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Idea cellular is Aditya Birla Group Company, which is currently operating in 26 countries. Idea cellular is publicly listed company, listed on national stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange. In terms of revenue idea stands on 3rd largest mobile service operator in INDIA. Non urban and rural markets contribute maximum in the growth of idea in the Indian telephony market. They have the highest share among total subscribers of idea, amongst GSM players.

The company has won license to offer 3G services in 11 service areas, which generate over 81% of the company's total revenue which is applicable from 2011.

The company has won many prestigious awards for outstanding innovation.

'The Emerging Company of the Year Award' at the Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards 2009

Avaya Global Connect Award for being the 'Most Customer Responsive Company' in the Telecom sector in the year 2010

GSM Association Award for 'Best Billing and Customer Care Solution' for 2 consecutive years

'Mobile Operator of the Year Award - India' for 2007 and 2008 at the Annual Asian Mobile News Awards


Team members joining the services of the company as trainee under idea trainee program will be conformed and absorbed under the roles of the company after successful completion of training period.

HOD will conduct quarterly evaluation in 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th month.

If the performance of the employee doesn't improve even after giving proper training then his service will come to an end with the approval of chief human resource officer.

All team members joining the service of the company will be under probation for the period of 6 months.

In case of transfers the employee will get a notice a month prior but he/she is required to spend at least 1 year if he/she move before 1 year of service he will not get the allowances towards relocation which includes travel, transportation of household goods.

Team members joining the company will be eligible as per the domestic travel policy for the travel for self or family on 2 occasions.

The team members will be provided "dislocation leave" for 3 days and "dislocation allowance" of Rs. 5000/-

The team members in level R1 (asst. manager) and above will retire from service of the company on attaining 60 years of age and level R2 (sr. executive) will retire at 58 years of age. In both the cases the notice will be issued 6 months prior than the retirement.

Wage structure

Wages are framed in such a way that it covers basic living expenses, keep up with inflation, leave some money for saving and increase with the time.

Difference in the pay is based on how well job is performed but not on what job is performed.

Apart from fixed pay, variable pay depends upon

Extra work done

Innovative work done

Seniority based raise

Promotion pay

Cost of living adjustments

Appropriate wages are calculated on the basis of as education, skills, experience and responsibility and on the market value of job.

Promotion policy

Promotions are done on the basis of experience and rating system which keeps the performance record in the company.

All the Promotions are done in a specific time durations which is the month of April.

Employee motivation & welfare schemes

Under employee scheme there is employee referral policy

AIM: to reward the team members to identify and attract suitable and competent talent in order to meet our resource requirements at the optimum cost.

Apart from the employees of HR department the policy applies to all the other team members including trainees.

To assist the team members at the level of asst. manager or asst. vice president to have a telephone and internet at residence that can be official as well as personal requirement.

To assist team members acquire or construct an apartment or house anywhere in India and retain talent as per company need by subsidizing loans taken through a housing finance company. All the members are eligible for this welfare scheme.

All one-time expenses incurred on SIM activation, feature charges, if any, will be borne by the company. Policy is applicable to all "regular" team members of Idea Cellular Ltd who are on the rolls of the company.

Domestic travel policy

This policy provides guidance to team members for official business travel within India.

The duration of outstation travel duty should be more than 12 hrs for full (100%) entitlement of boarding allowance (BA) and less than 12 hrs but more than 5 hrs can claim 50% BA irrespective of the distance.

Team members using their own vehicles for travelling can be reimbursed as below


Training organized for lower managers and supervisors once in a year to enhance their technical skills.

Regular Workshops on policies and strategies framed by the top level management and how to achieve them

Calling of guest lecturers to motivate employees to get success through building confidence, personality development etc

Employees also get assistance to manage work pressure and personal life pressures.


Health & safety rules

Executive health checkup policy implemented in 2005 on 1st of December

Under this policy the company will organize annual health checkups for employees and their spouse after they have completed 1 year of service (including training and probation) with the company.

All the employees above 30 years are advised to undergo cohesive executive checkups.

The cost of check authorized is 2500/- for single and 5000/- for couple.

