Human Resource Planning and Organisation Structure

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Select a different country from your original assignment and briefly examine the existence of the (Does it have a professional body, what is its role etc).

People management profession which has been defined the competencies for the reason of the project which recognised how competencies can be different weight and the content with the different level of the job roles and models which personnel management with the professional standards. yes, it have a professional body inside it where in "world Federation of personnel management" was develop a world wide definition for the HR professional " A global set of core competencies" which also been surveys in different countries. Where in gather all the information about the different levels of the associates their condition or terms of the education and programmes of training and also examine for their skills, knowledge requirements for the practitioner in each 22 participant countries.

From the finding of study their are many and different level of implications arising for the personnel function the study of every individual and managed them in the right place where this strategy can be determined different level individual study manage or place them a part where in a whole it is also the indirectly contribution for the organisational and national this study can also bee more benefit for international levels. To be more clear where the term of "Human resource Management" used of Human resource and replace largely in the organisation "personnel Management" Different processes involved in managing people with in a organisation.

The process such as involved or the study of HRM is all about the employing people for the different levels or fit the right person in right place not only employing them but also develop their skills, capacities, Complete utilization of human resource for the organisations, maintaining them and compensate their work in tune with the job as per the requirement with in the organisation.

As a organisation work for the common goal to achieve the common goal with in a organisation required various process or the strategy like employing or requirement, recognitions, development policies, learning and development all the function area of HRM need to be emerged and correlated with in organisation for over all business and their business strategy to perform its functions with in organisation where given the different department as HR.

It works with its different features with in a organisation such as organizational management, personnel administration, manpower management, industrial management with world wide. HRM mainly focus on the strategy of "Best fit" and "best practice" strategy is for the seek for accomplish the need with the organisational goal and also more with more its objectives.

".......those decisions and actions which concern the management of employees at all levels in the business and which are related to the implementation of strategies directed towards creating and sustaining competitive advantage"-Miller 1987 suggested about HRM.

Below diagram explain what make the HR body as professionals

HRM has been certified as a professional body in organisational functions with its various components in it.

2. Find a newspaper article focusing on an aspect of HR published in the last month and comment on its content. (Do not select an HR magazine)

Their was article June11, 2010 focusing on language skill is more important to get better and more opportunity of employment as per the survey by the specialist language recruiter, Euro London appointments where in 228 responded in which 88 per cent of people agreed language skill is most important skill need to set.

"Languages are the key to flexibility within a global workplace.".-said by one of the Learning and development manager.

Language skill is the most important and the key factor for all the organizations set up in different countries it is most important at work place to get the thing done for the organizations who all work for the common goal it not only improving themselves in language but also help to render the services in better and the best way for the satisfactions in work done it not only important for the individual but also important for the organization as the whole because they render the services for the customers may be as world wide for some product, services it become more necessary they may delivery this with different countries were they can find the different language.

74 to 75 percent of the people had been recognized their languages as western European language such as French, German, Spanish and Italian where 37 percent of the people recognized their language as 'exotic' languages such as Mandarin and Arabic possibility of increasing their demand mainly focused in the area of specialist areas example such as the financial services sector. Where in such as European countries Spanish and French become most language to survive in the business apart from that importing and export the business Chinese language and Arabic language is use for oil and gas industrial sector. However most important is become the language skill in business trade industries.

3.Critically evaluate the role of new technology in recruitment and selection processes.

Requirement and selection process is basically done to attract individual base on the requirement with the suitable qualification for applying them towards job which take place with in a organisation the aims are recruitment, initial screening and selection which is final step. The basic importance of the recruitment and selection process getting people work done with their own skill, attitudes, ability. Enhance the value of commitment towards works and motivation. With in a organisation recruitment take place while internal promoting people

External recruitment and internal promotions take place.

As per the market flows and trend it become now a day more challenging in increased competition where in this case HRM functions are more important for any business success where as some changes and challenges become more important and bring more impact in the business or organizations as correlatively HR department play the functions accordingly. while explaining the globalization terms which increased the economic level and the also the cultural interconnected between all the different countries. These competitions increase the level where completely depend on the customer satisfactions level.

