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A critical assessment of the degree to which you are suited to a particular job. The job chosen must be one that has been advertised in the period after May 1 2005 and be one you would have a realistic chance of applying for after graduation. You must provide a copy of the job advert as an appendix, with the date and source of the advert clearly given. This assignment should be written in the first person this assignment
is about you as an individual so it seems appropriate to refer to yourself as I. But this does not mean that you should be completely informal in your style of writing so avoid the use of slang or contractions (such as doesn't for does not).

    This essay seeks to provide a critical assessment of the degree to which I am suited to a graduate role of Human Resources Administratorat Cott Beverages Ltd.  I found the role searching the Internet forjobs at the Prospects Graduate Recruitment Website on 26th May 005.  AsI am studying a Business Studies degree and have a keen interest inHuman Resources this job appears to be in line with my careeraspirations.
    The essay will firstly examine the definition of a criticalassessment, then look in detail at the requirements of the role interms of the job description and person specification, this will thenbe contrasted with my own skills, competences, work experience andinterests, with a view to understanding my suitability, beforeconcluding with a final assessment of how well suited I am to the role.
    A critical assessment according to Houghton Mifflin (2000), is theact of judging or assessing.  It is providing an overall appraisal ofsomething and for the purposes of this essay the degree of fit.
Before looking in detail at the job role, it is important to understandwhat is meant by a job description and person specification. Mullins(1996) states that:
“A job description tells you about the total requirements of the job,exactly what it is, its purpose, what it entails, the duties,activities, responsibilities attached to it and its position within theformal structure of the organisation”
(Mullins, L (1996), Management and Organisational Behaviour, Pitman Publishing, pp 676)

