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Lantex Manufacturing Company Limited was established as a textile manufacturing company in 1918. Most of the staff and sales team have enjoyed working for our Company and in the textile industry for all of their working lives so we can therefore speak with authority when customers need advice on sourcing and technical details of any textile fabric. Specializing in the production of textile fabric such as:

Screen printing fabric

Most types of tea towels

Industrial fabric

Lantex has many hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and other sister Commonwealth nations.


Task 1.

How 'personnel management' has developed into 'human resource management', discussing the reasons why this has happened and the context of the work that is now done by human resource s management professionals.

Human resources are the most important assets in any kind of organization. Irrespective of organization size, industry human resources are considered as the most important assets of an organization. Though human assets are not appear on any kind of yearend financial and statutory reports human still being considering as the valuable assets. Employees of the organization are the major contributors for achieving objectives of the organization. Employees help to run the business activities smoothly and successfully. Though organization is a non living entity in the society employees, non executive and executive cadre staff run the whole organization with their services achieve objectives of the organization.

After years of research in the field of human resources management, researchers identified several theories and principles for the growth of human resource functional area drastically in several areas. During the early stages management personalities introduced personnel management as the first subject area to discuss and deal employees management in organization. Personnel management caught the eye of management researchers when they identified future importance of employees. Later is has been changed to Human Resources Management subject area for employees management with additional theorems, tools and techniques and also other related activities in the human resources department.

Personnel management emerged during the era and tenure of initial stages of industrialization process. All the principles, tools, techniques are focused on administrative activities of the whole workers, employees of the organizations. Major manufacturing organizations adopted personnel management for conducting employees' maintenance, little employees' welfare activities, employees' salary payments and other statutory details management, leave management. All these activities under personnel management were conducted as administrative activities to facilitate smooth personnel management operations. Personnel management had became one major area for starting developments in employees' management in other sectors also.

Draw backs in personnel management helped researchers to find out alternative subject for managing human resources effectives. Human resources management emerged with new concepts and conventions to facilitate human resource development. It is fact that employees are the real people who work for the organization and growth and development. So to manage, lead, and direct the employees of the organization towards the objectives of the organization is definitely a critical and most important activity. HRM was developed keeping employees as the prime resources of the organization. Management scholars considered employees satisfaction as the major factors that influence the employee satisfaction, HRM was developed to make employee satisfy by framing the organization HR policies according to the changes in the market. The major difference that we can find in between HRM and personnel management is HRM has been updating its policies, conventions, principles, hr practices according to the changes in the various industries in the business environment. Where personnel management is not like that, it was dedicated only to employees' administrative activity rather than employees' development. Personnel management is limited to only few activities of employees of the organization, where HRM can perform several HR activities. HRM provided end to end solutions to organizational HR problems and issues. HRM developed its wings in the major HR activities like

Role, tasks and activities of human resources manager as they would apply in your organization.



candidate profile screening,

Conducting various interview types,

define job profile,

defining job responsibilities and roles,

employee compensation plans,

designing incentive structure,

employee training and development,


performance appraisal activities,

leave management,

attendance management,

employee career plan design,

ESOP plans management,

rewards design,

hiring process management,

exit interview activities,

Employee retention policies

employees conflicts management,

group conflicts,

interpersonal relationship development activities,

team management activities,

group dynamic activities,

disputes redressal activities,

HR counseling and assistance for each employee if required,

HR activities through ERP,

online assistance and career support to employees,

employees welfare programs,

attracting top executive from other companies,

training and development programs for new and old employees,

Like this there are several other functions can be performed and managed using the HR department of any organization based on the need and requirement.

These are the different activities that hr manager has to apply in the organization. HRM updates its hr practices according to the requirements to the companies and helps the organizations to make corporate level strategic objectives. HRM gives full control and command over the whole employees for directing them to achieve the organizational objectives. It injects and develops team management and team development for increasing the employee productivity and performance during performing the organization.