A common scheme for Accident Cover and Hospitalization coverage for Management Cadre employees and their dependents has been designed. The term of the policy is one year and it will be renewable on an annual basis.

The insurance coverage for both these schemes has been provided by New India Assurance Company Limited (NIA) and Birla Insurance Advisory Services Limited.




"Presidents fit the pieces of the company together". A vice president is the top level executive who directly works under the coordination of CEO. He is the person who plans the strategies and forms the policies to meet mission and objectives of the business. They have the most hectic job of working for hours accompanied with frequent travelling.


Vice president as the part of top management takes part in setting the mission and direct overall business.

VP is concerned with the planning of budget which includes proper utilization of the resources.

VP also heads the programs to promote the growth and development of the business.

VP provides guidance and direction to move ahead.

VP controls and coordinates the activities within all the departments in the company and also appoints the middle level executives.

VP is responsible for maintain for healthy relationship outside the company.

Last but not the least he is also responsible for the shareholders performance.


Educational Qualifications:

10 to 15 years of progressive operational and managerial experience in industry

Bachelor's degree with an MBA (with strong academic record)

Proven track record in the management of company operations, finance, and quality assurance


Vice presidents are very clear and influencing communicators.

They are analytical and can take large volumes of information and formulate such information into detailed, concise reports.

They are experts in leading, motivating, and detailed judgmental skills.

VP's may also have technical skills like accounting or engineering skills.


Step 1: send personal mails to the selected people who have required qualification and experience mentioned above through naukari .com or monster .com as well as put an advertisement in "The times of India"

Step 2: Conduct a test consisting of specific cognitive abilities such as specific mental abilities, decision making skills etc in the organization.

Step 3: Call the shortlisted candidates for personal interview with their resume to judge the job's knowledge and quality of experience of the applicant.

Step 4: will conduct background check to check whether the applicant holds a good and sincere character or not.

Step 5: Send mails to the selected candidates within given time to the candidates.


Fixed salary variable salary (incentives) total salary

350000 15000-20000 500000-550000

Training and development

Vice presidents are trained on improving their analytical skills and strategic skills in order to take wide decisions.

They are taught risk management. The workshop is organized once in a year.


A branch manager takes care of overall operations of large businesses located outside the main branch. He acts as leader and in charge of a specific branch.


A branch manager maintains the employee - customer contact to ensure the quality service is being applied.

Conducts performance evaluation and motivates employees to improve.

Gives rewards to the employees who have contributed extra in sales and operation which sets example for others to perform better.

Tackle with some of the customer complaints which supervisors fail to attend.

Monitors each transaction made in the business and ensures the growth of the particular branch.

Sets standards to ensure customer satisfaction, cleanliness, salary received by everyone, non-working holidays, working holidays and other events which may affect the daily operation of the business.

Update the business status to the main branch and top management authority by sending reports.

Analyze and prepare the annual budget for the day to day expenses of the business branch.


Educational qualification

Experience: minimum 5 years in Experience supervising and managing a professional staff

Graduation: mandatory post graduate Management Qualification (MBA or M.com)


Strong communication skills

Ability to coordinate and work in team with diverse creative employees

Expert in social media strategy, marketing staff and external PR agencies.

Familiarity and skill with the tools of written communication, website development, market research, Microsoft software suite of products, visual communication software products, and creative services.

Knowledge of Managing launch campaigns and distribution channels for new and existing services.


Step 1: Publish advertisement in the newspaper as well as send mail through naukari.com with required qualification and experience.

Step 2: conduct 2 case studies to evaluate the managing and problem solving skills as well as communication of the candidate.

Step 3: Call the selected candidates for interview with resume to interact on his as well as company's interests and expectations.

Step 4: send mail or personal letter conforming to the candidates whether he qualifies to get the job or not.


Fixed salary variable salary (incentives) total salary

125000 10000-15000 135000-140000

Training and development

Thrice in a year workshops for managers to improve their analytical skills through case studies.

Training on developing soft skills, personality and motivation thrice a year.


Supervisors are basically concerned with directing and controlling the function at lower level. They are the image builders of the enterprise because they are in direct contact with the workers.


