Human Resources Planning And Its Development

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Punyam (PMSPL) was born in November'1995 in the field of consultancy for ISO: 9000, other international standard, and Management areas and is growing and having total 250 clients for various types of certification and very rich experience in ISO and management consultancy.

Group of 12 qualified engineers and management graduates (M.B.A) having experience of different type of industry and done ISO: 9001, 2000 and other international certifications for many clients.

Having more than 225 clients Certified for ISO: 9000 and 1% of Total Certified Companies in India.  

Punyam is having its office in Vapi for clients located near vapi areas as well as Mumbai.

At present Punyam is taking 9 new clients per month and completing their work within 3 months. After every 3 days average 1 client of Punyam is getting ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001, HACCP, CE Mark or any other certificate.

All the Punyam clients have got ISO: 9000 series certificate from the leading certifying body like KPMG, BVQI, SGS, LLOYDS, DNV, TUV, U.L. LAB. Etc.

PUNYAM is also working for vendor Developments & Auditing of companies in India on behalf of leading international customers.

Punyam's Clients include Capacity-wise No. 1 Companies in Asia as well leading group of India.


Pay back of Punyam's consultancy is less than 2 months because of quantification of measurable goals and providing continual improvement platform.

Punyam is committed for...

Personal Involvement & Commitment from first day

Optimum Charges

To Complete Project in Minimum Period (Within three Months)Professional Approach

To Depute Dedicated Persons To Suit Client Requirements

Hard Work And Get Work Done From Others

Strengthening clients by system establishment to make their house in proper manner

Establishing system in Finance and other departments for Fund flow Management

To establish strong internal control with the help of system

Why many units had taken Punyam's

Low Cost:

Practical suggestions recommended and having vast experience in bigger as well as small companies

Experience in all kinds of industry like Engineering, Textile, Chemical, Machine manufacturer, Electronics, Electrical, Pharmaceuticals, etc.


Professional approach and more than 12 highly qualified persons comprise Engineers / MBA from various disciplines with extensive experience are involved in Punyam's team. 


Practical suggestions recommended and having vast experience in the bigger as well as small companies


Experience in all kinds of industry like Engineering, Textile, Chemical, Machine manufacturer, Electronics, Electrical, Pharmaceuticals, etc


Professional approach and more than 12 highly qualified persons comprise Engineers / MBA from various disciplines with extensive experience are involved in Punyam's team. 


The Quantifiable measurable improvement objectives are made based on Punyam's rich experience to establish continual improvement.

Faster (3 to 5 Months):

The painstaking work of documentation is done by us based on detail study of your system. 


Personal involvement and commitment from day one


Punyam's team of professionals monitors your activity to gear up certification process.

Punyam is working since 1995.



At present 12 Engineers are working having qualification of B. E. / M.B.A


Work Area

1. ISO: 9001 series and international certification consultancy

ISO: 9001


SA 8000

ISO: 14001

OHSAS 18001



BS 7799



2. Management consultancy

Strategic Management




Production and Quality Control




The activities of HR at PUNYAM:-

Interview→ It is the viva assessment of the selected persons who applies for recruitment. The step is an important part of process of choosing them. In this part the candidate must be same as per the employment requirements and to the facts provided that are obtained by the candidates self observation throughout the course of interview. This thing gives the candidate an opportunity.

* To personally size up the interview.

* To ask the questions which are not been asked in the tests

* To examine the interview knowledge, skill and intelligence

* To calculate the subjective feature of interviewer- appearing act, expression of the face, tension minded is etc.

* To provide information to the interviewer concerning the industry, the rules, programs etc. and publicize goodwill related to the industry.

Remuneration of employee- It is a fees which an individual get in return for his or her effort that he or she gave to the industry. The net cost of a worker depends on the Reliance communication is that which follows the (CTC) i.e. Cost Company structure that throw back. Its appearance is made to give flexibility to the worker to create shape of their advantage package.

CTC's Philosophy-

They give maximum flexibility to a worker, within the committed remuneration of a worker.

Cost all privilege and give advantage or benefits to the worker and make the worker to appreciate the net price incurred on such profits.

Why CTC is divided in two parts:-

The total remuneration paid to the worker is taxable according to the rules of Indian Income tax.

It can make 60% of its remuneration non-taxable by choice pay.

