Identifying The Business Needs Of Clients With A Business Analyst Business Essay

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Business Analysis - Assignment 1

- Business Analyst

"A Business Analyst is responsible for identifying the business needs of their clients and stakeholders to help determine solutions to business problems" (Louis Molnar, n.d). The jobs of a Business Analyst are to develop the requirements and manage them throughout the process of developing solutions. A Business Analyst must also understand, challenge, recognize opportunities, and recommends solutions for an organisation to achieve its goals. Solutions are not predetermined by the Business Analyst, but are driven solely by the requirements of the business. They often include a systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement or organizational change. All in all, according to Kevin Brennan, a Business Analyst is seen as a key facilitator because the business analyst is acting as a bridge between stakeholders in an organization in order to identify and validate the internal changes, especially in creating and improving processes, policies, and information technology systems, that are required for that organization to achieve its goals.

Question 2 - Focus Group

Stakeholder Classes and Characteristics

Stakeholder Class



Stakeholder Class



Stakeholder Class



Focus Group Meeting Facilitator Guide

Focus Group Objective

Meeting time, Location


Meeting Materials

Question to ask

Question 1 - Connection

Is the connection to the website quick or slow?

So many pictures in the website will slow down the connection speed. Should we remove pictures? Reason?

Question 2 - Contents

Does the website have enough information for customers?

What should we add/remove?

What do you think about the design? Is it easy for visitors to view? Why/why not?

Question 3 - Satisfactions

What do you like the most on the Mazda website?

What should we keep on the website? The most useful aspects??

Do you feel comfortable when surfing the website? Why/why not?

Question 4 - Dissatisfactions

What are the most unnecessary aspects on the website?

Should we remove it or improve it?

What discomforts you the most?

How to improve them?

Question 5 - Order Online

Do you like online ordering?

Should we have an online ordering area? Why/why not?

Question 3 - Flow chart for purchasing on


Email validation

Payment accepted?

Place order

Enter Card verification code

Check out

Enter shipping address

Enter billing address

Choose payment option

Choose shipping option

Log in

Proceed to check out

Continue shopping??

View Cart

Add to cart

Buy or not?

Look at item information

Select Item

Present Catalogue

Account valid?

Log in


Question 4 - Use Case Diagram of RMIT Vietnam

View note on student file(s)


View Student History

Report Grade Level

Average Score


Access all classes

View individual and grade student online

Set assessment

Setting pass/fail rate

Have reporting functions

View student list

View student profile(s)





Change parts of student programs

Create relationship between lecturers and students

Restrict what uses can see




Changing courses


Online Enrolment

Access Blackboard and Email

Upload assignments

View results and past grades

View download course materials

View download course materials

Question 5 - Case Study

Executive Summary

Creative Clothes (CC) is the retail chain of contemporary clothing and accessories to the general public in Vietnam. The main stream products are dresses, jeans, shirts, shorts shoes and accessories. Currently, the company can be split into a number of departments and its backbone would be three sale located in Hanoi and HCMC. The successes of CC come from human resource development and professional management team. However, there are still a number of notable problems with the operation of the company. This business report will analyse the current situation and then develop the requirements of the CC Company. A report with specific problem analysis and recommendation to overcome these problems will also be provided. The goals mentioned in this business report are to help the CC Company understand its position (strengths and weaknesses) and existing issues that the company need to overcome.


Creative Clothes (CC) is the brand name of a retail chain of contemporary clothing and accessories in Vietnam. Currently, CC has 3 major outlets in Hanoi and HCMC that sell the company products. As the demand of clothing in the market is increasing, the company has grown rapidly that causes the amount of issues to appear in this organisation. Some problems exist in the resource area and some are related to the management. All of these problems lead the company to a difficult situation. The challenges of the company now are to solve these problems as well as find a way of running business to expand their selling potential.

Formal System Model: Creative Clothes


Making Profit


Selling products

Managing staffs

Producing financial reports


Vietnamese market

Vietnam Law








Monthly Invoices

Annual reports


Clothes and accessorries


Management Team

Accounting Department

Human Resource Department

SWOT Analysis


Good management

Have outlets in big cities

Various products


Lack of human resources

No IT infrastructure

Lack of capital

Not enough selling location


High demand at clothing

Able to use of internet to increase marketing and online sales.


Fashion trends change rapidly

Competitive arena of real estate

Problem Analysis

There are many problems existing in the company. However, there are 3 major issues that will be shown below

Issue: 1

Identify: Too many customers at a given time everyday

Location: 3 stores

Time: 11.30am - 1.30pm and after 4.30pm

Magnitude: rush of activity, long line at cash register and dissatisfy customers

Issue: 2

Identify: High sheer amount of work with different standards

Location: Accounting department

Time: every month

Magnitude: paperwork are not completed correctly and delay production of management report

Issue: 3

Identify: Limit location for selling products

Location: Creative Clothes

Time: everyday

Magnitude: too much stock in store room

To understand these problems more clearly, Spray diagrams and Fishbone diagrams will be shown as follow:

Too many customers in stores at a same time everyday

Issue 1

Reports with different styles

Issue 2

Limit selling location

Issue 3

As the Fishbone and Spray diagrams have shown above, 3 main problems of CC are caused by different reasons that are related to different areas in the company.