Below diagram about process of Recruitment

There are different source of the Recruitments such as through advertisement, employment agency, educational institutes, interested application, employee referrals.

Below diagram is about the different source and the methods of recruitment:

where as the functions of HRM was employing people in different areas where the requirement process completely depend on the skill, work structure, Qc(Quality control),maintain the equipment and improving the process or reintegrating the process. While measured the cost where the 70 percent of the companies are spent money on employee issue. Where this cost involve for training, inductions, recruitments and their benefits. In case of big firms they would like to outsource the human resource departments for cost cutting most of the time HRM functions in case of staffing area to develop the skill, work involvement structure where use the complete human resource in the organization, maintenance the equipment and also develop the process or improve the process and spent the money on the quality control where the quality is most important factor for most of the organization to meet the common goal of the company.

Selection is a process of choosing the candidate or a person from the pool of the applicants who meet the job criteria. Where as in selection activities include initial screening, interviewing them and through the physical examination for making the decision of selection towards the candidate.

Out come of selection process:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\visu data flow.jpg

The result or the out comes of the selection decisions can be Successful and unsuccessful, accept and reject are two different aspect for the decision

In the process of selection where qualify character as per requirement of job position where as a good and perfect selection required a methodical approach to find the best match in this process there is various steps involved

There are different stages of selection process

1. Application form screening

2. Conducting Test to find the ability such as: intelligences, technical, ability, interest, aptitude

3.Interview selection

4.Selection decision

Desire is genuine to involve all the workers or the associates for the decision making where progress take place and run the complete process or the organization in smoother and response in quicker way involving them in the new work progress may enhance the practices which promised the potential of each individual which can lead to career advancement at same time responding the skill and the potentiality of the every individual with in the organization and reward them but often slow at initial level where the possibility in began the employer my aggressively to fallow it special in case of job reclassification, change of the department, change in the structure, job rotations and as well in the team work.

In case of E-recruitment there are two different ways where the companies would like to use it.

Job portals.

Resume scanner.

As well the agency and the companies are selecting people through the online application where the associate can upload the resume and give complete information about him or her where the organization selecting through the needs and the requirements.

Where else selecting the people with the job specification selecting the people who fit in the organization culture and strategy or the people who have the potential to involve them self to do so with this much other aspects also linked in it such as training, career development, appraised system, performance planning many increased the most participation of employee and maintain the associate and corporate relation. For an Example TIMATCH SDN BHD where used the HRM policies to face the challenges to be one of the profitable industry and be a part to increase the competition and meet the common goal with it. Where it is important to most of the organization to drive the goals through planning well organized them, employee and staffing them in a right place, leading and also control them so HRM help to achieve it all through its ability and knowledge.

4. To what extent are managers involved in human resource development?

Mangers play the key role in the Human resource Development through their programs. Mangers who has the ability to impact the HRD programs in the existences for which organization work more efficiency with the different roles or the sub roles the mangers is completely responsible for the development, design, implement and evaluate all the programs which also included cost and benefits programs which complete effect the employee learning's and as well organization. Mangers in HRD also be the responsible for the extending the career development programs organizational activities also part of it. Roles included such as who is the one evaluate the HRD programs to implement it that can effect the and impact the organization with more efficiency. Manger who helps the HRD for their learning and development programs implementation manage them for the learning system.

Below diagram explain about HRD performance with in a organization

Manager also play key role for responsible in organizing, designing, planning, controlling, staffing and co ordinate completely with the department of the HRD. For the long term planning implementing strategy is also part and role one of them.

The main purposes of HRD system to be in place for the competencies ( skill & experiences) and individual commitment as well the commitment with the team. This system theory is direct and indirect study of complete organization the main component to develop the career system through the development of career activities which included with Plan the complete work system. This system which involved with role system where it work for collecting, recording and analyzing information of the requirements with in a organization of the roles in other words it is a bank of information where it maintain the complete information and performance about the individual it may the potentiality or the characteristics of the employee the most important role it play for the employee in Appraisal process for where can find the complete history of the individual potential in present job as well capability of future job. While counseling them with the dealing of emotional problems where as self development and training is also the part of it on the other side success planning, career planning, job rotation and corporate planning is also part. While working for the common goal it become more important to motivate the individual with the different ways appraisal is also part of it where HRD need the requirement to implement the activities for success of the organization where individual contribution becomes most important while implementing mangers pay the key role in HRD.