As part of the Cott Beverages  job description there is a personspecification that Mullins (1996) states is a blueprint of the “idealperson to do that job” including details on personal attributes, andqualities associated with successful performance in that job.  Forexample experience, technical skills, physical characteristics, healthand appearance, motivation, intellectual ability, formal qualificationsetc.
    This part of the essay will now look in turn at the different partsof the job description and critically review the extent to which I havethe skills, qualifications, experience and personal attributesrequired.  It will begin at a broad level the overall HR field and myoverall interest, followed by qualification requirements, perceivedability and competence to do the job and personal attributes requiredfor the role. 
    On a high level the organisation is looking for someone who enjoysan office-based occupation, responding to queries from staff andexternal people, collating information, attending meetings, using theIT system, supporting team members, also dealing with overall HRemployee and organisational matters.  Jewell (1996) states that humanresource management is concerned with ensuring the optimum use of humanresources to the mutual benefit of the enterprise, person and thecommunity at large. 
First and foremost suitability is determined by whether someone has agenuine interest in the human resources field.  In relation to mysuitability to the role, I have a strong interest in the area, evidentby my choice in studying a business degree and human resource degree. The human resources field really appeals to me in terms of meeting newpeople, solving people-related matters and looking at ways of trainingand developing people.  I also enjoy the office environment, which Igained exposure to through summer work.
    The job states formal qualification requirements - to have studiedto degree level.  I am suited to the role since I will shortly begraduating with a Business Studies Degree and have specialised in humanresources.  The modules have included employee re-sourcing, humanresource management, people and organisations, employee relations andreward management. The degree provides me with a strong theoreticalunderpinning knowledge that could be valuable to the role.
The degree course has provided me strong IT skills.  I have skills inusing Word, Excel, Databases, PowerPoint , the Internet and all theother main software packages, both in taught modules and incoursework.  Again this satisfies another element of the jobdescription.
    In terms of being suited to the job tasks and duties of the role, the job description
states that this will involve: administration, handling enquiries,supporting team members with their office work and liasing withinternal and external customers, and support to the HR function. 
    I have gained some valuable office work experience during a summerplacement at Tulip Computers.  Here I was responsible foradministration (raising invoices, answering telephone calls, respondingto queries from staff) and general office based duties.  The experienceprovided me with an insight into the office environment, where I wasprincipally involved working with internal customers, although therewas some external contact with customers.  In my work appraisal Ireceived good feedback about my ability to undertake the office duties.
I have not only built up good administration skills at work, but alsoin my degree course undertaking assignments, teamwork projects,presentations, research and general administration.  I have regularlyobtained high marks throughout my course.
In terms of my suitability to the role, I would say that I have amoderate competency in office-based tasks gained through summervacation work and university projects. 
    Practical skills in office based work, qualifications and keytechnical skills are necessary for the human resources administratorrole, but just as important are personal qualities and attributes. Mullins (1996) states that personality is key to the success of anygiven job role.  At Cott Beverages they are looking for cultural fitbetween the applicant and the organisation, in terms of similar values,beliefs and ways of doing things.  They are looking for someone who hasthe following personal attributes: highly organised, excellentinterpersonal skills and team working skills, be able to deal withqueries confidentially with tact and diplomacy, creative and highlymotivated, good sense of humour and a flexible attitude. I will nowconsider each personal attribute in turn, and provide an assessment ofmy suitability. 
In terms of organisational skills I consider myself well organised.  Inmy degree I have been effective in planning my workload, ensuring thatI made the best use of my time for all the different projects,balancing my university work with a part time job and othercommitments.  Through structuring my weeks and days I have successfullymet all my deadlines for assignments, and given priority to the mostrelevant tasks and activities.  I feel I have good skills in terms ofplanning and time-management, although I could be better at forwardthinking through allowing more contingency time.
  At Tulip computers where I did some office work experience myorganisational skills were often put to test in terms of organisingmeetings, managing administration and ensuring customer orders weresuccessfully dispatched.  The demands in terms of workload varied byweek, and on the whole I managed these successfully.
    With regards to the interpersonal skill attribute I see myself as anatural communicator, with an infectious self-confidence that enablesme to deal confidently with people.  I am extroverted and enjoy meetingnew people and can relate well to many types of people.  This has beenevident at Univesity where I have mixed with a range of students, andalso in the clubs and societies at Univesity that I belong.  I wouldsay that there was a strong fit between my interpersonal skills andthose required by the role.  Although, I have not had the opportunityto fully utilise my interpersonal skills in a business setting.
Related to my interpersonal skills I perceive myself to be a good teamplayer.  I work well in a team and using Belbin (1993) team roleclassification I often take on a co-ordination role.  I am very good atclarifying goals, co-ordinating activities and delegating.    
    In recent University projects I have taken on this role, where Ihave been effective in discussing the goals of the project, examiningthe different activities of the project, and determining the roles andresponsibilities.  I am good at co-ordinating group activities tocompletion, and also good at influencing and motivating team memberstowards group objectives. I enjoy understanding people and whatmotivates them. 
    I would admit in some team situations I could be better at creativeproblem solving.  I do have tendency to go forward with an idea orsolution, without considering all the options available.  In comparisonwith others my strengths lie with listening, empathazing with peopleand I am not as effective at generating ideas and creative problemsolving. 
Also, in teams I tend to follow the group decision and directionwithout challenging.  Although I work well with other people, I couldbe more effective at being assertive and stating my points of view andopinions more fully.
    A key strength that I have in group working is influencing people. In a recent human resources module we were set a task to develop arecruitment and selection strategy for a well known organisation.  Theproject was for eight weeks duration and required a lot of work overthat period, in terms of research, writing and team working.  Duringthe project, there were a couple of members of the group who werestruggling and found the work difficult.  I was really effective inlistening to the group members in terms of understanding where theywere facing difficulties, good at working with them to overcome thesedifficulties and influencing them towards greater involvement in thegroup's activities.   My influencing skills and especially my skills indiplomacy were very valuable in team-working and would be well suitedto the role. My approach to team members shows the characteristics ofbeing an encourager .
The role specifically looks for someone who can communicate effectivelywith internal and external customers.  I consider myself to have strongoral and written communication skills.  I can communicate well, whetherthis writing a project, doing a presentation, or stating my view indebate or discussion.  These skills are well suited to the roleadvertised.
    In terms of my style of working, the organisation is lookingsomeone who is focused and methodical in their work.  I would certainlysay that I am someone who is very focused and good at achieving endresults.  I try to follow a logical plan to my work, however I tend totake a non-methodical approach to reaching final outcomes have apreference to working on broader issues compared with finer details. Thus I show a strong fit with the role advertised in terms of myability to focus, and less suitability in terms of my style of workingand approach to detail.
Building on this, I would say sometimes I am quite inflexible in termsof my attitude towards work.  I find it difficult sometimes to beflexible in taking on new ways of working and responding to differingdemands and changes in working.   Hence in terms of the job role I amless suited in relation to this factor.
In terms of demeanour required for the role I feel I am very wellsuited.  I have a great sense of humour, energy and motivation.  I amstrongly motivated and continually work towards the objectives I setmyself, striving to improve my performance and the way I relate towardsother people. My motivation has been evident in me working hard atUniversity projects, regularly achieving high marks and my involvementin clubs and societies to which I belong.  Also, I have great sense ofhumour, I like to enjoy life and work, and do not mind entertainingwhen I have opportunity.  This demeanour means I can fit well with anumber of people, be accepted and well liked.  The job role looks for apositive outlook and a sense of humour, which I feel I am well suited.
In the appendix I have reviewed the above analysis of my strengths andweakness across the different components of the job role.  Each areahas been given a rating in order to arrive at an overall assessment ofmy suitability.  From the analysis I have determined that I am wellsuited in the following areas: I have a passion and interest forworking in the Human Resources field, I have the necessary formalqualifications, and have a moderate level of the technical andfunctional skills: e.g. skills in IT, office based work andorganisational skills.  In terms of the personal attributes requiredfor the role I hold many of the attributes they are looking for: I am aconfident communicator, with good interpersonal skills, good teamworkability especially in co-ordinating, influencing and motivatingpeople.  Finally, I have the right demeanour for the role with a senseof humour and strong levels of motivation.  
The analysis has shown that I am less suited to the role in thefollowing areas: I have limited technical office experience, myteam-working skills are good overall, however I am weaker in terms ofidea generation and problem solving, and also less suited to the rolein terms of my style of working and approach to work.
Given the analysis above and scoring matrix, on balance I would appearto be about eighty percent  suited to the role.  This is based on theperception of myself and a comparison with the person specification andjob role.