Firstly, let look at the 1st issue. There are too many customers at a given time everyday is a part of selling process in the Formal System Model (FSM). It is the result of not enough human and land resources. This actually affects directly the customer services of the company. In fact, each store of CC has only 2 employees. These two people cannot solve a large amount of work at the same time. Furthermore, the company just accept cash so the staffs must do all of payment process by hand, including money receiving and cash changing. It takes them more time to satisfy a customer. As the number of customers who have the staffs' attention is too small, consequently long lines of waiting customers will appear. This also makes people feel there are too many customers in the stores. Another reason for this problem is that the company only has 3 stores that located in big cities in Vietnam. This number is just too small compared with the demand of clothing in the Vietnamese market. If people in the whole of the country want to buy CC products, they just can go to these stores. It leads each store to contain a big number of customers. Reasons of this issue come from different aspects. However, this is another problem of the company that will be expanded later in another paragraph.

In the 2nd issues, the main problem is the reports of stores coming every month are written in different styles. This problem is the responsibility of the Accounting Department. The main causes of this are from the management and between stores. At first, 3 managers of 3 stores do not decide a common standard. Therefore, they write monthly reports based on their own styles. Furthermore, there is no contact between 3 stores as well. In other words, they lack of information sharing. Therefore, stores, including staffs and managers, do not know what the others are working and how they do. The further reason of this issue may be because they have a negative competition for the award so they want to keep everything they do in secret. It may also be the result of inexperienced accounting staffs. If they were an efficient team, they would control those reports even they are written in different styles. Also, they do not complain with the managers about the standard of reports. As a result, these managers think that everything would be fine if they keep using their own style for the report.

The final problem is a part of what was discussed on the first issue above. The company has only few selling locations in the whole country. It means CC lack of land resource. This may be the result of the competitive arena of real estate as well as the problem inside the company. Firstly, the company may not have enough money to buy land or house. This may be the result of inefficient business. They lose a lot of customers because of poor customer services. Also, they may invest their money on other department. Maybe they need to improve the accounting department, to establish an IT department. Thus, there is no money for landing and housing. In addition, in recent years, the cost of land and house has been increasing significantly, especially in big cities like Hanoi and HCMC. This brings the company to a difficult situation. They are unable to buy houses or lands. Finally, the company just only focus on big cities. They do not open any stores in other province although the house price there is much lower. The reason may be the company do not see the selling potential in the countryside. These all reason make the CC Company get stuck in opening a new selling location, and then it leads to the 1st issue above.

As the three problems are somehow related to each other and they have negative effects on the development of the business, the CC Company needs to solve them quickly, starting from main causes of them. In general, the main trouble of CC is they do not have enough resource, including labour, land and capital. They are also weak in managing the company. If these are solved, problems will also be solved. The following paragraph will provide for CC some recommendations to do so.

Firstly, to raise the capital, the company need to increase their sales. They need to sell more to get more profit. However, with the poor customer service, it seems impossible to do that. In fact, they can pay a little more money to improve their service. They need to hire more employees because 2 people cannot do everything, especially in the rush hours. Additionally, the managers should spend more time on their staffs. They should give new employees more attentions to help them, guide them to work and encourage them. Secondly, they should open more stores in Vietnam. The clothing demand is always high, not only in HCMC and Hanoi but also in other cities and provinces. They are also big, such as Danang, Nha Trang, Can Tho and so on. At least, the house price in those places is less than HCMC and Hanoi. They can buy stores or just rent them. However, if they do not have enough money to buy or even rent a store, they should establish an IT department. It helps them control the 3 stores and inventories much more easily. This will help the company solve all 3 problems at the same time. At first, the accounting department will connect directly to the three stores. They receive monthly reports and other papers through the internet. This takes them less time than the original way they are doing. Also, if they have IT infrastructure, they can open a website for the company. There are 2 benefits: promoting their brands and people can buy CC products through the website. That means the number of customer and the profit will increase. Therefore, limit selling locations and too many customers in store will be no longer problems. The final recommendation is that the accounting department of the company should provide for the three managers a model form of monthly report. Consequently, reports from the three stores will be written in the same format.

Based on the SWOT analysis and the Format Systems Model, the CC strengths are good enough to improve their weakness as well as achieve the opportunities. What they need to do is a little change in the way they are managing the company.