A supervisor assigns the task and monitors his team to ensure that all the tasks are running smoothly with quality work.

He makes schedules and time sheets for the employees and manages the absence of employees.

He monitors the employee's phone calls at call centre to ensure proper solution given to the customer.

He supervises and guides the subordinates and attends their complaints or issue.

They communicate workers problems, suggestions, and recommendatory appeals etc to the higher level and higher level goals and objectives to the workers.

He makes the necessary tools available to the employees.


Educational qualification

Full time experience of 18 months and part time experience of 2 years

Bachelor's degree from recognized university (regular)


Good communication to explain policies, procedures and new information to their employees in a method in which they can understand.

They must have technical knowledge in order to know how to perform specific job as well as the negotiations skills.

He should have analytical and problem solving skills.


Step 1: Publish advertisement in the newspaper as well as apply posters in the b-schools and coaching institutes.

Step 2: will conduct a group discussion among the recruited candidates to check their communication and controlling abilities in a team.

Step 3: select the candidates and have personal interview to understand and match their & company's objectives.

Step 4: Inform selected candidate through mail or a phone call.


Fixed salary variable salary (incentives) total salary

50000 10000 60000

Training and development

Training and introduction of new techniques coming in the business world

Workshops on teamwork and motivation and the ways to handle the changes in the business world

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (common for all the levels)

Performance Management Process is divided into three stages:

Stage 1: Goal setting and goals finalization

HR department will create the Performance document for the financial year and send notification to all employees to start the Goal Setting process with specific deadlines for its completion.

Then the manager will discuss each of your direct reports, their KRAs and Goals for the performance year

Employee will capture the Job Purpose, KRAs and Goals along with the weightages & measurement criteria as discussed with your manager into the Goal

Manager will then review the Goal setting document, incorporate any changes you may feel required, discuss the same with your direct report and complete the goal setting document.

The Goal setting Process is completed once manager has reviewed and completed the goals setting document.

Stage 2: Midyear review

HR department sends notification to all employees and managers to start the Mid Year review process with specific deadlines for its completion.

Manager will reopen the goals document for each of your direct report.

Employee will review the Goals and mention what percentage of the goals have been completed, record your midterm review comments and submits the same to your manager (immediate supervisor) for review and approval.

Manager will review the goals document, discuss with employees direct report about his progress against each of the goals set, you and your direct report may mutually decide at this stage to add or delete any KRAs/Goals depending on the business requirements. You, as manager, will then record your midterm review comments and complete the goal setting document.

Once you complete the Goals setting document, the document will be available to your direct reports.

The Mid Year Review Process should typically be completed by end of October.

Stage 3: Annual Performance Appraisal

HR department will send notification to all employees and their managers to start the annual appraisal process with specific deadlines for its completion.

Self Evaluation

The Annual Appraisal starts with self evaluation. Employee needs to rate his own performance against the goals set as well as against the group values identified.

An employee comments box is also provided in the form to capture any comments such as any facilitating or hindering factors you may have faced on the job or any help you need in any particular area of performance. Then submits completed self evaluation form to your immediate supervisor.

Performance Discussion

Discuss and share your evaluation of your direct reports performance against the goals set with him as well as his adherence to values. What you think are the training needs of your direct reports as well as his career aspirations will also be discussed.

Then the manager will discuss all your ratings, individual goal ratings as well as overall ratings, for each of your direct reports with employee's immediate supervisor

Moderation Committee

Manager need to modify the final ratings as recommended by the moderation committee and resend the same to HR department. After receiving the approval for the same, manager will complete the document and the completed document is made available to employee's direct report.

After completion of the complete performance appraisal process, the completed document which gives detailed goal wise rating as well as overall ratings will be available to your direct report for viewing.

The Annual Appraisal cycle typically begins at the end of the financial year and should be completed by the end of May every year for the previous financial year.


For 1st part of the question

Idea is a very systematic telecom company which follows a well defined structure and more emphasis is given on improvement, motivation and innovation.

Good working environment provided to the employees according to their employees welfare and motivating schemes.