as how to attract the best talent and keep them, how to staff evaluation, how to motivate employees, how to train professional managers, etc., only one system to solve these problems really can be effective in human resources. We therefore advocate a long term human resources management, to remind the visionary business leaders must be from a new perspective to the system, global perspective to understand the human resource management, which we propose to establish within the enterprise based on corporate vision and business strategy and levels of human resources management system.

The concept of HR must be guided in large HRM

According to corporate vision and business strategies to the overall management of enterprise human resource planning, including identification of long-term development to support the core business values, critical success factors of business, clearly the core business processes.

Specific recruitment, training and development, performance management, compensation and other operating systems (policies, systems, procedures, methods, etc.), is the corporate human resource strategy to achieve the specific ways and means, which includes set up to emphasize the specialization operating system and the functions business leaders and managers for the establishment of functional systems across functions. HR managers by the company to provide all the "technical" application of training and advisory assistance, and promote effective use of functional systems manager, to form a dynamic and effective company-wide human resources system. The operating system is built on the same platform, so conflicts are not independent, but closely linked. HR department and operating system must fully reflect the integration of strategic, organizational, cultural requirements, and each company's strategy, organization, culture, unique characteristics, so the operating system of human resources should also be personalized to meet the actual business, and the only way to effective.

HR department are usually considered as a cost center is not conducive to the bottom line, even if they employ and protect your most important assets the company responsible. If there is no strong local, to meet your business and entrepreneurial people who will not increase its potential. The most important reason is because the industry as a whole exist in reality still think that as a qualified human resources. It is a discipline, should not spend and welfare, wages and benefits, but the time of strategic opportunity. So, HR department should be increased considerably with other department because it's also play a important role in an organization.