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The purpose of this report is to find the best suitable person for a vacant position as a human resources manager in the business. The position has been advertised on the website All applicants will be propitiated regarding skills, previous experience and qualification through the selection process. 6 applications had been received and 3 applications will be chosen on the next stage to find the best person for the company.


Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring best qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organisation) for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner (

There are two types of recruitment. These include

*** Internal ***

The organization itself: it can be used by putting employees inside the business in a new position or by internal promotion

Previous applicants: the unselected applications in the previous selection can be checked if they meet the requirements.

Unsolicited applicants: "records can be checked of people who, on their own initiative and not in response to a job advertisement, approached the organisation with information about their work experience and qualifications." ( Business management & organisation text book, p275)

*** External***

Referrals and networking: colleagues or employees inside the business can introduce the person who is able to fit the vacant position.

Advertisements: advertise the vacancy position of the business on media, press or internet to attract the job seekers.

Employment agencies: the professional private or government agencies in recruitment may be helpful to find suitable people in the business.

Schools, colleges and universities: organisations may give training ships to students who are studying the course which relevant to the jobs of the organisation.

The organisation decided to use an external method of advertising a vacancy position on the website ( The advantage of this way is it attracts a larger application of talent from other sources to find the most suitable person.


Selection is the process of collecting, evaluating information about applicants and determines whether the applicants meet the qualification for a specific job in order to find the best matched person for the organisation.

Receive and examine applications


Qualified Not Qualified

Shortlist applicants


Better Not among the better applicants




Performed Didn't perform well


Check references


Not conformed


Make offer

0 figures 1: selection process


Resumes/Application Forms

"It is provided by the hiring organisation and resumes have a more structured format for presenting information about the applicant" ( It is a document that lists the work experience, skills and education background and it's used as a marketing tool for a job seeker.

Application letters

Application letters is a letter which applicants supply information regarding the reason why they are suitable for the job they're applying and why the employer should select the applicant for an interview. An effective application letter should explain the most relevant skill and experience to the specific job.


Interviews are used in the selection process as a way to clarify the given information on the applications. The interview is also an opportunity which the employers will collect additional information such as an applicant's enthusiasm, sociability, presentation, and interests.

Aptitude tests or ability test

"Ability (or aptitude) tests are designed to measure an individual's potential to perform or be trained to perform particular tasks." (Business management & organisation text book, p275) they include some general test and specific skills which are identified as essential for the job.

Personality test

Personality test is used to identify an individual's personality characteristics. Different personality may be better suited to different job situation. Understanding personality is also the key to unlocking elusive human quality such as leadership, motivation or building relationship skill.

Assessment Centres

"Assessment Centres are often described as a testing technique that allows the candidates to show the skills and abilities essential for success in a given job". ( this is an opportunity for the applicant in order to demonstrate their abilities and skills such as decision-making, leadership skill, negotiation and interpersonal skills


Receive applications

This step is to weed out totally unqualified applicants at the outset. This is an essential step which applicants are given information about the job, organisation and it also provides applicants' information regarding their education, skill, experience.


A list of the applicant that the organisation thinks could be suitable for a job chosen from a larger number of applications. The purpose of this step is narrowing the amount of applications to help the employer save a lot of time in the chosen process. If the application form demonstrates that applicant meets the criteria, they will be invited to the next stage of the selection process.


The interview is an essential part of selection process, where the collected information from application resume will be checked in the interview, where candidates prove their abilities and strength

Interview obtains education background, education, training, work history and interest of candidates. It is also to provide information about the company, the specific job and human resources policies. The interview is to establish a friendly relationship between employer and candidates

Check References

"Organisation may seek data on applicants from other independent sources. This may be their previous work employers, head of education institute or public figure." ( These people are used to provide their opinion about the applicants. The opinion of referees can be useful in evaluating the future behaviour and performance of candidate.

Make Offer

This is the final step in the selection process, employment is offered in the form of a letter. It's mentioning the salary grade, position and the date which the candidates should join in the business and other terms.


Selection criteria are described as a list of requirements which are used to comparing and evaluating applicants for an advertised position. A good selection criterion includes 2 parts: essential and desirable requirement.

*** Essential***

"Essential criteria are those identified as absolutely necessary to undertake the duties of the advertised position in order to achieve started outcome." (

The first essential requirement is the applicant must be a bachelor of business because we need the candidates who have depth knowledge in the human resources field. The candidates also must have essential skills such as relationship skill, communication and negotiation skill, strong organisation skill, teamwork and leading skill. The reason these skills are important because human resources manager is a leader of an organisation or a group so it these skills will help them in negotiating, managing, organising and problem solving. Candidates have to have at least 2 years experience as a human resources manager because we need the person who can work immediately and bring a good result in a short time as possible.


"Desirable criteria are the identified non-essential elements of the advertised position and it can be learned on the job or through formal training at a later stage". (

"Desirable criteria are a way to narrow the list of candidates if a large number of applicants meet the essential criteria." ( our desirable criteria are any certificate of business from the applicant, have computer skills, able to speak another language. We decide it as desirable criteria because these factors will be an important additional to the essential criteria. The candidates who have any certificates of business in high school, TAFE or from any organisations will have more advantages than others. The certificate shows us that this candidate was trained and had experience when they were young. We love to see that our candidates are able to use a computer well and they can speak another language because human resources manager may have to work with overseas partners so other language is another big advantage.