Deputation and transfer:-

Deputation- Because of industries requirement, the workers may be needed to be posted to another place than primary place. It means deputation if such posting need you to replace from your present place beyond 29 days. It means transfer if such posting needs you to replace from your present place beyond 3 months. The workers are paid respective deputation allowance as per rules.

Transfer- Industry wants may need a worker to be transferring him or her on another location permanently.

One place to some other place.

One circle to some other place.

The heads of the department admits the prayer for transfer of a worker and informs the same to the Representative of circle HR. The Representative of circle HR of primary circle/place gives /issue-the-transfer letter which is received by the worker.

P2. HUMAN RESOURCE objectives at PUNYAM:

To develop and perfect use of an able and co minced force of work to reach the important goal of an organization.

To create and maintain a good or smooth industrial structure as there must be a good relationship among the workers in the industry.

To protect the integration of single people or team inside the organization by cooperation of the single and team aims with these of the industry.

To make benefits and working opportunities for a single person or team development so as to make it the same with the development of the industry.

To reaches an intendment use of human resources in the fulfillment of industrial aims.

To recognize and to meet with single person or teams wants by giving acceptable and fair wages, incentives, worker advantages and social protection and measure for presenting a test of one's working abilities, self respect, appreciation ,the state of secure and standard organization.

To always check huge workers morale and good human relations by strengthen and developing the different conditions and benefit.

To sustain and reorganization the features of human valuable things without stopping by giving them proper training and to improvements of programs.

The promotion of an employee depends on it working ability and competence.

To make sure the ser-- of the distinct period of a worker under supervision upon their fulfilling the distinct period acceptable.

To evaluate the training and improvement wants of workers.

To settle upon an increase in pay where daily scale of payments are not fixed for the workers.

To allow the workers to know what are their position in the industry according to their action of performing is concerned and to force them with a proper technique and to provide a proper Guidant for the reason of their growth.

To develop communication. The appraised of performance gives the way for dialog between the head of the department and lower rank holder in the department and develops the knowledge of personal aims and concerns. These things can also have an effect of raising the faith among the rate and the rater.

HRM method at PUNYAM:-

Shri Ashok k JADAV quoted "The Industry marked change in nature to act independently that we have begin upon is single going to be the very important project that Reliance group have ever chosen in his history of his industry". On the other part this techniques cuts across producing industries and services maximum of the agenda of transformation is an every side and very tightly attached with people practice and techniques. The official order is to create a world class industry of HR with a standard technique and procedure on every side of management performance, reward and identification, necessary knowledge and improve capacity, proper planning to achievement etc among other.

As a continuing exercise, RIL has carryon to look at checking, analyzing, developing and implementing seamlessly, important things which increase the level of production and efficiency. At this end the industry has put into location a service which is shared from central for industrialization of HR, where in the GBT (Global Best Practices) for Human Resource services shared are combined. The main aim of this centre, other from gearing on the levels of economy is to give an experience or knowledge of world class to their persons on all the issues that they must have to tackle with on a regular basic containing every transaction.

PUNYAM starts to insert in person by different studying and Development to act independent which has already watched 3,092403 hours of man of studying and improvement works at divisions of producing. Learning as a means is much more past after by the workers for improving techniques and knowledge hence persons can study when wanted at their self freedom from effort and from the place they must be. The industry has started to invest in the locations by newer and state of the art at constant factor of knowledge or active.

In financial year (2009 - 2010) 35 project of six sigma were fulfilled and now leading to financial profits / gains and now it is amounting to Rs.10 crores. Now currently, The Six Sigma project is connected with 439 Black and green belts at various sites. For the achievement this project 1896 group members are the head personally are giving active support to fulfill it. For further implant Six Sigma and create a small group brained for a purpose of Punyam certified black belts (PCBB) from one to other location. The development plan was established or presented at each and every site. The Punyam Certified Black Belt it will contain the idea skill and technique to do difficult projects and also have the power to guide, teach and train the other implement projects (GP) green belt.

P3. Models of HRM:

According David Guest's (1989, 1997) HRM's model. The areas of checking energy:

Strategy of HRM, Practices of HRM.

Outcomes or Results of HRM, Outcomes of behavior, outcomes of performance, outcomes of finance.

