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The best suitable job designation for me will be to work at AXA insurance. I prefer doing this job as I think I have all the capabilities of a Sales person. I can convince the customers, if I am convinced by myself. I can identify the features of a product, develop a sense of belongings to a specified customers needs and then help the customer understand how the thing I am presenting is going to help in future. Thus I have the potential to sell products that are by any way helpful to the customers.

Thus I can select any of the item as per needs and requirements of the customer and sell that with full confidence as I am myself sure about the company profile, achievements and past records which are trust worthy and promising.

Educational qualification required:

The Educational qualification required for becoming is MBA in sales and marketing for two years in a well known University.


Al Ahlia University

BD 3000

3 years


Al Ahlia University

BD 6000

2 years

Professional certifiations


BD 1000

7 months

This will help me understand the various concepts related to sales and marketing.

How the sales have been increased in the past?

What are the methods used?

How the estimate of sale is made?

Techniques use to initiate sales?

How to find out customer expectations and demand?

Thus by getting answers to the above questions I will be able to access the requirement of various customers and place the right kind of product of AXA before the customer. That is if the customer is more worried about life than I will pitch for Life insurance, or if the customer is more worried about his buildings than I will place building insurance before him. AXA has a big name in Insurance, thus to its important to meet its requirements.

AXA Insurance Company:

AXA is one of the largest insurance companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council or the GCC. The company is operating in five GCC countries that is Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The company offers its customers with insurances of various kinds. These include the following types of insurances for individuals and businesses.

Individual Insurance

Corporate Insurance.

Car Insurance.

Home Insurance.

Health Insurance.

Travel Insurance.

Relocation Insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance.

Golf Insurance.

Yacht Insurance.

SME solutions.







Personal Accident.





Presently the company has 12 branches in the five GCC countries. The revenue of the company was USD 510 million in the last fiscal year. The company has made its global presence. In GCC the company has employed over 700 employees with near .5 million clients.

Physical presence of the company:

The Physical presence of the company is like an office type arrangement. The air is conditioned with tags of company policy and features all around. The general guidelines of Gulf compliances and ethical guide are also mentioned in the paper advertisement spread all over the work space. The company managers are given separate seats with computer system for each of them. The office space is clean and well equipped with the printer, security cameras, security guards, receptionist, training room etc.

From the above figure, we can see that the building design is very attractive. The parking space is also available. The inside interior of the office is quite furnished and maintained. The logos of the company brand AXA can be easily seen on the outside and also inside the office. Also the logos has been written in English as well as local language so that it is easy identifiable by the people.

Symbols, logo, Slogans and philosophy statements:

The slogans of the company are "Redefining Insurance: AXA life Insurance".

That is through the policy the right kind of policy with only the truth is served and nothing is remain hidden from the customer.

General Policy of the company:

The general policies and activities of the company include the followings.

Anti Fraud Policies. The company presents itself as offering anti fraud policy that does not cheat the clients, and cut down their investment size or profits thereafter.

Anti Money laundering policy of the company. The company intends to keep itself as an anti money laundering company who does not invest money in anti Islamic investments. The investments are made for the revival, growth and fulfill genuine needs of the people.

The company philosophy consists of giving growth to the investment of the people, along with the insurance cover to the person and the family. The company has varied plans and a number of investment shelves that helps the company in catching as many customers around the Middle East.

History of the company:

The AXA Company came in origin in 1817. In 1955 the company started opening its offices in other countries. In 1982, the company became the top company in france. Thus in 1985, the name AXA life insurance came into being with its separate identification from the AXA group of companies. In 1990 the company entered the United States market. And in 1995 entered Asian market. With its recent success the company opened its business in Morocco in 1996.

In year 2006, the company became the top company in Switzerland. In 2008, the company entered the Latin America market and within few years made a good hold over local insurance business.

Policies and activities

Insurance is widely used concept sold by many companies so as to meet unforeseen contingencies in near future that may arise due to some mishap. Actually, An Insurance is a type of contract between the individual and the company against the premiums which the person needs to pay from time to time, in return of certain amount that the company is ready to payback in case of a certain event. That certain event can be death, handicap etc.

Thus this way a certain amount of money is secured for the person's family for their survival. Thus mainly the Insurer that is the company and the Insured that is the person and his family are involved in a contract of getting a lump sum amount in case an unhappy event arises.

The company policy includes the customer satisfaction through proper care and high valuation of policy amount. Thus the policies of the company are as follows.

To increase the value of the customer wealth.

To give customer true and fair knowledge of the insurance plans.

To give competitive pricing and output of the Insurance policy.

To swiftly respond to the customer complaint and act for its redressed.

To give customers options to select from variety of Insurance policy products.

This way the company policy of meeting customer satisfaction is achieved.

Company Activities:

The AXA Insurance has launched its online services from August 2010 onwards. This way the customers are now free to have the following benefits.

Order new policy online.