Applicant 1: Susan Geta Jones - Ranking: 1

Ages: 36

Qualifications: Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Duties: organized training, managed payroll, conducted the meeting, wrote staff roaster, understand the staff's needs, and mediated on issues of concern between management and staff

Experience: 4 years, McDonald's family restaurant

6 years, HR manager, Kmart

3 years teaching English in Japan

Other: willing to move around if the job requires it.

The Susan's application performs very well. Almost it meets the requiring of the business's selection criteria. Firstly, she has a bachelor degree of business. It is an essential qualification which we require. Addition, she had done lots duties in her previous job. The duties demonstrate that she has good organisation skills, negotiation skills, leading skill and management skill. She's able to speak another language because she has 3 years experience teaching English in Japan. She's also able to move around if the job requires, it's also a plus point to her resume. Finally, she has a lot of experience in HR management field because she used to be an HR manager at Kmart for 6 years. Totally, we highly appreciate this resume.

Applicant 2 Michael Smith - Ranking: 5

Age: 24

Qualification: completing part-time bachelor of HR Management QUT

Duties: deal with customers and staff on different issues, organizing interviews, preparing documents, arrange training and handle employee about pay and conditions.

Experience: 2 years customer service at KFC

3 years experience as an employee in Human resource depth at David Jones.

Other: Award scholarship for best results.

With this resume, firstly we see that this candidate has not yet finished his business degree. He's studying part-time and he needs 2 more years to complete it. At this point, he doesn't meet our qualification criteria. According to his resume, his previous duties were not related too much to the human resources field. He may have effective negotiation skill, organisation skill because his duties were dealing with customers and organizing interviews and training. His experience doesn't meet our experience requirement because although he has 3 years in Human Resources but as an employee not a manager.

Applicant 3 David Roberts - Ranking: 6

Age: 30

Qualifications: No formal qualification

Duties: co-ordinate staff training

Experiences: 5 years Westfield Shopping Centre

2 years training officer with Super Cheap Auto

Other: Aim to study part-time for bachelor of business degree.

According to the resume, this applicant has no any qualification or certificate in business, only 2 years working experience such as a training officer and he does not have specific skills which meet the requiring of the selection criteria. This is a really poor resume.

Applicant 4 Alfred Dunn - Rank: 4

Age: 43

Qualifications: bachelor of Psychology

Diplomat of teaching (secondary)

Certificate II in workplace training (TAFE)

Duties: resolve conflict, counselling, conduct meetings, arrange training program, interview staff and review performance of other staff.

Experience: 8 years working in the public hospital system

10 years teaching science & math

4 years training manager

This is a potential candidate. Although this candidate has no business qualification of Human resources management but he had done a lot of work relating to Human resources manager as interview staff, arrange a training program and resolve conflict. He has communication skill because he was a math & science teacher for 10 years. Leading skill is also his strength because he had been a training manager. The weakness in this situation is the candidate has no depth experience in HR management field.

Applicant 5 Else Shephard - Ranking: 2

Age: 27

Qualification: bachelor in Human Resource Management

Duties: recruitment, training, industrial relations, workplace health and safety, training program implementation, employee appraisals, termination of staff, represented at various conferences and seminars, attended meetings and implemented new policies

Experiences: 2 years as Human Resource officer

2 years as Human Resources manager

This is one of the most fantastic candidates in these candidates. This candidate meets all the selection criteria of the company. She was a bachelor in HR management. Addition, she also has 4 years experience in HR management field. All her duties relate to the human resources field such as recruitment, training and represented at conferences. She was immediately accepted to work in the business after finished university and transferred to a new position when the manager retired. This information proved that she is an excellent human resources manager. One more bonus tip, she's still young so she can work in this organisation for a long time.

Applicant 6 Terry Ingram - Ranking: 3

Age: 30

Qualifications: bachelor of business

Duties: liaised with customers regarding the best options, writing staff rosters, managing a store budget to meet sales targets, dealing with customers, unions and industrial relations issues and negotiate an arrangement for new employees.

Experiences: 3 years Commonwealth Bank, small business consultant

2 years Store manager

This is another potential candidate for HR manager position in our business. A bachelor in business with vast experience in a variety of business fields, she has really good organisation skill because her duty was writing staff rosters, excellent negotiation and communication skills because her previous jobs were negotiating an arrangement for new employees, dealing with customers... Addition, she also has managed budgets abilities so this candidate entirely has all qualities to become a good HR manager.


The top 3 candidates in order will be Susan, Else and Terry. Both Susan and Else met all requirements in our selection criteria but we decided to place Susan at number one because she's able to speak another language and has more experience than Else. Terry is at number 3 because although her abilities and educations are very good but the weakness is her experience is not good as these 2 left candidates.


The report has analysed the strength and weakness for each applicant. Each person has different potential abilities. The top 3 chosen candidates all met the requirement of the selection process. They have skills, education and experiences to do well the advertised position.