Guest's model views at HRM as a active new abstract idea, it is much more different from traditional personnel management of precious days, better than in reality and stated what should be done in the quality which determines the character and a way dealing. This HRM the model believe from heart that normal elements such as selected share a direct connection with strongly wished for industry results. Whatever Guests have been fast selection is "messy" and that huge action of performing is quite tuff to identify approach, watching techniques under practice outcomes. This model of UK is, following the predecessor of America, i.e., it bind up workers attitude and demanded into the aims of technical management. Not giving more value on union trade this model watch at worker - employee relation with one inside the industry and the single persons.

The map of HRM:

In a business context the Human Resource Management give a sizable thick of this part to the HRM map. Possibility the most canonical model of Human Resource Management, the model of Harvard have the greater number of people affect and challenged the institutions debate in the area of gaining knowledge it can be recorded that the Harvard School of Business produced one of the most greatly affected by the model of HRM. The Harvard explanation watches workers as resources. Whatever they are seen as being importantly separate from the other resources and it never solved in the similar process. The pressure is on public as human resources. Its main step is to come near to identifies and element of have the same specified relationship with each other in every industry. A abstract idea with same lines in management of Japanese people as we notice preciously, Workers are recognizable share holders in an industry. They must have their own personal wants and concerns combine with other teams such as stake holders and consumers.

The Map outlines four HR policy areas:

Features like recruitment, selections, employment and promotion need to be appraisal along with proper assessment of these features.

Implement of reward system like motivation, and pay structure.

Influencing the employees through dedicated authority levels to increase the responsibility and power.

Proper designing of the work system to better alignment with people.

P4. HR Planning and development:

Definition: - Human resource planning is certain strategy that consist features like acquisition, development, preservation along with proper utilization for human resource. This is a forecasting process of an organization ahead of fulfilling all the future need of human resource and keeps the supply line uninterruptedly.

Workforce planning: - This is the process that ensures the perfect access of the raw talent to bring out the productivity and success in near future. The process includes access of potential which comprises features like employment, bonding and business strategy that enable to modify the talent. Talent refers to the skill knowledge and other important activities like decision making. Planning strategy of a business is equipped with insufficient concerning, uninterrupted productivity proper employment of the talent. It is important for an organization to fill the resource level after any location of the present resource. Utilization of resource along with proper measurement of capacity is one of the major priorities of an organization. It is a duty of Human resource management to manage and identify the resources to full fill the capacity are one of the major priorities of an organization . It is a duty of Human resource management to manage and identify the resources to fulfill the capacity and restart the total cycle.

Manpower planning:-

It can be effort and a process that helps to employed suitable person for a certain job in a right number. It is a way of acquiring achievement and the target of the organization. The process consist improvement of the strategy in a right manner and proper forecasting of the organization and quality of work force.

Diagnostic approach of man power planning at PUNYAM:

It is the certain technique to solve the problems related to the technique to solve the problems related to the manpower which features qualitative and quantitative techniques. That is implemented by the managerial groups. This type of problems occurs on the organization and can be resolved by simplifying and projection of the cause behind the problem. After determination of the reason of problem action is taken. Ultimately proper and suitable action helps to keep the balance write and proper handling of it.

Policies & plan of Man power preparation



Causes perceptive

Action plan for controlling

Meaning of training

Training is used to provide and important role in the development of human resource. It is quite and necessary and useful to get along with all the categories of the employees staff as well as of the managers. It provides such a help to improve the skill and confidence level to better the productivity and create as essential tool for self as well as carrier development. The main target of the training is to develop the internal skill and talent of certain individual. So it is quite important for the dynamic business world for now days. Training provides us practical and gain advantage over the technological changes in the industrial field. It can be held in a short term but deserve big advantage.

Need for training in PUNYAM:

After recruitment it is necessary to provide training to the employed once to make them used to with the work culture along with the technologies featured in Reliance. It must be above all categories it helps to develop the efficiency to make them competitive to make them with the changing world. It follows some features like -

It is a good supply line of updated skill.

It is boost the confidence level of the employee.

It is the process helps for personal growth and development.

It helps to get used with the strategy and new innovation.

On the job training:

It is a method that comprises apprentice under the proper mentioning of the experience once. It helps and individual to be used to with the situation which we have to better be a part.

Program Instruction:

This is the methodological way of supply of instruction about the strategy. This helps to determine the speed of their learning. This is the computer operated method and rather expensive.

