Human Resources And Behavioural Theories Business Essay

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This is a report on Human Resources and Behavioural Theories from Mariya Karastoyanova, Advanced Business 1. The report is including opinion from Work Placement in "Pilates Studio Kildare" as Administrator.

Terms and reference

On 7st of October Business Management teacher Karen Abberton requested report on Human Resources and Behavioural Theories as part of my FETAC Level 6 Certificate in Advanced Business in Ballsbridge College of Further Education. This report was written on "Pilates Studio Kildare" where I choose to do my work experience of 300 hours as part of my course. This report is contains a description of Human Resource topic and Behavioural theories and them implementation and impact in Pilates Studio Kildare. Working for "Pilates Studio Kildare" as administrator the report also contains a conclusions and recommendations for the organization from my point of view. The purpose of the report is to summarize the current impression and facts about the organization itself and business environment.

Method of procedure

In order to obtain relevant information about organization, primary and secondary sources of information were adopted to acquire the data in this report.

Working in "Pilates Studio Kildare", Claregate Street, Kildare town as part of FETAC Level 6 course in Advanced Business in Ballsbridge College of Further Education in administration. During the work experience in the company the information was collected from the owner and Pilates instructor Efrat Kahanov and the manager of the studio Iulia Slavu.


Description of HR

Human Resource management is relatively new management way, product of the human relations movement on the early 20th century. The Human Resource management is the way how organisations managing employment. The idea of Human Resource is that employment decisions should not be left in isolation; they should be integrated through personal planning. It is also the system of rewarding employee, how or which way promotions are made, how and who gets training, the way of motivating people and behavior of the organisation itself.

HR sets goals of motivating people, employee commitment and management style. There many writers working on Motivating employee theories like Maslow, Hertzberg, Taylor and many more which are helping HR managers to achieve those goals.

Some ideas of HR coming from writers like Kotler are that HR is the way of how to mobilize people to bring advantage to the organisation.

In successful organisations people have value that is mean that if they value they must bring value and to the company or organisation that they employees.

The successful HR management is attracting, developing and motivating a high performing workforce. HR is recruiting employee, analysing and planning the job. HR is dealing with Employment Law, Employee Health and Safety and Union Relations. HR is also looking after management, organisational and career development. Important part of HR management is motivating employee. Successful way of motivating people is looking after employee benefits, pays rates, working time and training and developing work force.

Learning, Training and Development

Learning and development is part of human Resource management concentrating in upgrading the organisation advantages. Successful organisations work to upgrade employee's knowledge and skills.

Good employee development requires a balance between individual career needs and organisation needs.

Employee training and development depends on organisation individual needs. An organisations need for training and developing staff to improve employee work productivity. Also for organisations to manage the technological progress and changes successfully. Organisation can benefit and perform better on the market.

Human Resource development is the way of how organisations developing employee according organisation needs. Development is planning individually needs for organisation for training and achieving benefits for the better future for the business. Training is more job orientated assimilation of knowledge than education. Every organisation have to decide for its individual needs, career development for its employee or job related specific training.

The process of training and development in organisations is more about analysing process. HR manager need training plan which is analysing the needs of the organisation for training. Determining and assist how and who gets training. Choosing the training methods or which of them will suits the employee. Training could be delivered for the staff in many different ways, in-house courses or courses in the work place, job rotation, mentoring or "sitting by Nellie". Also training outside the work place like courses, distance learning, computer based courses.

The training plan is individual for every organisation according organisation needs, performance and goals.

Behavioural Theory

Human behavior is very important part of our everyday life. Human behavior depends of every single person own life and personality, but is also depends of many other factors as motivation, satisfaction, security. In organisation human behavior depends of type of the organisation, is it small where people feel more personal recognition or large organisation where people feel to be unfair treated.

This behavior in organisations depends on how managers manage to motivate people and organize work process. Motivation in the work place is how employees are doing the job and is it any desire to do that job. This is where managers need to act and analyze this desire and to motivate the employees to have this desire to work. Many factors are influencing people motivation as personality, nature of the job, salary, recognition and also nature of the job.

