Human Resources Management In The Workplace


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RESOURCES: it can be explain as something that a country, an organization or a person has and can use, especially to increase their wealth, or something can be used to help achieved an aim.

MANAGEMENT: These can be said to be the people who run and control a business or similar organization or the act of running and controlling a business or similar organization.

CHANGING ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCE HAS VAST IMPLICATION: In the past decade America Companies have tried every way to get and keep their competitive advantage. But now managers are finding that human resource management is the way in which to stay competitive. They are finding that employees are their most valuable assets and that with this asset; the more time and effort spend on them, the greater the return. These has to do with the influence of training, that is; how to train, when to train and what to train. In order word, the training officer will tell him, show him, observe him and then correct him. In a rapidly changing landscape and because of a growing demand to better serve customers, human resource management is gaining more popularly. Having effective human resource management results, when you have the right people doing the right things at the right time to drive the organizations performance to its optimal capacity. Also the Human Resource Management is to develop programs that are changed with supporting the people in an organization so that performance and affectivity is maximized. Developing a human resource department within an organization can be difficult. One must keep in touch with the feeling if the employees determine what needs the human resource department can affect. The human resource department, itself, must be assessed and restructure to remain relevant as the organization changes and grows. All of this must be done within the context of the mission statement of the organization. The organization must keep to employee's content while directing them is the direction of mission fulfillment. (Bundy, R. 1997).


This article looks into the process by which an organization may fine the right person to manage a volunteer program within their company. It points out that most people who direct a volunteer program do so only as a part time job. This means that this job dose not get their complete attention. They will usually spend whatever time they can do the volunteer program while continuing to concentrate on their primary jobs. One solution to this problem is to find funding for a part time staff members to manage the volunteer program. This will increase the feeling of responsibility because the part time staff member is getting paid. Delegating the responsibility to an existing staff member is not a successful way to get the position filled because that generate the attitude, I didn't ask for this responsibility". The best solution seems to be bring a new part time employee for this specific task. One must take into account possibility of expanding the hours of this job and when the expansion will be "Capped" the article gives good in sight into the many questions the organization must ask itself be appointing the responsibility of managing volunteers.

Human resource management is to support and direct management's relations with paid and voluntary employee. The development of an organization's human resources has to be directed towards the development of a program that will support the people of the organization programs should provide the people within the organization in opportunity and perform at their most effective level. Paid and volunteer employees a like often feel frustrated, due to the lack of a quality relationship between management and employees. This feeling of disconnectedness may need to be addressed by a human resource program that attempts to boost employee morale. An employee that is satisfied with the organization in which he or she works will be more likely to go that extra sleep to help the organization reach its mission. This is the direction in which human resource departments will have to develop their skills and direct their attention. (Ellis, S. 1996).

CONSULTANTS: This is about the use of consultants in non profit organizations it clearly points out how unpopular this strategy can be Dr. Dow begins this article by citing a case about winnipag Symphony Orchestra. The symphony was losing a large amount of money. The people who were under writing them began to get concerned, suspended their finding, and launched two independent studies from two completely impartial consultant groups. The two consulting groups did their jobs by pointing out how management had failed the Winnipag Symphony Orchestra and suggesting solutions to the problems. The information was leaked to the press and a story was written in such a way that it appeared that the first consultant report was complete waste of money since everything they found had already been noted in the organizations minutes in the story, It was mentioned that there was a second report that listed many suggestions on how to solve the problems. However, the second consulting group was also discredited when the article said they had no stake on the Winnipag Symphony Orchestra - leaving the impression that time was being wasted and consultants were also an over priced waste Dr. Dow point out that this was not a true representation of the consulting firm's value. He noted that both firms were located out side of the organization and that was positive giving the consultants "objectivity, impartiality, confidentiality and new ways of doing things".

Though the use of consultants may not be the most popular solution, hiring in outside firm may be the right way to look at how your human resources are being used, then figuring out the solution of how to best initialize that function. (Dow, R. 2000).

INTEGRATED MANAGERIAL TRAINING: Managerial training program are designed to include individuals from various level and functions within an organization. Managerial training is essential when the organization is complex. An example of this type of organization is in the field of health care. To declare quality care in this field of health care. To declare quality care in this field requires the ability to manage tasks and resources across horizontal and vertical boundaries. They are strategic because they help develop mechanisms to support horizontal and vertical integration in the organization.

Managerial training programs are designed to include individuals from various level and functions within an organization. Managerial training is essential when the organization is complex. In example of this type of organization is in the field of health care. To declare quality care in the field required the ability to manage tasks and resources across horizontal and vertical boundaries. They are strategic because the help develop mechanisms to support horizontal and vertical integration in the organization. The managerial training should cut across all section of an organization i.e. administrative labour and productivity department, information unit, accounting department, transport section etc. They should be trained on the current method of working, and they too should at the end of the training he able to stand fit and represent the organization. (Waled M. 1999).


Human resource management designs a response to how an organization needs to develop certain skills and technologies. The work place of a complex environment dealing with people, technology, and services. They must be carefully integrated to yield productive and efficient operations. One of the key functions on running an efficient operations is information in an employee's position, function, equipment requirement, office location and telephone extension. Also employees temporary or permanent should be trained on how to use various office equipment and software. Training is a power influence and motivator in an organization, just as it is in many other areas. In trainings - knowledge and skill you get three things back - knowledge skill and motivation. Training is effective when it is aimed at defined needs when analysis shows the problem to be lack of knowledge, lack of skill, or even lack of motivation. The integration of these characteristics is essential for good human resource management. ( Felder, L. 1997).

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