In the preparation for this essay I have consulted the following research sources:

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1.1 Job Description & Person Specification

This is the job identified at, located undergraduate jobs, in the wanted now section.  The website provides a jobsearch facility for graduates and was advertised at the Universitycareers centre.  Date Searched: 26th May 2005.

Company Name: Cott Beverages
Job title: HR Administrator
Salary:    up to £18 k
Job description:    Educated to degree level, the successful candidatewill provide efficient and professional support to the HR Departmentand associated internal and external customers. You will deal with dayto day queries and all administration tasks in line with the needs ofthe department

You will need to be a highly organised individual with excellentinterpersonal skills, focused, methodical and be able to deal withqueries confidentially with tact and diplomacy. You will be creativeand highly motivated and be able to demonstrate strong IT skills.
A good sense of humour is essential, together with a positive outlook, a flexible attitude and team working skills.

So, if you have a genuine interest in HR and wish to develop withinthis field, we can offer development opportunities to the successfulapplicant and give you the chance to join this exciting, forwardthinking organisation.
Location:    Kegworth, Derbyshire
Located just off the M1 motorway (Junction 24)
Number of vacancies:    1
Vacancy type:    Permanent
Job status:    Full-time
Closing date:    31/05/2005
How to apply
» Email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
» Send CV to above e-mail or request an application form by phoning 01509 680195
Address details
Name:    Allison Dobb HR Advisor
Address:    Citrus Grove Side Ley Kegworth
DE74 2FJ





Interest in HR Field






Perceived Competency in Office Duties/Tasks



Qualification Requirements



IT Skills






Personal Attributes:-



Organisational Skills



Team Working Ability



Interpersonal Skills



Problem Solving Ability



Communication Skills



Sense of Humour



Flexible Attitude






Motivation / Positive Outlook









According to this analysis I am 80% suited to the job role.