The main elements to setting the goal manger is who set all the performance record of ever individual. Not any keeping record of every individual performance but also measure the performance with the different level through achieving the goal or not if so at what extent. Feedback is given to them for complete performance towards the goal rating which is base on the performance .where the mangers judge through over all performance based on the performance and its rating where the employee gets to pay. To appraise the individual there are different methods to appraise the performance such as rating method, behavioral method, narrative method, comparative method.

Hand by hand mangers and HRD fill all the gaps of the individual with the organization

Critically evaluate the current problems associated with managing and rewarding performance in the financial services sector.

For the success of the organization HRM involve them with a change in the competitive market and play more strategic role.

While as organization to work for the common goal and for their success put all the emphasis to attract and retain the talent and their competitors outplay the strategic employment. In order to drive the business in the big picture where HR mangers influence the key policies and decisions HR mangers output all efforts in strategic personnel retention and develop the talent with all the ways and professionals coaches and monitors all the plan to motivate their associates as the members of their company and loyalty and also fight for the ethics, valve, and beliefs of the company. Motivating the associates with the rewards and the benefits become most important factor which satisfy the associate to motivate towards the better output and work with most emphasis.

Motivation approach changes the work place and builds the environment with the more emphasis which influences the work and also the job satisfaction which make the associate to work more comfortable with the work done. Organization Reward system is based on sound which understand to motivate the people. Where the gain shared and measured distributes through predetermined formula. When the company is in profitable and earns gain, Gain sharing plan do not affect most of the company cost. Where in as a organization whole 4000 employee may be evaluated in which 800 job classification and as whole 80% of employee who possible to foam by the union in which managing the associate and performance is a challenging issue to the various department mangers which need to face at any particular time problem arise from the individual or the conflicts from the co worker while reward them through its performance can become the big and challenging task Pauslen and Boyett in 1991 and 1988 has been suggested on points on gain sharing so that tackle the problem while reward through performance for the financial sector.

Gain sharing formula complete depended on the performances which is day to day behavior of the associate the main cause to introduce to motivate and increase in the area of productivity gain sharing target may be effective to the mangers but also challenging at the same time for the reasonable behavior and all the justifications as well depend on the historical performance with the business strategy and the competitive atmosphere. All the rewarding factors are the methods for the work production and enthusiastic involvement in work.

HR roll is very much parallel towards the organization can create the need of change in the organization for the better and the best outputs. With the change in the environment HR professional learn to plan, control and lead the complete human resource with in the organization.

6. To what extent should national governments be involved in managing the employment relationship?

In case of Employee relation national government is a key factor. Under PEST category political play a partly role in local, global and national areas. It becomes most important and challenging to convert the person into employee and maintain the person as a employee for long term would be another challenging task. Where as nation government play important role on over all to maintain the flexible government for out sourcing organisation to give a beach or support. To maintain the employment relation nation government not only work for the creating employment but also maintain it for long period of time as well provide or introduce the law which can benefit the organisations as well employees as well effort to create more and more employment through the laws rules and regulation need to come in the picture and protect all the sources and not only maintaining the relation ship with organisation but also employee and place different method to protect and benefit the employees the minimum rights and maintain the standard of the labour or the employee. Introducing the more modified and beneficial law to secure the payments, remuneration as well employee job contract. For which employment act in place where in conclusion law and practice for the purposes to maintain the employment relation ship while overcome with general problems which may base on the associate compliances and enforce the labour law very much effectively. Poor employment relation gives the sign of lack in compliance as well poor enforcement. Nation government is one who not only creates or gives comfortable space to organisation but also to a large extent maintain the employment relationship.