There are theories in Motivation which can help managers to improve the work environment and to motivate the employee in order better workflow and people satisfaction.

F.W.Taylor Traditional Motivation Theory

Taylor motivation theory is one of the earliest motivation theories. This is known as "The Principles of Scientific Management" is based on principle the people are motivated basically from money. He believes that the Scientific Management will increase the employee productivity by increasing their wages. He also implements the different pay rate. He said that most workers are not enjoying the job and they need close supervision. The job should be broken into a small parts or series of different tasks. Workers should then be given appropriate training on a specific task so they can work better on that specific task "task specification".

Workers are paid in order of items that they produce in a period of time- piece-rate pay.

He believes that workers are motivated to work more and maximise their productivity and to get bigger wage.

Taylor also introduced the Autocratic Management style, where all decisions are taken by managers and employees only are receiving orders.

His theory was liked by many and adopted by Henry Ford who used when creating the first ever production line.

After period of time the workers does not like the theory as they found the working process very boring.

Maslow- Hierarchy of Needs

The idea of his theory Maslow gets when he was working with monkeys in his early career. He noticed that need for water is bigger than need for food, because the body can survive a weeks without food but only few days without water. That was the base for him to create his theory "Hierarchy of Needs". He placed five levels of need in his theory.

Physiological Need-These include the needs for water, food and shelter or job and salary if related to work.

The safety and security needs-When the physiological needs are achieved then some other needs are arising. Needs of stability and protection like health, job security or retirement plan.

The love and belonging needs-When physiological needs and safety needs are achieved then next needs shows up. Need for friends, relationship and family. In the work is need for acceptance in the team, and from the managers.

The esteem needs- Maslow said that at one stage everyone need some self esteem or admiration. That is need for the respect of others, appreciation, not only by you. It is also need appreciation from work, promotions or taking up a hire position and responsibilities.

The self actualization- Fulfillment and self actualization through personal growth. Responsibilities at work, more autonomy, knowledge, experience and ability to be creative, inventive, and original. Fully realized person.

Maslow hoped that describing the self-actualizing person would lead to higher levels of human potential, but needs in his theory are very specific for every person.

David McClelland Acquired Needs Theory

David McClelland American physiological theorist has created in 1960's his Theory of Needs or it is also known as The Theory of Tree Needs. These are the tree needs that affect every employee in the work place. He says that everyone depends of his culture, gender, age or position in work will have different motivations drivers. But the tree most important motivators in the work are Achievement, Power and Affiliation. The need of those tree factors are motivating people and determinate their behavior in the work environment. The importance of these tree needs is very individual for every person.

The need for achievement (N-Ach)

This is need for personal success. People with need for achievement are usually setting themselves goals or challenging tasks. The tasks must be realistic in order to because they do not rely on chances and must show them own skills. This people usually work alone and like to receive regular feedbacks for the achievements.

The need for affiliation (N-Affil)

This is a need for a friendship, good relationships and need to be liked from the others. The people need to be accepted from everyone and liked from everyone especially from managers and supervisors. They like to involved in groups. Those people like to work in teem and to interact with others.

The need for power (N-Pow)

The need of power is for people who want to control everyone and to dominate over others. They like to argue and like to win. They also need to be recognized.

McClelland said the managers should have high need of power and small need of affiliation which can make them not very objective.

Hertzberg - Dual -Factor Theory

In that theory also known as motivation-hygiene theory Hertzberg state that there are many factors in the work place that can cost satisfaction and also many factors that can cost dissatisfaction.

Satisfaction can be cost from achievement, recognition, work itself, responsibility, advancement. They are individual for every person and if these motivation factors exist they create satisfaction from the job.

Dissatisfaction is factors in the work place which essential for motivation. They are called hygiene factors and are required to avid dissatisfaction. Those factors are: payment and salary, company policies, quality of the management staff, physical working conditions and job security.

The manager's job will be to avoid factors that cause dissatisfaction and to focus on motivation factors.

Hygiene factors are needed to ensure an employee is not dissatisfied and motivation factors are needed to motivate an employee to improve the work.