Update about the old policy.

Compare policy features and premiums with other policies.

Easy to access from home.

Send enquiry as per the requirements and get quick response.

Thus the company logo of redefining insurance gets fulfilled. That is now the insurance is made easier to understand from the east of home. The customer is free to look at written features of the policy through online portal. The grievances can reach the top authorities through online complaint forms. The suggestions regarding improving or upgrading the existing policies can also be given online.

In AXA Insurance the company earns interest on premiums and can regulate the policy terms as per its will. The person insured need to complete the terms of premiums so at to get all the written benefits. In case of non-fulfillment of the terms and conditions the company can draw fines from the funds of the Insured person. At the end of terms of proposal the amount as per the premiums, interest and bonus is given back to the insured person.

Evaluate company culture and profile:

Company culture is defined has how the human resource of the company live inside the company premises with given conditions and requirements of responsibilities related to the job. The culture of the company consists of the main factors discussed below.





All these people above comes together to make one company culture consisting of internal and external environment. The internal environment includes the employees and management of the company. The external environment includes the market conditions and the system that are followed by the people in the industry, the customers and government regulations.

In AXA the company employees are given training and education from time to time so that their ability to get more customers and even satisfy them with the company product features. This way the human resource of the company is given proper care. Further more the management are clarified with the company goals and targets which are required to be achieved within a fixed time frame. The time frame is often broken in small quarters so that proper care is taken to achieve each and single step of company goal.

The market which consists of so many old names in insurance has by themselves the trust of the people. So to gain trust of the people the company needs to implant more customer friendly policies that gurantees good return from investment of the clients. Also the quick redressal of complaints and claims thereon will help the company to get more satisfied customers who bring more customers for the company.

The AXA group is the largest insurer group in the world. It is presently working in 57 countries of the world. Till date the company has more than 101 million clients around the world. The number of employees with the company world over is 163,000. The company has also move into exclusive distribution system of selling insurance and at present it has 55,000 exclusive distributors. The company is AA- rated by the International rating authority called the Standard and Poor's.

The company business mainly consists of the followings.

Property Insurance.

Casualty Insurance.

Life Insurance.

Asset management.

In year 2011, the company achieved the following financial edges.

Revenue earned up to 86 billion euros.

Net Income earned was 4.3 billion euros.

The assets of the company under management increased up to 1,079 billion euros.

The customer satisfaction percentage was 78%, which is very rarely seen in any Insurance company.

AXA in year 2012:

The company tops in many countries in the field of giving insurance related servicers. The company is ranked 58the among the top 100 Best global brand of Insurances. At present it's the 4th best industry in France after Lousi Vuitton, L'Oreal and Danone. The company is based on values of business and is branded as the best trustworthy brand around the globe.

Work Experience required:

The work experience required is of talking sensible and targeting a specific product. Thus I will practice to speak logical, and with contents so that the customer feels related with the presentation I give him. I will try to get work experience by working as trainee in AXA insurance. Also I would enquire about the customer needs before deciding on the product he needs to be introduced. This way the right product will be placed at the right time before the customer.

Finance Required:

A lot of money is required to complete MBA in sales and marketing from Al Ahlia University. Thus I will work as trainee in AXA and the stipend I earn will help me ease the financial pressure on my parents for completing my MBA. Moreover If the need arise I will take educational loans and will repay them when I get the job. Thus in all ways will try my best to help my family to stay away from the financial pressure of my education.

Attitude changes:

The attitude of mine needs not to be changed as I am already an optimistic person. I do not feel dishearten when I lose, instead I try again with more strength. Thus, if somehow may not able to get the sale of insurance, than I will try again with some other customer and will also keep a feedback from the present customer so that I can improve my drawbacks in future.

Thus working as trainee for one to two years will help me develop all the skills required for the job and also help me understand the job on floor. That is the pros and cons will be introduced to me well in advance and I will feel easier when I join the job after completing my MBA.

Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of developing this plan:

By developing this plan I will be able to counsel my career well in advance. I will able to figure out what I am going to become one day. Thus my full force and efforts will have a target now which I will try to achieve in the coming years. As these coming years are the most critical part of everybody's life. As they decide what the person will do through out his life. Therefore the advantages of developing the plans are below.

I will be able to decide on what track I have to make efforts.

My future would be clear and concise to me.

My hard work will have a direction and a particular motive.

I will end with a good job.

I will start earning early.

But along with that there are some disadvantages. These includes.

My career will stick to that of sales person through out life.

I will not be able to test my qualities in other fields.

I will not be able to live my university life which becomes part of memory throughout life.

Money will become the only target of my life.


In the end, I can say that working as sales manager in AXA is a suitable job designation which will not help me get a good job, but also help me, help others in deciding about their investments that are required either on insurance of life, property, assets or even casualty. Thus with a varied products in my bag, I will be able to get a lot of work during my job and earn good income and with the developing work experience I will achieve my targets in life.