Finally, you consider two human resources models that would apply in your organization

For developing the organization training and development where ever required to the employees based on the performance of the employees can be used to develop the organization. In Lantex a major textile company so training and development methods gives a chance to improve the employee skills during working in the organization. The next method that I would like to implement in Lantex is changes in organizations hr practices management. Entire activities majorly are now handling using tiny software and majority of work is managed and controlled by manual operations. So handling lot of information, preparing major reports for effective decision making, monitoring and managing employees welfare and office performance is difficult with the present hr practices so an erp can handle and can perform all these activities with effective management applications for developing and improving the employee management activities as per the industry standards. All the HR related activities can be managed from anywhere in the world to take fast and quicker decisions to frame strategies and improve employee performance. These are the two important activities that I would like to implement in Lantex.

Task 2

Outline the reasons why human resource planning will be important for the Organization. The stages that organization will have to go through to complete the process.

In the present business world, to face the competition from the market, companies should place a right employee in a right place to improve the performance of the company. Along with the all other resources planning human resources planning is also necessary to reach the goals and objectives of the organization as per the organization strategy. T be successful in business, in all places, wherever Lantex is doing its operation, based on the requirements company has to appoint the right candidates to improve the performance of that particular area in the business. Normally several kinds of professionals, technical, non technical, managerial and non managerial, field level, middle level, top level executives, employees, workers, labors are required to complete the whole organization structure. Duties and responsibilities of a job can be performed by a candidate in that position in an organization based on the skills, knowledge he or she has. If a position is vacant in the organization, it doesn't mean that, company saved cost of one employee, a vacant position in the organization increase the work burden to other employees in the same level or group or team and also decrease the productivity and performance of the other employees. Employees sometimes feel discomfort and dissatisfaction in performing the duties. So in this competitive world, if at all to be perfect in facing the competition, to increase the business performance, to achieve the organizations objectives and goals employee vacant positions must be filled in a right time avoid other problems. Employees planning help to organization to find a right person in a right time. In the stiff competition, finding a right person for the vacant position is very difficult. So, if resources are planned in advance then organizations can find the right person at a right time.

What structured process of recruitment the organization will choose. Evaluation of methods and media that can be used.

Basically in any type of organization recruitment process is designed based on several factors. Some of them are

Total number of vacant positions in the organization

Academic skills required to work for the position in the organization.

Previous work Experience required to perform the duties and responsibilities

Salary structure


Employment type -Permanent or temporary

Recruitment process means attracting the prospective candidate for the vacant jobs in the organization. In reply to the recruitment activity from the organization, interested and qualified candidates respond to the recruitment advertisement through by applying using their profiles or biodatas.

Lantex has to first check and verify the vacant positions in the organization. HR team has to send the requisition to the HR department heads to give approval for fresh and new recruitment process to fill positions. After getting the approval HR managers has to prepare an advertisement and choose the communication media to canvas and publish or to advertise about the recruitment process in the company. Based on the total funds allotted for the recruitment process, based on the recruitment size, based on the candidate availability, based on the old experience HR managers gives advertisement about the recruitment notice and advertisement in local newspapers or employment magazines, or in online job portal.

If the advertisement reach the interested and qualified persons, they responds to the recruitment process through send application for the vacant jobs in the organization either post or emails. Based on the number of applications received next step selection process is designed.

Evaluation of the selection practices and procedures and the use of legal framework.

Selection process is the most complex activity for finding a right candidate for the empty job positions in the organization. Based on the number of applications received from the interested and qualified person with the related eligibility requirements and skill set selection process is designed. Selection process means selecting the right candidate to the position in the organizations through testing the skills and knowledge of the prospective candidates.

Selecting the candidate depends on the total number of applications received from the prospective candidates. If the applications are very big in number, then stages in selection process differs. And also based on the complexity and importance of the responsibilities and role of the vacant job selection process stages and testing method will be changed from company to company.