P5. Soft approach at PUNYAM:

Human resource management looks over the roll and the function of the challenges of the business world. It includes change management reformation of the culture and practice of the organization. It helps to provide a roll of a business partners. Human resource management creates a link between the business and the strategy along with the people involved in it. They have a protective and systematic contribution. They let suggestion to the employees for improve the quality proper time management and cut down the absenteeism. It helps to reveal the attitude of the employees.

HR Management methods at PUNYAM:

The HR group of Punyam is looking for proper functioning of human resource along with interface of the employees. So we are in the state to adopt the ERP software in other word SAP across all of its location and business.

To provide proper service to the most valuable employees are the main concern of us. Human Resource group of Punyam are working hard to upgrade the total system. We are looking for total Web-enabled service throughout our organization to provide better and quick operations. It will also help our employees to interact with our human resource management for any assistance. There will be no communication gap between the process proper convening of information and strategy to them. It will also help to update data base of the employees.

Planning and development:

Proper strategy and understanding of the vision and mission of the organization.

Better understanding of the proposed business model.

Providing friendly atmosphere along the Punyam organization.

Proper networking and integrating with the employees of Reliance communication.

The provided information is:

The earlier history of the Punyam group.

Fundamental information about the telecom business.

Introduction of non-technological and evolved concepts.

Presentation occurring from different sources of the various units of the business.

Sharing of business strategy, aims of the strategy along with structure and process of the organization.

P6. Performance management:

Performance management refers to the setting and ensuring of target of the certain individual employees. It will help to reform the workforce and the business of the organization. It is quite important to all business or generalization especially for the small ones as it is totally dependent on the smaller budget along with the smaller workforce. Proper and sound strategy for the performance management can provide help to reach the target.

Performance and management at PUNYAM:

In Punyam we give stress on the quality of life at the employees. To provide a friendly workplace in the organization it is important to handle the situation with care. We provide freedom to proper employment and learning to the employers. Providing proper opportunities that could help us to look initiative and motive them to develop the productivity level. We help them to dream and convent their dream towards their achievement. This dream can be helpful from the company's prospects.

To study growth and consolidation of the business we are offering cross organization, cross discipline along with cross country features to provide error opportunities. There are about twelve thousand employees with a thirty seven year of average. Proper training program well capacity building is important for the organization. The strategy is taken for fulfill the technical professional growth of people of us.

Punyam family is associated with the IIM which refer Indian Institute Management of Bangalore as well as with the Indian Institute of Technology. IIT in short situated in Bombay. We are at present sponsoring over 260 engineers.

We are sponsoring all total 91 science graduates for completing the engineering course with IIT Bombay.

In Punyam we are conducting 60,000 hours of training with about 15,000 training program, i.e., covering almost 8,000 employees. We are also organizing development program for the employees. The performance management of the organization is basic of HRA which means scientific key result, i.e., based on performance management as well as carrier or approaching exercise.

We have applied incentive scheme for the employees for the by regular consulting with the international constitution.

Company profile mapping - It is important for an individual to learn about our self. Proper acknowledgement about the strength and skill area of an individual plays a big impact on increasing the productivity level. It is necessary to establish a proper mapping of concern of carrier. It is recognized as competency mapping. It is a process that is measured according to the time and money. It is not implemented by a larger number of organizations as the process expensive in its nature. Competency mapping provide a suitable for an individual. Thus it can be helpful for the organization to. It can be described as a useful ladder to get into the top of one's career. So it is an essentials tool for the employees. It provides the perfect direction of the career and get close to the target. It can be vary due to the change of the organization.

P7. Critical analysis of performance management:

Proper analysis of present past and future prospective of an organization is important to build up. The organization in a effective way successful companies always get touch with their employees as they realize that employees are assets of the organization. So they ensure the growth to engage them with the organization in a definite manner. Reliance Corporation uses the experience of their employee for better implementation of their adopted strategy.

Goal Theory - This was a certain theory that was developed to implement the strategically way to get into the goal. The theory suggested a sophisticated way towards the success.

The way is proposed by the leaders and exquisitely in such a way that every individual can get properly suited with it.


Subordinates are properly discussed the strategies to make them understand it perfectly.

It is the perfect way to business that is away for any interruption.

Strategically pathway to achieve the ultimate goal.

Performance related pay:

This is the paying system method employees according to their performance.

There are some reasons of introduction of it -

It helps to increase the retention ratio for the employee of the organization.

It helps to enhance new idea generation with the current individual rather than new hiring.

It is the pay structure according to the performance level and it helps to the employees to keep their interest growing.