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In the HR management the important component is the strategic HR planning. the main link between the HR management and the organization strategic plan is the strategic HR planning. the success of the organization is depend on the strategic planning. the work plan is different in the different organizations but the financial plans that leads to the organizational goals must be same. strategic plan can be develop within the small organization of minimum 10 staffs that guide them to take the future decisions. by the development of the strategic plan in the HR management in an organization that helps them to make a future plans that leads them to achieve the goals.

The strategic importance of current, future and the anticipated HR requirements.

The use of the strategic HR planning the organization may reduce their costs in the training ,recruitment in to the budget of that organization. the strategic planning may defined as human resource management strategies that to obtain the strategies, overall objective and the success of there organization by meeting the stakeholders and employees needs and the objectives. the main purpose of the strategic HR planning is to assure in meeting the goals and objectives of the organization by the use of adequate human resources. that means the right person at the right time at the right place. from our sector there are certain factors that impact on the human resources like the technological tends, economical and the social the they have to keep up all that. The HR strategies should be flexible so that the organization should be change that in the future if they need to change. After analyzing the current human resources of the organization the strategic HR planning able to predict the future HR management, such as the future environment that the organization deals with. There are certain questions to be asked to the strategic planning.

What the strategic HR department doing

How will they develop the HR strategies that make the organisation successful

What all the skill sets that need for the department(Sharma (2009). 

The main strategic importance of the current HR requirements is in the process of the training and the development, the major factor of the HR requirement is that to improve the workforce ability of the workforce that would implement the organisational strategy. For example in the Ritz -Crlton hotel that gives training to the employees that would results in the improvement of the quality of their services. By the use of the HR practices the hotel able to improve their quality services, that would helps the other companies to teach from this company. For the buying of the consulting services the managers and the executives attends many presentations and the classes. The one way to create the competitive advantage in the training and the development is the improvement of the workforce. By the use of the HR planning the employees able to improve the services given by them. The main objective of the employees in the hr planning is able to given the needs of the employees. Now HR is required in every organization, without the HR department the organization will not able to work properly their daily process. The main purpose of the HR department is to solve the problems of the persons who working in the organizations and give the better training and development to the employees. There are many problems that faced by the employees, the HR department solves the problems that they faced. By the use of the HR planning the organization able to know about the future plans of the organization. The organization would anticipate the future HR requirements also. The future plans in the process of the organization able to do by the use of the HR departments.( Susan E (2006). 

HR planning impacts on the strategic management

HR planning impacts on the strategic management:- HR planning impacts the strategic management in many ways, like solving the problems of the employees in the organization, give knowledge to the employees, give better training to the employees. Human resource planning is the link between the objectives of the human resource planning and the strategic planning of the organization. The HR department have the same importance that given to the areas in the organization like the finance, marketing and the production. HR department supports the top management, human resource planning given a basic goals for the functional areas like the compensation and the recruitment. For the satisfaction of the certain success the HR department implement the HR resources to the certain set of process. By the use of the HR the organization able to create a supporting competencies, values send certain visions, by the use of HR planning the organization able to know the talented persons in the organization. The HR planning giving more importance to the human resource development. By the use of the HR planning the organization able to improve the employees capacity and the performance. The HR planning able to meet the challenges the faced from the changing environment.(Tapomoy dep (2006). 

2. The legal and the organizational frame works for the employment of staff

The legal frame work that the employment of the of staff that from the court that from the external factors. The persons that deals with the legal works are the solicitors and the barristers, if an solicitor is qualified he able to work in the wide range of sectors that deals with the private, central government and the business. The main job of the solicitors and the barristers is to give the legal advices to the organization, solve the problems where the organization wants legally. If the problems that cause in the organization is severe only then the legal procedure will enter into the process other wise the organization itself able to sole the problems by the use of the HR department

2.1 The current legal requirements that influencing the HR plan

The legal requirements in the HR plan should be done by the expets inside the organization, industry by the dats that would get from the government, finding the criteria is very easy for the experts. The major requirements that needed in the organization must ne sometimes contradictory and the vague one. The plans that given by the MBO should be outdated. The main objective in the usage of the legal requirements in the HR plan is to solve the major problems that inside the organization. By the legal requirements the HR plan able to give some benefits to the employees in the organization like the unemployment insurance, that is the insurance that against the immediate actions likes the illness, pregnancy and the termination from the service etc. accidence insurance the employees got insurance if they got any accidents etc. leaves that the basic condition that the employees in the organization deals with leaves likes the annual leave sick leave etc. profit and gain sharing schemes that given to the employees in the mode of the incentives, suggestion schemes likes the reward given to certain groups of employees who contributes to increase the revenue of the organization and reduces the cost. Share options that given to the employees the in the certain companies they are giving their shares to the employees and by that the employees become the co owners. The legal requirements benefits the HR plans in the different ways like the legal requirements that not only used for the legal cases and all that things but also used to give the better benefits to the employees in the organization also.( badman (1996). 