Stages of selection process

Written test

Preliminary interview

Business line manager interview

HR manager interview

Selection process.

Based on the performance in each round and based on the candidates skills and knowledge candidates are promoted to the next round for testing his academic, communication, technical, professional, managerial skills in different round to select a right candidate.

As per the legal policies of the country in which Lantex is operating selection process methods and stages are should be framed.

Age of the candidate should be considered.

Selection panel or the employer at any stage should not show any sort gender discrimination, race, religion, nationality discriminations.

Should design and provide wage and compensation package as per the laws of the country.

Should provide all statutory facilities to the employees.

Should provide good working conditions.

Should provide timings to work as per the stator guidelines.

Employer should provide every resource to perform the duties and responsibility.

Finally, you consider value of interviews as a selection method applicable to the organization. In considering this issue, you need to think of about selection processes appropriate for recruiting staff at different levels. For example, a senior personnel and supervisor or line manager

Selecting process varies from organization to organization, if the vacant in the organization is related to managerial cadre generally organization conducts different type of interviews to find the skills of the prospective candidate.

A manager of any cadre needs so many skills. To lead a team of people towards the goals and objectives several skills are required. For an ideal manager, generally he should contain conceptual skills, communication skills, presentation skills, managerial skills, inter personal skills, team management skills, aptitude skills, skills in specialized area, motivational skills for encouraging the employees to improve performance and productivity.

Based on the vacant position all the skills are examined and tested by group of experts in relevant field to test his knowledge and skills to check whether a prospective candidate is suitable to the organization or not. Based on the organizations code of conduct and based on the organization's HR selecting policy every candidate must be interviewed before offering the joining the company.

A face to face interaction or interview session is organized by the team of experts in the same division or head of the division to select the right candidate based on the job and position requirements. Based on the job description, job profile all the questions are asked to test the prospective person. If the person clears all the rounds and if the selection panel recommend to the HR company to select him for the suitable position, then HR team has to discuss about the salary and other incentives or perks he is expecting for the service he is contributing to the company. After the discussions and mutual understanding HR team can offer a temporary job offer letter to confirm the offer to the candidate with the terms and conditions. In the specified date candidate has to join in the organization by submitting his previous employment, identification details and other statutory information for providing permanent offer letter. Later by giving joining letter selected person can join in the company.

Task 3

This time he is thinking about performance appraisals and reward management.

Employees are the key resource for any type of organization. Employees' performance in the organization is affected by several other factors. Employees' performance assessment is essential to improve the productivity of the organization. If the organization is successful in finding the employees those who are not working as per the prescribed standards or objectives, it is the responsibility of the HR team to find the employers who are not doing job correctly according the given standards. Employees' performance assessment gives a chance to identify the employees with poor performance. So that category of employees can be recommend for further training or development in performing the duties based on the results analysis in performance appraisal. Performance appraisal is essential to assess the performance of the employee regularly. Normally companies conduct employees performance appraisals periodically mostly years. Performance appraisal gives information about the strengths and weak areas of employees in executing or performing duties and responsibilities. Irrespective of the job position and designation employees' performance must be assessed to find the reasons for performance declines.

If problems of non performers are identified then HR managers can frame related strategies or decision to bring the performance as per the guidelines or target. Sometimes employees work below the standards because of various reasons. Because of poor working conditions, lack of skills, low motivation, low job satisfaction, lack of guidance towards job objectives, lack of morale on the company,lack of job secutiy, low wage or salary package, slow career growth, no recognition and reward system, interpersonal conflicts, group conflicts, health conditions generally employees performance drops suddenly.

With proper HR practices in the company, HR team members with the support of division head performance of the employees can be increased to achieve the desired output from the employees. Based on case to case solution for the employees poor performance must be resolved. If the employees are not having enough skill to perform the job they can be recommended for training as first part of correcting measure for increasing the performance of the employees.

