Human resources role in surviving the recession

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For an organisation like HNT who is already facing a hard time to survive in the current business market there is a need of a solid HR planning that will lead them to a better workforce who is more efficient and performs well. In order to achieve that HNT needs to manage and measure the performance of their employees.

Measuring employee performance is a crucial strategy for the success of Hargreen Hospital. There is a need to keep consistent and fair evaluation methodology that the management at HNT can use to identify inefficiencies in work, good employees worthy of promotion and development and reward the employees with increase in salary and bonuses in a quantifiable manner.

The ability of the employees, their productivity and competency should be measured at all times in the organisation. If HNT wants to generate better results from their employees they need to keep an eye on their employees and try to improve their performance. This will help the organisation and the employee as well. If something good is seen it can be supported for example an employee doing well can be given a reward for his/her performance. On the other hand it will help the company to diminish any negative trends that are forming in the company and set rules and procedures to address that problem. Like if employees are habitual of absenteeism then there can be a rule made that whosoever goes on an unapproved leave his/her day's salary will be deducted therefore, all employees should sign a leave form and state the reason for them not coming. This will make the employees more disciplined and they will avoid taking undue leaves from work.

Here are some ways of assessing employee efficiency

Feedback on performance of the staff in the company. When the performance of all the employees will be measured and assessed properly it will enable HNT to give feedback to individual employee. This will let them know about their current performance. If they are doing well they will be motivated to do better but if they are not doing that well they will be supported to do better than before. This feedback will be like an advice to the employees to make their jobs better and giving them the opportunity to perform better.

Identification of strengths and weaknesses of each employee. The best outcome of measuring efficiency is to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the employees of Hargreen Hospital. This will let the management know exactly what are the things in which their workforce is doing well at the moment and where they are not able to do that well or even if there is something missing at this point. The management after knowing the strengths can come up with a plan to make them even better than before so that the performance of the employees can be increased. However, the weaknesses will be identified and will be eliminated as soon as possible so that the employees can be motivated and their morale is boosted. This will also help in identifying those things which are missing in the employees of HNT. Therefore, the management will be able to identify them as well and try to add those in their employee's forte.

Identify HNT's individual personnel's training needs. Another important thing that HNT will get to know with the help of assessing employee efficiency will be that which of their employees have that potential in them to do well in the future and they can enhance their skills by providing trainings of different kinds. These training will improve the ability of staff to work better hence the repute of the hospital will get better. A good example can be of a hard working nurse he/she could be offered training from the nearby university and college that will enhance her skills but also increase her knowledge, making them more skilled than before and enabling them to perform better.

Talent identification within the staff of HNT. HNT is currently facing a lot of problem with the retention of their current employees their morale are completely down and they need skilled workforce in order to increase the efficiency of the hospital. HNT must identify the strongest of employees and mark them for promotions and other benefits with the help of a quantifiable and consistent method of evaluation. This will help to identify all the opportunities that are required for their staff to perform better and will also have an understanding of what is needed for the development of the workforce as some of the staff will have the skills and experience to be retained in the company for a longer time. If their talent can be recognised at an early stage HNT can capitalise on that and keep them with them for a longer period of time. They can polish their talent with further training and coaching.

Rewards and recognition. The performance of an employee can also be assessed on the sort of rewards that are being offered to them. Different types of rewards can be given to the employees to appraise and encourage them to perform better. HNT can use these for their employees and can use the following types:

Financial rewards

Base pay- the base pay of the employee can be increased in order to show that the employee has been working hard. It is based on internal comparison that reflects the importance of job within the company. An increase in the salary will definitely make the employee feel appreciated for his/her hard work and will be eager to work harder.

Additions to base pay- Additional pay can be offered to the employees based on their skills, performance and experience. Like merit pay reflects assessment of an individual's performance. If some of the employees are working hard and doing well then they can be given extra money as compared to those of the same rank but not doing the same amount of work. This will enable the others to work better as well.

Employee benefits- With the passage of time as the employees gets senior and permanent at HNT they can be offered benefits like pensions, healthcare insurance and paid vacations etc that will help the management in retaining their skilled and experienced workforce ensuring better performance.

Non-financial rewards

Build a Recognition Culture- HNT needs to establish a recognition culture in the organisation as it is important for motivating the staff and also for a better overall performance of the company. Rewards in the simplest form can be used for this purpose for example praising someone on a well done job. The employees should feel that their achievements have been recognised and appreciated by the company. Therefore, if the manager only listens to the staff and act upon their suggestion that will also encourage the staff to work better. If the senior doctors at the hospital will appreciate the work being done by the junior doctors it will give them more confidence and hence will help them to perform better.

Establish Career Opportunities and Personal Development- According to the well established hierarchy of needs presented by Maslow self actualization is considered as the biggest motivator and is applicable at all levels of jobs in an organisation. In practical terms, providing the staff with opportunities to learn and develop or enhance their existing skills will work as a powerful motivator. HNT will need to think about it in order to retain their employees as well. This is a vital point for the management of Hargreen Hospital. They need to think about it and act upon it as soon as possible.

Make influence central to decision making- In order for the employees to have the sense of belonging they can be given the power of decision making on behalf of HNT. This will act as a major motivator and plays a vital role in their performance. Staff at HNT can be given certain targets with it in order to assess their performance. Hence, if staff members are given a chance to have their say in decision making then that will always have a positive effect on the organisation.

Focus on the Work Environment- The environment in which the employees are working must be considered at all times by HNT. They can be given the facility to work at flexible working opportunities. Giving them independence to carry out their job roles will boost their morale and providing the employee tools that will help them perform their jobs in a better way. If the organisation takes care of these aspect it will definitely improve the performance of the company and will help in maintaining the retention levels.

HNT at the moment is not using any of the assessing methods of performance. They need to implement the above stated methods into Hargreen Hospital if they want it to survive in this hard time and to prosper in the future. They need to implement these things with short term planning keeping in mind the retention of employees and providing them better facilities at work and also plan for long term as in emerging as one of the best hospital ever with great customer satisfaction levels and state of the art technology.

All the above points must be kept in mind and there should be a continuous professional development of the employees of HNT as they are the backbone of the organisation. This should be very clear in the minds of the management that it the employees only who can save them at this time. They should be motivated and properly supported throughout the year so that they can feel safe and have that sense of belonging.