Behavioural Theory & HRM

Pilates Studio Kildare is very small business to customer business which offers courses in Pilates Method. I order for organisation to be competitive in the market the instructor needs to update her skills on regularly basis. The competitors at the moment for the organisation are many studios and instructors in Pilates, Yoga or Meditation techniques. They are different method which offers similar satisfaction for the consumers. So in this situation Pilates Studio Kildare needs to be able to offer different and more beneficial courses for its customers in order to attract and keep customers.

Staff training is very important to upgrade organisation advantage over other organisations. In this case Pilates Studio Kildare has only one instructor in Pilates Method who needs to be able to offer quality and variety of different courses. The Pilates Method contains itself a number of different training methods for very specific type of exercises. Some of the methods are exercises for pre/post natal courses, back pain relief courses, physical improvement courses and rehabilitation courses. Also course with Reformers which are machines designed especially for use in Pilates Method.

The instructor in Pilates Studio Kildare is doing training in different methods herself in order to be qualified in those methods and to able to offer these methods as special courses in the studio. Those training for the instructor are held in special Pilates training institutions which are recognized in providing trainings for instructors.

The instructor in Pilates Studio Kildare holds herself certificates in training in Pilates Method from some of the most famous Pilates centers like "The Israeli Pilates Centre", "Wingate Institute for Physical Education", and "Progressive Pilates Academy".

As the instructor in the studio is also the owner of the business this trainings are good balance between improving individual career needs for the instructor and organisational need to be competitive on the market.

Pilates Studio Kildare planning to invest in more training for the instructor like Rehabilitation training. This course is planned for the month of April and will improve personal productivity of the instructor and also organisational needs of providing more types of courses for its customers. These trainings are good motivation for the instructor from one point, as personal development and skills improvement and from another, as the instructor is the owner of the business as well is motivating in order to bring more customers for the business. In this point the instructor is very motivated in doing training herself and improving her own skills.

Also in the company is going another process of training this time for the manager in the studio. In Pilates Studio Kildare are working only two people: the instructor and the manager of the studio. It was expected from the manager to be skilled in many different areas. The manager supposed to be skilled and informed and to be able to look after the studio's accounts, customer relations, sales and all administrative duties. She was a bit demotivated of taking up the position as she realized that she was not able to perform well in every aspect and she was not skilled enough in some departments as IT.

The reason that the owner offers to me a work placement in the company was because of my IT skills and especially Excel. So in the work process I was passing my Excel knowledge to the manager and together we did a great job for the studio. This type of training was very effective as it is not formal and as motivation of the manager of improving her IT goes well also and her performance for the organisation goes well.


This report provides a description of Training Learning and development as part of Human Resource topic and Human Behavioural Theories. Also how Pilates Studio Kildare implements and this HR topic in the organisation and how this implementation impact on employees in the company.

For Pilates Studio Kildare training is very important part of the business. To provide courses in Pilates Methods needs certificates in many different aspects in the method improving instructor's skills on regularly basis. In Pilates Studio Kildare were providing trainings for the instructor, which trainings are very specific and expensive but necessary for the business. These trainings are trainings "off the job", external training held in special for this institutions, also "on the job method" for the manager like mentoring and coaching. For the company in order of its size bought methods are good for achieving the company's goals.


Pilates Studio Kildare is very small business in this huge industry. As one of the fast growing industries today and will continuing to expand in order to keep its shares in the market the company needs to update and upgrade its skills in providing training as much as possible. In order for the organisation to be competitive on the market the instructor need to be qualified and certificated in many areas in Pilates Method.

The instructor so far is certified in many Pilates Methods but to be able to attract different groups of people and to target more customers need to have qualification in different areas. Also the courses that the instructor is interested in are held abroad and are very expensive.

The company needs to provide all type of Pilates Method certificates to be able to introduce rehabilitation classes.

The company needs to provide more training for the manager in Accounting and IT in order for her to be able to improve her skills and performance in the work place. That will be challenge and motivation for the manager to have opportunity to held IT certificate.

Also good motivation for the manager will be if the owner will give her a place in one of the courses. In that way the owner will show appreciation in the time were increasing the salary is impossible. Then she will be able to experience herself Pilates exercises and the benefits from them.