Performance appraisal methods can be used to identify the employees those who are eligible for promotions, incentive growth, salary growth, statutory benefits, and bonus and rewards. This practice gives the HR team to identify the skilled and poor employees in the organization for taking a correct action.

With little motivation and recognition at work can also be useful to increase the performance of the poor performers. A good reward system is required to motivate the employee financially. Along with career goals and professional aspirations employees feel delight if they are rewarded when they perform well and completed the assigned tasks successfully. A good rewards plan for good performing employees, gives and useful as one kind of motivation and satisfaction for the employees. So a good wage and rewards policy is also required to motivate the employees.

You compare the exit procedures used by two different organizations and explore their pluses and minuses, comparing both sets of procedures to best practices

For keeping the employees with the organization in service several businesses hr polices are required. A good organization culture will be always useful to keep the employees for a long time. HR practices must be streamlines and performed effectively to improve the employee efficiency and morale towards the company.

Generally employees leave the organizations because of various reasons like lack of career growth, low compensation, poor incentive and reward system, poor job recognition, low job satisfaction, interpersonal conflicts, high work pressure, lack of motivation, poor skills, and other personal reasons etc.

Retaining an employee with the organization is an important activity in HR practices. It is very difficult to find a right person for the position in the industry. To hire new employees always needs plenty of financial resources; this process is a cost burden to the company. So to retain the employees for long time, particular skilled employees and productive employees for a long time effective retention policies and activities are required to catch the employees and retaining with the company for a long time by resolving the problems. Sometimes, retention activities help to find the problems in the organization, which will be useful to resolve them.

As part of the retention process, Exit interview are conducted by the HR retention team to discuss with the employees that want to quit the organization. In this process by the help experts a discussion will be held between the employees and the manager to know the reasons for resignation. During the process, manager has to identify the problems for resignation, and the chances to resolve them. In some cases if the reasons and problems can be identified and resolvable, HR retention team may ask to reconsider the resignation. If the employee is interested then he will be taken back in service by resolving his problems. Sometimes, if the employee is not interest to take his resignation back then he will be released from the service as per the company policy.

Lantex Limited, UK

It is operating in textile industry across few nations in Europe and North America in common wealth countries.

Employees should give one month notice to quit the company.

Exit interview is conducted by the HR team to find out the reasons for leaving.

Attrition rate is Low.

Primark Limited, UK

It is operating in textile industry across few nations in Europe.

Employees can leave with 15 days notice

No retention policy exists in this company.

Attrition rate is high.

You also consider selection criteria for redundancy and how these may fit into your organization.

Companies run business to with single aim to earn profits. This is the common objective for any type of profit oriented organization. To earn profits, performance of every employee is essential to achieve the objectives in their respective business divisions. Employee's individual productivity is essential to increase the organizational productivity. Employee's individual performance is required to increase the organization's performance. Employees as a whole should work effectively in completing the assigned work to them. If the performance of the employee is down then target at respective business divisions cannot be achieved and ultimately it impacts the corporate level objectives. So monitoring and controlling the employees' performance is essential to manage the performance and productivity of the organization by achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

Every Company tries to keep the skilled employees with it. If the performance of the poor performance has not been changed then they will be considered for termination. Every employee of the organization should follow the code and conduct. If any employees breaches the code of conduct and breached the rules and regulations in serious cases that employees will be terminated according to the HR policies of the organization. Employers keep every right to fire an employee if he or she not performing well and working against the rules and code of conduct of the organization. Termination type depends on the seriousness of the issue. Certainly Lenox can use this method to bring true and fair business activities in the organization. Lenox is already following separate termination policy of the employees to maintain discipline in the organization. It is the very big and complex process. Based on the case in the business employees will be removed from the service. This type of policies helps to bring a strong message to employees to encourage fair and good working conditions and practices for the growth and development of the organization.