2.2 The process for recruitment and selection of new staff that complies with current legislation and organization requirements.

The main process that involves in the recruitment and the selection process is that many organization is used is the similar one. The many organization analyzing the staff utilization and undertakes the comprehensive review of the employees, most of the organizations uses the examination process in recruiting the employees, the managers must look weather the change in the position may benefits the organization. The qualification of the new staff depends upon the work experience and the education. In some of the organizations given certain question to the employees the managers wants to know about the knowledge or the skills of the employees. First of all the selection group in the organization will check the details or the portfolio of the applicants if their application is suits with the position of the organization they give an interview to the new staffs, now a days the interview must be conducted in the different steps like face to face, so examinations have to be conducted and the group discursion to be conducted between the new staffs the selection of the new staffs are depends up on the their skills. Selection of the new staffs should be done by the persons in the HR departments and by the managers according to the qualifications and the skills of the new staffs. The other major objective is to give the right position to the right persons. (dale (2003).

3.The effect of organizational environment on staff

The staffs services, results and the objectives depends upon the environment that inside and outside the organization if the organization is giving the better environmental condition that would helps in the better results. There are mainly two kinds of environment in the organization that may be the internal environment and the external environment. Internal environment that environment that with in the organization, for example if the supervisors, or the managers are not friendly and helpful to the employees that would results in the low services given by employees , if the supervisors or the managers are friendly to the employees that would helps them to work better, that would leads to the better results. If the working conditions like the machinery is not good, its too cold inside the organization, low light that also affect the working condition of the employees. The external environmental factors like the bad weather conditions, problems from the transportation that also affect the work of the employees. So the environment in the organization plays a major on the staffs. (pasmore (2009). 

3.1 How organizational culture affects the recruitment and retention of staff.

Every organization that have the different organization culture, organization culture that depends upon the nature and the functions of the organizations. The organization culture that means the different dress code for the employees , time of the work, discipline inside the organization, way of speaking, way of communicating with the employees inside the organization etc. these all organization culture that affects in the recruitment and the selection process of the staffs. In the recruitment process certain companies have their own culture in that they have recruits by the use of the examinations, the examinations that may be written or by the use of the computers, in some companies views the new employees from the camera and they also consider the nature of the different employees. Most of the companies should looks at the dress code of the new employees. The way they look and all the things. The nature of their talking, their language etc would be looked in the recruitment process. The organization members should given an idea to them about the culture of their organization the new staffs should be come or work according to the culture of the organization.

The major problem that the every organization is facing now is shifting of the employees from one organization to the other organization. The organization have to give better benefits that would retain the employees in the same organization. The benefits that may be the additional improvement in the salary, offering trips to the employees from the organization, better environmental conditions to the employees. First of all the organization have to know why the employee shifting from the organization what would be the reason then they have to resolve the problems that they facing. The culture of the organization that affect the retaining the employees, changing the organization that would be depend on the culture of the organization. If the employees so have any problem with the culture of that organization from that the organization able to taka a decision to change the culture that would helpful for the employees in the organization. Sometimes the culture of the organization that may cause problems to the employees in the organization at the situation the organization able to look what all the culture in the organization that affects the employees and that would leads to the reduction in the results and the goals.

3.2 The work life pattern and the issues and the changing pattern of work practices

The work life pattern in the different from the different organization, because of the products and the services that deals by the organization should be different from the different companies, in the some organization the employees should have the different pattern of work, in the dress they wearing, to the time they working in the organization, sometimes the organization should changing the time of the employees who working in the organization. A good work life pattern in the organization would helps the employees to work better inside the organization by the use of the better recruitment and the training process the employees may able to study the work pattern of the different organization, the main issues that took place in the work pattern is the major relation between the employees and with the supervisors as well as the managers, the persons that inside the organization should be in interact in the better way that helps every one to work better in the organization. Changing in the pattern of the work may affect the employees in the organization, the change in the work pattern that would take time to the employees to catch. The better training to the employees that would helps them to achieve the changes in the work pattern quickly. The better and the advanced training that would helps the employees to grab the work quickly that would helps the organization to achieve the goal at in a minimum time. (

4. Understand the grievance, discipline and dismissal process 

All organisations whether small or big in size is now a must to follow the minimum statutory measures when deciding about the employee grievances, disciplining and dismissing staff. If they fail to do so it may lead them to huge amount of claims in an employment tribunal. If there are any changes it must be known to the employees and also within 2 months from the date they start the work all rules and discipline must be communicated to the employees. This information's should also be mentioned in the employment agreement or in the offer letter.

If none of these is done or if the employee is not known about any rules and disciplinary and the employee files a case which is called as the employment tribunal case and wins then the employer would have to pay a huge amount of fine.

According to DTI the employers need to know that these rules and regulations are not been replaced. Their aim is to set a minimum standard and not to replace it with the existing one. The old rules also still exist which is now mixed up with the new ones.  

4.1 Identity the process to be followed in a grievance situation 

There are so many steps to be considered, but many organisations do not organisations do not take the entire step. It is like some organisations take only one step some two steps and some three. There are no organisations that take entire step in action. This is a actually a step by step process were an employee is waiting to get his complaint successful. The steps are as follows: 

a). The first step is that the employee would meet the manager and speak about the grievance. This discussion could be done with or without the union member. If this was success the employee can then write a complaint to the manager and the manager would have to reply it. There is a time limit for the reply. The manager can't take his own time to reply to the complaint. There would union members support to this. This is actually not necessary. The purpose of this discussion is actually to resolve the complaint. A copy of the statement should be kept with the employee. Meeting must be arranged regarding this situation. And in the written complaint the main points should be mentioned. It is not needed to mention the whole incident, just the main points are required. 

b). The second step would be the hearing stage. This is done if no action is been taken by the manger. The employee would file a case if no action is been taken. It is done to solve the problems between the employee and the employer. In this if the file is been cased then of course the employee would win. 

c). This is stage were the third party comes in if no action is been taken by the manager and the union members.  


4.2). Describe the stages of a discipline issue that results in dismissal 

There are so many stages of a discipline issue that results in dismissal.  

a). Inefficiency

This is a stage were the mangers get fed up of the employees performance seeing that they do not do well. So many things have been done to improve it but there were no use at all. Induction, training, etc was done for that employer but it didn't work out. And also suitable jobs were given for that employee to feel more comfortable, even still there was no use. So a formal warning would be given here at this stage after trying everything. And then the dismissal is done.

b). Timing discipline

This is a stage were the employee doesn't reach in time and is always late which shows a bad behaviour. Warning is given many times but no proper discipline was stil shown there. So atlast the employee had to be dismissed.  

c). sickness and unavoidable problems.

This step would be taken when there is always an absenteeism and ofcourse when it would be a long leave. This is because when there is a emergency to do a work and if the employee is not in place then it would lead to dismissal. There is no other option for that employee. This is done because it would effect the work. There should be investigation of sickness on each employee if leave is been taken regularly. 

d). cumulative discipline problems

this problems could be due absenteeism or bad time keeping. There would be a verbal warning which would be done face to face. The employee must let know the supervisor how long is leave period. And also the employee must be told about what help is available and the time period for the improvement, etc.  

e). immediate discipline problems.

This dismissal could lead due to theft, fighting, etc in an organisation. It is totally an inappropriate behaviour were no organizations would accept this type of behaviour. T This type of behaviour would not be given any warnings. 

4.3). explain the role of ACAS, employment tribunals and other external agencies that could be involved in grievance, discipline and dismissal. 

The role of the ACAS is to promote the improvement of industrial relations. It was established in 1975 under the provisions of employment protection actAdvisory: ACAS is an advisory body. It helps many employees, individuals and organisations who have been in a very bad situation which means not treated properly. It could be because of lack of skills or knowledge they were been treated improperly and so even for that the ACAS is there to help them. They have got stuffs to improve their knowledge and also to improve their behaviour. There are firms that have undertaken the help from ACAS.Conciliation: this is done before tribunal case is gone to the hearing stage. it is done mainly to solve their problem before it goes to the hearing stage. ACAS receives all information on this type of cases, actually it is their duty to do this. It is done to solve the problems between the employees and the employers. So that it this case does not move on to the hearing stage.Arbitration: here the third party is been involved. The third party comes to resolve the problem if nothing is been done by the mangers or the union members.  Donald Currie (1997)... (EDGE (2003)